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December 06, 2017

First Vice President witnesses opening of First International Festival of the Sudanese Palm and Dates
Khartoum, (SUNA) - First Vice President of the Republic and National Prime Minister Lt. General Bakri Hassan Salih honored Tuesday the Celebration of the Opening of the First International Festival of the Sudanese Palm and Dates. The celebration was also attended by the Minister of Agriculture Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Ajaimi, the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Khartoum Hamad Al-Junaibi, the Secretary General of the Khalifa International Prize for Date Palm and Agricultural Innovation in the UAE Dr. Abdul Wahab Sayid the Chairman of the Sudanese Palm Cultivation and Care Society, Prof. Ahmad Ali Qneif and a number of ministers, ambassadors and those who concerned with the palms of the farmers and producers of dates.

Minister for Trade issues new regulations
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Minister for Trade, Hatim Al Sir on Tuesday issued a number of regulations organizing the trade and reinstating measures relate d to exports with the Ministry of Trade as well as a decision on imports of commodities for personal use. The Decision No (17) for the Fiscal year 2017, relevant to the organization of the trade procedures, stipulates the continuation of banning non-Sudanese from involvement in local trade in accordance with the previous Decision of the Ministry of Trade No (36) for the Fiscal 2015 and banning foreign individuals and companies from attending crops and bourses for commodities with the intention of trading. The decision committed the individuals and the business names and national companies to use the exporters and exporters record for the benefit of the firs beneficiary only. The decision stipulates that foreigners are to be barred from possession or operating sieves for clearing or packing agricultural crops, unless they are operating an agriculture investment project that is registered with the Ministry for Investment. According to this decision, Sudanese nationals who are in possession of a license of an investment project, are barred from trading in local markets and are to commit to what has been specified by the Investment Law with regard to concessions provided for in the foreign investment. The decision also stipulates banning of agricultural crops exportation across Sudanese borders without possession of official documents allowing such a practice. The decision No (18) relative to the reinstatement of the exports procedures with the Ministry for Trade, has cancelled the decision No (21) for the year 2015 relative to the approval of exports contractors by the banks, and reinstating them with the Ministry for Trade and giving the authority for ratification and procedures to the Ministry for Trade. It also said all surveys forms and relevant information from the ministry be considered a main document in all customs procedures. This decision is valid as of the first of January 2018. And according to decision No (19) relative to the import of goods for personal use, and which was amended in accordance with the decision no (63) for the fiscal year 2013, the maximum value for imports of commodities for personal use has been amended from 10,000 euros to 2000 dollars. This decision becomes valid from the date of its signature, taking into consideration that other paragraphs of the decision no 63 for the fiscal year 2013 remain valid. The Minister for Trade told the Sudan News Agency SUNA that these decisions come within the context of the Ministry's endeavors to reorganize trade and to implement the directives given by the President of the Republic on taking urgent measures and procedures for reorganizing the import and export procedures. He said they also come in line with the decision of the Council of Ministers on the same.

Central Bank directs banks to hand over expatriate remittances in the same currencies transferred
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Central Bank of Sudan (CBOS) has instructed all banks to hand over expatriate remittances in the same currencies as they have been transferred to facilitate the flow of Sudanese remittances abroad and provide them with distinctive banking services. CBOS announced, in a press circular, the dealing of all banks operating in the country in the receiving and delivery of remittances of expatriates through branches (windows) to be announced by the banks for the purpose of overcoming obstacles. The Central Bank has obliged all banks to provide the best banking services to the Sudanese public working abroad. The Central Bank of Sudan stressed that the policies of the foreign exchange market, the exchange rate and subsequent amendments, pours in the framework of its constant efforts to preserve and maintain the rights of the dealers with the banking system.

December 05, 2017

Wali: Khartoum State is ready to participate in preparing Constitution
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Wali (governor) of Khartoum State, General, Abdul Rahim Mohammed Hussein has affirmed his state's readiness to participate in preparing the constitution with wide political and societal participation. General, Hussein addressing the inaugural session of Khartoum State Legislative Council, Monday, has expressed hope that the second phase of the comprehensive national dialogue would kick off soon to prepare the constitution. He expressed his full support to the state's efforts concerning maintaining of security and stability, collection of Firearms campaign and the war against drugs and human trafficking. He commended the heroic roles of the Army, the Rapid Deployment Forces and the other regular forces to maintain security in the state.

President of Republic Attends Graduation of Police Fellowship Batch 15th
Khartoum, (SUNA) The President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Police High Commander, Omer al -Bashir has attended, Monday morning, at the Police House in Burrei area, the graduation of the personnel of the Police Higher Academy, batch 15 th, in the presence of the General Prosecutor, the Chief Justice, the Director of the National Intelligence and Security Services and the Director General of the Police Forces. The Minister of Interior, Dr. Lt. Gen. Hamid Manan, noted that the Police Higher Academy is and advanced circle in the police capacity building and the enhancement of its qualifications. He indicated efforts of the police leaderships for the promotion of work in wake of the reform of the states' organs. He said that the members of the 15 th fellowship batch have received scientific programs in order to develop the criminal, justice and crises management work, and have introduced valuable researches. He pointed out to the role of concern of the state's leadership on the police programs in the promotion and development of its performance, pledging the full implementation to the outcomes of the national dialogue related to the police forces, stressing that the police forces will always be in support of the state's leadership to miss the opportunity to conspirators on the country's safety and security. The Dean of the Police Higher Academy, Maj. Gen. A'amir Fatuhl Rahman, noted that the 15 th batch's members amounted to 204 of significant police officers, officers from the Sudan's Armed Forces, the Security Services and Intelligence organ, a mix from the judiciary, justice and the persecution members, besides officers from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The representative of the graduates, col. Awed Alseed Joubara addressed the ceremony on behalf of the 15 th batch, lauding the process of the arms collection for the realization of peace.

Khartoum budget for coming fiscal estimated at 23 billion SDG
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Governor of Khartoum State, Lt Gen Abdul Rahim Hussein said the budget for the coming fiscal, 2018, faces huge challenges including an increase of over 36% compared to the previous fiscal 2017, forecasting it to stand at over 23 billion pounds. The governor who was addressing the Khartoum Legislature pointed that his government would focus on how to improve the living conditions of the people in the state, with regard to services and balance development. He said more attention would be given to investment and increasing the capacity and efficiency of the existing projects with the view to achieve food security. He said the government would also pay attention to environment, garbage collection and rural development as well as infrastructure and production increasing projects.

State Minister at Ministry of Defence Receives Hungarian State Minister for Foreign Affairs
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The State Minister at the Ministry of Defence, Gen. Ali Mohamed Salim, received in his office Monday noon the visiting Hungarian State Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade and discussed issues of mutual concern and ways of bolstering the bilateral relations, especially in the military field. The Hungarian official is visiting Sudan in the context of efforts to strengthen the relations between Sudan and Hungary. The talks between the two sides was focused on the means to boost the bilateral relations and cooperation, mainly in the military field under the military cooperation protocol which was signed between the two countries in the year 2016. The Hungarian minister and the accompanying delegation have expressed their country's desire to cooperate with Sudan in the agricultural, medical, water management, irrigation and military training fields.

December 04, 2017

President of Republic Gives Directives for Announcing 2018 Year for Support of Persons with Disabilities
Khartoum, (SUNA) The President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir has renewed the state's promise for sponsoring the persons with disabilities and full preservation of their rights. During his address, Sunday, at the Friendship Hall, to the celebration of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, he gave directives to the relevant authorities to announce 2018 year for the persons with disabilities and their support, instructing the state's governors to directly supervise the issues of the disabled persons, and to complete the establishment of the artificial limbs centers in the states in a known time range. The President of the Republic has asserted in his address the priority of segment of the disabled persons to the state, in accordance of the values and believes of the Sudanese peoples, and in support of the efforts and creativity of the disabled persons in order to enable them to contribute to the building of the homeland. He noted to the disabled persons rights in the Sudan's constitution, and in all the international regional conventions related to the persons with disabilities, besides the approval of the law of the persons with disabilities that preserve their rights, and organizes the mechanisms concerning the disabled persons in both the federal and the states levels and, the sponsorship of the state's governors in order to raise their standard of living and provide the necessary funds for raising the capabilities of workers in this field. In this regard he announced the establishment of the first Faculty of the Artificial Limbs in al- Nailain University and the technical school for the graduation of technical cadres, besides the provision of the health care to the disabled persons with the focus on the protection, early discovery of disabilities, the social protection and the other rights with no discrimination on bases of disability. The president has asserted the state's sponsorship to the education institutions of the persons with disabilities, the establishment of an education faculty for them, stressing their right in work and employment, the concern over the friendly environment for the persons with disabilities, their communication with the technologies, their political empowerment in the decision making institutions by their membership in the parliament and the states' legislative councils, their participation in the leadership of the civil service with introduction of their role in the cultural and artistic activities, and the sports' competitions to represents the country in the regional and international championships. The president has commended in his address the organizations and institutions working in the field of concern with care and rights of the persons with disabilities to enable them to integrated in the community and employ their capabilities in participation in the countries development efforts.

President Al-Bashir to Attend Tourism and Shopping Festival in Red Sea State on Dec. 7
Khartoum, (SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, will attend on December 7 the Tourism and Shopping Festival of the Red Sea State. Several officials and regional and international delegations will take part in the festival.
The Wali (governor) of the Red Sea State, Ali Ahmed Hamid, said that the state's Tourism and Shopping Festival this year will be a distinguished one and aims to encourage the internal tourism and communication with other countries. SUNA learned that the festival includes a trade exhibition with participation of a number of international companies, and the tourism industry exhibition, at which international tourism agencies will participate.

November 30, 2017

Animal Resources Minister vows to develop research stations
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister of Animal Resources Bishara Juma Aror has stressed the importance of developing and renovating the research stations of animal resources to ensure the health and safety of the national herd. This came during his meeting at his office Wednesday with the Minister of Animal Resources at the State of East Darfur Al-Fadil Abdul-Bagi Mohamed, where the meeting discussed ways to develop the Ghazala-Jauzaat project as it was chosen to improve the genetic quality of animal resources in the states of Darfur and Kordofan. The Minister of Animal Resources in the State of East Darfur revealed a plan for the development and rehabilitation of the Ghazala-Jauzaat Research Center through the French modern technologies and expertise to enhance the sector and increase production and productivity to meet the increasing demand for Sudanese meat for its quality stemmed from the natural pastures. Aror proposed formation of a committee to be headed by the Director-General of the Animal Resources Research Institute Prof. Ibtisam Qureish to study the feasibility of the project for the development of the Ghazala-Jauzaat Research Station. He added that the study should be submitted before the arrival of the French delegation to start work next February.

Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development extends $ 199 million for Khartoum's Electricity
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning signed initially Wednesday an agreement on financing of the Khartoum-Round Electricity Power Line Project at 60 million Kuwaiti Dinars, equivalent to 199 million dollars from the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development. The undersecretary for Planning at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning Abdullah Ibrahim signed on behalf of the government of Sudan, while the Legal Advisor of the fund Abdullah Babaha signed for fund. The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Mohamed Osman Al-Rikabi said that the project aimed at the contribution to the discharge of energy produced from the stations' current and expected generation in Khartoum city and its environs as well as the expected energy to be imported from the Ethiopian grid, besides the reduction of losses and bottlenecks in the national electricity transmission network, praising the Fund efforts and fruitful cooperation with Sudan in addition to strengthening to its efforts in achieving socio-economic development. He revealed that the total loans of the Arab Fund to the Sudan amounted so far to about $ 2.7 billion for vital and strategic projects including the heightening of the Rosaries Dam and the complex of Upper Atbara and Sitet Dams and Eastern Sudan roads. The Engineering Consultant and Head Mission of the Fund Dr. Mohamed Farahat explained that the capacity of the line was about 500 kV. He added that the project components include transfer stations, transmission lines and the development of the control and consulting services center, pointing out that the loan maturity period is 30 years with a grace period of seven years as the longest repayment period allowed by the Fund's policy.

Ministry of minerals urges amendment of Smuggling Act
Minister of Minerals Prof. Hashem Ali Salem said that the gold reserve in Sudan has exceeded the existing statistics.
In an interview on River Nile channel Salem demanded establishment of a globe stock exchange with international standards to contribute positively in specifying international prices and reduce phenomenon of smuggling. The minister explained that Sudan has 40 different metals which are estimated at millions of tons. He added ‘there is evidence of presence of diamond with very high purity beside other precious metals’, “we seek to process these minerals rather than exporting them as raw materials”, he added. Responding to a question on legal responsibility of his ministry towards local miners, the minister said there’re no standardized mines within the country except one owned by governmental company of Ariab, “What the local miners do currently has nothing to do with engineering standards and is not mining by the common sense”, he stressed. The minister pointed that 2 million persons are now practicing local mining in 13 states and they’re exposed to great hazards in the use of mercury vowing his ministry will get rid of use of mercury by the year 2020. “Our ministry is applying technical conditions surpassing those in other countries which recommend an area of 200 kilometers to separate between mining zones and residential areas. Salem underscored the need to increase production in different areas including agriculture, industry animal resource and minerals to plummet the US dollar. On the accusations to some mining companies of speculation, the minister said only natural since these companies originally work in gold which they consider as hard currency. He urged amendment of Smuggling Act alluding “he who owns ton of gold shall be found guilty before courts”.

Amira al-Fadil Discusses with Chairman of Libyan Presidential Council of Migrants Issues
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Chairman of the Libyan Presidential Council of the National Reconciliation Government, Faeiz al- Saraj met last Monday, with envoy of the African Union, the Chairwoman of the AU Social Affairs Commission Amira al- Fadil. The AU envoy has welcomed the Libyan National Reconciliation Government opening of an investigation on the recent reports about violations against immigrants in Libya. She noted that the AU social affairs commission is ready to provide the possible support to the Libyan national reconciliation govern to provide the due care and follow up to the immigrants, and to contribute in discovering the smugglers and traders inside or outside Libya. Al Saraj has welcomed the AU envoy and the accompanying delegation, stressing Libya keenness to boosting its relations with the AU in service of the African continent, indicating that the Libyan peoples have all the respect to their African brothers, pointing out that what has been published on the media about mistreatment to migrants in Libya is under investigation by the relevant Libyan authorities, stressing the ruling council is giving due concern to this issue, stressing that this accidents if it had happened it is not representi9ng the Libyan morals and their tolerant Islamic religion. Al Saraj has explained that Libya in general and the presidential council in particular see the immigration issue as illegal, indicating that Libya is crossing country and not a source of immigration. He pointed to the need for cooperation and efforts of all parties to recognize the reasons of the problem and the treatment of its root causes He expressed readiness of all the Libyan institutions to cooperate with the AU and its different organs, noting that Libya looks forward for supporting the AU in combating the illegal immigration.

November 28, 2017

Foreign Ministry Welcomes African Union Statement on Meetings of Supervisory Committee for Abyei
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has welcomed the statement issued by the African Union Commission on November 24, 2017 through which the Chairman of the African Union Commission, Musa Fekki, has welcomed outcome of the joint supervisory committee for the Area of Abyei which was held in Addis Ababa during November 13 - 14, 2017 and the deliberations about the ongoing political. Security and humanitarian situations in Abyei and the understandings which have been reached. In a press statement, the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Gariballa Al-Khidir, has welcomed the stances of the African Union in supporting the process of peace and stability in Sudan, especially and in the countries at the region in General. He also asserted commitment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to continue its contribution via the African Union's mechanisms for realization of security, stability and prosperity for all the African peoples.

President Al-Bashir Chairs Second Meeting on Economic Policies
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The second meeting on the economic policies, chaired by the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, at the Republican Palace Monday has got satisfied on efficiency of the implementation of the measures which were adopted in the first meeting last week on the economic reality. In a press statement, the Governor of the Bank of Sudan, Hazim Abdul-Gadir, said that the second meeting has decided a number of measures for enhancing aspects and closing the gaps in the recent economic measures, indicating that the meeting has discussed all the decisions which have been adopted lately. He said that the concerned authorities will follow up implementation of all the measures for combating the trade in foreign currency. The Governor of the Bank of Sudan has pointed to the procedure and policies adopted by the Bank of Sudan, in coordination with the Bank of Sudan, to contain the anarchy that happed in the exchange rate in the past two weeks. He said that by these procedure the Central Bank aims for uniting the foreign currency market in the future and rationalizing the exports for reducing the demand for foreign currency. He said that the meeting has agreed on the measures adopted against the dealing and trading in foreign currency, adding that this activity is a banned one. The Governor of the Bank of Sudan has referred to increase of the punishment set for the trading in foreign currency to 10 years in prison and fine and confiscation. He announced that corrective policies for the situation will appear in the new general budget for the year 2018. He indicated that the most important outcome of the new measures and policies included the contain of the unjustifiable increase in the exchange rate, adding that the Bank of Sudan has decided providing more foreign currency for the passengers and those who are leaving for medical treatment abroad.

Minister of Oil meets the Saudi Ambassador in Khartoum
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister of Oil and Gas Abdul-Rahman Osman has received from the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Sudan Ali bin Hassan Jafar a draft memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the field of oil and gas between Sudan and Saudi Arabia. The Saudi ambassador described his country's relationship with Sudan as advanced within the framework of political will, conveying his country's desire to engage into oil and gas investment. Dr. Osman welcomed the oil cooperation between Sudan and Saudi Arabia, referring to the outcomes of the Sixth Session of the Sudanese-Saudi Ministerial Committee which was recently held in Jeddah. He called on Saudi Arabia to establish joint cooperation projects in the fields of oil extraction, gas exploitation and exchange of expertise in the oil industry. Ambassador Ali bin Jafar said that there were several memorandums of cooperation specifying the different domains of cooperation including gas and the exchange of scientific expertise. He said that there was a focus on gas extraction for the production of electricity and petrochemical industries.

