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October 20, 2017

Bashir says Islamic Jurisdiction Complex Remains the Reference in current Affairs
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The president of the Republic Omar Bashir has stressed the importance of the Islamic Jurisdiction Complex in handling current religious affairs in the country. The President said the country is currently facing continued challenges and requires the efforts and the interpretation of the complex to secure the society against any seditions The president pointed out in a meeting with members of the complex, led by Dr Isam Bashir the head of the complex that complex remains the reference in handling all questions facing the nations and that it stands to defeat all evils that seek to target the nation and to defend the nation and protect the youth. There are currently elements of sedition and of erosion that target our youth, we have to frustrate these elements, the president told the Islamic scholars on Thursday. He said the family also has a role to play in this respect. The president referred to efforts led by some foreign quarters that target the Sudanese youth through the use of drugs, fundamentalism and atheism and that it was the complex that should play an important role in combatting such trends and attempts. He urged the Sudanese scholars to distance themselves from quibbling and fighting and to focus on jurisdictions that are beneficiary to the people. The head of the complex Dr Islam Ahmed Al-Bashir, reviewed the various efforts of the complex and its achievements as well as the initiatives it took. He briefed the meeting on the activities of the various committees and on the studies carried out by the group on the various societal questions and legislations He said the group also took the initiative to work hands in hand with the ministry of Education to remedy some of the subjects contained in the religious curriculum and that it was agreed that some of the curriculums contains elements that have to be purged and removed to overcome issues of controversy. He also undelines the need to cooperation with and among the countries of the Islamic and Arab world and the world at large in a way that would boost and strengthen the unity of the Islamic nation and the interpretation and jurisdiction matters.

Foreign Ministry Delegation Visits New York
Khartoum – A delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will start a visit to New York today to discuss the course of the bilateral relations and the continuation of constructive dialogue between Khartoum and Washington after lifting the US unilateral sanctions on Sudan. State Minister at the Foreign Ministry, Hamid Mumtaz stated to (smc) that Khartoum will continue the strategic dialogue with Washington to reach joint understandings over the regional and bilateral dossiers, affirming their desire to push forward the relation to new horizons for the interest of the two nations. Mumtaz added that Sudan has the desire to cooperate and coordinate with the US Administration to accomplish all the dosseris and outstanding issues.

UN Official Describes Revocation of US Sanctions as positive
New York, (SUNA) - The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Unilateral Coercive Measures, Idriss Al-Jazairi, has described the lifting of the unilateral sanctions imposed on Sudan as 'positive and gears for Sudanese and the United States interests, noting his positive engagement with the Sudanese government through calm diplomacy aimed at bringing together the views of Sudan and the United States . This came when the UN official was addressing, last Wednesday, in New York, the Third Committee of the UN general Assembly . He commended Sudan and the US for reaching an agreement on revocation of sanctions on Oct.6.2017, calling on the countries which impose such measures to hold dialogue with the targeted countries to end such practices which would have negative impacts on human rights . The session was attended by the Sudan Permanent Representative who thanked the Special Rapporteur for the great efforts he exerted in this connection .

US delegation to invest in gas sector
Oil and Gas Ministry announced arrival of US delegation to negotiate investment in the gas sector in Red Sea State next week. Minister of State for Oil, Saad Eddin Hussein, addressing at closing of the training course for journalists and economic media yesterday, announced plans to increase production of gas in the coming period, Adding “work of the ministry is not limited only to production of oil, but our plan targets gas to be a second produce of Sudan). He pointed that the priority of investments will be for gas production and that without ignoring oil production, revealing interest of many European companies to invest in the sector, especially in ther Red Sea State, which is one of the richest areas in oil and gas. Saad confirmed his minstry’s keenness on training and raising capacities of all departments and levels, and stressed the role of media in highlighting the efforts of ministry. He promised the students to continue training programs and the implementation of field visits to oil production sites.

Vice President of the Republic arrives in Brazzaville
Vice President of the Republic Hassabo Mohammed Abd Al Rahman arrived today in Brazzaville- the capital of Congo at the heads of the Sudan’s delegation participating in the seventh Summit of the head of States and Governments of Great Lakes Group countries, which will begin its Agenda today in the Congo Brazzaville amid great participation of the heads of States and Governments of Lakes region. Ambassador Abd Al Rahman Hamza, the director of the Vice President of the Republic Office for external relations explained in a statement to SUNA that the Vice President of the Republic will participate in two summits , the first one for the Heads of States and Governments of Lakes region in order to accelerate the implementation of the Lakes region in order to facilitate stability and development in the region, while the second one is the eighth meeting of Peace and Cooperation Observation Mechanism in Congo and the region It is worth mentioned that Lakes region includes the Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Congo Brazzaville, South Sudan, Angola, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya and CAR.

Ministry of Transportation Welcomes Cooperation with Turkey in Railways Field
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of Transportation, Roads and Bridges, engineer, Makawi Mohamed Awad, met with the visiting delegation of the Turkish railways, led by engineer, Issa Abadin, the Chairman of Board of Directors, and General Director of the Turkish Railways, accompanied by a number of companies working in the railways field, in the presence of engineer Ibrahim Fadul Abdalla, the Director General of the Sudan's Railways Corporation. During the meeting which was attended by the Sudan's Ambassador to Turkey, Yousif al-Kordufani, the Transportation Minister has welcomed the visiting delegation, referring to the eternal relations between the two countries, and the desire of the ministry to cooperation with turkey in the field of railways. The head of the visiting delegation has provided a detailed review to their meetings agenda with the officials of the Sudan's Railways Corporation which have included the formation of a comprehensive memo of understanding on the different requirements of the railways during the first quarter of the year 2018, the agreement on the capacity building of the Sudan's railways cadres and training in all fields. The Director of the Sudan's Railways Corporation noted that the memo has included that the two parties study ways for the financing of these projects. The two sides have discussed the project of Port-Sudan-Dakar railways, where the Turkish side has expressed desire to participate in the financing and construction of railways from port-Sudan to N'Djamena. The Transportation Minister asserted provisions of all means to implement the framework memo of understanding, noting that these projects comes in framework of the strategic plan of the railway which was approved by the Council of Ministers and National Assembly amid this year 2017. He indicated the submission of the outcomes of these meetings to the Sudanese-Turkish ministerial committee, pointing to the attractive economic climate in the Sudan following the lifting of the US economic sanctions.
October 18, 2017

King of Jordan Congratulates President Al-Bashir on Lifting of US Sanctions
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, Tuesday received a phone call from his Jordanian counterpart, Ayman Al-Safdi, through which he conveyed the congratulations of the King of Jordan, Abdalla II, to the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, and the Sudanese government and people on the lifting of the US economic sanctions imposed on Sudan.

FVP Inaugurates Khartoum International Book Fair
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The First Vice-President and National Prime Minister General, Bakri Hassan Saleh inaugurated, Tuesday, the 31th session of the Khartoum International Book Fair , in Burri . The FVP, during the activities of the fair, has honored the Secretary General of the Arab Publishers Union, the Sudanese Publishes Union, Sudatel and the Minister of Culture of the State of South Sudan . Minister of Culture, Al-Tayeb Hassan Badawi has honored General Salih who toured the fair .

VP Gives Directives for Boosting Partnerships, Mobilize Community to Participate in Reducing Poverty
Khartoum,(SUNA) The Vice President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, has given directives for the enhancement of partnerships with the private sector, the civil society organization, and the mobilization of the community to take part in in the social development process in order to reduce poverty, noting to the importance of expanding the projects of microfinance to increase production. During his address, Tuesday, at the Police Officers House the International Day for Poverty Reduction, organized by the Ministry of Social Security in collaboration with the World Bank and the civil society organizations, he asserted the state's concern with poverty issues, lauding the role of Al-Zaka'a Chamber in providing projects that contribute in reducing poverty, adding that the national project for the arms collection would contribute in the production increase which would in turn reduces the poverty issues. He pointed to international, political, economic and social aspects of the issue of poverty, indicating the state's efforts, represented in the nation committee for supervision on development, the reconstruction of support in favour of the vulnerable and the provision of the basic services, to achieve the sustainable development, stressing that about 60%-70% of the state's budget allocated for the poor people. He called for the revival of the Sudanese values of solidarity, noting that the decision of lifting the US economic sanctions will enable the country to participate in the world economy through its various investment resources.

The Arab League congratulates Sudan on Dropping More than 220 Companies and Institutions from list of ban.
The League of Arab States congratulated Sudanese government on the US lifting of sanctions by removing more than 220 Sudanese companies from the ban list. League said that lifting the ban was an important step to take Sudan its place in the global economic map. The Assistant Secretary-General of Arab League States, Dr. Kamal Hassan Ali conveyed congratulations of the Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit to Sudanese government and people, stressing support of the Arab League to Sudan in all fields. During his speech at the Arab Forum for Standardization and Consumer Protection in Khartoum on Monday, he praised Sudan’s cooperation with Arab League and hosting of all its activities

October 17, 2017

President al Bashir extols the role of the Sudanese diplomacy in enhancing and boosting the Sudan’s external relations
Addressing the new Sudanese ambassadors today, the President of the Republic Omer al Bashir extolled the role of the Sudanese diplomacy in enforcing and enhancing the Sudan’s external relations in all fields. His Excellency directed the ambassadors to work for enhancing and boosting the Sudan’s with these States and to benefit from lifting of US economic sanctions to make strategic and economic partnerships. Minster of Foreign affairs Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour said in press releases that the new ambassadors of the Sudan have listened to the directions of the President of the Republic to continue enhancing bilateral relations in a way that realizing common interests of the Sudan and these States.

American oil sector's delegation to arrive in Khartoum this week
Washington, (SUNA) - An American delegation from the oil sector is due to visit Sudan during 19-24 of the current month of October following the lift of US economic embargo on Sudan. The Executive Director of the American CTB group Omer Hajal-Sheikh revealed, in statement to SUNA, the visit of the Capital Training Company's delegation, pointing out that the American delegation will extend an offer in the field of oil exploration and development in the country. Hajal-Sheikh explained that the group was founded in the United States of American with the purpose to attract American investments to Sudan, particularly within the existing openness. He said that the group focused on three key areas including oil and gas sector, minerals and agriculture. He added that the group has great partnerships with a number of leading US corporations through the groups of action sharing it.

National Assembly Affirms its Support to Stoppage of Wheat Flour Importation
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Members of the National Assembly have affirmed their support to the decision of the Ministry of Industry on immediate stopping to the importation of wheat flour. In his statement before the National Assembly Monday, the Minister of Industry, Dr. Musa Karama said thatt he disadvantages of flour imports are its effect on the structure of the industry with the possibility of smuggling, in addition to the possibility of being mixed with carcinogenic agents, as well as its diversion for industrial purposes. He spoke about the volume of wheat flour consumption and its milling capacity, pointing out that Sudan has imported 419,000 tons of wheat flour in the year 2015, 206,000 tons in the year 2016 and 244,000 tons in the current year 2017. He warned that the importation of wheat flour poses a threat to the investment in the milling field. Meanwhile, the Assembly deputies have affirmed the importance of the indigenization of wheat cultivation and milling in the country.

US Treasury and Finance Ministry Confirm Continued Cooperation According to a Road map
The US Treasury and two Ministries of Finance and Economic Planning have confirmed the continuation of cooperation according to the road map and the direct link between the two sides, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Mohammed Osman Rikabi, who leads the delegation of Sudan in the meetings of Brighton Woods Institutions in Washington said that the meeting with the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and the Executive Director of IMF in USA is considered the first meeting between senior officials from the US and Sudanese sides after the lifting of economic and trade sanctions. In Washington a delegation also met with a Chairman of the Islamic Bank Group, and stressed on continuation supporting and funding for the Sudanese projects. Sudanese Delegation met with Director-General of the Arab Fund for Development, who congratulated the Sudanese government and people on lifting the sanctions and confirmed on reiterated efforts to strengthen and enhance Sudanese economy. As well, The Sudanese Minister of Finance and his accompanying delegation met with the British Executive Director of the World Bank and discussed the British efforts to relief debts for the Sudan. The Minister also held an enlightening meeting with the American Investment Group and a number of American businessmen with representatives from the Sudanese Employers Union.

October 16, 2017

Islamic Development Bank stresses continuation in providing funds for Sudan development projects
Washington, (SUNA) - The Islamic Development Bank Group has affirmed its continuity in support to Sudan and provision of funding for Sudan development projects. This came during the meeting of the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, the Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan and the accompanying delegation with the President of the Islamic Development Bank Group. The delegation also met with the Director General of the Arab Fund for Development, who expressed the bank's readiness to intensify efforts to support and strengthen the Sudan economy. The Finance Minister and the accompanying delegation also reviewed with the British World Bank's Executive Director his country's role in leading efforts to relief debt on Sudan.

Finance Minister meets in Washington with Assistant US Treasury Secretary
Washington,(SUNA) - The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Mohamed Othman Al-Rikabi and the Sudan delegation participating in the meetings of the Bretton Woods institutions in Washington met with the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and Executive Director of the United States of America in the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The meeting was the first of its kind between senior officials from the US and Sudanese sides after the lifting of economic and trade sanctions. The meeting witnessed an optimism spirit for a better future for the relationship between the two countries. The two sides also affirmed continuation of cooperation according to the roadmap and the direct contact between the two sides. The Minister of Finance also held a briefing meeting with the American Investment Group and a number of American businessmen. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Sudanese Employers Union.

