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Country Profile
Sudan is situated in North East Africa. It is the largest country in Africa and the region of the Middle-East. It shares commonborders with seven countries - Egypt and Libya in the North, Chad and Central African Republic in the West, Republic of South Sudan in the South, Ethiopia and Eritrea in the East. It also neighbours the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia across the Red Sea. With an area of one million square miles, Sudan is among the ten largest countries in the world.

Khartoum. It lies at the confluence of two great rivers, the Blue Nile and the White Nile.

Sudan lies within
the African tropical zone. Its climate varies from equatorial in its most southern parts, Savanna in the centre, and continental in the northern parts. The period from March to June is the hottest part of the year with temperatures of up to 42 degrees Celsius during the day and 27 degrees Celsius at night. But the temperature gradually begins to decline when it starts raining from July to October. From November to February, which is the best time of the year in the country, temperatures range between 16 to 30 degrees Celsius with beautiful warm sunshine during daytime hours.

Location:  North Africa, bordering the Red Sea between Egypt and Eritrea.

Geographical Coordinates
Longitude : 21˚49̒ E - 38˚34̒ E
Latitude : 23˚8̒ N - 8˚45̒ N
Area: 1, 882, 000 sq km
Country comparison to the world:  16
2nd in Africa and 3rd  in the Arab World
Land area:  1,752,187 sq km
Water area: 129,813 sq km

Land Boundaries 
Total: 6,780 km
Egypt: 1,273 km
Eritrea: 636 km
Ethiopia: 727 km
South Sudan: 1,973 km
Central African Republic: 448 km

Official Name:            Republic of The Sudan         
President’s Name :    Omer Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir
Independence:           1st January, 1956
Religions:                  Islam, Christianity and local beliefs.
Government:              Democratic
Total Area:                1.882.000 Sq Km
GDP:                        $ 90 Billion (PPP), per Capita income $ 2,600 (PPP)
Population:                33,419,625
Languages:                Arabic and English
Desert, Semi-Desert and Dry in for Northern States, Semi-desert to rainy tropical in Central and southern regions and  Mediterranean in Eastern coast areas.

Export Items          
Gum Arabic, Cotton, Sorghum, Oil Seeds, Livestock, Gold, Silver, Chrome, Iron Ore, Lead and Oil Products.

Import Items
Agriculture Equipment, Wheat, Rice, Textile, Chemicals, Auto Parts, Medicines, Industrial equipment etc.

Natural Resources
Agriculture (Wheat Production, Sorghum(Dura), Oil Seeds (Sesame, Groundnut & Sunflower), Livestock 9Cattle, sheep, goats and camels)  and Mining (Gold, Silver, Iron ore,Chromate, Mica, Silica, Gypsum, Granite, Lead, Zink, Copper and Cement)

Main Economic Sectors
Agriculture, Food processing, Oil and Mining

Time Zone:                          GMT + 3 Hours
Currency:                            Sudanese Pound

Entry Visas:
Entry to Sudan is through visas, which can be obtained from its embassies or accredited consulates. The country's Investment Authority may also obtain entry visas for any investment delegation that wishes to visit Sudan.

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