November 27, 2017

Cabinet approves draft bill regulating Foreign Exchange dealing for 2017
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Council of Ministers chaired by the First Vice-President and National Prime Minister, General, Bakri Hassan Saleh, approved Sunday the draft law on the regulations of dealing in Foreign Exchange in 2017 which presented by the Governor of the Central Bank, Hazem Abdul Gader. Thespokesman of the Council of Ministers, Dr. Omer Mohammed Saleh, said in press statements that under this law, the penalty the illegal dealing of foreign exchange, has been increased from three to ten years imprisonment, while retaining the additional penalties related to fines and the confiscation of foreign exchange, the subject of the crime. The bill was approved in principle and the Council of Ministers affirmed its intention to tighten the sentence and referred the draft bill to the Ministry of Justice for legal formulation .

Council of Ministers Approves Matrix on Economic Policies
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Council of Ministers, chaired by the First Vice - President and National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, has approved the new policies to restore the economic balance after the lifting of the economic sanctions imposed on Sudan. The report on the policies was presented by the chairman of the economic development sector and Minister of Environment, Mubarak Al-Fadil Al-Mahdi. In a press statement, the spokesman of the Council of Ministers, Dr. Omer Mohamed Salih, said that the new policies were aimed for increasing gold reserve at the Central Bank of Sudan, preventing the smuggling of gold, adopting measures for stabilizing the exchange rate, determining means of payment which include enhancing the export revenues via the Bank of Sudan, creating channels for transfer of the expatriates' savings, absorbing the surplus finance, directing the commercial banks to give priority for the funding of productive sectors and the exports in compliance with the new economic policies, provided that the Bank of Sudan shall be the sole purchaser of gold according to a satisfactory and preferential price. The new policies include the banning of importation of unnecessary commodities and those which are locally produced and satisfactory for meeting the local consumption. Meanwhile, the Council of Minister has ratified the matrix on the new economic policies and gave directives for further determining to the list of negative commodities, setting the measures to be adopted on them precisely and studying the impact of that on the revenues of exports in foreign currency. The Council of Minister has assured existence of laws that are preventing foreigners from practicing internal and foreign exchange trade through unlawful means as well as the issuing credit documents, calling for the reactivation of these laws and referring the violating persons to justice. The Council of Minister has formed a committee to map out details on the matrix continent, chaired by the State Minister at the Council of Ministers, Jamal Mahmoud, and include as members the State Minister at the Ministry of Finance, Dr. Abdul-Rahman Dirar, the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Sudan, the Undersecretaries of Finance, Industry Trade and Mining, the Directors of the Tax and Customs Administrations and the Director of the Economic Security. The committee was assigned to submit its report on the matrix details to the Council of Ministers within a period of one month.

State Minister for Transport leads Sudan delegation to 33th COMCEC Conference in Istanbul
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The State Minister at the Ministry of Transport, Roads and Bridges Engineer Ibrahim Yousuf Abdullah led the Sudan delegation to the 33rd Session of the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC), which was held in Istanbul during 20-23 of the current November under slogan "Improving Transnational Transport Corridors In the OIC Member Countries". The State Minister at the Ministry of Transport praised, when he presented the Sudan's address at the Ministerial Meeting in the presence of the President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the role of the COMCEC under the leadership of the Turkish President in the contribution to the achievement of the OIC objectives in the economic field. He urged the OIC Member States to include the national sectors along the Dakar-Port Sudan Railway Line in the national development plans within the OIC system, inviting the member states, organs and institutions related to the organization to participate in the Second Islamic Conference of Transport Ministers, which is scheduled to be hosted by Khartoum in February 2018. The minister presented a scientific paper on the improvement and development of transport corridors in the OIC countries; found an appreciable response from the specialists. The minister was also chosen as the chairman of the sitting on transport corridors, which touched on the China's Belt and Road Initiative and the Port Sudan-Dakar railway line. On the sidelines of the conference, Abdullah met with the Turkish Minister of Transport, Telecommunications and Maritime Navigation Ahmed Arslan who praised the deep relations between the two countries, thanking the minister for participating actively in the conference. For his part, the minister hailed the distinguished relations between the two countries and discussed various transport issues at the bilateral and regional levels.

Czech parliamentary delegation arrives in Khartoum
A delegation from the Czech parliament is to arrive Khartoum today on the first visit of its kind following the visit by Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs and his assistant to the country. The Czech Consul to Khartoum Mohamed Afifi said the Czech delegation visit during the period 26 to 30 of November is an important one and a fruit of joint efforts by the Sudanese Embassy in Prague and the Czech Consulate in Khartoum to upgrade bilateral cooperation. He explained that the parliamentary delegation is accompanied by a delegation from the antiquities and Museums department of the Czech state along with a delegation from the University of Beaumha to bolster economic and educational relations in addition to a delegation of businessmen. The Czech side will conclude a framework agreement between the University of Beaumha and Africa International University on collaboration in discovering antiquities in Wad Banaga historical site where relics dating back to seven thousand years were found. Afifi affirmed that the Czech regards Sudan as gateway to Africa and an outlet for Czech exports to the continent, particularly that Sudan is member of the COMESA group.

November 24, 2017

Russia to help Sudan upgrade its armed forces
Sudan has reached agreement with the Russian Defense Ministry on assistance in upgrading its armed forces, President Omar al-Bashir said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday. “We’ve had a very good meeting with the Russian defense minister. We are launching a vast program for re-equipping our armed forces. We’ve agreed with the Russian Defense Minister Russia will provide assistance. We would like to increase the presence of military attaches,” al-Bashir said. Sudan finds the situation in the Red Sea worrisome, he remarked.“We believe that US interference in these affairs is also a problem. We would like to discuss this issue from the standpoint of using bases in the Red Sea,” al-Bashir said. Sudan is grateful to Russia for the stance it takes in world affairs.“We can underline the great coincidence of positions on most issues,” al-Bashir said. He criticized the United States for interference in the internal affairs of other countries, adding that US intervention was to blame for Sudan’s split into two states. “As a result we need protection from aggressive actions by the United States. We believe that what is happening in Syria now is an effect of US interference. As a result Syria has seen a catastrophe. We believe that the country would have been lost but for Russia’s role. In that connection we seek cooperation with Russia in various spheres,” al-Bashir said. In particular, he added, his country was interested in military-technical cooperation with Russia, because the military hardware currently at Sudan’s disposal was of Russian manufacture. Nuclear cooperation Sudan is interested in developing economic interaction with Russia and is ready to discuss projects in exploration and peaceful use of nuclear energy, President Omar al-Bashir said. “We want to discuss issues of Russian companies’ work, including in the sphere of geology. Furthermore, we would like to discuss matters related to peaceful use of nuclear energy and development of national electric power supplies. We have capabilities and interest to develop such cooperation,” the President of Sudan said. Sudan is also interested in developing contacts with the Russian business in oil prodction, agriculture, and in the railways sphere, he said. Sudan is ready to help Russia in developing relations with African nations, Omar al-Bashir said. “We can say that Sudan can be such a key for Russia [for development of Russia’s relations with African countries],” he noted. The President of Sudan stated interest of his country in developing relations with BRICS.

10th Islamic Conference for Culture Ministers Concludes session, Issues Recommendations
Khartoum,(SUNA) The 10 th Islamic Conference of the Ministers of Culture has concluded session, Thursday, and issued its final communique. The Federal Culture Minister, al- Tayeb Hassan Badawi, the Chairman of the 10 th session of the conference noted that the conference has discussed number of the important, intellectual, cultural and Islamic issues. He pointed to the project of Sinnar as Capital of Islamic Culture which has produced, intellectual, cultural and developmental movement, lauding the sponsorship of the state and its leadership to the project. He indicated that the project has involved majority of the Sudanese cities, commending efforts of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - ISESCO, and its work for holding the 10 th Islamic Conference for the Ministers of Culture in Khartoum. On his part the General Director of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - ISESCO, dr. Abdul Aziz Osman al- Teujeri, asserted that the session of the 10 th Islamic conference held in Khartoum is considered to be a model for its discussion to number of issues and, was dominated by the spirit of tolerance, cooperation and openness a matter that indicates the harmony and solidarity between the member states. He described the conference as successful, lauding the state on its higher levels concern with the project of Sinnar as capital for the Islamic culture, stressing the organization would make of the Sinnar Regional Center for Dialogue and Cultural Diversity a source of intellectual and civilization for the Islamic countries. Meanwhile, the conference has agreed on the convocation of its 11th session in the Republic of Tunisia, welcoming the selection of al Muharraq City as capital of Islamic culture in response to the demand of al- Bahrain Kingdom. The 10 th Islamic Conference has also approved in its final communique the Khartoum declaration on the requirement s of the cultural sustainable development for the states of the future. The conference has also appointed the members of the heritage committee in the Islamic work from the member states, while the members of the consultative council for the cultural development in the Islamic world where elected. Also an agreement between the Sudan and the ISESCO was signed for the establishment of Sinnar Regional Center for Dialogue and Cultural Diversity to work in framework of the organization with the coordination of the federal Ministry of Culture, with a recommendation for increasing efforts and enhancing the scientific procedure related to the preservation and protection of the cultural heritage, emphasizing, in the same time the central role of the ISESCO in the protection of the Islamic heritage and culture.

Mumtaz Meets Palestinian Culture Minister
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Foreign Ministry State Minister, Hammed Mumtaz met, Thursday, at his office, the Palestinian Minister of Culture who arrived in Sudan to attend the celebrations of Sennar , the Capital of Islamic Culture. The meeting discussed the bilateral relations between the two countries, specially, the cultural relations. The minister has affirmed strengthening of the relations, explaining that the cultural side enjoys special concern .

November 22, 2017

Al- Teujeri: Islamic Joint Action Necessary for Confronting Challenges Facing Islamic World
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Secretary General of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - ISESCO, dr. Abdul Aziz Osman al- Teujeri indicated that the auspices of the President of the Republic to the conference of the Islamic world states underlines his support to the Islamic action, and the establishment of the Islamic solidarity, lauding the support of the Sudan's government to the organization, and its civilized mission, calling on the leaders of the Islamic states for the necessity of the joint Islamic work to develop the Islamic communities. During his address to the opening sitting of the 10 th Islamic Conference for the culture minister, organized by the ISESCO, the General Secretariat of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation OIC with the coordination of the federal Ministry of Culture during the period 21-23 of current November. Al- Teujeri noted that the conference comes in celebration of the conclusion of the Sinnar Capital of Islamic Culture for the year 2017. He indicated that the selection of Sinnar Capital of the Islamic Culture for the year 2017 comes in shades of challenges the face Islamic world where the priority for confronting it is the concern with effective role of culture, abandoning of hatred between nations, calling for the betterment of the image of the Islamic communities.


Finance Ministry reveals key guidelines for budget of 2018
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning has revealed that the key guide of the fiscal year 2018 budget would be the rationalization of government spending and resources orientation towards both productive and basic services sectors. The ministry set the end of November as the last date for receiving the aggregate budget of each state in preamble to the preparation of the comprehensive budget of the state. The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Mohamed Osman al-Rikabi stressed, in the plenary meeting in the ministry premise Tuesday, the importance of the comprehensive budget of the national reconciliation government, stressing that the item number one in the budget is the livelihood of people and the first concern is the education and health sectors, pointing out that the improvement of the education performance indicators is a basic goal of the budget. Dr. Al-Rikabi pledged the federal government supports for the efforts of the states in disbursing and facilitating funding for the education, health and water sectors as they are priority. The Minister of Finance revealed the state's tendency to establish a comprehensive educational renaissance as to be the basis for development, adding that the country's development and progress is based on education, so it is necessary to increase spending on it and integrate the roles between the center and the states in the planning and financing for the education development nationwide. He gave directives to the states to optimally use and attract more resources for education to improve the situation of Sudan in this area through the performance indicators that were reviewed during the meeting in the context of the integration of government efforts with the World Bank to continue the project on the reinforce of the basic education and the preparation of the Strategic Plan for Education during 2018-2022. The minister praised the efforts of the World Bank and the grant it gave for the development of education sector, calling on the Bank to attract more resources and funding for the education in the states.

GERD Frightens Egypt Because It Halts Sudan's Water Loan to Egypt: Ghandour
Khartoum - Sudanese Foreign s Minister has disclosed for the first time a different reason for Egypt fear of The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) because the dam enables Sudan to use all its share of River Nile water which used to go to Egypt as a loan since the year 1959. Ghandour added that GERD currently being constructed by Ethiopia on the Blue Nile watercourse realizes the interest of Sudan, affirming that Sudan stands up to its interests, despite the fact the Minister stressed repeatedly that Egypt's share in Nile water in conformity with the Nile Water agreement is a red line as he put it. Ghandour attributed in his speech to Russia Today Channel Egypt fears of the dam to its loss of Sudan's share which used to go to her outside the Nile water agreement as a loan. He said “frankly Sudan was not using all its share of Nile water as per 1959 agreement and the renaissance dam preserves for Sudan its water which used to go to Egypt during the time of flood and give it back to Sudan during the time of drought. He disclosed that Sudan is open for any Egyptian investments for the benefit of the people of the two countries. It is to be noted that Minister of Irrigation, Water Resources. Mutaz Musa told the press that Sudan will not recede its share in Nile waters as stipulated in 1959 agreement.


November 20, 2017

FM: relations with India stand out as exemplary for Sudan's relations in Asia
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister for Foreign Relations, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour, on Sunday said he was satisfied with the level of Sudanese Indian relations, adding that they stand out as exemplary relations for Sudan's relationship in Asia. The Minister referred to the relations between the two countries that covers areas of petroleum, agriculture energy and others The minister who received the Indian ambassador to the Sudan, Mr. Amrit Lugun at the expiry of his assignment to the Sudan, stressed that during the tenure of the ambassador relations between the two countries have scored huge achievements in the bilateral relations culminating the participation of the President of the Republic in the Indian African Cooperation Summit which took place in New Delhi, October 2015. He referred to the convening of the joint ministerial committee in new Delhi in 2017 after 17 years of suspension, beside the meeting of the consultative committee between the ministries in December 2016. Ambassador Lugun on his side commended the assistance provided to him by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during his work in the country and the close cooperation between the two sides at the region and international levels and the continued contacts between the leaderships in the two countries, namely the ministries of foreign relations The two sides have pledged to go ahead with development of bilateral relations between the Sudan and India and to follow up the implementation of the recommendations of the ministerial committee between the two counties during its third meeting, convened in Indian in February this year.

Koutsis: Dialogue between Khartoum and Washington Has Entered a New Phase
Khartoum – Beladi FM has hosted yesterday morning in its English programme (Sudan Today), H.E. Steven Koutsis, USA Charge d' Affaires to Khartoum, in the presence of several press and media representatives.Koutsis and his delegation were greeted with a warm welcome by the General Manager of Beladi FM, Engineer Abdurrahman Ibrahim and the staff of the broadcasting station. Mr. Koutrsis said that the dialogue between Khartoum and the US Administration has entered a new phase after Washington realized the positive steps taken by Sudan, especially on access of humanitarian assistance to S. Sudan and counterterrorism issues. In regard to the U.S. embassy social activities in Sudan and its interaction with the local community Mr. Koutsis said that there are about 600 Sudanese nationals working in the embassy along with 50 Americans a matter that eases the compassion between the U.S. embassy staff and the community in Sudan. On cooperation in education, he affirmed that it is high time to rebuild the ties considering that exchanging information is crucial. The USA Charge d' Affaires to Khartoum said that the visits of the officials aim at the continuation of dialogue considering such visits by Sudanese officials to Washington and the visits of U.S. officials to Khartoum will lead to quick engagement. On the issue of the relation with DPRK Mr. Koutsis referred to the press statement of the U.S. Administration following bilateral meetings in Khartoum with Deputy Secretary of State Sullivan, which stipulated that the Sudanese Foreign Ministry formally announced Sudan’s commitment to sever all trade and military ties with North Korea, adding that the United States welcomes the Government of Sudan’s pledge and will continue engagement on this issue to ensure that this commitment is fully honored. He summed up by affirming that the Sudanese position on the issue was positive and that the United States is grateful for Sudan’s commitment to take these important steps in light of the critical threat posed by the DPRK. On religious freedoms, the USA Charge d' Affaires to Khartoum said that the issues tackled included reviewing the government policies in regard to religious freedoms and coexistence As for cultural aspects, Mr. Koutsis referred to exchange of visits between Sudanese and American counterparts in terms of arts and culture considering its importance to boosting ties between the two nations. On the talks of the Two Areas (S. Kordofan and the Blue Nile), he said that the US is working through the troika to convince the armed groups to engage in the peace process, calling on both sides to commit to peace efforts, adding the inflexibility of the armed groups will weaken their stances. On the issue of arms collection campaign Mr. Koutsis said that the U.S. Administration applauds and supports the goal of the campaign provided the campaign does not lead to violent confrontations. Mr. Koutsis affirmed that they have the feeling that the Sudanese people have the desire to move forward, confirming the U.S. Administration will assist in that. On the sidelines of the programme, Mr. Koutsis was asked about the issue of the decline of the Sudanese pound exchange rate against the US dollar. He said that it is important for the government to build foreign resources and make the required reforms to upgrade trade balance and launch feasible investment plans.