State Minister for Industry announces holding of forum for the operation of suspended factories
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The State Minister at the Ministry of Industry Dr. Abdo Dawood Suleiman has announced holding of a forum for operating the factories suspended due to the lack of fund on October 25 at the Federation of Chambers of Industry to be organized by the Ministry of Industry in cooperation with the Khartoum Stock Exchange, the Union of Sudanese Banks and the Federation of Chambers of Industry. Dr. Suleiman said that the forum would an extension of his ministry's efforts to resume operating of the suspended factories, adding that forum the forum at connecting the factories with the internal and external finance institutions for finding financing opportunities or creating partnerships to restore life to these factories, referring to the role of the Khartoum Stock Exchange in this respect as well as developing joint vision for sustainable operating. He explained that the aim of the forum was to operate the suspended factories in the food industries sector such as mills and oil presses as well as the engineering and chemical industries and leather products. Dr. Suleiman said: "The forum will be attended by industrialists from all the states of Sudan and the owners of factories suspended due to funding and is expected to come up with recommendations and guidance that contribute to reoperation of the nonperformed plants and return them to the production circle.

Al-Birair: Lifting of US Sanctions is Base for Launching of the Sudanese Economy
Khartoum - Head of Industrial Chambers. Union, Muawiya A-Birair affirmed that the lifting of the US embargo will be the basis for the Sudanese economy to launch, expressing his optimism over the decision to double production and productivity. Al-Birair said, in an interview with Sudan Vision, that the decision will make a breakthrough in the economy, pointing out that the Sudanese private sector is a strong sector and has strong experience, calling for the need to break the internal embargo on the private sector and stand with producer by taking clear measures, adding that the current laws are considered one of the best laws in the world, but it needs political will, stressing that the US decision was issued with the beginning of a successful agricultural season, which will have a direct impact and contribution to the provision of foreign exchange, saying that Muawiya Al-Birair Group has farms in huge areas of more than 100 thousand acres in the Northern, Khartoum, Sennar and Gezira states and all are successful with high productivity in the field Wheat, beans, cotton, sesame, clover and various agricultural composition.

International Telecommunication Union Honors Sudatel Group as Part of Activities of World Telecommunication Development Conference in Argentina
Khartoum - The World Telecommunication Development Conference, currently being organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has honored at the outset of its activities Sudatel Group.The occasion has received wide participation from pioneers of the telecommunication sector in the world, Argentine Minister of Modernization, ITU’s Secretary General, Director of Telecommunication Development Sector at the ITU, State Minister at the Sudanese Ministry of Telecommunication Ibrahim Al Mirghani, Chief Executive Officer of Sudatel Telecommunication Group Engineer Tariq Hamza Zain El Abdein and Director General of Sudatel Telecommunication Academy (Sudacad) Dr. Ahmed Hassan. Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the conference, ITU’s Secretary General affirmed that telecommunications are considered as main means for bringing the world’s peoples closer together, expressing pleasure for Argentina’s hosting of the important event of the pioneers of the telecommunication sector in the world. He affirmed the important role Sudatel Telecommunication Group assumes in supporting fields of social responsibility in the African continent that contribute to improving the living conditions of the people, which is one of the goals of sustainable development adopted by the United Nations. The Chief Executive Officer of Sudatel Group Engineer Tariq Hamza Zain El Abdein, on his part, affirmed that honoring of Sudacad Academy, a subsidiary of Sudatel, is considered as great honor for a national institution that has continued to make great contributions to its people and subscribers all over the African continent. Engineer Zain El Abdein affirmed that presenting a prize and a certificate of appreciation to Sudatel Group represents recognition by the ITU of the pioneering role of the group in supporting the various activities of the union as well as for sponsoring the conference. The ITU has selected Sudacad since the year 2014 as one of the best six centers in the Arab area. Sudacat has remained since then exerting utmost efforts, a matter that motivated the ITU to honor it as part of its celebrations marking the 25th anniversary of establishment of the development sector at the union during its world conference, currently in session in Argentina.

Minister of Investment Confirms the Ministry's Readiness to Post of lifting Economic Sanctions
Khartoum - Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Investment, Mubarak Al-Fadel Al-Mahdi affirmed the ministry's readiness to post of lifting of economic sanctions to open up to the global economy, pointing to the importance of coordination to remove the obstacles facing investment in the country to attract the necessary capital to invest in resources. Addressing here yesterday the consultative forum on investment issues, the minister stressed the readiness of the ministry to implement plans and rograms and the national strategic plan, calling for the need to reduce non-production spending in order to reduce inflation and stability on the policies of economic liberalization as the biggest challenge facing the investor, stressing that the creation of the nvestment climate achieves by full implementation of the outcomes of the national dialogue to achieve political stability, pointing out the need to provide financing with long term soft loans from regional and international funds and from the world's donor countries, pointing to the importance of increasing production, noting that the current stage requires efforts to restore agricultural energy and increase of production.

October 12, 2017

Minister of Minerals Chairs General Policies Committee Meeting
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Minister of Minerals, Prof, Hashem Ali Salem chaired, Wednesday, at the Council of Ministers, the meeting of the General Policies Committee emanated from the Higher Committee assigned to follow up implementation of the National Dialogue outcomes. The meeting reviewed, among other issues, the recommendations concerning the Economic Development Sector which amounted to 186 recommendation. The 186 recommendations aimed at improvement of living condition, organization of national economy and attracting investments.

Deputy Permanent Representative in Geneva Delivers Sudan's Statement to Conference of International Investments Agreements Khartoum, (SUNA) The Deputy of the Sudan's Permanent Representative in Geneva, Ambassador Kamal Jubara, has delivered the Sudan's statement to the conference of the international investment agreements currently holding session in Geneva during the period 9-11 of current October. He has extended thanks to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) for efforts of organizing the conference that allows countries to deliberate on the promotion of the old investment's agreements in advantage of the developing countries in realization of the goals of the sustainable development of 2030. He praised the (UNCTAD) for providing the technological support to the developing countries, including the Sudan, especially in the revision of the investment policies. opportunities, especially after the lifting of the economic sanctions, pledging to the UNCTAD to assist the Sudan in the conduction of a study on the old investment agreements to comply with its developmental needs, guarantee new agreements that consider the interests of the two parties with the state's preservation to its right, and to reduce reasons for recourse to international institutions in resolving disputes over investment. It is worth noting that the UNCTAD is the focal point for global investment and publishes an annual report on the state of investment in the world. It hosts an expert meeting every year on investment, focusing in this year on the need to reform investment agreements to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

Committee on Overseeing Sudan Relations with BRIKS Countries Holds Meeting
Khartoum- The High Committee on Overseeing Sudan Relations with BRIKS Countries held its regular meeting, Wednesday, in the Republican Palace, Wednesday under chairmanship of the Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Dr Awad Al-Jaz. Dr Al-Jas said in press statements that the meeting focused on positive effects of revocation of sanctions on Sudan and necessity of good use of Sudan resources to boost the production. He added the meeting discussed a study on gold, copies of which were sent Ministries of Finance, Minerals and interior as well as the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS).
Dr Al-Jas revealed that the Committee has just finished a study about boosting VAT for Sudan animal wealth . " After lifting the sanctions Sudan will be open for all companies and investors from different countries of the World to come in and invest in Sudan in all fields without pre-conditions.

Forum on Good Quality Education Convenes
Khartoum - Journalists for Children and the National Council for Child Welfare (NCCW) in collaboration with Basic Education Recovery Project (BERP) organized yesterday a forum for journalists on good quality education . Director of Basic Education Recovery project ,Hashim Hamza said. The project is an asset and an achievement to attract support from education partners under the auspices of the World Bank; with an estimated of 76, $5 million. Hashim stated that the project is proceeding as planned The system operates in accordance with financial regulations and rules, and under the supervision of the World Bank. The project works in the areas of improvement of the school environment, textbook, Construction of schools and classrooms, teacher training and school scholarships, he said . In 2017, the project worked to improve the performance of the base phase at the state level, which helped to stabilize the Sudan's primary level students and raise their educational level,he added . The Director of Training Directorat at the Federal Ministry of Education Dr Al Tayeb Mohamed Alamin presented a paper on school environment ,besides a paper on the situation of education in sudan presented by Mubarak Yahia . It is worth noting that This project is constructing schools in some of Sudan’s neediest areas in terms of education, it is also helping to build an education system for Sudan that can provide and sustain those services. The Basic Education Recovery Project (2013-2017) helps address the needs of Sudan’s most vulnerable and isolated communities and seeks to improve their educational status. Project components also focus on increasing the availability of textbooks as well as strengthening education planning .

October 11, 2017

USA will Continue Efforts to Improve Bilateral Relations with Sudan: Spokesperson
(Exclusive SMC-SV) The Trump administration has decided to permanently lift some of the economic sanctions on Sudan, handing a victory to the country and its lobbyists. The decision, which was widely expected, followed “a focused, 16-month diplomatic effort to make progress with Sudan,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement Friday night. “The United States will continue efforts to improve bilateral relations with Sudan,” she said. “Any further normalization of ties will require continued progress by the Government of Sudan.” The Obama administration began easing some of the restrictions on Sudan earlier this year. Officials said the country was cooperating more fully with U.S. counterterrorism efforts, allowing in humanitarian groups and promising not to engage in arms sales with North Korea, Reuters reported. The easing of sanctions is not the only victory for Sudan in recent weeks. Sudan had previously been on President Trump’s list of countries whose citizens were banned from flying to the United States. When the White House unveiled a revised ban last month, Sudan was no longer on the list — the only country to be removed. “Sudan has significant oil and gas resources that will present interesting business opportunities to U.S. energy companies,” said Michael Casey, a partner at Kirkland, in an emailed statement. “The lifting of sanctions on Sudan will create new opportunities for U.S. companies,” he said. Rather than imposing more sanctions, or keeping existing ones in place, Princeton Lyman, a former U.S. special envoy for Sudan and South Sudan, said the U.S. should increase its diplomatic efforts. “It doesn’t work to say, ‘When you’ve completely changed, we’ll lift the sanctions.’ It’s not the way change comes about,” Lyman, who participated in an Atlantic Council report on the issue, told The Hill in July.

Dr. Gholam-Eddin: Effective participation of Housing Fund in Arab Conference for Investment and Real Estate Development
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Secretary General of the National Fund for Housing and Reconstruction and head of Sudan delegation to the Arab Conference for Investment and Real Estate Development, which was hosted recently by the UAE, Dr. Gholam-Eddin Osman Adam stressed the importance of external communication to promote and strengthen relations of cooperation between Sudan and its Arab brothers to exchange expertise and make smart partnerships to attract finance in housing and real estate fields. The Secretary-General of the Fund said, at the meeting of the Directors of the Departments held at the General Secretariat, that their visit to the UAE to participate in the conference was successful, explaining that the conference was organized by the Arab Union for Investment and Real Estate Development in coordination with the Governor of the Emirate of Fujairah. He expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the UAE government and people, especially the emirate of Fujairah, for hosting the conference. The Rapporteur of the Executive Office of the Union Obie Malik Abu Sin reviewed what was done at the conference and the 14th working papers which were presented where the share of the Sudan was a paper presented by Engineer Wafaa Mostafa Hassan Al-Rayah from the housing fund in Khartoum State on sustainable housing. The Sudan delegation also discussed with the Chairman of the Union Sheikh Ahmed Al-Sweden ways to activate the role of the Union during the coming period, especially in Sudan the country headquarters.
The Executive Director of the Fund Dr. Abdulrahman Al Tayib Ayoubeh extended briefing on the participation of the Fund as the Sudan representative in the meetings of the Arab Ministers of Housing held recently in Cairo, pointing out that the meetings reviewed several issues relevant to the housing at the Arab world level and came out with a number of important recommendations which contribute to the development of housing and urban development projects in the Arab countries.

FM: No hidden agenda or deal behind revocation of US Sanctions
Khartoum, Oct.10 (SUNA) - Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour has denied presence of secret hidden agenda or a deal behind of the lifting the US economic sanctions imposed on Sudan out of the context of the five tracks, but issue of mutual cooperation and joint desire with a big country . Prof. Gandour interviewed by SUNA, Tuesday, has underlined that Sudan seeks establishment of natural relation with the US which considers us as future partner, consequently, the two sides shared mutual keenness free of concessions on our principles and national interest . The minister looks forward for building relations that serve the interest and the partnership with the US, affirming that the government top priority is to remove Sudan's name from the list of the countries sponsoring terrorism . He revealed that US high level executive and legislative delegations expected to visit the country to continue dialogue in all the agendas, top of which, removal of the country's name from the list of the countries sponsoring terrorism .

Minister for Education: we are the sector most affected by the sanctions, particularly the technical education
Khartoum, 10 Oct (SUNA)- The Minister for General Education, said the education sector, and the technical education in particular, is the most affected by the economic sanctions that continued for two decades and which were announced lifted only four days ago. Asia Mohamed Abdalla, who chaired a meeting at her ministry on Tuesday said the technical education was dependent on equipment and tools that are imported, along with the electronic and training programme. She said she hopes that lifting of the sanction would help relaunch the march of these sectors and help improve the quality of education provided. The meeting also reviewed the benefits and the outcome of the policy adopted by the government which decided that 2% of the general budget be devoted to the general education in the states and that the money be devoted to the education sector in particular. She said the overall goal of the project is to help improve the quality of education provided in the states saying it was imperative to have in place partnership between the ministry and the various other stakeholders with the view to improve education and to uphold the position of education.

