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H.E. Dr. Hassan Eisa El Talib, addressing the Celebration of 51st Africa Day, Organized by Indo African Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Mumbai.
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H.E. Dr. Hassan E. El Talib
Ambassador of The Sudan to India
is a Sudanese way of greeting which literally means,
“You are welcome ten times.”

It is with heartfelt pleasure as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of the Sudan accredited to the Republic of India at a time where our country celebrates the 59th anniversary of its independence to welcome you to our website zillion times, a transliteration to the Sudanese famous traditional welcome: “Habbabkum ashara”.
 The Sudan shares with India the characteristics of being an ancient civilization where various ethnic entities, images and cultures cohabited and intertwined in harmony throughout tens of thousands of years on the banks of the River Nile and the eastern coasts of the Red Sea.

Indian visitors to our website will appreciate the great similarities between our two friendly nations, both culturally and historically, as well as sentimentally.
Throughout the last eight years our country has witnessed significant advancement in various fields and is moving forward economically and politically whether on the GDP rate of growth or promotion of particular ...
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