Sudan has world’s largest copper reserve
The Director of “Ariab” Mining Company Nasr Eddin Al-Hussein said: “Al Qutb Mine in the east of Sudan contains the largest copper reserve in the world,” noting it contains about five million tonnes of the metal. In a statement issued by the Sudanese ministry of minerals, Al Hussein also that the same mine includes 140 tonnes of gold, 700,000 tonnes of zinc and 3,000 tonnes of silver. Al-Hussein estimated the value of the mineral reserves in Al Qutb Mine to be $17 million. He revealed that talks with four international banks and sovereign funds to finance production projects in Al Qutb are underway. The talks, Al-Hussein said, would finish at the start of next year, with production expected to begin 14-18 months after the talks are completed. Sudan has previously announced possession of large quantities of more than 30 minerals.

November 17, 2017

FM announces new Sudanese American tracks
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister of Foreign Relations professor Ibrahim Ghandour on Thursday announced an agreement on new tracks has been reached during the Sudanese American talks He pointed out in press statements following a meeting with the US Assistant secretary of state, Sullivan, that the new tracks include lifting the name of the Sudan from the list of countries accused of sponsoring international terrorism, writing off Sudan foreign debts and Sudan joining the World Trade Organization. The Minister said the visit by the American official constitute the launching of a new phase in this process, reaffirming that the Sudan is committed to what was achieved in the previous five tracks which, he stressed, have now become national agenda. He said the Americans on their side have reaffirmed their commitment to continue with the five track plan. Ghandour said the talks with the American also focused on cooperation for peace and security in the region and that the American side has commended the role being played by the Sudan towards the south Sudan question and that the Sudan is hosting millions of refugees from south Sudan. He said m the Americans have also said they were happy with the humanitarian tracks opened by the Sudan for delivery of humanitarian assistance to the need in south Sudan. He said Sudan on its part has confirmed unilaterally and within IGAD that it is committed to achieving peace in south Sudan and to the agreement reached by President Omar Bashir and his southern counterpart, President Salva Kiir of South Sudan on security matters. He said the Sudan referred to an important question which was that of economic cooperation following the revocation of sanctions, while the American saying they would follow up the coming of American companies to the Sudan and that the American banks are actually committed to cooperating with Khartoum and that the cooperation of other international banks would follow gradually, but might take some time. He said it was agreed at the conclusion of the talks to exchange visits and to discuss those questions raised. He stressed that the two sides would soon reach a clear plan that would reflect the commitment of each side in any of the questions.

Environment Minister Meets Executive Director of Green Climate Fund
Bonn,(SUNA) The Minister of Environment, Natural Resources and Rural Development, Dr. Hassan Hilal, met on the side line of the United Nation's meeting on the climate change, Mr. Howard Bamsey the Executive Director of the Fund's Secretariat, affiliated to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization FAO, to deliberate on the financing of the environment projects in the Sudan, where the fund has expressed desire to visit the Sudan shortly. This came during the meeting of the Sudan's delegation, led by the Environment Minister, and the accompanying delegation, with Green Climate Fund on the side line of the COP23, UN Climate Change Conference 2017 held in Bonn. The supervisor of the works of the national council for the rural development, the delegation's member, engineer consultant, Malik Doungula, noted in press statements to SUNA, that the meeting held with the Executive Director of Green Climate Fund has targeted the deliberation on the projects implemented by the fund in the Sudan. The Sudan's delegation participated in the conference has included, Dr. Nour Eddin the Secretary General of the Higher Council of Environment, Dr. Hisham al- Shazali, the Minister Advisor for the Climate Issues.

UAE Company expresses desire to invest in Red Sea's oil
Khartoum,(Saba) - The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Mubadala Company has expressed desire to invest in the Red Sea area in the field of oil and gas exploration. This came during the meeting of the Minister of Oil and Gas Dr. Abdulrahman Osman Abdulrahman with the delegation of the company led by Sheikh Mansour Mohamed Al-Hamad on the sidelines of the activities of Abu Dhabi Oil Conference and Exhibition in the United Arab Emirates. The Minister of Oil and Gas said that the history of the area has witnessed the entry of a number of companies including the drilling of exploratory wells, calling for the update of data and the introduction of technology that suits work inside and outside the water of the Red Sea to achieve the economic returns for both the country and partners.

November 16, 2017

President Al-Bashir Appreciates Firmness of Sudanese - Indian Relations
Khartoum, SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has appreciated firmness of the relations between Sudan and India, affirming the keenness to consolidate further its relations with for the interest of the two peoples. This came when he received in his office at the Republican Palace Wednesday the Ambassador of India to Khartoum on the occasion of the expiry of his office term in Sudan. President Al-Bashir has praised the efforts exerted by the Indian Ambassador for strengthening the relations between the two countries in all domains. The Indian Ambassador has expressed to President Al-Bashir his thanks and appreciation of the cooperation accorded to him by the government and people of Sudan. He indicated that there are various opportunities for cooperation between India and Sudan, especially in the economic field.

President Al-Bashir Appreciates Progress of Sudanese - Belarussian Relations
Khartoum, (SUNA) - President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has expressed his satisfaction over progress of the relations between Sudan and Belarus in all fields. During his meeting with the visiting Deputy Speaker of Belarus Parliament Wednesday evening at the Guest House, President Al-Bashir called for the exchange of visits between the two sides for bolstering the bilateral relations. In a press statement, the Deputy Speaker of the Belarussian Parliament said that the meeting was focused the means for strengthening the cooperation between Belarus and Sudan in the economic, trade, humanitarian and trade unions' fields. He said that the meeting also touched on agreements that were signed by the two countries, especially the trade contracts between Sudanese and Belarussian companies on the importation of tractors and exportation of groundnut. He said that an agreement was reached with the Sudanese side during his visit on establishment of a joint multi-activity company referring to his meeting with the Deputy Governor of Sudan Central Bank and the agreement on cooperation in different fields.

Sudan president to visit Russia next week
Sudan president, Omar al-Bashir will be visiting Russia next week, announced government official spokesperson.
“The visit will pave the way for strategic relations between the two countries and will have its positive impacts on the region”, said the minister of information, Ahmed Bilal Othman the spokesperson pointed that al-Bashir’s visit to Uganda and the visit paid by south Sudan president Salva Kiir to Khartoum last week, will help curbing activity of rebel movements as Kampala and Juba are considered hub for some rebel movements. He further noted the visits will push forward peace process and mutual understanding.


Transportation Minister: Channels of Dealing with US's Companies in Railways, Aviation fields Opened
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of Transportation, Roads and Bridges, engineer, Makawi Mohamed Awad has underlined the start of opening of channels for dealing with the United States companies, represented in the Boeing and General Electric companies working in the field of railways and aviation, indicating expectation of the signing of contracts for direct dealing. During his review to his ministry's report for the fiscal years first half before the parliament, Makawi noted to the registration of Sanjaneep Company in place of the Sudanese Lines Company. He pointing to the purchase of two airbus airplanes with the cost of 60 million dollar, and the signing of a funding contract with a chines company, referring to the maintenance of two airbuses which are now in service, and the project of the Islamic Bank for Development of Jeddah for the airplanes purchase by the renewal of the studies, expecting the follow of finance by the begging of the coming year. On the railways projects, the Minister of Transportation has indicated the completion of the Attbara- Port-Sudan railways line, the rehabilitation of Khartoum-Medeni line by the end of current November, and the completion of the train project of al- Gazera which is expected to arrive Sudan shortly. Regarding the roads and bridges, he noted to the ongoing work in 88 projects with a total length of 6192 km, 15 projects under the financing procedures with the length of 1451 km, 6 projects under financial procedures with length of 1081 km, and 4 completed projects with the length of 359 km, besides 12 projects proposed for study with length of 2,142 km. He indicated the completion of the construction works of 8 small bridges, and that the works continues on in the construction of five other bridges, and the signing of the study contract for two bridges which are under the tender and construction procedures.

November 14, 2017

Bashir Museveni summit reviews peace and security in the region
Entebbe, (SUNA) - President Omar Bashir and President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda held a summit meeting on Monday focusing on the bilateral relations, peace and security in the region and peace in South Sudan. The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ibrahim Ghandour pointed out following the meeting that took place in the Ugandan presidential palace that the two heads of state discussed cooperation between the two countries and agreed to convene an investment forum to be convened in Khartoum, Sudan. He said the two sides have also agreed on cooperation and on backing the efforts seeking the prevalence of peace in south Sudan, in line with the IGAD roadmap. He said president Museveni also congratulated President Bashir on the revocation of economic sanctions imposed on the Sudan, saying Uganda also stands against the ICC and that it supports the African position which calls for pulling out of the court. He added that president Museveni stressed the importance of African unity and of achieving justice at the hands of Africans. He said the meeting of the two heads of states has stressed the need for achieving peace in South Sudan and that contents continue between the countries of the region for achieving this objective. On the importance of three visit the minister said Uganda is an important country in the region of east Africa and the continent at large and that the two countries have launched the relations between them to new horizons, leaving behind the legacy of the past marred by the rebel movements. He said the two presidents have agreed to exchange visits and that the ministerial committee go through what has been agreed upon.

Sudan sympathizes with Iraqi and Iranian people over earthquake plight
Khartoum, (SUNA)-The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday announced Sudan's solidarity and sympathy with the people of Iran and Iraq in their plight caused by the recent earth quakes that hit border areas between the two countries.

Asawir Company signs MoU with its counterpart US Baker in gas field
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Asawir Company and the US Baker Company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cooperate in the implementation of gas and associated gas projects as well as cooperation in the field of spare parts and drilling fluids. The Asawir Company's Investment Manager Eng. Naji Abbas signed for his company while Mr. Lonzo Simonelli signed on behalf of the US Company, in the presence of the Minister of Oil and Gas Dr. Abdulrahman Osman in Abu Dhabi on the sidelines of the Abu Dhabi Petroleum Conference and Exhibition. The Minister of Oil and Gas called for investment in oil and gas field, especially in the Red Sea region, expressing his keenness to provide social services to achieve social peace and stability of the population. The company expressed readiness to invest in the oil, gas and oil services fields, pointing out that the lifting of sanctions would encourage the entry of US companies to invest in oil sector.

First Vice President Visits Council of Medical Specializations
Khartoum - The Secretary General of the Council of Medical Specializations Dr. Al Sheikh Alsidig Badr has announced completion of preparations for the visit of the First Vice President of the Republic , the Prime Minister to inspect the progress of work in the execution of the clinical simulator center in the forthcoming period which is considered the first of its kind in Sudan which will considerably contribute to reducing occurrence of medical error which is currently being constructed at Khartoum Hospital emergencies over an area of 2000 square meters composed of a four-storey building. Al sidig disclosed that the Vice President the Vice President id to inaugurate a number of facilities at the council for improving the buildup of medical training in Sudan including the Center of Developing Medical Education in Sudan , the Procedural Complex , Complex of Secretariat of Medical Specializations, Consultative rest house.

November 13, 2017

Bashir receives Qatari Finance Minister
Khartoum, (SUNA)-The President of the Republic, Omar Bashir, on Sunday received the visiting Qatari Minister of Finance, Ali Sharif Al Amadi. The meeting was equally attended by the Sudanese Minister for Finance and Economic Planning Dr Mohamed Osman Rikkabi. The meeting discussed ways of strengthening the bilateral economic relations and how to develop them further in the coming period. The Minister for Finance and Economic Planning, Rikkabi, told the Sudan news Agency that the two sides have reached several understandings and agreement on projects that will materialize shortly and will be an impetus for the Sudanese national economy. He said Sudan and Qatar have reached agreements on numerous contexts that will undergo thorough discussions before they are announced. On his part the Qatari Minister, Al Amadi, said his country enjoys strong economic relations with the Sudan. He said the meeting discussed how to expand economic projects in the Sudan and their follow up. He described visit to the Sudan as being "excellent".

Amendment of work regulations of National Medicines and Poisons Board
Khartoum, (SUNA) The meeting of the National Medicines and Poisons Board, chaired by the Federal Health Minister, Bahr Idris Abu Garda, has approved, Sunday, the amendment of the boards regulations concerning the registration of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and, medical supplies for the year 2017, and the regulation of inspection and investigation of pharmaceutical establishments. The Federal Health Minister, stressed in the board's meeting that the amended regulations are in the framework of the legislations and regulations that rules the work of the inspection body I the field of quality and security of medicines, medical supplies, cosmetics and the general health protection, noting that stabilization of drugs quality control and pharmaceutical preparations generally helps in the development of regular work control throughout the country.

International Chiefs of Justice Conference honors Chief of Justice
During the activities of International Chiefs of Justice Conference – 18th session which taking place in Laknaw city in India, Prof. Hyar Ahmed Dafaa Alah the Chief of Justice was confer honor upon giving him the golden key of Lukhnow city by the vice- governor of Uttar Pradesh state, the head of the higher committee of the conference. In his remark on this occasion, Chief of Justice expressed his thanks and appreciation by this honor, which considered as honour for judicature in Africa, he extolled the role of this conference to promot international peace.

Sudan’s Oil seeds to reach 700,000 tons
Sudan’s oil seeds exports will be reaching 700,000 tons by the end of current year, National exporters chamber said. SUNA quoted the director of the chamber as saying “ there is mounting international demand for Sudanese oil seeds and Sudan could meet shortcoming suffered by Arab countries in this crop”. Omar Kaboushia underscored need for strategic plan to promote Sudan’s oil seeds and recommended establishment of an exchange markets for crops to encourage producers and production.

November 10, 2017

Al Bashir to Launch 17 Development Projects in White Nile State
Khartoum – White Nile State, Dr. Abdul Hamid Musa Kasha has affirmed that President Al Bashir will launch during his upcoming visit to the state 17 development projects. While addressing the opening session of the legislative council of White Nile State, Kasha reiterated his government keenness to benefit from the economical openness after lifting of the US sanctions in terms of increasing the production and setting the economical policies to accommodate all the national development capabilities and encouraging the investors. He affirmed that the State is witnessing security stability, promising to improve the joint relations with South Sudan State and implementing all the projects signed to achieve the joint interests.

Prime Minister briefed on Ministry of Minerals' performance
Khartoum, (SUNA) - First Vice President of the Republic and National Prime Minister Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih has been briefed on the performance of the Ministry of Minerals and its new policies concerning the use of alternatives in traditional mining instead of using mercury. This came during a meeting at the premises of the Council of Ministers Thursday with the Minister of Minerals Prof. Hashem Ali Salim, who explained, in statements to the press, that the meeting touched on the plan of the ministry for the economic embargo post-lifting period, revealing that there are a number of Australian, Turkish and US companies have to invest in mineral sector in the country. The minister said that his ministry's plan aims to stop the use of mercury by 2020, explaining that the ministry has opened an area of 50,000 square kilometers for European companies desiring to work in the field of mineral exploration in the country.

Economist: Concern must be given to transport for its connection with socio-economic development
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Associate Professor at the University of Khartoum and Economic Expert Mustafa Khojaly has urged that concern must be given to the different means of transport, particularly the railway for its connection to socio-economic development in the societies. He said, in the forum entitled (The Impact of Transportation on the Sustainable Development" organized Thursday by the Epistemological Enlightenment Center at its headquarters in Green Square, that "There has to be a revitalization of the railway as it was transporting the agricultural crops in large quantities and at low prices", as it can transports 1,600 tons of crops, revealing that Al-Obied markets for crops are the largest market in Africa due to transport and development.

November 08, 2017

Sudan-Egypt Consular Committee Concludes Meetings
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The joint Sudanese-Egyptian Consular Committee co-chaired by the FM Undersecretary, Ambassador, Abdulghani Al-Naeim and the Egyptian Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs, Ambassador, Khaled Yusri Rizg , has concluded its meetings , in Khartoum, Tuesday .The three-day-meetings discussed a number of consular issues of mutual interest aiming at removing the obstacles facing the citizens of the two countries . The committee has also reconsidered the implementation of the previous decisions and recommendations concerning immigration issues such as residences, visa and others. The two sides agreed to hold the coming meetings, in Cairo, next April.