October 10, 2017

Major US Company engages in grain silos manufacturing in Sudan
Major US Company has expressed readiness to invest in Sudan in field of grain silos following the US latest move lifting trade embargo on Sudan, its sole agent in Sudan in Middle East said. Dr. Mohamed Babkir of Wairau engineering company said in press statement that the US major company will introduce a new and modern system in field of installation and manufacture of silos in Sudan. “The new technique uses solar systems which is cheap and available in Sudan, and proved effective in fighting bacteria and parasites”, he added. The company executive recalled that the technique was used in the US itself when it experienced the latest hurricane and in Britain and addition to more than 85 countries all the world. He indicated that the technique was approved by World Health Organization WHO, Arizona and Harvard universities. SCAFCO and other US companies operating in field of agriculture and agricultural equipment are now ready to embark on major agricultural schemes in Sudan financed by US and other local investors

AU calls to remove the Sudan from US state sponsor of terrorism list
Chairman of the African Union Commission Moussa Faki Mahamat has called on the United States to remove Sudan from the list of state sponsor of terrorism list Mahamat issued a statement welcoming Washington decision to permanently cancel the economic sanctions imposed on Sudan since 1997. He added that the rapprochement between the two countries should “pave the way for further progress towards addressing other issues of concern”. “In this regard, the Chairperson expresses the hope that, sooner rather than later, the United States will also remove Sudan from the list of state sponsors of terrorism in view of the widely acknowledged cooperation Sudan has been extending to international efforts to curb terrorism,” he stressed. Sudanese government Friday welcomed the lift of economic embargo and reiterated its call for its removal from the list of courtiers sponsoring terrorism pointing to its attested cooperation in the counterterrorism efforts. The measure is needed to allow Sudan to benefit from the debt relief and other mechanisms of development assistance by the IMF and the World Bank. The AU Chairperson further stressed that “the AU remains fully seized of the situation in Sudan and will continue to work, through the AU High-Level Panel on Sudan and South Sudan (AUHIP), to assist in addressing outstanding challenges facing the Republic of Sudan”.

Ministry of Minerals intends to establish a new gold refinery and mining guidance radio
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister of Minerals Prof. Hashem Ali Salem has called for the need to change the pattern of thinking and taking advantage of all available alternatives in the post-siege phase. The minister revealed, during his chairmanship of the meeting of the Council of Minister in its fifth session Sunday, the trend of his ministry to reactivate all the agreements it signed with the pursuit for the signing of new agreements. He explained, in a press statement after the meeting, that the meeting of the Council discussed a number of important issues including the decision to establish a mining guidance radio for the coverage of all miner in the remote areas and the decision to establish a gold refinery, explaining that the current refinery has no capacity to refine all the gold produced. He pointed out that the meeting also recommended establishment of a for mining scientific research fund, in which all mining companies will contribute beside the Ministry of Minerals, stressing the necessity to give much concern to the scientific research and development to promote the performance in the mineral sector.
For his part, the Director of the Safety and Community Responsibility Department Bala Yousef said that his department has sought to outline all the environmental problems in the traditional mining sector, referring to the forum of environmental and safety supervisors, which it has organized to the mining companies to complete the database of the environmental supervisors to exchange experiences among the supervisors.

Ghandour Receives Written Message from Kuwaiti Foreign Minister
Khartoum - (SUNA) The Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, has received a written message from the Kuwaiti First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Sheikh Sabah Al-Hamad Al-Sabah.This came when Prof. Ghandour received Monday in his office the Ambassador of Kuwait to Sudan, Bassam Mohamed Al-Ganbadi. The Kuwaiti Ambassador has conveyed to the Foreign Minister the greetings of the government and people to Sudan on the occasion of the lifting of the American sanctions. Prof. Ghandour has expressed the thanks of Sudan to the State of Kuwait for its great support to the country, especially with regard to the lifting of the economic sanctions imposed on Sudan. The meeting has discussed progress of the bilateral relations between Sudan and Kuwait and the ongoing preparations for the meetings of the joint Sudanese - Kuwaiti ministerial committee, scheduled for next November in Khartoum.

Sudanese Businessmen and Employers Federation welcomes British investments
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Sudanese Businessmen and Employers Federation has welcomed the British investments in Sudan, the promotion of partnerships between the two countries' business sectors and the exchange of information. The Secretary General of the Federation Bakri Yousuf Omer stressed, during a meeting at his office with the British Deputy Ambassador in Khartoum and the Head of the Office of the British Department of International Trade for East Africa, who is currently visiting the country to explore the Sudanese market, the importance of strengthening economic and trade relations between Sudan and Britain, asserting the need to resume the excellent relations of cooperation between the two countries, which were prevailing during the past years by taking investment opportunities and possibilities, especially following the lifting of economic sanctions on Sudan. The meeting, which was attended by a number of businessmen/women, touched on ways to enhance joint cooperation and explore business opportunities. The British side expressed the desire of many major British companies to return to their commercial and investment activities in Sudan, pointing to a number of studies carried out by the British International Trade Management Office for East Africa on the fields and opportunities of investment available as well as the consideration of the return of several agencies pertinent to the British companies to perform their business and activities Trade in Sudan, The attendees underscored that the meeting was the beginning of a serious dialogue, which is to be followed by mutual visits to promote cooperation relations.

Dawalab: Coming Stage will Witness Launching of Second Decade of Microfinance
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of Social Security and Development, Masha'air al-Dawalab asserted that the coming period will witness the launching of the second decade of the microfinance by the treatment of the challenges represented in provision of non-financial services, the training, consultations and the identification of the opportunities and comparative advantages of each of the Sudan's states. During her address, Monday, at the Academy of Banking Sciences, the forum of the Financing of Microfinance of the States' Corporations, the Expected Future, the minister noted that there will be cooperation with all partners from the Sudan's Central Bank to implement this document to bush forward the microfinance that leads the process of the economic and social development. She indicated the state's concern with the microfinance project, and the existence of a high level mechanism, the Supreme Council for Microfinance chaired by the First Vice President of the Republic. The minister has pointed out to the importance of the second ten years of the microfinance project which, she said, represents a leap in the resolution of the number of challenges that have faced the project in its first decade, she made gesture on the need to link revolving money and good loan with microfinance, and the focusing on the livelihood issues, the development of small and micro enterprises and to introduce social security mechanisms in business development to generalize models in the second decade of microfinance.


October 09, 2017

National Legislature Welcomes Lifting of US Sanctions
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The National Legislature has welcomed the decision of US President lifting the US economic sanctions on Sudan, describing this decision as step on the right track. In a statement it issued Sunday, the National Legislature announced that it held on Sunday, October 8, 2017 an extraordinary sitting to deliberate about the decision issued on October 6, 2006 by the American President which has revoked the US sanctions against Sudan. The National Legislature stated that the outcome of its extraordinary sitting included its welcome to the US administration's decision and regarded it as an important step on the right direction for achieving other necessary steps leading to the removal of Sudan's name from the American list of countries sponsoring terrorism and cancellation of all the unilateral legislations adopted by the US Senate against the Sudanese people. The National Legislature pointed out it looks forward for complete normalization of Sudan relations with the United States of America, reminding with the long history of cooperation, coordination and mutual respect between the two countries that has begun since the independence of Sudan. The Legislature has lauded the patience and persistence of the Sudanese people throughout the years of the blockade as well as its endurance to all forms of injustice for the sake of preserving their dignity, pride and honor. The National Legislature has affirmed the adherence to the method being adopted by the President of the Republic for realizing peace and accord, normalizing Sudan relations with all countries and rendering Sudan as an effective member in the international community. The National Legislature also appreciated the efforts exerted by the national negotiating delegation and the Sudanese diplomacy in reflecting the reality of situation in Sudan which has been ignored by the American elite. The Legislature has called on all the state's organs to continue serious working with the American side for solving all the issues that are hampering progress of the relations between Sudan and the United States.


Cardiologists from all across the globe meet in Khartoum
(Bhaskar Chakravorti) There were many firsts to the credit of the conference of Cardiologists which opened at Friendship Hall on the evening of 7th Oct. by the First Vice President of the Republic of Sudan and National Prime Minister Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh. It is the first international conference held in Sudan after the lifting of the US sanctions. This is the first African summit of World Heart Foundation. This was the first Joint Congress of Sudan Heart Society, PASCAR and PAFCIC. PASCAR is the Pan African Society of Cardiology and PAFCIC is the Pan-African Interventional Cardiology Course. This Scientific Convention is a great honour to the Cardiologists of Sudan. The status of cardiac treatment has advanced so much today in Sudan that patients need not travel abroad for treatment said the President of Sudan Heart Society Dr.Kamaleldin Eltayeb Elomda. The four day conference addresses a wide range of topics covering almost all aspects of clinical cardiology and dealing in particular with specific endemic cardiac problems in Africa such as Rheumatic Heart Disease, Hypertension and Heart Failure presented by distinguished international and local speakers. The conference was preceded by educational workshops in cardiac imaging and pediatric cardiology as well as dedicated workshops for nurses and technologists. More than 1000 doctors are attending this conference from all over the world.

Lifting of Sanctions Will Push the Sudanese Economy to New Stage, Saudi Ambassador Says
Khartoum - Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to Khartoum, Ali bin Hassan Jaafar expressed his great pleasure for lifting US sanctions on Sudan. The ambassador said, in press statements to Saudi daily newspaper, Okaz, that the Sudanese leadership and the Sudanese people have expressed their appreciation and thanks to the efforts exerted by the Kingdom to push the US administration to lift the sanctions on Sudan, which lasted nearly 20 years, adding that lifting of the sanctions will push the Sudanese economy to a new stage of prosperity and entry into international markets and will increase the promising investment opportunities in the Sudanese markets, adding that the lifting of the sanctions will enhance the chances of economic cooperation between the Sudan and the Arab countries, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, saying that Sudan is considered a promising opportunity and a gateway for the entry of Saudi investments and products into the markets of African countries.

Transportation Minister Promises Return of Sudan Airways, Heathrow Line
Khartoum,(SUNA) The Minister of Transportation, Roads and Bridges, Engineer Makawi Mohamed Awad, has promised the return of the sector of air transportation to its former status by benefiting from the lifting of the US economic sanctions, and the restoration of the Heathrow line. During his address to the press enlightenment on the lifting of the economic sanctions, he noted that the coming stage will witness the launching of the Khartoum-Medni railway line, and the expected railways lines of (al-Gazera, the East, Zarga'a sultanate). He asserted that the sea lines were mostly affected by the sanctions, indicating that the sanctions lifting would enable the Sudan to enter to the global economy, calling on the political forces to join the national dialogue to contribute in the country's development.

US Company Announces Agreement to Construct Modern Silos in Sudan
Khartoum,(SUNA) The exclusive agent for a group of US companies in Sudan and the Middle East, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Weira Engineering Company, Dr. Mohamed Babiker, has announced the agreement of major US companies to the construction of silos in the Sudan following the lifting of the economic sanctions. In press statements he noted that the group Weira Engineering company, and its partners from the US companies that works in the field of agriculture and agricultural equipment were ready to enter into major agriculture projects with a US financing and the financings of other agriculture projects in Sudan. He praised the national, executive and diplomatic efforts, and the efforts of the friendly states that have resulted in the revocation of the sanctions, that would open door for the US, European and Arab companies to invest in the Sudan. Dr. Babekir has pointed to the entry of latest technologies from the United States in the field of drinking water purification and irrigation to the Sudan. He said the company has so far produced three types of modern water purifiers for individuals and residential groups and water treatment for agricultural crops to avoid any contamination that can be caused by stagnant water on farms and agricultural products.

Norway and Britain Issue Joint Statement about the Lifting of American Sanctions on Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA)- Norway and the United Kingdom have congratulated the government of Sudan on the lifting of US economic sanctions in appreciation of the efforts of Sudan in various fields, including the stoppage of fighting, the improvement in access of humanitarian aid to the needy people and the cooperation with the international community in combating terrorism. In a joint communique, Norway and the United Kingdom have described the decision lifting sanctions as historic and paving the way for further economic development in favor of the Sudanese people. The two countries also described the decision as an important event for Sudan to resume its communication with the international community, indicating that there are still challenges facing Sudan.

UNAMID welcomes the decision to lift economic sanctions on Sudan
Fashir, (SUNA) - The UN-AU peace keeping mission in Darfur (UNAMID) has welcomed the US Administration's decision to lift the economic sanctions imposed on the Sudan. In a statement it issued on Sunday the mission said the decision, which ends more than two decades of economic sanctions, is hoped to contribute significantly to the betterment of the lives of the Sudanese people; including the population we serve in the Darfur region. The statement quoted UNAMID's Joint Special Representative and Joint Chief Mediator for Darfur (JSR/JCM) Jeremiah Kingsley Mamabolo saying they are hopeful that this decision would be a significant progress towards improving the lives of the population the mission serves in Darfur "I also hope that this would constitute a positive step forward on the way of realising permanent peace, stability and sustainable development in Darfur." UNAMID official added. The statement said the UNAMID official has called on all stakeholders to take advantage of this window of opportunity to speed up the finalisation of the peace process and use it as a catalyst for achieving permanent peace in Darfur.