Hawas Magazine Organizes Symposium on Financing and Agricultural Processing after Lifting of Sanctions
Khartoum- Hawas Magazine has organized a symposium on “prospects of financing and agricultural processing after the lifting of sanctions” as part of its regular forum on “agriculture and food security”, with participation of economists, farmers and decision makers, including State Minister at the Ministry of Agriculture Sabri Al Dhau and State Minister at the Ministry of Industry Dr. Abdu Dawoud. Minister of Animal Resources Bushara Gumaa called at the symposium for mapping out policies for removing obstacles facing funding for agriculture. Chairman of the Sudanese Banks Union Massad Mohamed Ahmed, on his part, pointed out that there are promising opportunities in the agricultural sector but there are also challenges, affirming that agricultural processing is the other side of agriculture. Head of technologies transfer and development sector at CTC Group Prof. Mamoun Dhualbait, on his part, has called for attracting development funding for the agricultural sector. Senior economist at the African Development Bank Yusuf Mohamed Ahmed, meanwhile, noted that the bank extended support to Sudan totaling 230 million dollars during a period of less than ten years, indicating that the bank would extend big funding to the Sudanese private sector. Director General of GLB agricultural company Tariq Mohamed Khair has explained that the cost of establishment of big agricultural projects amounts to millions of dollars, referring to weak adoption of modern agricultural technologies in the country. Director of External Relations Department at CTC Group Sami Al Gaali, on his part, praised Hawas Magazine’s Forum for reflecting the issues of agriculture and food security, noting that the symposium has come at an important juncture following lifting of the American economic sanctions that had been imposed on Sudan. Representative of Al Salam Rotana Hotel Yahya Mirghani, has said the hotel sponsors the symposium as a service to the community, noting that Hawas Magazine has a pioneering role in the society. The symposium has witnessed valuable interventions by head of the economic and consumer sector at the Ministry of Finance of Khartoum State economic expert Dr. Adil Abdul-Aziz besides economist Mohamed Al Nair. Director General of Hawas Magazine and chairman of the organizing committee of the symposium Dr. Nasr-Eddin Sholgami, in the meantime, said the symposium, has come as part of the initiatives of the magazine to explore new prospects for agriculture, especially after lifting of the sanctions. The symposium, introduced by Editor-in-Chief of Hawas Magazine Tariq Sharief Satti and broadcaster Mousab Mahmoud, was sponsored by Mahgoub Sons Group, Moawia Elberier Group, CTC Group, Hajar Group, Al Baraka Bank and Al Salam Rotana Hotel.

Good and promising indicators for next year budget
The higher committee for preparation of the draft budget for next year discussed report of the macroeconomic framework and indicators of the budget, which included economic growth, sectoral indicators of various economic and service sectors, inflation rates, budget deficit, exchange rate and external sector indicators in the balance of payments, current and trade balance, and monetary indicators. The committee discussed the tax and fiscal efforts, directing a review of indicators to conform to other committees’ work serving as guidance for preparing the general budget for the new fiscal year. This draft aims to strike a balance between the gross domestic and external economy. The high committee, which includes all concerned bodies, said that preparation of the new budget is made amid an improved political atmosphere at the internal and external levels. Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Mohammed Othman Al-Rikabi officiated at the meeting in presence of former Minister of Finance and chairman of the committee Mohammed Khair al-Zubair.

Sudan welcomes Palestinian reconciliation
Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir has welcomed the Palestinian reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah as a victory for the Palestinian people and Arab nations, the Sudanese news agency reported. The president made the remarks during a meeting with the Palestinian Presidential envoy Azzam Al-Ahmad who delivered a letter from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas regarding developments between the two parties. During the meeting, Al-Ahmad stressed Abbas’ keenness to brief the Sudanese leadership on the Palestinian developments, considering Khartoum among the first countries to hasten dialogue between Hamas and Fatah. He went on to brief Al-Bashir regarding the Palestinian struggle in east Jerusalem, attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque and illegal Israeli settlement activities in the occupied West Bank. Fatah and Hamas signed a reconciliation agreement on 12 October under the auspices of Egypt. Last week, the Palestinian government announced that it had received full control of the border crossings in the besieged Gaza Strip as part of the agreement.

State Minister for Minerals meets Executive Secretary of Lakes Region Organization
Khartoum,(SUNA) - The State Minister at the Ministry of Minerals O'shaik Mohamed Ahmed Tahir met, at his office Tuesday, with the Executive Secretary of the Lakes Region Organization The two sides discussed the agenda of the 3-day conference, which is scheduled to be held Wednesday at the Grand Holiday Villa under slogan (The 16th Conference of the Regional Committee for Combating Mal-exploitation of Natural Resources). During his speech, the minister praised the efforts exerted by the organization, stressing Sudan's cooperation with the organization to achieve its objectives in the Lakes region in order to optimize the exploitation of African resources. For his part, the Executive Secretary of the Organization stressed that the objective of the organization through the conference was to seek the best exploitation of resources and how to find an equation for the violation of the laws resulting from the differences in tax between the countries of the lakes region to combat smuggling issues. It worth mentioning that the opening session of the conference will be held with the participation of more than 12 African countries under the auspices of the State Minister at the Ministry of Minerals. The sitting is to be addressed by the National Coordinator of the Organization, the chairman of the conference committee and the executive secretary of the organization.

November 07, 2017

President Bashir reaffirms full support to AU implementing the 2063 Agenda
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The President of the Republic Omar Bashir, on Monday expressed Sudan's appreciation for the support it received from the African Union on all critical issues at the regional and international levels The President on Monday received the head of the Africa Union, Commissioner Musa Fakki, in the presence of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour, and told him that Sudan fully supports the implementation by the African Union of Agenda 2063 and the current reform going on inside the African Union. The Commissioner of the African Union Fakki stated that the meeting with the president discussed issues in which the Sudan plays a major role. He said the meeting also discussed the security situation in South Sudan, Somalia, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as the efforts underway to implement the 2063 agenda with regard to economic issues.

Mauritanian President arrived in Khartoum
President of Mauritania, Mohamed wild Abdel-Aziz arrived today morning in Khartoum on a two day visit, He was received at Khartoum International Airport by the President of the Republic Omer al basher and a number of Ministers. Minister of State – Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ata al Manan bakheet said in press releases at Khartoum International Airport that this visit will enhance the relations between the two countries, The accompanying delegation of Mauritanian President includes Aslako Ahmed, Minster of Foreign Affairs, Amal Moloud Minister of Housing and a number of Mauritanian officials.


Sudanese-Mauritanian Higher Committee meetings approve memorandums of understanding and agreements
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Head of Sudan Side to the meetings of Sudanese-Mauritanian High Committee Al-Ati Jabir revealed that a number of memorandums of understanding, agreements and executive programs were agreed upon with the Mauritanian party. Jabir said, in a statement to (SUNA), that the meetings would be held on Sunday evening at the ministerial level and the minutes of the meetings of the Committee, the executive programs and the agreements agreed upon to be signed on Monday. The head of the Sudanese side pointed out to the fields of cooperation that are to be signed during the meetings session including air services and memorandums of understanding in housing technology, construction, vocational training, police cooperation and strategic planning as well as water, sanitation and minerals, in addition to executive program for cooperation in the field of seaports. Jabir praised the experts' effort, which was characterized by a spirit of reconciliation and cooperation through discussing the issues of the Committee agenda at the technical level. The Sudanese side described the relations with Mauritania as "good" and "concordant" between the two countries, adding that there are great opportunities to strengthen the relations between the two countries in the fields of trade, economic, technical and vital sectors in the areas of transport, housing and vocational training. Jabir pointed out that these agreements would benefit the two countries in vital areas, particularly that Mauritania has the desire to cooperate in various fields in trade, economy and investment. He added that there are vital Sudanese sectors that intend to invest in Mauritania in various fields.

Kuwaiti Investment Company Invests in Sudan to the Value of $200 Million
Khartoum: Asasat Company For Agricultural Investments limited has announced inauguration of its activity in Sudan via entering in agricultural partnership for the extension of 100 thousand fedans at the River Nile state for cultivating wheat and clover along with entering in food security projects for producing white meat and meat red with the aims of realizing self-sufficiency for the domestic market over a period not exceeding two years and afterwards shifting to the phase of export. The head of the Board of Directors of the said company Consultant Mashari Bin Murshid Al Mirshad has affirmed in a press conference at the company's headquarter the company's preparedness for agricultural extension in Sudan in the coming years. He said the company is seeking to reach cultivation of 700 thousand fedans over the coming seven years via partnerships with farmers of benefit to both parties.

November 06, 2017

President Bashir receive a written message from Palestinian President Abu Mazin
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The President of the Republic, Omar Bashir, on Sunday received a written message from President Abu Mazin of Palestine dealing with the developments in Palestine, top of which the recent reconciliation agreement between FATA and HAMAS movements. The President has renewed Sudan's stable stands towards the Palestinian cause and said Sudan is a partner of the Palestinian people in their defense of their rights. The President who received the Palestinian Presidential Envoy Azam Al Ahmed in the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour, welcomed the Palestinian agreement saying the accord was a victory of the Palestinian people and the Arab Nation. The Palestinian envoy has meanwhile pointed out in press statements following the meeting that his president, Abu Mazin, was keen to brief the Sudanese leadership on the development in Palestine saying Khartoum was one of the first to move in and work for opening dialogue between HAMAS and FATA, for the sake of the Palestinian unity. He said he also briefed the president about the struggle of the Palestinian people in East Al Aqsa and the menaces facing the Aqsa mosque as a result of the occupation activities in the west Bank. He said the meeting also reviewed the efforts exerted at the international level for the revival of the peace process. He said so far what was going on was mere talk that does not go to the level of discussing ideas that match the international legitimacy resolutions that seek to end the occupation and establish an independent state in Palestine.

AUC Chairperson arrives in Khartoum
The Chairperson of the Commission of the African Union Musa Mohammed Mohammed arrived on Sunday morning in Khartoum on two day visit where he will meet the officials of the State. Mohammed said in press releases at Khartoum International Airport that his visit to the Sudan is the first one since he was elected as AUC chairperson, he extolled the Sudan’s positions towards the issues of the continent, “I came for Consultation with the Sudanese leadership on the African programme, in addition to the directions of the President of the Republic Omer al Bashir ,and Consultation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International University of Africa due to the important role of education in 2063 Agenda. From his part, Minister of Foreign Affairs Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour has welcomed AUC chairperson in the Sudan. He said that AUC chairperson will meet the President of the Republic Omer al Bashir and the First Vice- President of the Republic Bakri Hassan Saleh to review the experiment of the National Unity Government , beside meeting Minister of Foreign Affairs.

CBOS Governor receives Italian and Lebanese banks
Khartoum, (SUNA) - In a meeting with the correspondent banks following the lifting of the economic embargo on Sudan, the Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan (CBOS) Hazim Abdul-Gadir met, at his office Sunday, with a delegation from the Italian UBAF Bank and the General Manager of the French Lebanese Bank, Maurice Iskandar, separately. The meetings discussed the future of banking relations and development of correspondent relations with the Sudanese banks, in addition to reactivation of financial and banking cooperation. The CBOS Governor said that the delegations he received today from Italy and Lebanon announced their desire to resume work in Sudan immediately, revealing that they have provided facilities for the import of strategic commodities (wheat, medicine and petroleum products) within the limit of 100 million euros as well as financing importation of the needs of industrial sector through the Industrial Development Bank. For his part, the General Manager of the Lebanese Bank pointed out to the depth, strength and importance of the relations with Sudan, announcing readiness of the Lebanese-French Bank to raise the ceiling allocated to Sudan, in addition to the establishment of new banking relations with a number of Sudanese banks.

President Assistant: State Depends on Private Sector for Development of Agriculture, Industrial Production
Abu- Hujar, (SUNA) The Assistant of the President of the Republic, the Deputy Chairman of the National Congress Party for the Party's Affairs, engineer, Ibrhim Mahmoud, noted that the state greatly counts on the efforts of the private sector for the development of the country's agriculture and industry. During his visit to Abu Neiama Company for food security, in Abu Hujar locality, Sinnar State, accompanied by the Govern of Sinnar state, al Dawoo al Mahi, and his state's government members, he inspected the company's harvest of cotton soybeans. The Assistant of the President indicated that the contractual agriculture has achieved great success, pointing to the initiative of Abu Naiema Company in adopting the cultivation of the Indian cotton which has recognized success. Businessman Ma'awia al- Berier, investor of the company, has expressed gratitude to the President of the Republic for sponsoring the company and his concern with the private agricultural sector. The governor of Sinnar state, lauded the great social role played by the project in the area, stressing the state's government support to all the production sectors.

November 02, 2017

Sudan and South Sudan Hold Session of Talks in Khartoum
Khartoum, (SUNA) - A session of talks between the Sudanese and South Sudan sides began Wednesday at the Republican Palace, co-headed by the Presidents of the two countries, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir and Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir. In his address at the meeting, the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, said that Sudan looks forward for fraternal and fruitful talks for pushing ahead the bilateral relations in a positive way. He said the lifting of the economic sanctions imposed on Sudan will have a positive impact in boosting the relations between Sudan and South Sudan in all fields. He asserted the importance of resuming joint action between Sudan and South Sudan for writing off Sudan debts, especially that Sudan has beard the burden of these debts. President Al-Bashir has renewed Sudan keenness for solving the outstanding issues between Sudan and South Sudan, implementing the cooperation agreements and reactivating the joint political, security and border mechanisms for moving ahead for new horizons in the bilateral relations. He affirmed the importance of reactivating the joint committee for Abyei for accomplishing the interim arrangements, including formation of the administrative body, the Legislative Assembly and the joint police forces, besides convincing the United Nations about the effective role of the UNISFA IN Abyei and its role in supporting the mechanisms for monitoring the security arrangements by the two countries. He said that Sudan hosting of the consultations relating t forum for reviving the peace agreement in South Sudan and the participation in the arrangements for holding this forum have represented steps that are aimed for achieving a peaceful settlement and paving the way for a political process. He reiterated Sudan adherence to its role toward Sudan at the regional and international forums, which is represented in Sudan support to the national dialogue in South Sudan, the keenness for its security and stability, preventing the southern politicians and leaders in Khartoum to practice any political and military activities against South Sudan, besides Sudan support to all endeavors for uniting the southerners. President Al-Bashir pointed out that the peace agreement signed South Sudan government and opposition represents the suitable choice for ending the dispute between the two sides. He indicated that Sudan has given support to the war-affected people of South Sudan State and is still opening its territories for the flow of humanitarian assistance to South Sudan, hoping that Sudan will be able to surpass its current crisis. He said that Sudan will spare no effort to push ahead the realization of peace in South Sudan State.
He appreciated response of President Salva Kiir to the invitation for visiting Sudan, hoping that the visit will achieve the aspired results. Meanwhile, the President of South Sudan State, Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir, has congratulated the government and people of Sudan on the lifting of the US economic sanctions. He expressed his appreciations of the efforts of Sudan government in extending humanitarian assistance to the refugees of South Sudan State. He pledges that his country will not host any opposition groups that undermine peace and security in Sudan, affirming the desire of his country for good neighborliness with Khartoum. President Salva Kiir has asserted the commitment of his government to the implementation of the agreements which were signed between the two countries in the year 2012, announcing that he will supervise the implementation of these agreements by himself. He pointed to the endeavor of his government to meet with the southern opposition through the call for national dialogue which he launched to all the southern political forces, referring to the successful Sudanese national dialogue experiment, indicating that his country aims to benefit from this experiment.


Washington reaffirmed revocation of economic and trade sanctions on Sudan remains valid
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The United States of America on Wednesday said the decision to revoke the economic and trade sanctions against the Sudan was final and that the decision on the national emergency on Sudan was a routine procedures carried out at this time of the year. The US Chargé d'Affaires to the Sudan, Ambassador Steven Koutsis, said the US Administration Notice issued on the 31st of October 2017, on the Continuation of the National Emergency on Sudan which was stipulated by the Executive Order 13067 since 3rd of November 1997, was a regular and routine procedure that the administration issues at this time each year. The Charge D'Affaires renewed during a meeting with the Undersecretary at the Ministry of Foreign affairs, Ambassador Abdul Ghani Al Nayem, that the Notice does not in any way reverse the decision of the US President issued on the 6th of October 2017 on the permanent revocation of the economic and trade sanctions against the Sudan. The Undersecretary has meanwhile reaffirmed that the Sudan does not pose any threat to the interests of the United States of America and that the great positive results achieved on the five tracks showed that Khartoum is a state with determination, will, credibility and desire to establish a strong partnership between the two countries to achieve peace and security at the regional and international levels and that the two countries have so many in common and have common interests. The Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Ghareeb Allah Al Khidir, pointed out in statement to the Sudan News Agency SUNA that the two sides have agreed to enter into the second phase of the process of constructive engagement between the two countries in a way to enable them reach full normalization of bilateral relation and boost the economic and investment relations in the interests of the peoples of the two countries.


National Unity Day of India in Khartoum
The Embassy of India, Khartoum usually has a Sudanese speaker in almost every event organized by them in Khartoum. To celebrate the National Unity Day on 31st October’17, which commemorates the birthday of the Iron man of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the speaker was Prof. Abdelgadir Elfadil Abdelgadir of the Department of Environment, AlNilein University. Prof.Elfadil studied at the University of Agriculture at Bangalore, India and later obtained his PhD from the prestigious Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. The welcome speech at the function was delivered by Ambassador of India H.E.Amrit Lugun who also spoke about the great contributions made by Sardar Patel in integrating 565 Princely States and in unifying the nation. He was a barrister, statesman, a leader of Indian National Congress and one of the founding fathers of the Republic of India. Prof.Elfadil in his speech said the Sardar which means a leader was the first Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of India and made huge efforts to restore the peace all across the nation. Sardar Patel is also referred as Bismarck of India but some say that his task of unifying India was more herculean than Bismarck in Germany. At the function, the speeches were followed by two films one on the theme of Unity in Diversity in India and a documentary on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. In order to remember him annually, Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day) was introduced by the Government of India in 2014. Many believe that if Sarder Vallabhbhai Patel had dealt with Kashmir independently there would have been one Jammu & Kashmir.

Minster of Minerals Participates in International Mining Conference in Australia
Khartoum, SUNA) The Minister of Minerals, Prof. Hashim Ali Salim has participated in the conference for international mining convened in Australia with the participation of 60 states, and more than 30 mining ministers. The minister has announced that the Sudan has made preparations for various investment, numerating the investment opportunities, the resources and the added values the mining sector is enjoying in the Sudan, particularly regarding the new legislations and laws. He invited the great mining companies to invest in Sudan were number of companies have expressed desire to invest in the Sudan's mining sector. Prof. Hashim met on the sideline of the conference with the Australian, Indian, Iran, Saudi counterparts, and others from the European and African countries in the presence of the Sudan's ambassador in Australia, the Director General of the General Corporation for Geological Research, Dr. Mohamed Abu Fatma Abdulla, besides number of representatives of national companies. The Minerals Minister has also met with Sudanese community in Melbourne whom they welcomed the Sudan's delegation to the conference, expressing readiness to facilitate and encourage the Australian investor to invest in the Sudan.

November 01, 2017

Al Bashir addresses AP opening session
Addressing the opening session of the Arab Parliament (AP) today morning at Friendship Hall in Khartoum, the President of the Republic Omer al Bashir calls for a role of AP in the Arab arena in order to protect the Arab World from extremism and terrorism , in addition to threatening that threaten the stability of arab communities. His Excellency expressed his respect for the great successes realized by AP, despite it is short period, calling for the importance to boost integration and cooperation relations with national and regional parliaments.

Sudanese-American Talks on Oil Industry Begin
The first round of talks between Sudan and the United States in the field of oil industry began Monday at the premises of the Ministry of Oil where a first private sector group arrived in the Sudan comprising three subgroups to discuss investment in energy after the lifting of economic sanctions on Sudan. The heads of the three subgroups reviewed their possibilities and expertise, while the technicians of the Ministry of Oil reviewed the capabilities available for investment. The Minister of Oil and Gas Dr. Abdul-Rahman Osman urged the American companies to engage into investment in the Red Sea area and a number of empty blocks, pointing to the importance of introducing advanced technology to increase oil production. The heads of the three subgroups expressed their serious desire to engage into the oil and gas industry, pledging to accelerate the pace of work to achieve the desired goals.

FVP Inaugurates Graduates Factory for Cement Products
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Vice President of the Republic, the National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, Tuesday, has inaugurated in Omdurman the graduates' factory for cement products, in the presence of the governor of Khartoum state, the Minister of Human Resource Development and Labor and a number of political and executive leaderships. The Minister of Khartoum state Human Resources Development, Al- Sadig al- Hadi al- Mahdi, noted during the ceremony organized by the Organ of the Graduates Employment, that the factory produces 56 thousands of cement bricks during an ordinary work shift, adding that the factory includes 550 graduates working in the factory with a financial guarantee from Shekan Company, calling for opening the markets to encourage the youth's products. Indicating that these projects combat unemployment, and contribute in the realization of stability, stop war and achieving peace, stressing that 130 thousands graduates are the target of next year's projects in different fields

FVP Confirms state's commitment and seriousness to fight Corruption
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The First Vie-President and National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, has renewed the state's commitment and seriousness to fight all forms of corruption. He said in a press conference he held Tuesday at the Council of Ministers that consultations carried out by the Higher Coordinative Committee of the National Dialogue are currently underway concerning the work of the Corruption Commission, adding that there are conditions that must be provided in the head of the Commission such as being a lawyer and has 15 years of experience in the field, besides the nationality and neutrality conditions. He commended the great efforts being exerted by the National Auditor General of the Government of Sudan for revealing assaults on public money and the financial irregularities. He said that the coordination between the Council of Ministers and the National Legislature is progressing well, explaining that the Cabinet has appointed a state minister to be in charge of the coordination between the legislative and executive bodies.

October 31, 2017

Deputy Assistant of US Secretary of State Discusses with Private Sector Cooperation in Stage of Post-Lifting of Sanctions
Khartoum, (SUNA) The joint meeting between the visiting delegation of the US Secretary of State headed by the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary, Sandra Oudkirk, and the representatives of the businesses sector of the Sudanese private sector discussed the economic and trade cooperation between the Sudan and the United States of America after the lifting of the sanctions, and the necessity of communication and cooperation between the private sectors of the two countries. Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary said in a press statement after the meeting that the visit of the delegation to Khartoum aims to hold talks with the Sudanese side at the official government level, and the Sudanese private sector to see the views of the progress of relations in the economic and commercial aspects for the period of post-lifting of sanctions, pointing out that the discussion session with the Sudanese private sector aims to know its needs and the obstacles it is facing in dealing with the US private sector . Oudkirk noted to the important role of the private sector in the economic relations in the coming stage, stressing the US private sector desire to open cooperation channels with the Sudan, and to explore the opportunities via the Sudanese private sector, "we hope for cooperation between the private sectors in the two countries in order to make change in the fields of economic development" she added. The Secretary General of the Sudanese Businessmen Union, Bakri Yousif Omer, noted in a press statement to SUNA, that the meeting which has included the US Chargé d'Affaires, the Chairman of the Banks Union, the representatives of the business sectors of the Union and the banks directors, comes within the framework of the visit of the US delegation to the country to discuss the views of cooperation in post lifting of economic sanctions, the views of the Sudan's private sector on some issues, and it is questions on the next phase. He noted that the Union has presented its vision for the coming phase, its efforts to prepare the private sector and the requirements, and arrangements made in this regard. Pointing to number of contacts made with the American Chamber of Commerce, the organization of a workshop to promote the business performance, the governance, transparency, and the reduction of corruption, referring to the problem of the financial transfers with the US that did not flow with required speed. The Secretary-General of the Union of the Sudanese Businessmen, said that the Deputy Assistant of the US Secretary of State has made it clear that it will conduct a number of arrangements and contacts with the US institutions, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Office of Foreign Assets Control OFAC to ensure greater flow of the bank transfers. He noted to her underlining the necessity that the Sudanese private sector would exploit the opportunity of lifting the US sanctions, adding that the meeting has also discussed number of obstacles encountering the trade, agriculture, industry, the medicines and other sectors in cooperation with the US, and the requirements for implementation of the businesses in these sectors, besides her call for continuing communications with US companies to acknowledge the investment opportunities in the Sudan, the participation in exhibitions, forums and the communication with the US Embassy in Khartoum in this regard. The chairman of the bank's union, Masa'ad Mohamed Ahmed, has asserted the banks readiness to cope up with the developments in the coming phase, the commitment to all the international standards, besides the focus on the banking transactions in order to resume normal cooperation with the US.

Finance Ministry, Government of S. Sudan Agree on Joint Action to Exempt Sudan's Foreign Debts
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Finance Ministers of the Sudan and the State of South Sudan have agreed on a joint external move to exempt the Sudan's foreign debts, and to work for extension of the terms of the zero-option agreement that ends in October 2018. The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Gen. Dr. Mohamed Osman al-Rekabi, stressed during his meeting, Monday, with the Minister of Finance of South Sudan, Esteeven Dewe Dow, in the presence of the undersecretaries of the two financial ministries of the two countries, the importance of the African Union's support for the joint efforts to deal with external debts. The Minister has pledged to train the employees of the Ministry of Finance of south Sudan in all the Sudan's training institutions, indicating commitment to facilitating the delivery of the South Sudan's pensioners who had worked in the government sector prior to the separation, giving directives for the relevant authorities in the Ministry of Finance, and the concerned authorities to coordinate with the undersecretary of the south Sudan's Finance Ministry in this regard. He underlined the government's concern in strengthening relations between the two countries. "We look forward to the visit of President Salva Kiir in the next two days, and we look forward for agreements that would build more confidence and good neighborly relations," he said. On his part, the Minister of Finance of South Sudan, stressed his country's keenness to continue consultations with the government of Sudan, and to strengthening the economic, trade and banking ties. The two sides have agreed to open the crossings, encourage trade between the two countries, facilitate the customs and banking procedures, facilitate the movement of citizens, and the flow of goods to contribute to the development of relations, and strengthen relations between the Sudan and South Sudan.

Trade State Minister Meets S. Sudan's Minister of Finance and Planning
Khartoum, (SUNA) The State Minister at the Ministry of Trade, al- Saddig Mohmed Ali Hassbul- Rasoul, met in his office the Minister of Finance and Planning of the state of South Sudan, Stephen Dio, in preparation for the visit of South Sudanese President Salva Kiir Mayardit on next Wednesday. The minister noted that the visit comes in framework of deliberations between the two ministries on the economic issues especially that concern the trade, indicating that number of the Sudanese commodities are being prepared for trade exchange in the coming stage between the two countries, where they would be directly and formally dealt with through three specific ports agreed upon in the previous period. The Trade State Minister has provided review on the ongoing arrangements in the Sudan including the decision for continuation of borders trade between the Sudan and the neighboring countries that includes the state of South Sudan, pointing that this decision needs arrangements between the trade ministries in the two countries. The minister has asserted necessity to arrange the goods that can be allowed to cross through the border trade, and the commodities subject to international trade between the two countries, noting that all these issues will be presented in the next round of talks between the two countries.

Undersecretary of Foreign Ministry Meets his Counterpart of South Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Undersecretary of the Ministry Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Abdul-Ghani Al-Naeem, Monday received in his office the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of South Sudan, Babak Valentino, who is visiting Khartoum in the context of the preparations for the visit of South Sudan President, Salva Kiir, to Khartoum in the current week. The meeting has deliberated about the horizons of cooperation between Sudan and South Sudan in different fields. The two sides have underscored the importance of implementation of the cooperation agreements which were signed between the two countries in the year 2012 and agreed on reactivation of the joint political consultation committee between the Foreign Ministries of the two countries. Ambassador Abdul-Ghani has renewed Sudan commitment to the training of diplomats from South Sudan. The two sides agreed during the meeting on the signing of a memo of understanding between the Training and Diplomatic Decision Support Center and its counterpart in South Sudan.

October 30, 2017

FM Undersecretary receives US Counter Threat Finance and Sanctions official
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Undersecretary at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Abdul Ghani Nayem, met with the visiting US Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary (A/DAS) for Counter Threat Finance and Sanctions, Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, Sandra Oudkirk, currently on visit to the Sudan The US official pointed out in press statements following her meeting with the Undersecretary that the visit comes as confirmation of the new American policy towards the Sudan after the revocation of the economic sanctions, saying her country was ready to expand horizons of economic and trade cooperation with the Sudan. The Undersecretary of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs on his part underlined Sudan's commitment to continue cooperation with the US in all bilateral areas and to positively deal with the US. He stressed Sudanese readiness to set practical mechanisms that would lead to the establishment of peace and development partnership that will serve the bilateral interest of the two nations.

International Agricultural Entrepreneurship Expert meets National Coordinator for Youth Empowerment Program
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Expert in International Agricultural Entrepreneurship and Representative of the International Tropical Agriculture Institute Ms. Mary Thiongo has arrived in the country to serve as an international expert to provide technical support to the Youth Empowerment Program for Agricultural Entrepreneurship implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in collaboration with the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the International Tropical Agriculture Institute (ITAI). Ms. Thiongo held a meeting with the National Coordinator of the Program Dr. Salih Khairallah Hussein and the national experts. The meeting reviewed the joint work plan between the Youth Empowerment Program and the ITAI plan within the framework of implementing the program activities. The meeting also called for expediting the process of selecting entrepreneurs to join the program and the training they receive during the training period in agricultural incubators and the support ITAI provided in the framework of transferring its experience in the field of agricultural incubators. The international expert will also take part in the process of selecting agricultural entrepreneurs through the committee currently being held for selecting young graduates to join the program.

EU Ambassador says Sudan and EU share common will using resources
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Head of the EU delegation to the Sudan, Jean-Michel Dumond said there is a shared determination between the EU and the Sudan to better utilize the resources and exchange expertise between universities and boost capacity building. The head of the EU Delegation, Dumond, congratulated Sudan on the recent revoking of the economic sanctions, saying this would provide better opportunities for stability and peace building in Darfur, South Kordufan and Blue Nile areas, as well as betterment of democracy and human rights in the Sudan. The ambassador made the comment during a Forum organized by the Faculty of Arts, Sharga Hall, under the theme of Sudanese European Relations in the Field of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The ambassador referred to numerous grants and donations made by the EU since 2014, in eastern Sudan and in the Darfur's five states, in the field of education in particularly. He said some 9 thousands students have benefited from grants for MA studies provided to African universities. He added these cover areas of documentation, training and capacity building as well as the areas of agricultural development, medicinal studies and education.


A plan to establish a solar pumps project
The Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity and the Energy Research Center at University of Khartoum signed a contract to establish a project for solar pumps in cooperation with the Sudanese Authority for Standardization and Metrology and with funding from the GEF and UNDP. The Minister of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity, Engineer Musa Omar Abu Alqasim said that project aims to build national capacities. He praised the partnership between ministry which carries out the project, the Energy Research Center at Khartoum University, Standardization and Metrology and invested International Organization. Minister indicated that the project assists to check up the efficiency of all solar energy devices imported by the country, especially those working in the field of irrigation, stressing that the ministry has begun to use of renewable energy in all its headquarters and institutions and to replace all the lighting in the buildings to be solar energy instead of Electricity. Sudan. In this context, the Director of the Department of New and Renewable Energies at the Ministry, Eng. Mahjoub Issa Khalil, considered the project for the first one related to solar energy units.. . He said that the work is the result of a long joint effort between the ministry and Khartoum University.

October 27, 2017

Minerals ministry signs agreement with Miro Gold of Russia
Khartoum, (SUNA)-The Ministry of Minerals on Thursday signed a gold prospection agreement with the Russian Miro Gold company, as well as prospection of other related minerals. The Minister for Mineral, Professor Hashim Ali Salim signed for the Sudanese side while for the Russian side, Michael Putikin, the representative of the company signed the agreement. The Minister for Minerals, Hashim expressed hope that the cooperation with the Russian side would continue in the various economic domains and pointed to the need to see production taking palace shortly following the signing of the agreement.


Conference of Heads Arab States Supreme Courts Concluded with Participation of Chief Justice
Nouakchott,(SUNA) The 8 th conference of the Heads of Supreme Courts of Arab States has concluded activities in the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott. The Sudan has participated in the conference with a delegation led by the Chief Justice, Prof. Hayder Ahmed Dafulla, and the head of the National Supreme Court. The conference has asserted in its recommendations keenness of the heads of the Arab Supreme Courts to develop the judicial system, the good progress of the courts work in the Arab countries, and their determination to enhance the coordination mechanisms and develop means of cooperation among them. The conference has also stressed the effective role of the Supreme Courts in their automatic intervention in matters of public order in the civil and criminal law, calling for the legalization of the conditions and deadlines of the proceedings after the referral from the Supreme Court, taking into account the procedural specialties of each country to speed up the settling of disputes, activate the appeal in favor of the law, the restriction of its conditions to contribute to the promotion of the law and work for the spread of the principles and jurisprudence issued by the Supreme Courts in the Arab countries, and exchange and circulate them by all possible means.

Sudan participates in the Norwegian and African businessmen economic summit
Khartoum, (SUNA)- Sudan took part in the 7th African Norwegian Business Summit Meeting, with a delegation led by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Investment Mubarak Al Fadil Mahdi who addressed the opening session explaining the climate of investment in the Sudan as well as the opportunities available for investors The Minister also pointed out to the various economic, agricultural, mining, petroleum, animal and tourism opportunities open before investors in the Sudan He stressed Sudan's keenness for partnership with the Scandinavian countries in the various domain and with Norway in particular. He pinpointed that Sudan is currently witnessing a new economic and political phase following the revoking of the economic sanctions imposed on the country saying that Sudan has taken a number of steps to better the investment climate and to serve the development issue and to mobilize its resources. The Minister met on the margin of the summit with a number of companies and businessmen from Norway who expressed their desire to invest in the Sudan particularly in the energy, petroleum, gas and renewable energy domains.

Subcommittee for Follow up of Implementation of Outcomes of National Dialogue Holds Second Meeting
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Subcommittee of the Higher Committee for the Follow up of Implementation of Outcomes of National Dialogue has held its second meeting Thursday at the Republican Palace. The committee's member, engineer, al- Tayeb Moustafa noted in press statements that the meeting has discussed the workshop scheduled for 11-12 of next November. He indicated that the workshop will discuss four work papers on the election's commission, the future vision for 2020 elections, the experiment of the party's council's law, besides the horizons of the political practice in Sudan, pointing out that the meeting has decided guidelines of the work papers and their presenters. Enguineer Moustafa has expected the workshop to be strong step towards the 2020 elections that would move the country to safety.

October 26, 2017

President of the Republic, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Hold Official Talks
President of the Republic Omer Al-Bashir met Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud who is currently on a visit to the Kingdom. President of the Republic and the King of Saudi Arabia held official talks, during which they discussed bilateral relations binding the two sisterly countries, in addition to the latest regional developments. The meeting was attended by the accompanying delegation of the President of the Republic which includes the Foreign Minister Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, Director of the Security and Intelligence Lt. Gen. Mohammed Atta and the Sudanese Charge D’Affaires to the Kingdom Dr. Ahmed Al-Tijjani Suwar. from the Saudi side it was attended by Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Riyadh Region, Prince Mansour bin Miteb bin Abdulaziz, Minister of State and Member of the Cabinet, Prince Miteb bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, Minister of the National Guard, Minister of State and Member of the Cabinet Massed bin Mohammed Al-Ayban, Minister of State and Member of the Cabinet Ibrahim bin Abdulaziz Al-Assaf and Minister of Finance Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Jada’an.