U.K ambassador describes as a historic decision the repealing of economic sanctions
Khartoum,( SUNA) - The UK ambassador to the Sudan, Michael Aron, said he was happy with the American decision to permanently lift the economic sanctions imposed on the Sudan and that he has been looking to see this decision since his arrival in Khartoum two years ago. In a statement to the Sudan News Agency SUNA, that ambassador has described the decision as a historical development that would pave the way for a comprehensive development for the people of the Sudan.
He said his country encourages the government of the Sudan to continue its positive interaction with the international community so as to make the Sudan a safer and more prosperous for all of its people.

UN congratulates Sudan on revoking of the US sanctions
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The UN on Saturday congratulated the Sudan on Friday's US decision to revoke the economic sanctions imposed on the Sudan since 1997. In a press release it issued on Saturday the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in Sudan said it congratulates the Sudan on the recent United States decision to revoke economic sanctions with respect to the country and its government under Executive Orders 13067 and 13412. The release said the UN Country Team "recognizes all the collective efforts exerted by all parties, especially the Government of Sudan" who in the past nine months has demonstrated through concrete progress the country's interest in improving humanitarian access throughout the country. The release said while recognizing these milestones, the United Nations and other multilateral development organizations continue to engage the Government of Sudan to enable further cooperation on humanitarian and development priorities to improve stability in the country and throughout the region. It added that the United Nations Country Team will continue to promote international cooperation in the spirit of multilateralism to overcome any challenges facing Sudan while building on the strides that have been taken by all sides so far. It is to be noted that the UN Country Team encompasses all the entities of the UN system that arry out development, emergency, recovery and transition activities in Sudan.

Arab League Welcomes Revocation of US Sanction imposed on Sudan
Cairo,(SUNA) - The Arab League has welcomed the American decision revoking the US economic sanctions imposed on Sudan . The League has underlined in statement issued, Saturday, that the Official Spokesman for the Arab League Secretary General, Mahmud Afifi has welcomed the statement issued, Oct.6 by the US State Department concerning the lifting of the US Sanctions imposed on Sudan in 1997 and 2006 . The Arab League official said the US decision comes in the context of the recognition of the US Administration for the continuous positive measures taken by Sudan government to maintain stopping of hostile acts in all the disputes areas, improvement of delivery of humanitarian assistance, cooperation with the US to solve the regional disputes and fighting terrorism and supporting the regional stability .

Minister of Commerce: Revocation of US Sanctions Strengthen Foreign Trade
Khartoum, (SUNA) -Sudan on Saturday said the end of the economic embargo will help it reintegrate in the international trade and financial markets. The Minister for Trade, Hatim Al Sir, has stressed that the decision to repeal the American economic sanctions will help boost anew Sudan's trade with the USA and would lead to an overture in the trade relations with the United States and with the European union and would open the way for the return of the Sudan and its inclusion in the international financial and trade system. The sanctions have led to closure of many a western market in face of the Sudan and in face of the Sudanese exports, the minister told the Sudan News Agency on Saturday, adding that repealing the sanction would help the Sudan permeate into the European and American market and open up new markets for the Sudanese exports. He argued that Sudan exports to European and American market which used to take 65% of Sudan export in 1996, have dwindled to 4% this year, a matter that led to huge losses in Sudan's foreign trade. He said the sanctions have also frustrated Sudan's effort to join the World Trade organization WTO. But he stressed Sudan which has met all preconditions for the membership will make use of this development to join the world organization. He said the Sudan would work earnestly to promote its exports to the United States, EU and north and South America markets.

SWTUF Congratulates Sudanese People on Revocation of US Sanction
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Chairman of the Sudan Workers Trade Unions Federation (SWTUF), Engineer, Yousef Abdul Karim has commended the great efforts of the Presidency led by the President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omer Al-Basher and the Foreign Ministry led by Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour which led to the revocation of the US sanctions imposed on the country . The SWFTU Chairman has pointed out that the economic embargo was not imposed only on Sudan, but also, on all those who deal with the country . He said SWTUF will lead the production and productivity during the coming period, adding that the national dialogue, collections of firearms and the lifting of the US sanctions are important decisions in the life of the Sudanese people .

October 05, 2017

President Bashir says Sudan is keen to see a stable and secure Somalia
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The official talks between the Sudanese and Somali sides started here on Wednesday at the Republican Palace, with President Omar Bashir heading the Sudan side and the Somali President Mohamed Abdallah heading his country's delegation. The talks centered on issues of mutual concern and the areas of cooperation between the two countries.
President Bashir stressed in his statement at the opening of the official talks that Sudanese Somali people relations are eternal and expressed his keenness to see a secure and stable Somali state and that the Sudan would continue its support for Somalia in all areas and help it rebuild its institutions in particular the Somali army, police, security and intelligence services and contribute in the capacity building particularly in the education fields. The president pointed to coordination between the two governments and the two people in a number of issues, stressing the need to establish an economic block in the horn of Africa region with the view to make use of the huge resources in the countries in this area. The Somali President has commended the Sudan and the Sudanese efforts to help Somalia in the various domains. He said his country is looking forwards to more opportunities of training and education. He pointed out that at present there are over six thousand Somali students in the various Sudanese institutions including university education. He said his country lost over 65% of its animal wealth and that it needs Sudan's support to recover what was lost.

Minister of Agriculture gets informed on arrangements for Agriculture and Food Forum
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Abdullatif Al-Ajeimi has got acquainted with the preparations and arrangements for holding the Agriculture and Food Security Forum, which is scheduled to be organized by the Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with the Ministries of International Cooperation, Social Security, Industry and Finance in the coming days. The minister, during presiding over the preparatory meeting of the forum at his office Wednesday, appreciated the idea of the forum, pointing out that the forum comes within the ministry's plans to use technology development and integration of roles to achieve sustainable development. The State Minister at the Ministry of International Cooperation Sumaya O'kud said that the forum was one of the ten most important forums concerned with the briefing of partners and donors in the development and humanitarian field and focusing on national policies in various relevant issues as well as the discussion of projects and programs and following of their implementation in accordance with a unified vision of coordination.

Sudanese-Polish Political Consultation Committee Meets
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Acting Foreign Minister, Hammed Mumtaz met, Wednesday, at his office, the Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Juana Feronia and reviewed with her the bilateral relations and means for developing them further in all domains . The meeting preceded the holding of the activities of the Sudanese-Polish Political Consultation Committee which held, at the FM Headquarters, chaired by Ambassador, Abdul Ghani Al-Naeim and the Polish Deputy Foreign Minister with the participation of a number of ambassadors and diplomats representing the two sides . The meetings tackled bilateral issues of common interest, top of which, development of cooperation in agricultural, technological, industrial, educational, training and capacity building fields . The two sides, also exchanged views on a number of issues of mutual interest including maintaining peace and stability in the State of South Sudan, Libya and the Horn of Africa, in addition to Sudan's efforts in this connection .

Large number of bottled water factories closed down
Khartoum, (SUNA)- Khartoum's Minister of Health, Professor Mamoun Hamida, issued, Wednesday, a decision closing down a large number of bottled water factories . The decision attributed the closure to non-compliance with the industrialization principles that guarantee the safety of citizens, especially as some factories do not have a work license and others produce polluted water .

Practical steps taken to implement Bahrain's Khayrat agricultural project in Northern State
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Chargé d'affaires at the Sudan Embassy in Bahrain Mohamed Al-Muataz Jafar has discussed with the Undersecretary of Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources in Bahrain Sheikh Khalifa bin Issa Al-Khalifa all the steps which are to be taken in the coming period for the launching of Khayrat-Al-Bahrain Project at the Northern State. The project is sponsored by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa as one of the important projects that strengthen the food security system in the Kingdom. The two sides reviewed the steps and actions taken to implement the project and the results achieved in order to overcome all the obstacles facing the progress of its work in order to launch it in an honorable manner to be achieved within the specified period of time. The Bahraini Ministry of Agriculture's Undersecretary praised the brotherly relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Republic of Sudan in various fields, hoping to work towards increasing the future agricultural cooperation between the two countries in a way that contributes to realizing bilateral interests and supporting the economic development of the two countries basing on the common conviction that economic and commercial growth contributes to the establishment of peace, security and security.

October 04, 2017

Sudan Elected as Chairman of World Health Network in all policies
Khartoum, (SUNA)- Sudan has realized a new victory in the field of its international relations by its election as the Chairman of World Health Network in all policies. This came by the election of the federal Minister of Health, Bahar Idris Abu-Garda as the network's chairman at the international meeting which was organized in Banjok by the World Health Organization (WHO), in cooperation with the government of Thailand, with participation of delegations of 60 member states of the World Health Organization and a number of international organizations. The meetings witnessed formation of the executive bureau of the World Health Network in all policies, which included six countries which were Sudan, Thailand, Australia, Finland and representatives of the World Health Organization and the World Health Centre in Geneva. The Network is the mechanism adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO) for overall health policy-making within the framework of the Sudan's 2015 project for health status in all policies, achieving sustainable development goals and comprehensive coverage of basic health care services to reach these goals as quickly as required.

First Vice President directs financial support to implement Khartoum state matrix on production augmentation
Khartoum, (SUNA) - First Vice President of the Republic and National Prime Minister Bakri Hassan Salih has given directions on supporting the Khartoum State during the next phase to be able to enforce the matrix of projects on the augmentation of production and exports and imports reduction. Gen. Salih said that the central government would provide funds to the state to spend on the infrastructure projects of the agro-industrial sector and service including tourism sector to enforce the joint tourism project between (5) states. This came during an extended meeting held by the First Vice President Monday at the Ministry of Industry and Investment at the Khartoum State with the Wali (governor) of the state Abdul-Rahim Mohamed Hussein and the relevant minister at the state. The Minister of Industry and Investment, Abdullah Ahmed Hamad, said that during the meeting a matrix of projects was presented, which are ready for implementation within a specified period of time with total financial cost. He explained that these projects are ambitious in line with the national plan. Therefore, they will be implemented in cooperation with the federal government through the relevant federal ministries to be a model that could be implemented in the other states. The minister said the projects focused mainly on the fields of industry, agriculture, animal production and tourism in order to provide financial resources to the state to spend on social development, capacity building, and computerization as well as the control of administrative work and facilitation of investment procedures. He pointed out that the meeting stressed the necessity of attracting the private sector to implement this plan and to be key partner in them, announcing that the next meeting will be in January, 2018 to follow up the implementation of these projects.

Symposium on US Sanctions between Expectation and Lifting Indicators: Calls for mobilization of efforts to lift sanctions
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The General Federation of Sudanese Students held a symposium Tuesday under the title "American Sanctions between Anticipation and Lifting Indicators" amid a qualitative presence of a number of interested people and experts. "The US sanctions on Sudan have had a great impact on youth," said Eng. Mosab Mohamed Othman, head of the General Union of Sudanese Students, explaining that the symposium came as part of a series of seminars to be organized by the Student Union to highlight the importance of supporting the state's efforts to lifting the siege on the country and combating unfair sanctions against Sudan, stressing the necessity of benefiting from the foreign organizations in supporting the campaign for lifting the sanctions. Othman pointed out to the anticipation and optimism on the lift of sanctions and the exchange of benefits between Sudan and other countries, adding that the siege has effects on students and the academic environment, stressing continuation of such platforms to prepare and reassure all segments of society on the lifting of sanctions. Ali Mahmoud, Chairman of the Economic Committee at the National Assembly, said the unilateral sanctions imposed on Sudan have affected the banking dealings between Sudan and other countries, pointing out that lifting the siege is a priority to drive the economy and facilitate financial transactions with other countries and international organizations. Eng. Al-Tayib Mustafa, Chairman of the Information Committee at the National Council, stressed that the media has borne a great burden on backing the official efforts by clarifying the negative effects of economic sanctions on the national economy and on all sectors of society, stressing the necessity to mobilize all efforts for the lifting of sanctions. "The external dimension and the coordination of efforts have positive effects on the improvement of the Sudan image in various international forums in order to achieve the desired goal, which is the lifting of the unjust sanctions against Sudan," said Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Al-Daw, the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the National Assembly.

October 03, 2017

Ghandour receives message from the UNHCR Commissioner
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour on Monday received a message from the United Nations Higher Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi in which the UN official expressed his gratitude for the visit and meeting he had recently in Khartoum with the minister during his visit to the Sudan The Commissioner, Grandi, commended the hospitality of the Sudanese people and government who responded to emergency situation and for the efforts they made to receive huge number of refugees from neighboring countries, albeit the meager resources of the country. The commissioner also commended the important step taken by the Sudan which allowed the delivery of humanitarian assistance to south Sudan.