Sudan Responded to Washington’s Questions on Joining the WTO
Khartoum – (smc) The Sudanese government has affirmed that it answered more than 90% of the questions received from the US Administration in regard to joining the WTO.Meanwhile, Sudan has started the implementation of several internal arrangements to complete the conditions of joining the WTO. Nation Commissioner to join the WTO, Dr. Hassan Ahmed Taha stated to Sudan Vision that the lifting of sanctions will ease the process after overcoming the technical obstacles, adding that the process is progressing after reviewing the trade situation and its coping with the WTO legislations. Taha said that joining the WTO represents a priority, considering that it opens opportunities to enter into the international markets and promoting the Sudanese commodities in the international markets.

Sudanese-Moroccan Businessmen Forum Kicks off
Khartoum, (SUNA) The forum of the Sudanese Moroccan businessmen has kicked off, Wednesday, at Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum between the Sudanese Businessmen Union, and the Center for the Development and Recovery of Moroccan Exports. 90 Moroccan investors are participating in the forum which is sponsored by the Investment Ministry. The State Minister at the Ministry of Investment, Osama Faisal, during his address to the forum, has announced the amendments made in the Investment Act, and the giving to investors more facilitation for the investment operations and procedure via an additional provisions, hoping that the visit of the Moroccan businessmen delegation would achieve its goals in building economic partnerships, stressing support to all the Moroccan investments in the Sudan. The Deputy Chairman of the Sudanese Businessmen Union, Ali Abarasi, has welcomed the visit of the Moroccan delegation describing it as historical, calling for speeding up the opening of the air and land transportation lines, announcing the union cooperation and the trade exchange with the Moroccan investors. The Chairwoman of the Moroccan Center for Exports Recovery, the head of the Moroccan delegation, Dr. Zahra'a Ma'afri, has appreciated the great reception made to the delegation, congratulating the Sudanese people's and government on the lifting of the US economic sanctions, noting to her country's commitment to make partnerships with all the continent's countries on head of them the Sudan. She pointed out to the visit's aim to create economic, and trade cooperation between the businessmen in the two countries. The ambassador of the Moroccan Kingdom to Sudan, Mohamed Ma'a al-Aynien, indicated the special economic relations between the Sudan and Morocco, noting to the directives of the leaderships of the two countries in this regard, asserting that the visit of the Moroccan businessmen delegation will be a model of fruitful integration and would reflect on the investment, indicating that the lifting of the US economic sanctions would create good opportunity for cooperation with morocco and enhances the economic relations. The chairman of the Moroccan Contractors, on his part, said that the visit aims at discussing the investment horizons in the Sudan, and ways to make joint work in the field of contracting.

Official of Sudanese-Chinese Relations Calls for Benefiting from Silk Road Initiative
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Assistant of the President of the Republic, the Official of the Sudanese-Chinese relations file, Dr. Awad Ahmed Al -Jaz has called for benefiting from economic aspect of the initiative of the silk road, indicating necessity of achieving joint benefits with china. During his address, Thursday, to the forum of the ( Sino-Arab Cooperation and the Initiative of Silk Road) at Al -Shariqa Hall, organized by the Sudanese Chinese Friendship Association in Khartoum, in cooperation with the Department of Political Sciences of Khartoum University, al Jaz noted to the Sudan's desire on joint work without intervention in the other's affairs. He referred to the old role of port-Sudan harbor in the Silk Road, stressing commitment to benefit from the initiative, calling for setting up programs and introduction to the conference of the horizons of the Arabic, African -Chinese cooperation, to be held in next November to realize the ideal benefit from the initiative of Silk Road.

October 25, 2017

Qatar Affirms Attention to Darfur Green Project and Development Projects in Sudan
Khartoum: President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has yesterday ended has Gulf tour that took him to Kuwait and Qatar which is his first visit following the decision of lifting the economic blockade and his second visit after the outbreak of the crisis form one the one hand and Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates on the other. In his visit to Qatar he held talks with Qatar Amir Sheik Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani whereby Doha affirmed continual support to Sudan particularly in the field of peace in Darfur, supporting development project and reconstructing the regions devastated by the war. Al Bashir reassured Qatar Amir on the prevalence of peace in Darfur and the efforts exerted by the government for realizing development expressing gratitude for Qatar efforts in realizing peace, development and reconstruction . Al Bashir said the government is seeking to change Darfur image from a region in which native conflicts prevail , killings and burning to a region in which peace , stability and prosperity prevail via the of green project of Darfur which is a big and crucial project. Al Bashir further elaborated that aims to reconstructing villages and benefiting from the underground water and water harvest projects for horticulture vegetables and fruits cultivation He said the project also aims at linking Darfur with Sudan’s parts so that the produce may reach the market. For his part Qatar Amir has underscored the fraternal relations linking the two countries , the two people’s and the two leaderships of the two countries and expressed attention to the green project of Darfur and contributing in its execution as well as supporting other development projects

State Minister of International Cooperation Praises Role of JICA in Sudan's Development Projects
Khartoum, (SUNA) The State Minister at the Ministry of International Cooperation, Somia A'akad has praised support provided by the state of Japan during the past years via the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) with which a number of development projects have been implemented in the center and the Sudan's different states. During her meeting with Mrs. Hiro Tacoma, the Deputy Resident Representative of the Japanese Agency in Sudan, she noted that JICA works with full coordination with the Ministry of International Cooperation in order to maximize benefits from the projects implemented by the organization in the Sudan. She explained that the role of the Ministry of International Cooperation is to coordinates with the development partners, besides working to overcome the difficulties and to follow up the development projects implemented by the UN organizations and the national agencies. The Minister asserted that her ministry will play great role to facilitate and provide the local component for the implementation of many developmental activities carried out by relevant bodies. The two sides have agreed on continuing joint consultation in framework of the sustainable development.

Sudan elected to preside over the UN Minority conference
Geneva, (SUNA) - The UN Human Rights Council in Geneva has elected Sudan's candidate and that of the African Groups, Tariq Al Kordei, to chair the UN conference on minority Affairs which will take place in coming November. The Chairman of the Human Right Council Alexander Juaquin said the decision was taken following intensive consultations with The Minority Groups accredited with the UN Office in Geneva and with the UN Human Rights Council Dr Mustafa Osman Ismail, Sudan's Permanent Representative in Geneva, said approving Kordei candidature is a victory for Sudan and crowning for the efforts exerted by the Sudanese Mission in Geneva in trying to enter into leading positions in international organizations. He said this is the first time the Sudan chairs such an important grouping in the world It is to be noted that Tariq Kordei worked within the UN High Commission for Refugees until his retirement having reached the position of The Director of the Middle East and North Africa.

Sudan Participates in Arab Ministerial Meeting on Environment
Khartoum- Minister of Environment, Natural Resources and Physical Planning Dr. Hassan Abdel-Gadir Hilal participated in the conference of Arab Ministers of Environment, which was held in Cairo recently. The Minister said in a press statement following his return that the meeting had discussed a host of issues of environment in the Arab World, specially the climatic problems. Hilal added that the meeting reviewed the desertification phenomenon which affects a number of Arab countries besides coordination of stances at the regional and international arenas pertinent to environment issues. The meeting also discussed the Arab Environment Strategy for 2017-2030, the minister added He said the conference also recommended setting up Arab Ministerial Environment Forum, which is to be convened every two years.

October 24, 2017

African Insect Scientists Association Conference to Strengthen Relations, Supports Research Activities
Medni, (SUNA) The Federal Minister of Agriculture and Forests, Dr. Abdul- Lateef al-Ejeemi, asserted the presidency concern with convention of the conference of the African Insects Scientist Association in the Sudan after 30 years, lauding contributions of the association in boosting relations between its members, supporting the scientific researches and guidance activities in the insects' field. During his address, Monday, at the Agriculture Researches Corporation in Wad- Medeni, the opening sitting of the 22 nd conference of the African Insects' Scientists Association held udder the motto (For the welfare of mankind through a safe fight against insect pests in a changing world), with the participation of number of scientists, researchers, executive and legislative figures and producers, he called for the provision of scientific information, and the raising of awareness of impact of insects on the environment and natural systems. He indicated importance of the conference, noting to the danger of pests on the food security in light of climatic changes, referring to the Autumn Insect Worm that affects production, which was observed in South Africa and Ethiopia, stressing importance of some beneficial insects. He noted that 30% of the targeted crops in Sudan depend on the incest's pollination, pointing to the undiscovered source of the insect's prevention, while other insects reliable in closing the food gap in the future, he added. Al-Ejeemi appreciated the conference's objectives, lauding role of al- Gazera state in hosting the event, praising partnership between the Corporation of Agriculture Research and al- Gazera University, hoping that the conference would come out with effective recommendations to reduce the expenses of pest control and improve production and productivity.

Trade Minister calls for utilization of Sudan's resources for economic sanctions post-lifting period
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister of Trade Hatim Al-Sir has called for utilization of Sudan resources, historical relations and strategic location to achieve comprehensive development in the coming stage, especially after the lifting of economic sanctions. In his address, at the Corinthia Hotel Monday, to the workshop on insurance through the yellow card and the guarantee of customs warehouses organized by the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa's (COMESA) Coordination Unit at the Ministry of Commerce in collaboration with the Insurance Supervisory Authority, the minister pointed out that the last period witnessed a growing demand of investors from all over the world to benefit from the investment opportunities available in the country which increased the volume of trade exchange with COMESA countries. The Minister of Trade praised COMESA for its stand with Sudan before and after the lifting of the economic sanctions, pointing out that the workshop coincided with the latest developments in the country, especially following the lifting of economic sanctions which have greatly affected the economic and trade conditions and external relations. However, he added, Sudan was able to communicate with its regional international surroundings. The minister pointed out that the ministry has been working on a project to push forward the regional integration and achieve the objectives of the COMESA, calling for the formation of a regional office of insurance in Sudan through the yellow card to take advantage of its services, pointing out that the workshop represents a real integration of the various organs of the state, calling for a single vision on the application of the yellow card in Sudan to flourish trade and integrate with the countries of the region, stressing the readiness of the ministry to implement and adopt the outcomes of the workshop.

AfDB extends $29 million to Youth Empowerment Program on Agricultural Entrepreneurship in Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Chief Coordinator of the Youth Empowerment Program on Agricultural Entrepreneurship in Sudan Dr. Salih Khairallah Hussein revealed that the African Development Bank (AfDB) granted the program 29 million dollars. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has begun implementation of the program in cooperation with AfDB. Dr. Hussein pointed out, in statements to SUNA, that the program aimed to contribute to finding jobs, securing food and increasing income as well as improving the standard of living of young graduates in cities and rural areas, establishing agricultural businesses and distinctive employment for youth of both sexes according to agricultural value chain priorities. The Chief Coordinator of the Youth Empowerment Program on Agricultural Entrepreneurship in Sudan explained that the cost of the program amounted to $ 32.7 million, of which $ 29 million from the bank and $ 3.7 million was a local component, while $ 60 million was a financing consortium to be established later by the banks in the framework of the project activity, revealing that the area of the work of the project in its first phase is the states of Khartoum, Gezira, Nile River Gedarif and Kassala. Dr. Hussain said that the program targeted youth of both sexes in cities and rural areas in the intended states of the age categories between 18-35 years and at the level of university education, explaining that the total targeted number is about 1,000 youth including males and females to ensure the equality of opportunities between the two sexes. He added that it was expected that each project, to be financed, to absorb five workers of both sexes to raise the number of the targeted youth to about 12,000 beneficiaries. Dr. Hussein disclosed that there were more than 2,350 graduates have submitted applications to join the program but due to the limited number to be absorbed by the business incubators only 200 agricultural pioneer works will be selected for this year, pointing out that the training will begin in next December.

Canadian firm resumes oil exploration in Sudan
The State Oil Company Canada Ltd has signed a memorandum of understanding with Sudan’s state-owned oil firm Sudapet allowing it to get 50% of the latter’s share in the Al-Rawat oilfield. In 2014, Sudan’s oil ministry signed oil exploration contracts with three companies, including the State Oil Company Canada Ltd and Nigeria’s Express Petroleum & Gas Ltd, to work in Al-Rawat field, White Nile state. However, the State Oil Company Canada Ltd later withdrew from the partnership. As a result, Sudapet owned 70% of the shares while the two Nigerian firms share the remaining 30% equally. The big Blok 26 or Al-Rawat field is mainly located in White Nile state but other parties are in Sennar and North Kordofan states. The oilfield is located near the pipeline which links Adarail oilfield in South Sudan to Port Sudan. The exploration activities in this block include oil and gas. It is part of government’s efforts to increase the country’s daily production to 200.000 barrels. In a press release following his meeting with the head of the delegation representing the Canadian firm Fath al-Rahman Khan Sunday, Sudan’s Minister of Petroleum Abdel-Rahman Osman said the “opportunity is now available to increase the oil production”. He called upon the Canadian firm “to work to explore and promote the existing production of Sudapet at a number of oilfields”.

Sudan to Resume Border Trade With Neighborhood Countries
Khartoum : (Khalda Alias ) Minister of Commerce Hatim Alsir has announced resumption of border trade between Sudan and neighborhood countries which is one of the outcomes of the national dialogue s approved by the cabinet. The minister directed the ministry to lay down restrictions and directives for resuming border trade disclosing the start of border trade with South Sudan State from the axis of Kosti at the White Nile due to its need for resuming trade highlighting his meeting with South Sudan's Minister of Trade. He added that coordination will be effected with the Governor of the White Nile Abdulhamid Mousa Kasha for making a single window that consists of customs , specifications and the related agencies for facilitating trade so that it may be of positive return. For his part, Khan expressed his company’s desire to resume its exploration and oil production activities, saying they will kick off their work after the signing of the contract with Sudapet. According to the press release, “the technical teams from the two sides have engaged in business talks in preparation to sign the contract according to the regulations and laws governing the work of the oil sector”.

October 23, 2017

President of the Republic, Amir of Kuwait hold official talks
Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah received at Bayan Palace on Sunday the President of the Republic Omar Al-Bashir and his accompanying delegation. Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah attended the audience. President Al-Bashir led the Sudanese side to the talks, together with senior state officials, while Amir led the Kuwaiti side in the bilateral official talks, together the Crown prince, the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, and senior state officials. The talks reviewed bilateral ties, and means of promoting them in all fields for broadening cooperation between the two sister countries and achieving expectations of their people for mutual interests, said Deputy Minister of Amiri Diwan Affairs Sheikh Ali Jarrah Al-Sabah. They also discussed issues of common interest.

Governor of CBS: Funding and facilities Obtained from Number of Banks on Easy Terms
Khartoum, (SUNA) the Ggovernor of the Central Bank of Sudan, Hazim Abdul Gader, met during his current visit to the United Arab Emirates with a number of correspondent banks in Sudan in order to make the most advantages of the lifting of the US economic sanctions. The Governor of CBS has revealed the obtaining of funding and facilities from a number of banks to finance the import of petroleum products, wheat and medicines on concessional terms with a grace period of more than one year and at a financing cost of less than 50% of the cost paid by the State during the previous period. The governor noted that a contract for the financing of $ 200 million dollar at a cost of 4.5% per year was actually made, while contracts with three other banks will be completed during the week with similar amounts.

Mutaz Announces the Construction of Two Power Stations to Produce 850 MW
Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Mutaz Mousa, announced the establishment of two power plants in both Garri north Khartoum and Port Sudan to produce 850 MW by the German company Siemens, indicating that the two stations will enter service before next summer, pointing to the continuation of rehabilitation and maintenance in distribution networks and transport and thermal stations. "We are working on a number of directions to achieve comprehensive stability in this sector and overcome the challenges," Musa said to Sudanese radio Sunday. He pointed out the expansion witnessed by the generation plants to absorb the increase in consumption during the coming period, praising the stability witnessed by the electricity sector in The country over the past period. Musa said that the work on the dam has been completed and work is underway in the generation units after the entry of the first and second units of the national network. The third unit is currently under construction and will be completed by the fourth unit by the end of this year. On his participation the renaissance Dam, which was recently hosted by the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, Moussa said that the ministers of the three countries Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt have agreed on the progress of work in the renaissance Dam, which has gone a long way. The meeting will be held within the next two weeks to adopt the Sudan initiative. He said that his participation in the joint meeting with the two water ministers in Egypt and Ethiopia witnessed the agreement on a number of issues related to bridging the Ethiopian renaissance. Non-technical issues need more consultation between the three countries, indicating the role of Sudan in bringing the views.

Consultative meeting on suspended factories operation to be held next week
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Ministry of Industry, in cooperation with the Chambers of Industry Federation and Khartoum Stock Exchange, is to organize the deliberative meeting for operating the suspended factories on Tuesday, October 31st at the Premises of the Federation of the Chambers of Industry. The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry Bilal Yousuf Al-Mubarak said, when he chaired Sunday at the premises of the ministry the meeting of the committee on the preparation of proposals for the operation of the suspended energies in the industrial sector in the presence of the members of the committee, that the aim of the forum was to formulate a vision for the sustainable operation of the suspended factories and linking them to the financiers and the technology suppliers as well as the role to be played by the Khartoum Stock of Exchange in the operation of these suspended factories. He pointed out that the forum would discuss a number of working papers including food industry, engineering and chemical industries, the role of banks and markets in the sustainable operation of stalled factories. Al-Mubarak explained that the forum targeted the Federation of Industrial Chambers, the Association of Financial Intermediation Partners, specialized and commercial banks and a number of industrial experts, stressing that the outcomes and recommendations of the forum will be applied to drive the industry velocity in all fields to achieve self-sufficiency of industrial goods and to export the surplus abroad.

Experts Delegation of International Institute of Education in Washington Discusses in Khartoum Ways for Promotion of Partnership's Mechanisms
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Somia Abu-Kashawa, met in her office, Sunday, with the visiting delegation of the experts of the International Institute for Education in Washington, welcoming the delegation's visit, hoping that it would be an start for constructive cooperation in the field of higher education in the two countries. The Conferences Hall of the ministry has witnessed a gathering included members of the visiting delegation of the US institute's experts, chancellors of the Sudanese universities, the faculties deans, heads of the scientific committees of the National Council for Higher Education and Scientific Research, and a number of the universities' lecturers, where the gathering has discussed ways for development of the partnership's mechanism between higher education institutions in the two countries.
The ministry's undersecretary, Prof. Azhari Omer Abdul-Bagi has provided a detailed review at the beginning of the meeting on the progress of the higher education in Sudan, its institutions and the services they provide to the community. The Director of Africa and Middle East Region of the Washington International Education Institute, Susan Salfius, Susan Stone, the institute's member, specialized in the higher education, and Shannon Broder, the head of the institute works development, have introduced a general lecture on the general types of the partnerships in the higher education provided by the US government, and the advantages expected, tackling types of the successful partnerships sponsored and supervised by the institute, stressing that the institute works through the US Department of State in order to develop partnerships between the US higher education institutions and their counterparts in the other countries. The official of the Public Relations of the US Embassy in Khartoum, Jenny Magnus has presented an enlightenment on the US Fulbright Program and how to apply for it. The session has witnessed a constructive discussion between officials of higher education in Sudan and experts of the International Institute of Education in Washington on opportunities for cooperation in higher education between the two countries.
October 20, 2017

Bashir says Islamic Jurisdiction Complex Remains the Reference in current Affairs
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The president of the Republic Omar Bashir has stressed the importance of the Islamic Jurisdiction Complex in handling current religious affairs in the country. The President said the country is currently facing continued challenges and requires the efforts and the interpretation of the complex to secure the society against any seditions The president pointed out in a meeting with members of the complex, led by Dr Isam Bashir the head of the complex that complex remains the reference in handling all questions facing the nations and that it stands to defeat all evils that seek to target the nation and to defend the nation and protect the youth. There are currently elements of sedition and of erosion that target our youth, we have to frustrate these elements, the president told the Islamic scholars on Thursday. He said the family also has a role to play in this respect. The president referred to efforts led by some foreign quarters that target the Sudanese youth through the use of drugs, fundamentalism and atheism and that it was the complex that should play an important role in combatting such trends and attempts. He urged the Sudanese scholars to distance themselves from quibbling and fighting and to focus on jurisdictions that are beneficiary to the people. The head of the complex Dr Islam Ahmed Al-Bashir, reviewed the various efforts of the complex and its achievements as well as the initiatives it took. He briefed the meeting on the activities of the various committees and on the studies carried out by the group on the various societal questions and legislations He said the group also took the initiative to work hands in hand with the ministry of Education to remedy some of the subjects contained in the religious curriculum and that it was agreed that some of the curriculums contains elements that have to be purged and removed to overcome issues of controversy. He also undelines the need to cooperation with and among the countries of the Islamic and Arab world and the world at large in a way that would boost and strengthen the unity of the Islamic nation and the interpretation and jurisdiction matters.

Foreign Ministry Delegation Visits New York
Khartoum – A delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will start a visit to New York today to discuss the course of the bilateral relations and the continuation of constructive dialogue between Khartoum and Washington after lifting the US unilateral sanctions on Sudan. State Minister at the Foreign Ministry, Hamid Mumtaz stated to (smc) that Khartoum will continue the strategic dialogue with Washington to reach joint understandings over the regional and bilateral dossiers, affirming their desire to push forward the relation to new horizons for the interest of the two nations. Mumtaz added that Sudan has the desire to cooperate and coordinate with the US Administration to accomplish all the dosseris and outstanding issues.

UN Official Describes Revocation of US Sanctions as positive
New York, (SUNA) - The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Unilateral Coercive Measures, Idriss Al-Jazairi, has described the lifting of the unilateral sanctions imposed on Sudan as 'positive and gears for Sudanese and the United States interests, noting his positive engagement with the Sudanese government through calm diplomacy aimed at bringing together the views of Sudan and the United States . This came when the UN official was addressing, last Wednesday, in New York, the Third Committee of the UN general Assembly . He commended Sudan and the US for reaching an agreement on revocation of sanctions on Oct.6.2017, calling on the countries which impose such measures to hold dialogue with the targeted countries to end such practices which would have negative impacts on human rights . The session was attended by the Sudan Permanent Representative who thanked the Special Rapporteur for the great efforts he exerted in this connection .

US delegation to invest in gas sector
Oil and Gas Ministry announced arrival of US delegation to negotiate investment in the gas sector in Red Sea State next week. Minister of State for Oil, Saad Eddin Hussein, addressing at closing of the training course for journalists and economic media yesterday, announced plans to increase production of gas in the coming period, Adding “work of the ministry is not limited only to production of oil, but our plan targets gas to be a second produce of Sudan). He pointed that the priority of investments will be for gas production and that without ignoring oil production, revealing interest of many European companies to invest in the sector, especially in ther Red Sea State, which is one of the richest areas in oil and gas. Saad confirmed his minstry’s keenness on training and raising capacities of all departments and levels, and stressed the role of media in highlighting the efforts of ministry. He promised the students to continue training programs and the implementation of field visits to oil production sites.

Vice President of the Republic arrives in Brazzaville
Vice President of the Republic Hassabo Mohammed Abd Al Rahman arrived today in Brazzaville- the capital of Congo at the heads of the Sudan’s delegation participating in the seventh Summit of the head of States and Governments of Great Lakes Group countries, which will begin its Agenda today in the Congo Brazzaville amid great participation of the heads of States and Governments of Lakes region. Ambassador Abd Al Rahman Hamza, the director of the Vice President of the Republic Office for external relations explained in a statement to SUNA that the Vice President of the Republic will participate in two summits , the first one for the Heads of States and Governments of Lakes region in order to accelerate the implementation of the Lakes region in order to facilitate stability and development in the region, while the second one is the eighth meeting of Peace and Cooperation Observation Mechanism in Congo and the region It is worth mentioned that Lakes region includes the Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Congo Brazzaville, South Sudan, Angola, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya and CAR.

Ministry of Transportation Welcomes Cooperation with Turkey in Railways Field
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of Transportation, Roads and Bridges, engineer, Makawi Mohamed Awad, met with the visiting delegation of the Turkish railways, led by engineer, Issa Abadin, the Chairman of Board of Directors, and General Director of the Turkish Railways, accompanied by a number of companies working in the railways field, in the presence of engineer Ibrahim Fadul Abdalla, the Director General of the Sudan's Railways Corporation. During the meeting which was attended by the Sudan's Ambassador to Turkey, Yousif al-Kordufani, the Transportation Minister has welcomed the visiting delegation, referring to the eternal relations between the two countries, and the desire of the ministry to cooperation with turkey in the field of railways. The head of the visiting delegation has provided a detailed review to their meetings agenda with the officials of the Sudan's Railways Corporation which have included the formation of a comprehensive memo of understanding on the different requirements of the railways during the first quarter of the year 2018, the agreement on the capacity building of the Sudan's railways cadres and training in all fields. The Director of the Sudan's Railways Corporation noted that the memo has included that the two parties study ways for the financing of these projects. The two sides have discussed the project of Port-Sudan-Dakar railways, where the Turkish side has expressed desire to participate in the financing and construction of railways from port-Sudan to N'Djamena. The Transportation Minister asserted provisions of all means to implement the framework memo of understanding, noting that these projects comes in framework of the strategic plan of the railway which was approved by the Council of Ministers and National Assembly amid this year 2017. He indicated the submission of the outcomes of these meetings to the Sudanese-Turkish ministerial committee, pointing to the attractive economic climate in the Sudan following the lifting of the US economic sanctions.
October 18, 2017

King of Jordan Congratulates President Al-Bashir on Lifting of US Sanctions
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, Tuesday received a phone call from his Jordanian counterpart, Ayman Al-Safdi, through which he conveyed the congratulations of the King of Jordan, Abdalla II, to the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, and the Sudanese government and people on the lifting of the US economic sanctions imposed on Sudan.

FVP Inaugurates Khartoum International Book Fair
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The First Vice-President and National Prime Minister General, Bakri Hassan Saleh inaugurated, Tuesday, the 31th session of the Khartoum International Book Fair , in Burri . The FVP, during the activities of the fair, has honored the Secretary General of the Arab Publishers Union, the Sudanese Publishes Union, Sudatel and the Minister of Culture of the State of South Sudan . Minister of Culture, Al-Tayeb Hassan Badawi has honored General Salih who toured the fair .

VP Gives Directives for Boosting Partnerships, Mobilize Community to Participate in Reducing Poverty
Khartoum,(SUNA) The Vice President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, has given directives for the enhancement of partnerships with the private sector, the civil society organization, and the mobilization of the community to take part in in the social development process in order to reduce poverty, noting to the importance of expanding the projects of microfinance to increase production. During his address, Tuesday, at the Police Officers House the International Day for Poverty Reduction, organized by the Ministry of Social Security in collaboration with the World Bank and the civil society organizations, he asserted the state's concern with poverty issues, lauding the role of Al-Zaka'a Chamber in providing projects that contribute in reducing poverty, adding that the national project for the arms collection would contribute in the production increase which would in turn reduces the poverty issues. He pointed to international, political, economic and social aspects of the issue of poverty, indicating the state's efforts, represented in the nation committee for supervision on development, the reconstruction of support in favour of the vulnerable and the provision of the basic services, to achieve the sustainable development, stressing that about 60%-70% of the state's budget allocated for the poor people. He called for the revival of the Sudanese values of solidarity, noting that the decision of lifting the US economic sanctions will enable the country to participate in the world economy through its various investment resources.

The Arab League congratulates Sudan on Dropping More than 220 Companies and Institutions from list of ban.
The League of Arab States congratulated Sudanese government on the US lifting of sanctions by removing more than 220 Sudanese companies from the ban list. League said that lifting the ban was an important step to take Sudan its place in the global economic map. The Assistant Secretary-General of Arab League States, Dr. Kamal Hassan Ali conveyed congratulations of the Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit to Sudanese government and people, stressing support of the Arab League to Sudan in all fields. During his speech at the Arab Forum for Standardization and Consumer Protection in Khartoum on Monday, he praised Sudan’s cooperation with Arab League and hosting of all its activities

October 17, 2017

President al Bashir extols the role of the Sudanese diplomacy in enhancing and boosting the Sudan’s external relations
Addressing the new Sudanese ambassadors today, the President of the Republic Omer al Bashir extolled the role of the Sudanese diplomacy in enforcing and enhancing the Sudan’s external relations in all fields. His Excellency directed the ambassadors to work for enhancing and boosting the Sudan’s with these States and to benefit from lifting of US economic sanctions to make strategic and economic partnerships. Minster of Foreign affairs Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour said in press releases that the new ambassadors of the Sudan have listened to the directions of the President of the Republic to continue enhancing bilateral relations in a way that realizing common interests of the Sudan and these States.

American oil sector's delegation to arrive in Khartoum this week
Washington, (SUNA) - An American delegation from the oil sector is due to visit Sudan during 19-24 of the current month of October following the lift of US economic embargo on Sudan. The Executive Director of the American CTB group Omer Hajal-Sheikh revealed, in statement to SUNA, the visit of the Capital Training Company's delegation, pointing out that the American delegation will extend an offer in the field of oil exploration and development in the country. Hajal-Sheikh explained that the group was founded in the United States of American with the purpose to attract American investments to Sudan, particularly within the existing openness. He said that the group focused on three key areas including oil and gas sector, minerals and agriculture. He added that the group has great partnerships with a number of leading US corporations through the groups of action sharing it.

National Assembly Affirms its Support to Stoppage of Wheat Flour Importation
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Members of the National Assembly have affirmed their support to the decision of the Ministry of Industry on immediate stopping to the importation of wheat flour. In his statement before the National Assembly Monday, the Minister of Industry, Dr. Musa Karama said thatt he disadvantages of flour imports are its effect on the structure of the industry with the possibility of smuggling, in addition to the possibility of being mixed with carcinogenic agents, as well as its diversion for industrial purposes. He spoke about the volume of wheat flour consumption and its milling capacity, pointing out that Sudan has imported 419,000 tons of wheat flour in the year 2015, 206,000 tons in the year 2016 and 244,000 tons in the current year 2017. He warned that the importation of wheat flour poses a threat to the investment in the milling field. Meanwhile, the Assembly deputies have affirmed the importance of the indigenization of wheat cultivation and milling in the country.

US Treasury and Finance Ministry Confirm Continued Cooperation According to a Road map
The US Treasury and two Ministries of Finance and Economic Planning have confirmed the continuation of cooperation according to the road map and the direct link between the two sides, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Mohammed Osman Rikabi, who leads the delegation of Sudan in the meetings of Brighton Woods Institutions in Washington said that the meeting with the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and the Executive Director of IMF in USA is considered the first meeting between senior officials from the US and Sudanese sides after the lifting of economic and trade sanctions. In Washington a delegation also met with a Chairman of the Islamic Bank Group, and stressed on continuation supporting and funding for the Sudanese projects. Sudanese Delegation met with Director-General of the Arab Fund for Development, who congratulated the Sudanese government and people on lifting the sanctions and confirmed on reiterated efforts to strengthen and enhance Sudanese economy. As well, The Sudanese Minister of Finance and his accompanying delegation met with the British Executive Director of the World Bank and discussed the British efforts to relief debts for the Sudan. The Minister also held an enlightening meeting with the American Investment Group and a number of American businessmen with representatives from the Sudanese Employers Union.

October 16, 2017

Islamic Development Bank stresses continuation in providing funds for Sudan development projects
Washington, (SUNA) - The Islamic Development Bank Group has affirmed its continuity in support to Sudan and provision of funding for Sudan development projects. This came during the meeting of the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, the Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan and the accompanying delegation with the President of the Islamic Development Bank Group. The delegation also met with the Director General of the Arab Fund for Development, who expressed the bank's readiness to intensify efforts to support and strengthen the Sudan economy. The Finance Minister and the accompanying delegation also reviewed with the British World Bank's Executive Director his country's role in leading efforts to relief debt on Sudan.

Finance Minister meets in Washington with Assistant US Treasury Secretary
Washington,(SUNA) - The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Mohamed Othman Al-Rikabi and the Sudan delegation participating in the meetings of the Bretton Woods institutions in Washington met with the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and Executive Director of the United States of America in the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The meeting was the first of its kind between senior officials from the US and Sudanese sides after the lifting of economic and trade sanctions. The meeting witnessed an optimism spirit for a better future for the relationship between the two countries. The two sides also affirmed continuation of cooperation according to the roadmap and the direct contact between the two sides. The Minister of Finance also held a briefing meeting with the American Investment Group and a number of American businessmen. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Sudanese Employers Union.

State Minister for Industry announces holding of forum for the operation of suspended factories
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The State Minister at the Ministry of Industry Dr. Abdo Dawood Suleiman has announced holding of a forum for operating the factories suspended due to the lack of fund on October 25 at the Federation of Chambers of Industry to be organized by the Ministry of Industry in cooperation with the Khartoum Stock Exchange, the Union of Sudanese Banks and the Federation of Chambers of Industry. Dr. Suleiman said that the forum would an extension of his ministry's efforts to resume operating of the suspended factories, adding that forum the forum at connecting the factories with the internal and external finance institutions for finding financing opportunities or creating partnerships to restore life to these factories, referring to the role of the Khartoum Stock Exchange in this respect as well as developing joint vision for sustainable operating. He explained that the aim of the forum was to operate the suspended factories in the food industries sector such as mills and oil presses as well as the engineering and chemical industries and leather products. Dr. Suleiman said: "The forum will be attended by industrialists from all the states of Sudan and the owners of factories suspended due to funding and is expected to come up with recommendations and guidance that contribute to reoperation of the nonperformed plants and return them to the production circle.

Al-Birair: Lifting of US Sanctions is Base for Launching of the Sudanese Economy
Khartoum - Head of Industrial Chambers. Union, Muawiya A-Birair affirmed that the lifting of the US embargo will be the basis for the Sudanese economy to launch, expressing his optimism over the decision to double production and productivity. Al-Birair said, in an interview with Sudan Vision, that the decision will make a breakthrough in the economy, pointing out that the Sudanese private sector is a strong sector and has strong experience, calling for the need to break the internal embargo on the private sector and stand with producer by taking clear measures, adding that the current laws are considered one of the best laws in the world, but it needs political will, stressing that the US decision was issued with the beginning of a successful agricultural season, which will have a direct impact and contribution to the provision of foreign exchange, saying that Muawiya Al-Birair Group has farms in huge areas of more than 100 thousand acres in the Northern, Khartoum, Sennar and Gezira states and all are successful with high productivity in the field Wheat, beans, cotton, sesame, clover and various agricultural composition.