Academic Cooperation between Sudan and Japan
Khartoum, (SUNA) Japan International Cooperation Agency - JICA with cooperation of Bahri and al-Ahfad Girls Universities have recently organized a first workshop under the title (education for peace by enhancing mutual understanding). The opening sitting of the workshop was attended by professor Azhari Omer Abdul-Bagi, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Deputy Chancellor of al-Ahfad Girls University, prof. Gasim Badri, the Deputy Chancellor of Bahri University Aioub Khalid, and Mr. Hiromi Motomura, principal representative of the JICA, Sudan Office, and the participation of several representatives of the peace centers and institutes. The workshop represents the initiative of former trainees, and aims at the exchange of information and experiences in the field of education for peace, and to find principles for the peace education in the Sudan current general and higher education system through the peace centers in Sudan. The workshop targeted the directors, teachers, senior officials of the ministries of education and the Higher Education from 18 universities, including Darfur states, Kordufan, the Blue Nile, northern state and the states of eastern Sudan. JICA has invited Dr. Nakaya from Hiroshima University in which the last workshop under the same title was held, while another workshop will be held in the end of next November to complete the studies started in the first workshop to reach the principle of (Sudan- Education for Peace). It is worth noting that (the peace enhancement) is one of the assistance priorities that JAICA provide to Sudan since the year 2014, where JAICA has sponsored the mission of 9 Sudanese professors from the universities of al- Ahfad and Bahri for a training session on the education for peace in Hiroshima.

Bashir says Sudan should better relations with all countries
Khartoum, (SUNA) - President Omar Bashir on Monday said Sudan should development to the better its relations with all countries and in all domains of mutual cooperation. The Minister for Foreign Relations, professor Ibrahim Ghandour, said he has briefed the president of the Republic Omar Bashir on the outcome of his recent tour that took him to Washington, New York and Brussels as well as his participation in the UN 72nd General Assembly meeting and his various meetings with officials at the US administration and with numerous foreign ministers on the margin of the assembly. He said the president has stressed following the briefing the need to better develop Sudan's foreign relations with all countries. The Minister has described his meeting and the visit as positive and fruitful. He said his meetings with American officials discussed bilateral relations and dwelt on the five tracks specified as areas to be handled and how the Sudan implemented them beside the relations between the two countries. He said his meetings were with the US deputy Secretary of state, the direct of the American USAID agency as well as the Director of the Africa Department and the Sudan envoy within the US administration. He said during the meetings with the American side it was agreed that the implementation in the rive track was good and that each of the two sides has met its obligations and that the officials have said a report to this effect will be submitted to the American president who will have the final say on the revocation of the sanction on October the 12th. He said he also had a meeting with the US Presidential advisor on security and terrorism combat at the while house where the two sides had long discussion on Sudan's relations with the USA and Sudan's efforts in combatting terrorism as well as the future relations between the two sides. He said the two sides discussed relations between the two sides upon revocation of the sanctions. But the minister stressed the final word is with the president of the United States of America. He said he also attended a meeting that discussed the situation in south Sudan and the humanitarian situation there and the situation in Libya and the central African Republic beside the meeting of the minister of foreign Affairs of the Arab and the African groups beside the meetings of the foreign Minister of the Islamic Cooperation Organization. The minister said within his activities and meeting there he met with the foreign Minister of Russia and the arrangement for the visit of the president of the Republic to Russia. He pointed to his meeting with EU officials as well as the bilateral meeting that discussed issues related to south Sudan and to Somali as well as the humanitarian assistance and the combating of terrorism. He said the EU has decided to grant the Sudan some 60 million Euros for the development projects particularly in the areas affected by the displacement of persons from neighboring countries.

Foreign Companies to Invest in Sudan’s Mineral Sector
Khartoum -- three Arab and Western companies have agreed to finance the mineral sector in Sudan, the Sudanese mining minister, Hashim Ali Salem has announced. Speaking on the sidelines of an event held in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum, Salem said that the three funders are American, Bahraini and Emirati companies. The loan’s guarantee is the locally-produced gold, he noted. The find aims at improving the sector’s overall performance. Sudanese banks are incapable of financing the country’s long-term mining projects due to its lack of capital. According to Salem, investments in the mineral sector require at least three years to start receiving revenues. The Sudanese minister neither provided details about the initial value of the fund nor the date of the money disbursement. Sudan’s gold production amounted to 50.22 tonnes in the first half of 2017, up from co 45 tonnes during the same period in 2016. According to the ministry data, the local gold revenues amounted to $1.6 billion in the first six months of the current year. Last year, Sudan’s gold production amounted to 93.4 tonnes, yet the government expects the gold production to reach 100 tonnes by the end of this year. Gold is one of the major sources of foreign currency for Sudan, especially after the African country lost 75 per cent of its oil revenues following the separation of southern Sudan in July 2011.

NC expresses hope there will be a total revocation of the American sanctions on the date set
Khartoum, (SUNA)-The National Congress Party on Monday expressed its hope that the expected American decision late this month would be on total revocation of the American economic sanctions against the Sudan. The Political sector in a meeting headed by Jamal Mahmoud, said it has put in place several scenarios depending on the nature of the American decision, which he said, is hoped to be positive that an opportunity would be availed for the country to develop and the country, pointing to the negative impacts of those sanctions with regards to development in the country. The party has meanwhile reviewed the efforts of the peace committee in conflict areas, stressing that the committee should exert more efforts with the political forces ant he peoples the two areas. The party said all returnees from the rebel sides are welcome, calling on the civil society organizations to contribute in the question of development and issues of concern in the two areas.

Amira Al-Fadel Participates in the UN General Assembly
Khartoum - AU Commissioner for Social Affairs, Amira Al Fadil participated in the UN General Assembly in New York.
Amira Al Fadhel reviewed the efforts of the African Union in the areas of health and HIV / AIDS in the African continent, stressing the importance of developing partnerships and innovation and providing education and basic health services to enable young people to play their role in development. Addressing forum organized by UN Women on efforts to end the marriage of minors, Amira conveyed the greetings of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, explaining the efforts of the African Union to end this phenomenon, which is threatening girls, calling for concerted efforts to eliminate this negative practice. Amira Al Fadil also participated in the forum organized by the ILO On child labor, saying that child labor was illegal and that Africa was trying to combat it through legislation.

40% Increase in Export in 2017
Exports increase by 40% percent in the first six months of 2017 (Jan.-June), according to a report published recently by the Bank of Sudan, and same there was a major decline in imports. The value of export reached $ 2.1 billion compared to $1.5 billion for the same period last year while imports declined from $4.1 billion to $ 3.2 billion representing a 22 percent decrease. In turn this lead to a decline in the Balance of Trade deficit from $2.6 billion to $1.1 billion equal to a 58% reduction in deficit. Gold export doubled to $815 million compared with $395 million increase over last year $420 million. Also, cotton export witnessed a revival in export volume which reached 73 thousand tons compared to 25 thousand with an increase in value to $89 million from $20 million for the same period last year. The decline in imports was due to various reasons including the almost complete decline in the imports of sugar $115 million last $115 million last to $1.5 million this year and also edible oils imports declined from $ 101 million to $ 72 million.

Minister of Oil and Gas meets World Bank's representative
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The World Bank representative in Sudan has expressed the bank readiness to strengthen the oil investment environment. This came during his meeting with the Minister of Oil and Gas Dr. Abdul-Rahman Osman, who explained his ministry's strategy to modernize the sector and introduce technology that enables the optimum exploitation of oil resources that contribute to the support of national economy. The minister pointed to the opportunities available for investment in the Red Sea gas fields and a number of blocks prepared for global tender, saying that the sector is ready to receive investments to increase energy production, stressing that the entry of technology will boost the production and increase the value added as well as the increase of power generation and prosperity of Sudanese industry. Meanwhile, the Belarusian Energy Minister is due to arrive in Khartoum on Monday evening for talks with his Sudanese counterpart to promote joint cooperation between Sudan and Belarus.

September 29, 2017

President Bashir outlines general policies of his government for the fiscal 2018
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The President of the Republic, Omar Bashir, will on Monday, address the national legislature where he will outline the general policies of his government for the fiscal year 2018. The spokesman for the Speaker of the General Assembly, Dr Abul Magid Haroon, said the Speaker, Professor Ibrahim Ahmed Omar, will address the same legislature on the second day, Tuesday, dwelling on the performance of the various committees during the recess of the legislature. The two chambers of the legislature will discuss the statement of the president before the first session and its assigned committee will submit a report to the plenary session. The report will be reviewed by the higher committee and then be ratified by the assembly before the final response to the statement of the president of the republic is formulated and delivered to the presidency.

Czech Delegation Signs Cooperation Agreements
Khartoum - The Czech delegation headed by Deputy Foreign Minister concluded visit to Sudan, where they met with a number of Sudanese government officials and businessmen, in addition to visiting a number of industrial zones.
The Czech delegation, which visited the country in coordination with the Ministry of Investment, held talks with the ministries of investment, industry, health, foreign affairs and Governor of Khartoum in order to identify the investment opportunities in Sudan and the form of cooperation between the two countries in all fields. The delegation signed a number of framework agreements with the industrial city of Giad, besides agreement to establish a faculty of agricultural research with Zadna agricultural company beside other agreements. The Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Sudan, Mohamed Afifi, held a dinner for the Czech delegation. He confirmed that there are many Czech companies operating in Sudan, adding that the delegation includes the Deputy Foreign Minister, Czech Ambassador to Cairo, some officials of the Czech Foreign Ministry, and four companies working In the fields of medicines, electricity, and water, stressing that the relations between the two countries are moving forward for the better, saying thatthe visit will be the beginning to open investment fields in various fields in Sudan.

Minister of Animal Resources stresses ministry's readiness to engage into economically feasible partnerships
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister of Animal Resource Bishara Juma Aror revealed the desire of some cooperative bodies to enter into successful service partnerships that support productive projects across the border with Sudan. This came during a meeting with Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology and the Member of Argin Cooperative Society Mahir Salih who said that the purpose of the visit was to discuss a proposal on establishment of a model farm in Argin area in the northern Sudan aiming at stabilizing and settling the people of Argin, reviving the productive projects and to preserve the trade of export-oriented Livestock at the borders. Aror welcomed the idea and stressed his ministry's readiness to provide technical and logistical support to the society, revealing the ministry trend to establish development projects to attract and encourage investment opportunities through partnerships to achieve economic benefits by raising the volume of local and international exports . He hoped that Argin Society to become a leading pilot project providing all kinds of fodder crops and to simplify the procedures for the quarantines of the export of live animals across the border area as the gateway to the sister country of Egypt and linking the continental roads with South Africa in support of increasing exports and import substitution.

Completion of Preparations for Cotton Cultivation for the Next Season
Khartoum - The cotton plantation operations for the 2017-2018 season were completed, in implementation of Sudan Cotton Company's plan approved by the Board of Directors of the company to cultivate an area of 50 thousand acres. Director General of Gezira Scheme, Eng. Osman Samsaa said that the crop is expected to have high productivity this season, promising to stand by farmer to solve all obstacles of irrigation and others, National Coordinator of Cotton Research, Professor Ahmed Mohamed Mustafa said the crop was free of any diseases, directing farmers to use agricultural machinery in the right ways to increase production. For his part, Director General of Sudan Cotton Company, Eng. Mohieddin Ali said the company will continue to finance the agricultural process in various stages to ensure the continuity of the relationship and the contractual partnership between the company and farmer, revealing the company's plan to increase the cultivated areas in the coming seasons.

September 28, 2017

President Al-Bashir to Address 14th Session of Committee of Security and Intelligence Services in Africa
Khartoum, (SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer A-Bashir, will address on Thursday the opening sitting of the 14th session of committee of the Security and Intelligence Services in Africa (SISA), which convened under the motto " Inclusive Strategic Partnership for Combating Terrorism and Realizing Political Stability in Africa. The meetings, which will be held with participation of 30 directors of the security and intelligence services in Africa, will discuss a number of issues, top of them are the partnership for combating terrorism and achieving political stability in Africa, human trafficking, negative movements and mercenaries. The SISA meetings will witness transfer of the SISA chairmanship to the Sudanese National Security and Intelligence Service. It is to be recalled that the National Security and Intelligence Service held Wednesday at the Higher Academy for Security and Strategic Studies in Soba the First Forum on Political Stability in Africa which was addressed by the First Vice - President of the Republic, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, and the Director of the National Security and Intelligence Service, Lt. Gen. Mohamed Attal-Moula.

State Minister for Investment meets Thai delegation, welcoming Thai companies and businessmen to Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The State Minister at the Ministry of Investment Osama Faisal stressed Saturday the keenness of the state to create an investment environment through laws and simplification of procedures, referring to the state's policies to stimulate economic resources through investment. Faisal affirmed, during a meeting with Thai high-level delegation led by the Head of the South Asia, Middle East and Africa Division at the Thai Foreign Ministry Sarwat Bardluk Wednesday, the efforts of Sudan to develop economic activities and increase investment movement, reviewing investment opportunities and fields in the country in industrial, agricultural, mineral and services sectors, welcoming Thai companies and businessmen. The minister referred to the concern the country gave to the agricultural sector because of its relation to the issue of food security, touching on the ministry's interest in attracting foreign investments and enhancing the relations of joint economic cooperation, enumerating investment characteristics in Sudan as well as the encouraging incentives approved by the state through the investment laws and regulation, reminding with the Sudan strategic site. For his part, the head of the Thai delegation said that they are now looking at investment opportunities in Sudan in the fields of agriculture and industry, stressing the desire of Thai companies and businessmen to engage into the investment fields to develop mutual economic cooperation relations. The meeting underscored exchange of visits and meetings between businessmen in both countries.

CBOS Announces Start of Banking Transactions with External Banks
Khartoum - The Central Bank of Sudan (CBOS) has announced the actual start of banking transfers with the external banks. Governor of Central Bank of Sudan Hazim Abdulgadir acknowledged in a press statements Wednesday on the Sidelines of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Arab Bank in Khartoum constraints facing banking transfers with Saudi Arabia's banks as was mentioned by participants of the Sudanese-Saudi forum. He confirmed that some of the Saudi banks have started actual dealing with Sudan's banks. Hazim expected occurrence of a breakthrough in foreign currency soon in the event of the total lifting of the economic sanctions from Sudan in October. Meanwhile the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Mohamed Osman Al-Rikabi has confirmed occurrence of a gradual breakthrough in foreign currency disclosing in a press statement on the Sidelines of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Arab Bank in Khartoum that the economic sector has passed on Tuesday the guidelines of the budget to be ascended to the Cabinet for approval and starting its preparation Al-Rikabi declined to disclose what next year’s budget includes about lifting subsidies or good tidings He further announced government support by all available means to the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa.

September 27, 2017

Sudanese-Saudi Trade Forum Concludes sessions
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Sudanese-Saudi Trade Forum concluded sessions, Tuesday, at Rotana Hotel, Khartoum. The businessmen in the two countries called for the increase of trade volume and removal of the obstacles impeding the investments . The Director of Export of the Saudi Company for Trade and Industry participating in the forum, Engineer, Wael Abu-Talib Al-Zuheri has told SUNA that the forum called for the continuation of contacts between the Sudanese and Saudi businessmen in all spheres. Referring that the conclusion session reviewed the price hike on goods, increase of quantities, trade and visits exchange as well as, the implementation of the agreements signed by the two sides . The businessman has lauded the good organization of the forum and the oncern given to the gathering by the officials in the two countries, describing that as step forward .

African Leaders Should Collectively Deal with the Continent’s Challenges
Khartoum - (Muawad – Neimat) The First Intellectual Forum will convene today, Wednesday, at the High Academy for Strategic and Security Studies in Khartoum, under the theme “Political Stability in Africa: Constraints and Prospects of the Future.The forum will be participated by African elites and ex-presidents.Sudan Vision managed to meet with a number of those elites namely: Prof Ibrahim Gambari who worked as Chairperson of the African Union Commission as Joint African Union-United Nations Special Representative for Darfur during the period 2010 – 2012, Ambassador Welile Nhlap, who is the senior political Advisor to the Centres for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes based in South African (ACCORD), Dr. Joseph Chilengi, who is an advisor to the African Union on democracy, governance and human rights, rule of law, electoral processes, transitional justice, refugees and IDPs and Deus Msipotwa Kibamba , who is currently working at the Economical and Social Research Foundation as Coordinator of Governance and Capacity-building. The four intellects emphasized the importance of the forum as a key towards transforming African into a major player in the global agenda. They expressed their appreciation to the initiative of Sudan in gathering such a group to discuss the political stability issue as the main factor in achieving development in the continent. On the timing of the forum all of the interviewed agreed that it is an appropriate timing considering that the continent had difficult past but over the years it grew up stressing that the key issues are peaceful Africa to utilize its natural resources to the maximum by its people. They suggest that African Union is facing challenges and the forum comes within the reform of the AU to cope with the global challenges considering that the outcomes of the forum will represent part of the guidelines to the AU leaders. According to them the forum will be graced by a distinguished group of African elites who have experience in the concept of political stability. The interviewed group stressed that the African leaders to work out a joint plan in all aspects of development including education, youth, women etc. to utilize the rich resources of the continent to the maximum without any need for donors who always have their own interests and agendas which are not the interests of the Africans. More details in our upcoming issues.


September 26, 2017

Al-Bashir to address the opening session of the Activities of the Sixth Session of the National Legislature on October, 2
Khartoum, (SUNA) - President of the Republic will address the opening session of activities of the National Legislature on October, 2, announced the Speaker of the National Assembly, Prof. Ibrahim Ahmed Omer . Prof. Omer who met President Al-Basher, Monday, at the Republican Palace, said in press statements that he has affirmed the parliament support to the Firearms collection decision, referring that parliamentary delegations will tour Sudan states in support of the decision . He outlined that the meeting discussed a number of issues which will be tabled before the National Legislature besides, Sudan external relations, improvement of Sudan-US relations and revoking of sanctions .

Government Welcomes Decision of Lifting Restrictions on Sudanese Nationals Entry to US
Khartoum: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has welcomed the decision by the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump lifting Sudan name from the list of countries whose citizens are restricted from entering the US.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has affirmed that the competent agencies of the state are capable of monitoring the movement of travelers from and via the Sudanese airports. A statement issued by the Ministry yesterday pointed out that the states with its available qualification , expertise, systems and equipment and connections is capable of verifying and checking travelers identities and exchange of information and cooperation with all counterpart agencies in the friendly countries . The ministry said the American move represents an important positive development in the progress of bilateral relations between the two countries and a natural outcome of a lengthy and frank dialogue and joint efforts by many competent agencies from the two sides as well as close cooperation between the two countries on regional and international issues of mutual concern.
The ministry affirmed government resolve for exerting more efforts with the US Administration for removing any obstacles facing full normalization of relations in a manner that realizes common interests.

Union of Chambers of Commerce to Urge Banking Cooperation with Saudi Arabia at Trade Forum
Khartoum- The Sudanese Union of Chambers of Commerce has affirmed readiness for participation in the first trade forum bringing together the Sudanese businessmen with their Saudi Arabian counterparts, which is to be launched at Al Salam Rotana Hotel in Khartoum today, Tuesday. Deputy Chairman of the Union of Chambers of Commerce Samir Ahmed Gassim has pointed out in a statement to Sudan Vision that the Sudanese side would urge banking cooperation with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a view to facilitating trade between the two countries besides increasing the agricultural and animal products exports to the Kingdom. He indicated that the volume of trade exchange between the two countries has reached 500 million dollars. The Deputy Chairman of the Union of Chambers of Commerce said the forum comprises joint meetings between the Sudanese and Saudi businessmen besides talks between heads of the chambers and representatives of government institutions. It also includes a workshop to present the procedures for the entry of Saudi products to Sudan by the Sudanese Customs Authority.

September 25, 2017

Prof. Ghandour: Sudan Aspires for Effective Role of UN
New York, (SUNA) - The Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, pointed out that Sudan is looking forward for an effective role to be played by the United Nations through which response can be given to the reform at the Security Council, implementation of the development and combating the politicization of justice, affirming Sudan commitment to principle of international pluralism toward achieving the ultimate goal of the UN Charter for realizing and maintaining peace and security. In his address Saturday evening to the high-level debate, within framework of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly, the Foreign Minister asserted that Sudan is exerting considerable efforts for realizing peace and solving dispute via dialogue, indicating that these efforts have culminated in the issuance of the national dialogue document and formation of an inclusive national dialogue government which has included all the political components and peace-signatory movements. Prof. Ghandour has reiterated Sudan keenness to attract all parties and movements to join the peace and dialogue process, referring to decision of the President of the Republic extending the cease-fire. He pointed to the progress achieved in the peace and stability axes and the start of implementation of the UNAMID exit project in compliance with the strategy which has been ratified by the Security Council. The Foreign Minister has underscored the necessity of the collection of weapons and reconciliation between tribes for boosting the peace process in Darfur. He explained Sudan stance concerning the International Criminal Court which is coping with the position of the African Union that regards this court as a misuse of international justice. He said in his statement that Sudan is hosting big numbers of refugees from neighboring countries and the region, stressing that Sudan is continuing efforts to help solving the humanitarian crisis that has resulted from the dispute in South Sudan. Prof. Ghandour affirmed that Sudan has completed all the requirements for writing off its debts and getting support from the international community. He renewed asserted Sudan stance on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and getting rid of mass destruction weapons. He also affirmed Sudan firm stand regarding the Palestinian question and the rights of the Palestinian people's right as well as the support of Sudan to the constitutional legitimacy in Yemen. He also asserted the importance of political solution in Syria and enhancing the stability in Yemen, pointing to stance of Sudan for guaranteeing success of the initiative to realize security and stability in Libya to ensure its unity.

Minister of Agriculture and Forest Chairs Preparatory Meeting for Meetings of Ministerial Committee with Turkey
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of Agriculture and Forests, Dr. Abdul-Latief Ejaimi, chaired Sunday at the ministry, the preparatory meeting for the convening of the Sudanese-Turkey ministerial committee to be hosted by Khartoum in 15 of next October. The meeting attended by the ministers of the economic and services sector, the governor of the Centeral Bank of Sudan, the deputy governor of White Nile State, representative of the governor of the Red Sea state and the Sudan's ambassador to Turkey. The meeting heard to visions presented by the minister to submitted to the committee's meetings , besides its reviewing to the plans of every ministry and their participation in framework of joint cooperation in order that the committee with contribute in the development and integration between the Sudan and Turkey to promote relations between them. Minister Dr. Ejaimi noted to SUNA that the level of participation at the committee's meeting reflects importance of meetings of the ministerial committee and the strategic relations with turkey.

Saudi – Sudanese Trade Forum to Convene Tommorrow
Khartoum - The first Saudi-Sudanese trade forum will begin here Tuesday. Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Sudan, Ali bin Hassan Jafar said that the forum is organized by the Saudi Export Development Authority in coordination with the Federation of Sudanese Chambers of Commerce, adding that the holding of the first trade forum confirms the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's keenness to raise the value of trade exchange, to benefit from various investment opportunities in the economy of countries, especially the Republic of Sudan, explaining that Saudi Arabia ranks the third of the most important countries to which Sudan is exported, based on the data of the year 2015, adding that it is considered the seventh most important partner in the Sudanese imports, and that the kingdom's exports to Sudan amounted to SR 1.8 billion, representing 9% of the total imports of Sudan, saying that the Kingdom's vision is to strengthen Saudi Arabia's position as one of the world's largest economies and establish its position as one of the world's leading countries. The ambassador reviewed the program of the forum, pointing out that it includes a meeting with the heads of the chambers and representatives of government agencies and a presentation of the large projects in Sudan, in addition to a workshop on the procedures of entering the Saudi products to the Republic of Sudan presented by the Sudanese Customs Authority, expressing his hope that the forum paints promising economic future between the Kingdom and Sudan, and promotes a constructive relationship, leading to distinct levels of trade exchange, reflecting the direction of the leadership of the two brotherly countries.

September 21, 2017

First Vice President receives American Congressional delegation
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The First Vice President, Lt Gen Bakri Hassan Salih, on Wednesday received the visiting US Congress delegation led by Mr. Davin Nunes, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Nunes said in statement following the meeting with the First Vice President that they discussed joint efforts between the Sudan and the United States of America to cooperate combatting terrorism. He said his visit to the country is mainly related to verification of the five tracks and to which extent the Sudan has succeeded in implementing them.

Sudan and South Sudan Agreed on Increase of Oil Production and Opening of Crossings
Khartoum,(SUNA) - The economic talks between Sudan and South Sudan State were Wednesday concluded in Khartoum by the signing of agreements by the Ministries of Petroleum and Trade of the two countries and reactivating the former agreements which were signed in the year 2012. The two sides also agreed on reactivation of the former agreements which have been signed by Sudan and South Sudan. At a press conference held Thursday, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Investment, Mubarak Al-Fadil, who headed the Sudanese side, said that the agreement included work of the two countries to increase oil production at Wohda and the central oil fields. He said that the Ministries of Trade of the two countries agreed on the exchange of 54 commodities in the context of the inter-border and transit trade and through Port-Sudan harbor. Al-Fadil indicated that the two sides also agreed on holding joint meetings at the levels of the customs and security authorities for reactivating the crossings between the two countries.

Finance Ministry Discusses with US Congress Sudan's Arrangements in Coming Stage
Khartoum,(SUNA) The ministry of finance discussed with congressman and the delegation of the US embassy in Khartoum, the arrangements and measures expected for the period after the 12 th of next October. The US Congressman, George Holdenk, noted that his visit to the country aims to identify the measures and arrangements that the Sudan will adopt after the lifting of US sanctions, pointing to the need to pay attention to the expected direct investments. The Finance Minister, Lt. Gen. Fr. Mohamed Osman al-Rekabi, during his meeting at his with the US congressman and embassy's delegation, has expected the issuance of a positive decision from the US congress and authorities during the coming period, regarding the lifting of sanctions, especially that the Sudan has fulfilled all its obligations and waiting for the US government to do likewise and lift the sanctions in the determined date of 12 October 2017. He called for the international community to support Sudan in relief of its foreign debts, provide required assistant to meet cost of hosting the refugees, noting Sudan was hosting refugees without considerable assistant from the international community, pointing to the US understanding of nature of the Sudan's location as a transit point for external immigration and the difficulty of controlling it. The finance minister has emphasized readiness of the Sudan to attract foreign investment, benefit from the support of the international financial institutions and access to preferential loans that the Sudan has been deprived of during the sanctions period. On his part, the state minister at the ministry of finance, Majdi Hassan Yassin asserted importance of support of the international community and the financing institutions in the production development, the variety and promotion of exports, and the substitution of the country's own imports. He noted to the utilization of the Sudan's geographical location to assist neighboring countries that do not have sea ports in linking them to the outside world, activate world trade and achieve common interests.