International Telecommunication Union Honors Sudatel Group as Part of Activities of World Telecommunication Development Conference in Argentina
Khartoum - The World Telecommunication Development Conference, currently being organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has honored at the outset of its activities Sudatel Group.The occasion has received wide participation from pioneers of the telecommunication sector in the world, Argentine Minister of Modernization, ITU’s Secretary General, Director of Telecommunication Development Sector at the ITU, State Minister at the Sudanese Ministry of Telecommunication Ibrahim Al Mirghani, Chief Executive Officer of Sudatel Telecommunication Group Engineer Tariq Hamza Zain El Abdein and Director General of Sudatel Telecommunication Academy (Sudacad) Dr. Ahmed Hassan. Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the conference, ITU’s Secretary General affirmed that telecommunications are considered as main means for bringing the world’s peoples closer together, expressing pleasure for Argentina’s hosting of the important event of the pioneers of the telecommunication sector in the world. He affirmed the important role Sudatel Telecommunication Group assumes in supporting fields of social responsibility in the African continent that contribute to improving the living conditions of the people, which is one of the goals of sustainable development adopted by the United Nations. The Chief Executive Officer of Sudatel Group Engineer Tariq Hamza Zain El Abdein, on his part, affirmed that honoring of Sudacad Academy, a subsidiary of Sudatel, is considered as great honor for a national institution that has continued to make great contributions to its people and subscribers all over the African continent. Engineer Zain El Abdein affirmed that presenting a prize and a certificate of appreciation to Sudatel Group represents recognition by the ITU of the pioneering role of the group in supporting the various activities of the union as well as for sponsoring the conference. The ITU has selected Sudacad since the year 2014 as one of the best six centers in the Arab area. Sudacat has remained since then exerting utmost efforts, a matter that motivated the ITU to honor it as part of its celebrations marking the 25th anniversary of establishment of the development sector at the union during its world conference, currently in session in Argentina.

Minister of Investment Confirms the Ministry's Readiness to Post of lifting Economic Sanctions
Khartoum - Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Investment, Mubarak Al-Fadel Al-Mahdi affirmed the ministry's readiness to post of lifting of economic sanctions to open up to the global economy, pointing to the importance of coordination to remove the obstacles facing investment in the country to attract the necessary capital to invest in resources. Addressing here yesterday the consultative forum on investment issues, the minister stressed the readiness of the ministry to implement plans and rograms and the national strategic plan, calling for the need to reduce non-production spending in order to reduce inflation and stability on the policies of economic liberalization as the biggest challenge facing the investor, stressing that the creation of the nvestment climate achieves by full implementation of the outcomes of the national dialogue to achieve political stability, pointing out the need to provide financing with long term soft loans from regional and international funds and from the world's donor countries, pointing to the importance of increasing production, noting that the current stage requires efforts to restore agricultural energy and increase of production.

October 12, 2017

Minister of Minerals Chairs General Policies Committee Meeting
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Minister of Minerals, Prof, Hashem Ali Salem chaired, Wednesday, at the Council of Ministers, the meeting of the General Policies Committee emanated from the Higher Committee assigned to follow up implementation of the National Dialogue outcomes. The meeting reviewed, among other issues, the recommendations concerning the Economic Development Sector which amounted to 186 recommendation. The 186 recommendations aimed at improvement of living condition, organization of national economy and attracting investments.

Deputy Permanent Representative in Geneva Delivers Sudan's Statement to Conference of International Investments Agreements Khartoum, (SUNA) The Deputy of the Sudan's Permanent Representative in Geneva, Ambassador Kamal Jubara, has delivered the Sudan's statement to the conference of the international investment agreements currently holding session in Geneva during the period 9-11 of current October. He has extended thanks to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) for efforts of organizing the conference that allows countries to deliberate on the promotion of the old investment's agreements in advantage of the developing countries in realization of the goals of the sustainable development of 2030. He praised the (UNCTAD) for providing the technological support to the developing countries, including the Sudan, especially in the revision of the investment policies. opportunities, especially after the lifting of the economic sanctions, pledging to the UNCTAD to assist the Sudan in the conduction of a study on the old investment agreements to comply with its developmental needs, guarantee new agreements that consider the interests of the two parties with the state's preservation to its right, and to reduce reasons for recourse to international institutions in resolving disputes over investment. It is worth noting that the UNCTAD is the focal point for global investment and publishes an annual report on the state of investment in the world. It hosts an expert meeting every year on investment, focusing in this year on the need to reform investment agreements to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

Committee on Overseeing Sudan Relations with BRIKS Countries Holds Meeting
Khartoum- The High Committee on Overseeing Sudan Relations with BRIKS Countries held its regular meeting, Wednesday, in the Republican Palace, Wednesday under chairmanship of the Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Dr Awad Al-Jaz. Dr Al-Jas said in press statements that the meeting focused on positive effects of revocation of sanctions on Sudan and necessity of good use of Sudan resources to boost the production. He added the meeting discussed a study on gold, copies of which were sent Ministries of Finance, Minerals and interior as well as the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS).
Dr Al-Jas revealed that the Committee has just finished a study about boosting VAT for Sudan animal wealth . " After lifting the sanctions Sudan will be open for all companies and investors from different countries of the World to come in and invest in Sudan in all fields without pre-conditions.

Forum on Good Quality Education Convenes
Khartoum - Journalists for Children and the National Council for Child Welfare (NCCW) in collaboration with Basic Education Recovery Project (BERP) organized yesterday a forum for journalists on good quality education . Director of Basic Education Recovery project ,Hashim Hamza said. The project is an asset and an achievement to attract support from education partners under the auspices of the World Bank; with an estimated of 76, $5 million. Hashim stated that the project is proceeding as planned The system operates in accordance with financial regulations and rules, and under the supervision of the World Bank. The project works in the areas of improvement of the school environment, textbook, Construction of schools and classrooms, teacher training and school scholarships, he said . In 2017, the project worked to improve the performance of the base phase at the state level, which helped to stabilize the Sudan's primary level students and raise their educational level,he added . The Director of Training Directorat at the Federal Ministry of Education Dr Al Tayeb Mohamed Alamin presented a paper on school environment ,besides a paper on the situation of education in sudan presented by Mubarak Yahia . It is worth noting that This project is constructing schools in some of Sudan’s neediest areas in terms of education, it is also helping to build an education system for Sudan that can provide and sustain those services. The Basic Education Recovery Project (2013-2017) helps address the needs of Sudan’s most vulnerable and isolated communities and seeks to improve their educational status. Project components also focus on increasing the availability of textbooks as well as strengthening education planning .

October 11, 2017

USA will Continue Efforts to Improve Bilateral Relations with Sudan: Spokesperson
(Exclusive SMC-SV) The Trump administration has decided to permanently lift some of the economic sanctions on Sudan, handing a victory to the country and its lobbyists. The decision, which was widely expected, followed “a focused, 16-month diplomatic effort to make progress with Sudan,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement Friday night. “The United States will continue efforts to improve bilateral relations with Sudan,” she said. “Any further normalization of ties will require continued progress by the Government of Sudan.” The Obama administration began easing some of the restrictions on Sudan earlier this year. Officials said the country was cooperating more fully with U.S. counterterrorism efforts, allowing in humanitarian groups and promising not to engage in arms sales with North Korea, Reuters reported. The easing of sanctions is not the only victory for Sudan in recent weeks. Sudan had previously been on President Trump’s list of countries whose citizens were banned from flying to the United States. When the White House unveiled a revised ban last month, Sudan was no longer on the list — the only country to be removed. “Sudan has significant oil and gas resources that will present interesting business opportunities to U.S. energy companies,” said Michael Casey, a partner at Kirkland, in an emailed statement. “The lifting of sanctions on Sudan will create new opportunities for U.S. companies,” he said. Rather than imposing more sanctions, or keeping existing ones in place, Princeton Lyman, a former U.S. special envoy for Sudan and South Sudan, said the U.S. should increase its diplomatic efforts. “It doesn’t work to say, ‘When you’ve completely changed, we’ll lift the sanctions.’ It’s not the way change comes about,” Lyman, who participated in an Atlantic Council report on the issue, told The Hill in July.

Dr. Gholam-Eddin: Effective participation of Housing Fund in Arab Conference for Investment and Real Estate Development
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Secretary General of the National Fund for Housing and Reconstruction and head of Sudan delegation to the Arab Conference for Investment and Real Estate Development, which was hosted recently by the UAE, Dr. Gholam-Eddin Osman Adam stressed the importance of external communication to promote and strengthen relations of cooperation between Sudan and its Arab brothers to exchange expertise and make smart partnerships to attract finance in housing and real estate fields. The Secretary-General of the Fund said, at the meeting of the Directors of the Departments held at the General Secretariat, that their visit to the UAE to participate in the conference was successful, explaining that the conference was organized by the Arab Union for Investment and Real Estate Development in coordination with the Governor of the Emirate of Fujairah. He expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the UAE government and people, especially the emirate of Fujairah, for hosting the conference. The Rapporteur of the Executive Office of the Union Obie Malik Abu Sin reviewed what was done at the conference and the 14th working papers which were presented where the share of the Sudan was a paper presented by Engineer Wafaa Mostafa Hassan Al-Rayah from the housing fund in Khartoum State on sustainable housing. The Sudan delegation also discussed with the Chairman of the Union Sheikh Ahmed Al-Sweden ways to activate the role of the Union during the coming period, especially in Sudan the country headquarters.
The Executive Director of the Fund Dr. Abdulrahman Al Tayib Ayoubeh extended briefing on the participation of the Fund as the Sudan representative in the meetings of the Arab Ministers of Housing held recently in Cairo, pointing out that the meetings reviewed several issues relevant to the housing at the Arab world level and came out with a number of important recommendations which contribute to the development of housing and urban development projects in the Arab countries.

FM: No hidden agenda or deal behind revocation of US Sanctions
Khartoum, Oct.10 (SUNA) - Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour has denied presence of secret hidden agenda or a deal behind of the lifting the US economic sanctions imposed on Sudan out of the context of the five tracks, but issue of mutual cooperation and joint desire with a big country . Prof. Gandour interviewed by SUNA, Tuesday, has underlined that Sudan seeks establishment of natural relation with the US which considers us as future partner, consequently, the two sides shared mutual keenness free of concessions on our principles and national interest . The minister looks forward for building relations that serve the interest and the partnership with the US, affirming that the government top priority is to remove Sudan's name from the list of the countries sponsoring terrorism . He revealed that US high level executive and legislative delegations expected to visit the country to continue dialogue in all the agendas, top of which, removal of the country's name from the list of the countries sponsoring terrorism .

Minister for Education: we are the sector most affected by the sanctions, particularly the technical education
Khartoum, 10 Oct (SUNA)- The Minister for General Education, said the education sector, and the technical education in particular, is the most affected by the economic sanctions that continued for two decades and which were announced lifted only four days ago. Asia Mohamed Abdalla, who chaired a meeting at her ministry on Tuesday said the technical education was dependent on equipment and tools that are imported, along with the electronic and training programme. She said she hopes that lifting of the sanction would help relaunch the march of these sectors and help improve the quality of education provided. The meeting also reviewed the benefits and the outcome of the policy adopted by the government which decided that 2% of the general budget be devoted to the general education in the states and that the money be devoted to the education sector in particular. She said the overall goal of the project is to help improve the quality of education provided in the states saying it was imperative to have in place partnership between the ministry and the various other stakeholders with the view to improve education and to uphold the position of education.

October 10, 2017

Major US Company engages in grain silos manufacturing in Sudan
Major US Company has expressed readiness to invest in Sudan in field of grain silos following the US latest move lifting trade embargo on Sudan, its sole agent in Sudan in Middle East said. Dr. Mohamed Babkir of Wairau engineering company said in press statement that the US major company will introduce a new and modern system in field of installation and manufacture of silos in Sudan. “The new technique uses solar systems which is cheap and available in Sudan, and proved effective in fighting bacteria and parasites”, he added. The company executive recalled that the technique was used in the US itself when it experienced the latest hurricane and in Britain and addition to more than 85 countries all the world. He indicated that the technique was approved by World Health Organization WHO, Arizona and Harvard universities. SCAFCO and other US companies operating in field of agriculture and agricultural equipment are now ready to embark on major agricultural schemes in Sudan financed by US and other local investors

AU calls to remove the Sudan from US state sponsor of terrorism list
Chairman of the African Union Commission Moussa Faki Mahamat has called on the United States to remove Sudan from the list of state sponsor of terrorism list Mahamat issued a statement welcoming Washington decision to permanently cancel the economic sanctions imposed on Sudan since 1997. He added that the rapprochement between the two countries should “pave the way for further progress towards addressing other issues of concern”. “In this regard, the Chairperson expresses the hope that, sooner rather than later, the United States will also remove Sudan from the list of state sponsors of terrorism in view of the widely acknowledged cooperation Sudan has been extending to international efforts to curb terrorism,” he stressed. Sudanese government Friday welcomed the lift of economic embargo and reiterated its call for its removal from the list of courtiers sponsoring terrorism pointing to its attested cooperation in the counterterrorism efforts. The measure is needed to allow Sudan to benefit from the debt relief and other mechanisms of development assistance by the IMF and the World Bank. The AU Chairperson further stressed that “the AU remains fully seized of the situation in Sudan and will continue to work, through the AU High-Level Panel on Sudan and South Sudan (AUHIP), to assist in addressing outstanding challenges facing the Republic of Sudan”.

Ministry of Minerals intends to establish a new gold refinery and mining guidance radio
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister of Minerals Prof. Hashem Ali Salem has called for the need to change the pattern of thinking and taking advantage of all available alternatives in the post-siege phase. The minister revealed, during his chairmanship of the meeting of the Council of Minister in its fifth session Sunday, the trend of his ministry to reactivate all the agreements it signed with the pursuit for the signing of new agreements. He explained, in a press statement after the meeting, that the meeting of the Council discussed a number of important issues including the decision to establish a mining guidance radio for the coverage of all miner in the remote areas and the decision to establish a gold refinery, explaining that the current refinery has no capacity to refine all the gold produced. He pointed out that the meeting also recommended establishment of a for mining scientific research fund, in which all mining companies will contribute beside the Ministry of Minerals, stressing the necessity to give much concern to the scientific research and development to promote the performance in the mineral sector.
For his part, the Director of the Safety and Community Responsibility Department Bala Yousef said that his department has sought to outline all the environmental problems in the traditional mining sector, referring to the forum of environmental and safety supervisors, which it has organized to the mining companies to complete the database of the environmental supervisors to exchange experiences among the supervisors.

Ghandour Receives Written Message from Kuwaiti Foreign Minister
Khartoum - (SUNA) The Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, has received a written message from the Kuwaiti First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Sheikh Sabah Al-Hamad Al-Sabah.This came when Prof. Ghandour received Monday in his office the Ambassador of Kuwait to Sudan, Bassam Mohamed Al-Ganbadi. The Kuwaiti Ambassador has conveyed to the Foreign Minister the greetings of the government and people to Sudan on the occasion of the lifting of the American sanctions. Prof. Ghandour has expressed the thanks of Sudan to the State of Kuwait for its great support to the country, especially with regard to the lifting of the economic sanctions imposed on Sudan. The meeting has discussed progress of the bilateral relations between Sudan and Kuwait and the ongoing preparations for the meetings of the joint Sudanese - Kuwaiti ministerial committee, scheduled for next November in Khartoum.

Sudanese Businessmen and Employers Federation welcomes British investments
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Sudanese Businessmen and Employers Federation has welcomed the British investments in Sudan, the promotion of partnerships between the two countries' business sectors and the exchange of information. The Secretary General of the Federation Bakri Yousuf Omer stressed, during a meeting at his office with the British Deputy Ambassador in Khartoum and the Head of the Office of the British Department of International Trade for East Africa, who is currently visiting the country to explore the Sudanese market, the importance of strengthening economic and trade relations between Sudan and Britain, asserting the need to resume the excellent relations of cooperation between the two countries, which were prevailing during the past years by taking investment opportunities and possibilities, especially following the lifting of economic sanctions on Sudan. The meeting, which was attended by a number of businessmen/women, touched on ways to enhance joint cooperation and explore business opportunities. The British side expressed the desire of many major British companies to return to their commercial and investment activities in Sudan, pointing to a number of studies carried out by the British International Trade Management Office for East Africa on the fields and opportunities of investment available as well as the consideration of the return of several agencies pertinent to the British companies to perform their business and activities Trade in Sudan, The attendees underscored that the meeting was the beginning of a serious dialogue, which is to be followed by mutual visits to promote cooperation relations.

Dawalab: Coming Stage will Witness Launching of Second Decade of Microfinance
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of Social Security and Development, Masha'air al-Dawalab asserted that the coming period will witness the launching of the second decade of the microfinance by the treatment of the challenges represented in provision of non-financial services, the training, consultations and the identification of the opportunities and comparative advantages of each of the Sudan's states. During her address, Monday, at the Academy of Banking Sciences, the forum of the Financing of Microfinance of the States' Corporations, the Expected Future, the minister noted that there will be cooperation with all partners from the Sudan's Central Bank to implement this document to bush forward the microfinance that leads the process of the economic and social development. She indicated the state's concern with the microfinance project, and the existence of a high level mechanism, the Supreme Council for Microfinance chaired by the First Vice President of the Republic. The minister has pointed out to the importance of the second ten years of the microfinance project which, she said, represents a leap in the resolution of the number of challenges that have faced the project in its first decade, she made gesture on the need to link revolving money and good loan with microfinance, and the focusing on the livelihood issues, the development of small and micro enterprises and to introduce social security mechanisms in business development to generalize models in the second decade of microfinance.


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