Sudan, S. Sudan Discuss Enhancement of Trade Cooperation
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Trade Minister, Hatim Al-Si'ir, met Wednesday, at his office his counterpart of the state of South Sudan, Moses Hassan and the accompanying delegation, in the presence of the ministry's undersecretary, Osama Hashim, a number of the ministry's official and the relevant bodies. The two sides have discussed a number of issues concerning the trade and economic aspects targeting the promotion of trade, facilitation of trade movement between the two countries in service of the peoples of the two states, indicating importance of removing obstacles and problems hampering smooth flow of trade between them. On his part, Hatim Al- Si'ir has asserted support of ways for boosting joint cooperation between the two countries to realize their common interests, announcing the agreement on many issues that would activate trade file of the two sisterly states.

Cabinet Minister Praises Sudan's Relations with Korea
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of the Council of Ministers, Ahmed Saad Omer has praised the level of the relations with state of south Korea, expressing hope that it would witness more development in different fields. He lauded the expand of the Korean investments in the Sudan, especially in communications and information domains, pointing out that the Sudan became one of the attractive and consumer markets to the products of the Korean companies. This came during his meeting with the South Korean ambassador to the Sudan, Mr. Lee Ki-sook, who noted to the Sudan's high growth potentials with its abundance water resources, the vast agriculture lands, the mineral resources such as gold and oil, indicating the Sudan's great role as a gateway to the African continent.

September 20, 2017

Ghandour Meets with his Norwegian Counterpart
New York, (SUNA)- The Foreign Minister, Prof, Ibrahim Ghandour, has met with his Norwegian Foreign Minister, Borge Brende, and the accompanying Director of African Affairs at Norway Foreign Ministry and the Norwegian Envoy for Peace in Sudan and South Sudan on the sidelines of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly. The meeting has discussed progress of the relations between Sudan and Norway, means of strengthening the cooperation between the two countries in the mining field and Sudan participation in the international mining conference, scheduled in Oslo in next October. The meeting has touched on the visit of Prof. Ghandour to Washington and his talks with a number of American officials at the State Department and the White House as well as the issue of the American sanction. The meeting also tackled the relations between Sudan and its neighboring countries and its role for solution of disputes and supporting peace and security at the Horn of Africa Region.

Sudan, S. Sudan Joint Economic Talks Kick Off
Khartoum, (SUNA) The meetings of the joint committee between the Sudan and the state of South Sudan kicked off, Tuesday evening in Khartoum, at the council of minister, targeting the development and promotion of the economic relations between the two countries in oil and trade fields. The Deputy National Prime Minister, the Investment Minister, Mubarak al- Fadil, head of the Sudan's side, noted in a press statement, that the meetings will continue tomorrow, Wednesday, between the ministries of oil, trade and finance of the two countries, to discuss the details of the agreements that will be signed in the concluding sittings tomorrow, Wednesday evening. The head of the state of South Sudan delegating, Tut Kallouk, stressed readiness of the state of S. Sudan to reach agreement in all the outstanding issues in the economic field for the interest of nations of the two countries. Members of the two delegations emphasized that the signing of the economic agreement between the two countries will be the start for the treatment of all the outstanding security, political issues and others.


Guidance and Endowment Minister Receives US Delegation
Khartoum – (Muawad Rashid- Neimat al Naiem) Minister of Guidance and Endowment, Abu Bakar Osman, has met yesterday at his office in Khartoum a visiting American delegate to stand on the humanitarian situations in Sudan in general, and Nuba Mountains in particular. The Minister briefed Sudan Vision on the purpose of the visit of the American delegation to Sudan, and his meeting with them, explaining that he affirmed to the delegation that Nuba mountains area is one of secured areas in Sudan, where people now are secured and live in peace following the considerable stability in the area. He added that the delegation expressed their pleasure to hear such good news about stability in the mentioned areas and they promised to show the real image of Sudan when return home. He added that the visit of such American delegates to Sudan will support the ongoing of peace process in Sudan and the war conflicted areas, pointing to the recent visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury (Britain), Justin Welby to Sudan who met the top governmental officials, and his historic visit to the South Kordofan where he met and listened to the people there, promising to reflect what he was actually seen in these areas of South Kordofan. The Minister of Guidance and Endowment call the mass media to play its real role in covering such important visits from the west as an eyewitness to what is running in Sudan that support the peace process . From her part the head of the US visiting delegation stated to Sudan Vision that they came to Sudan as part of their mission in producing a film to reflect the situations in Nuba Mountains, adding that they came to Khartoum to see the other side of the story. She pointed out that for many years issues were mistaken, adding that they are now happy to open a corridor of peace. She called for the right for every Sudanese to have education good health and wealth, and to worship God freely either in the Mosque or Church. She added that they would meet and talk to all Ministers, top governmental officials, and the people to show the other side in Sudan. She added they came to advocate all Sudanese people with their different believes and ethnic groups.

Amira Al-Fadil Participates in Extraordinary Session of AU Specialized Technical Committee on Youth, Culture and Sport
Khartoum - Amira Al-Fadil, the Sudanese Representative to the AU Specialized Technical Committee on Youth, Culture and Sport, (STC- YCS), attended the Extraordinary Session of the AU Specialized Technical Committee on Youth, Culture and Sport, (STC- YCS), kicked off Tuesday, 13th September 2017, at Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Nairobi, Kenya. She thanked the Kenyan government and people for the hospitality, hoping the chairmanship elections will take place in cordial atmosphere this October. Al- Fadil further held bilateral meetings with a number of ministers to discuss prospects of cooperation in areas of mutual concern The Extraordinary Session of the AU Specialized Technical Committee on Youth, Culture and Sport, (STC- YCS), kicked off Tuesday, 13th September 2017, at Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Nairobi, Kenya, with the Meeting of Experts from Ministries responsible for youth, culture and Sport from all African Union (AU) Member States. This Extraordinary Session was convened in implementation of the 2nd Session of the AU Specialized Technical Committee on Youth, Culture and Sport (STC-YCS2) held in Addis Ababa, from 13 to 17 June 2016, which took key decisions for the establishment of the African Audio-Visual and Cinema Commission (AACC), as a Specialized Agency of the African Union, and the convening of an Extraordinary Session to consider the Draft Statute of the AACC, in order to ensure its finalization by 2017. The establishment of the AACC will enhance the development of the cultural and creative industries sector of the continent, especially those related to audio visual and cinema, a means for entrepreneurial activities that will harness young people’s creativity toward more productive and decent work, so that they can provide a more meaningful contribution to the socio-economic development of the continent. Highlighting the importance of the AACC for young people, Dr. Olawale Maiyegun, Director for Social Affairs of the African Union Commission, said in his opening address on behalf of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission H.E Moussa Faki Mahamat that the establishment of the AACC comes in line with the intent of the AU Agenda 2063, to use young people’s talent and potential as lever for development. He further noted the AUC efforts regarding doping in the Sport, including the convening of the 1st Africa Anti-Doping Think Tank Forum, from 28- 31 August 2017 in the Republic of Seychelles, to provide a platform for African experts to discuss and to recommend future and implementable strategies to address doping in Sport in Africa, the Director urged the African Governments and the African Sports Movement to work together and take active steps in order to address matters of doping in Sport and ensure the implementation of sustainable and tangible Anti-doping programs in pursuit of clean sport and compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code. The Experts also considered other issues including: review strategies in place to fight doping in sport, status of ratification and implementation of the World Anti-Doping Code, the AU assembly decision declared the period 2018 – 2027, as the African Decade for Technical, Professional and Entrepreneurial Training and Youth Employment. Furthermore, the Session looked at a concept paper on the Centers of Excellence on Audio Visual and Cinema, and a project on the development of Cinematic Expressions for the AU Agenda 2063, to ensure its wider popularization, dissemination and understanding by the peoples of Africa. The Meeting was attended by experts from Ministries responsible for youth, Culture and sports and culture in the AU Member States and other stockholders. The Experts Session was concluded on Thursday 14th September, and presented its conclusions and recommendations to the Ministerial Session which opened on Friday, 15th September 2017.

September 19, 2017

Sudan signs the Declaration on the UN Management Reform
New York, (SUNA) -Sudan on Monday signed the declaration on the UN Management Reform which was called for and sponsored by the United States of America The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour, who is taking part in the meeting of the UN General Assembly, heading signed for the Sudan The meeting was co-chaired by the UN Secretary General and the US president, Trump. The official spokesman for the ministry of Foreign Affairs, ambassador Gareeb Allah al Khidir, said the Sudan signed the document in line with its convictions and belief on the need to effect a radical reform within the UN system's various agencies and organizations.

Minister of Industry calls for more efforts for scientific research in gum Arabic industry
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of Industry, Dr. Musa Karama, has demanded the state to exert more efforts to the scientific research that precede the manufacturing to explore future of gum Arabic industry. During his address to Khartoum gum Arabic 5 th forum, he stressed the importance of entering the gum Arabic in pharmaceutical and food industry and to be supported by modern technology. He indicated relation of industry with production and foreign trade, attributing delay of gum Arabic industry in Sudan to the absence of a national vision of the sector, pledging more coordination for the development of the industry of gum Arabic, the international promotion and reduce the competition of neighboring countries, reduction of taxes and levies imposed by the federal government and the states governments. Karama has appreciated the academic and financial efforts of the French government and the World Bank to include the added value of the gum Arabic product, and the efforts of the local experts for establishing an investment bank that will contribute to the completion of the industrialization efforts.
Sudan Affirms Commitment to International Agreements and Treaties in Field of Atomic Energy
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity Mu'taz Mussa Abdulla stressed the importance of the role played by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), via its various programs in support of peace and development through the expanding of the peaceful uses of atomic energy. During his delivery to the Sudan's statement to the 61st session of the General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, the minister said that the Sudan is committed to implementing the Agency's programs through hosting its regional and international activities, in addition to its full commitment to the relevant conventions and treaties. He pointed out to the great development the Sudan is witnessing in both the legislative and regulatory levels, represented in the approval of the draft law on control of nuclear and radiological activities by the National Council, and followed by the formation of technical committees to formulate and update the regulations of nuclear and radiation safety and security, praising the support of the (IAEA) for Sudan in the field of building of the Human and physical capabilities of the National Nuclear and Radiological Control System. He noted to the Sudan continued efforts to develop elements of infrastructure for the implementation of its nuclear program by starting the construction of the first nuclear plant after the completion of preliminary surveys to determine the location and the start of work on the confirmation and detailed studies plans by the end of 2017. The minister pointed to the signing of memorandums of understanding and agreements with China and Russia in the framework of developing relations, especially that they possess safe nuclear technology. In his statement, he indicated that in framework of cooperation with the (IAEA) and the concern with the food security, that the Sudan has drafted a national project with the Technical Cooperation Department of the (IAEA) to establish a security reference food laboratory, in order to measure the residues of pesticides, fertilizers and antibiotics in animal products and plants, in which Sudan shares 80% of the establishment value. the Minister of Water Resources has led the Sudan's delegation to the IAEA conference, accompanied by Sudan's ambassador Austria, Ambassador Mohamed Hussein Zarroug, Professor Abdul EIlah Musa, the Director General of the Sudanese Atomic Energy Authority, Dr. Mohamed El Hassan Abou Azenien, the Secretary General of the National authority for the Radiological and Nuclear Control , and Engineer, Nasser Ahmed al-Mustafa the Director of the General Directorate of Nuclear Generation of the Ministry of Water Resources.
September 18, 2017
Foreign Minister Arrives in New York to Participate in UN General Assembly Meetings
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, Saturday evening arrived in New York city coming from Washington heading Sudan delegation for the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly. In a statement to SUNA, the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Ghariballa Al-Khidir, said that the Foreign Minister will hold in New York a series of meetings at the UN, the regional and bilateral frameworks. He said that the Foreign Minister will give Sudan statement before the UN General Assembly on September 23 after participating in an open summit about peace operations' reform on September 20 that is sponsored by the Security Council. Ambassador Ghariballa said that Sudan statement will focus on the country's response to the reform process and its experiment in receiving UN and regional peace missions in its territories, besides Sudan vision and recommendations in this regard. He indicated that the Foreign Minister will also participate in meetings organized by the UN on the situation in South, besides participating in meetings of the African and Arab foreign ministers. He said that the Foreign Minister will also take part in meetings of the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Non Aligned Movement and the G 77 and China. Ambassador Ghariballa explained that Prof. Ghadour will also participate in the launching of the declaration on support of the member states to the agenda of the UN Secretary General concerning reform at the UN. He said that the Foreign Minister will meet on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meetings with a big number of heads of delegations and his counterparts from member states, including the Russian Foreign Minister, Seregy Lavrov. He added that the minister will further participate in meetings of the African committee on the International Criminal Court.

Washington Hopes to Announce Good News about Sudan
Advisor to US President for Domestic Security and Combating terrorism Affairs, Tom Busarat said the US Administration is satisfied with what was achieved in all the agreed on tracks with Sudan and they are hoping to announce good news about Sudan next October. Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Ibrahim Ghandour has met at the White House the advisor of the American President for Domestic Security and Combating terrorism Affairs Tom Busarat in the presence of a big number of African managers, the national security council in the white House, and the Director of African Administration at the National Security Council Nicole Wiedersheim. Busart said the American Administration is assessing the progress accomplished with Sudan at the time being, asserting that President Trump Administration has spent a long time in reviewing the issue of Sudan at the highest levels and they are now moving on towards the final assessment prior to taking the final decision at the fixed time next October and they hope in their part to announce good news about Sudan at the specified term. The Minister of Foreign Affairs presented a sum up of the progress of the bilateral Sudanese American relations and their developments since the dawn of the sixties of last century.

VP heads meeting of joint technical committee on implementation of federal government recommendations
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Vice President of the Republic, on Sunday headed the meeting of the joint Technical Committee to follow up the implementation of the Federal Government Recommendations The committee headed by Vice President Hassabou Mohamed Abdalla, also reviewed the various activities of the committee in the past period and what steps taken to implement each of the recommendations. Tariq Hajj Ali, the chairman of the committee, said committee has followedup the implementation of 35 recommendations out of the 172 recommendations that covered the policies, structures, financial resources, economies and local government fields. He said the vice president has stressed on the need to give due attention to the recommendations related to justice and the judiciary and that laws and regulations which preceded the recommendations and which have only recently been ratified be reviewed. He said they should be amended in line with the implementation of the recommendations. He said recommendations relative to the financial and economic resources axes should equally be reviewed.


FVP heads meeting on Sudan foreign debts
Khartoum,(SUNA) - The first Vice President of the Republic, Lt Gen Bakri Hassan Salih, on Sunday chaired the meeting of the committee entrusted to handle the issue of Sudan's foreign debts. The meeting which included besides, LT Gen Bakri, the Federal Prime Minister, and the Minister for Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Mohamed Osman al Rikabi, discussed the actions and activities of the committee and its future plans. The meeting has meanwhile commended the efforts exerted by the committee in this regards and expressed support for its future activities and the need to rally regional and international support for handling the issues of the foreign debts.

September 15, 2017

Minister of International Cooperation Meets UN official for Projects Services
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of the International Cooperation, Iddris Sulieman discussed at his office with the UN official of the projects services ways for the Sudan to benefit from the organization. The minister noted that the program of the government of national accord orientation is to make the partnership with UN organization of concrete benefit in development to the citizens. Indicating that the Ministry of International Cooperation is the window through which the international aid is attracted and enter with the consultation of the various state's institutions and organizations, in addition to encouraging the initiatives of the beneficiaries' bodies to present their demands. The official of the UN projects services organization indicated that the organization has plans to implement projects in the Sudan according to priorities presented by the states and the centre.

Chinese Mining Companies Association: China considering project for treatment of mercury usage, find alternatives to cyanide
Khartoum, (SUNA) The minister of minerals, prof. Hashim Ali Salim has announced his welcome to participate in the international mining conference to be held in china, lauding in the same time the economic partnership between two countries, and china has provided during the past years in support and the success of the country's development projects. The chairman of the association of the Chinese mining companies, during his meeting with minerals minister, has stressed his country desire to expand the volume of its investment in Sudan, declaring a number of important projects his county intend to present in framework of the joint cooperation between the two countries top of it the treatment of the usage of mercury and the project for finding an alternative to the cyanide. He reveal during the meeting the arrangements made by the Chinese executive committee with coordination of the Sudan's embassy in Beijing for the Sudan's participation in the mining international mining conference due to be held in the 24 th of current September in the Chinese city of Qingji. The mineral minister, and the director of the general corporation for the geological researches will represent the Sudan in the conference. The conference is a good opportunity to introduce the potential of Sudan potentials of mineral resources, and would enable a number of influential Chinese mining companies to present their programs to invest in Sudan. He noted to the possibility of establishing a number of important industrial centers for copper, chrome and marble in the states which have high percentages of these minerals, pointing out that the promotion of those industries would contribute to the development of those areas.

September 14, 2017

American-Sudanese Friendship Association Organizes Protest Rally to Lift Economic Sanctions
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Sudanese-American Friendship Association in Khartoum, with coordination with the association office in the United States of America, and the Sudanese community in Washington, with collaboration with some the neighboring states, will hold a protest stand in front of the White House on next Thursday to demand the permanent lifting of ban on Sudan. The chairman of the association in Khartoum, Dr. Abdel Majid Abdul Gader, noted that the ban has mostly affected the Sudanese people in general and more, pointing out that the harmful effects of the embargo will continue for future generations, stressing their demand for the revocation of sanctions imposed on the Sudan to allow the Sudanese people to lead their normal lives. He called on the Sudanese people to unify their ranks and effort to press for the lifting of the sanctions for the homeland and its people are the only affected parties. The representative of the association in Washington has called on the Sudanese community in Washington and the neighboring states to participate in the event, pointing to available transportation at specific gathering points in New York

Sudanese-Egyptian Crossings Committee Concludes sessions
Cairo, (SUNA) - The two day- meetings of 9th sessions of the joint Sudanese-Egyptian Crossings Committee concluded, Wednesday, where the Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador, Abdul Ghani Al-Naeim and the Egyptian Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, Dr. Fathi Abdulazim signed the minutes of the meeting. The two sides agreed to continue efforts to facilitate and speed up the procedures for the passengers, the flow of trucks to increase trade and investment exchange between the two countries, establishment of Egyptian bus station in Wadi Halfa and Sudanese bus station in Aswan. The committee lauded the organization of the meetings and its success in removal of all the obstacles concerning the crossings and the related procedures. The next meeting of the committee will be held in Khartoum during next Feb .

FVP Chairs meeting Concerning Merowe Dam affected-citizens
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The First Vice-President and National Prime Minister, General, Bakri Hassan Saleh, chaired, Wednesday, at the Presidential Place, the meeting concerning the Merowe Dam Affected-people, in Nahr El-Neil and Shumaliya states . The Wali (governor) of the State, General, Hatim Al-Wassila said in press statement that the meeting discussed the development projects related to the local option and the importance of the rehabilitation of the development and services projects in the area including agricultural and housing projects .

September 13, 2017

President Omar Bashir statement before the Sudanese Youth Forum
Khartoum, (SUNA) -The President of the Republic Omar Bashir on Tuesday delivered a statement before the Sudanese Youth Forum which took place in Corinthia Hotel, Khartoum Sudan. On the outset the president welcomed the visiting State Minister for Youth Affairs in the United Arab Emirates, Shima Bint Sahal Bin Garis Al Mazroui who is taking part in the forum representing her country. The president pointed out that the Sudanese youth forum is taking place in coordination with the UAE Center for Arab Youth. He said the convening of the forum came at critical conditions facing the national and that these challenges put further burden on the Arab youth to lead the community renaissance through the spreading of the values of participation in the implementation of development and modernization projects in the public life. He said youth are also required to fight the harmful practices especially those leading the youth to abide by community values and work accordingly, respecting the values of performance, of production and productivity. He said the Sudan paid huge attention to the youth sector throughout out its policies, programmes and projects which are being implemented so as to provide the youth with real opportunity to take part in the economic and political life of the homeland. He described the youth as being the pillar for present and they stand for the whole future. He said the country depends on the youth to push forward the process of national development and to achieve stability and renaissance, and at the same time protect the community and youth against menace and threats. He said this was why the government pays considerable attention to the youth in its programme and its other activities, opening for them doors for participation in the national construction The president said the state strategy is based on and is founded on the educated, well qualified youth with considerable training and higher skills for production and improving the income. He said Sudanese youth have shown considerable success that helped the government put in place policies and programmes that secure provision of real opportunities for the youth sector and for realizing their aspirations and at the same time respond to the requirement for development and renaissance of the state and the community The president stressed that paying attention to the youth health was equally important and constitutes one of the pillars of strength for the homeland and for the community. He said this was why the government made considerable effort to fight back any threats against the youth. He cited programmes for fighting drug abuse, AIDS and other health hazards. He said the youth have also played a major role in in the public work and contributed in the provision of social and human services that benefited huge sectors of the society The President renewed the state commitment to take care of the youth and to support all activities involving the youth and the welfare of the youth sector.

Sudan to Participate in Meetings of Africa's Mining Training Centre
Khartoum, (SUNA) The State Minister of the Ministry of Minerals, Aushake Mohamed Ahmed, will lead next Friday, the Sudan's delegation participating in the meetings of the African Minerals Training Center in Tanzania. In a statement to SUNA, the State Minister noted that the center's annual meetings include the minerals ministers of the African countries members of the center that is specialized in the manning issues, particularly that the Sudan is one of the centers founders, and is directed by one of the qualified Sudanese professor Ibrahim Shadad. He added that the Sudan benefits from the centers training program, pointing out that the meeting would review the centers accomplished projects and the future's plans. On the other hand, the state minister has described his recent participation in conference of African mining ministers held in Australia as successful, where a great number of the African minerals ministers have taken part in the conference, and that the Sudan has presented its experiment in the field of mining, the minerals potentials and the investment opportunities in this field.

65 Thousand Tons Total Exports of Country's Gum Arabic by End of Year
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Secretary General of the gum Arabic Council, Dr. Abdul-Majid Abdul-Gadir underlined that the country's total exports of gum Arabic nearly 65 thousand tons. In a statement to SUNA, Abdul-Majid, considered this amount the normal rate of the country's exports during the past years, confirming the decline of the country's exports of Al-Hashab gum that estimated at 12 thousand tons in the middle of this year. He attributed the decline in this type of gum to the local high demand especially after the beginning of the operation of spray powder factories in Sudan, which consumes amounts of Al-Hashab gum. He noted to the remarkable high exports of Al-Talh gum and the decrease of Al-Hashab gum exports, besides all the quantities smuggled to neighboring countries, he indicated the good progress in the country's exports of gum Arabic, with an increasing demand, calling for taking required security and administrative measures, to protect the country's wealth of gum Arabic, referring to the security issues, and administrative complications which are unrelated to production issues.

September 12, 2017

Trade Minister: Gum Arabic Manufacturing Way to Increase Exports, Reform of Trade Balance
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Trade Minister, Hatim Al-Si'ir, noted that the manufacturing of gum Arabic is the way to increase the added value, and then increase the revenue of the exports and the reform of the trade balance. During his address to the workshop of the gum Arabic production, prospects of industry and marketing, organized by the council's committees of the industry, trade and investment, and agriculture, irrigation, animal resources and forests, in collaboration with the general qualitative cooperative union of the producers of natural gum, the minister has stressed the National Accord Government concern to achieve a leap in the production of gum Arabic, indicating the government readiness to surpass obstacles and challenges facing the increase of gum Arabic production. He pointed to the government efforts for combating the Mafia of gum Arabic smuggling, stressing the state's capability to have control over the smuggling. He called on participants at the workshop to come out with recommendations that would enable the state to manage the gum Arabic sector, organize the producers and aggrandize role of trade.

Workshop on Gum Arabic Production, Prospects of Industry and Marketing Launched
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Workshop on the Production of Gum Arabic, the Prospects of Industry and Marketing, launched Monday morning at the Green Hall of the National Assembly. The workshop is organized by the council's committees of the industry, trade and investment, and agriculture, irrigation, animal resources and forests, in collaboration with the general qualitative cooperative union of the producers of natural gum which will continue for two days with the presence of a number of federal ministers, governors, deputies and heads of specialized committees s in the National Council and a number of producers and interested parties. The workshop focuses on financing of producers of gum Arabic, modernize its production methods, the concern over the producers of gum and training them in different states that represent the gum belt, and the establishment of a portfolio for producers, the focus on manufacturing and production, raise the quality of gum Arabic, the adoption of incentive policies for the producers for its association with marketing , a matter that would contribute to increase the country's exports of gum Arabic, especially that 85% of the world's gum production comes from Sudan to maintain the global leadership in production of gum Arabic. The workshop will tackle a number of papers, including a paper on the cooperative system and development of the executive sector of small producers, to presented by Professor Awadallah Ibrahim, a paper on environmental, economic and social effects of gum Arabic by Dr. Adam Mokhtar Ahmed Bilal, and a paper on the role of stakeholders in the development of the gum Arabic sector will be presented by dr. Isam Sideeg.

September 11, 2017

Sudan-China Agree to Continue Contractual Cotton Cultivation
Al-fa'awo, (SUNA) The Minister of State of the Ministry of Agriculture, al-Sadig Fadul-Alla, accompanied by the Deputy Governor of China's Shandong Province and the accompanying delegation, Sunday, at Al-Rahad Agricultural corporation inspected the experiment of the cotton contractual cultivation with the partnership with New Abouk company that has targeted the cultivation of 15 thousands feddan in the project's first stage. The State Minister in a statement to SUNA, indicated importance of the Sudanese-Chinese partnership in realizing added value through entering in financing the agriculture and industry sectors, the modernization of agriculture and the increase of production. He announced the ministry of agriculture sponsorship to the agreements between the two parties to achieve the spired goals. The director general of al-Rahad agricultural corporation, Engineer Abdulla Mohamed Ahmed, indicated to SUNA that the visit has included the inspection of the cotton harvest, while the visiting Chinese delegation was briefed on the activities of al- Rahad agricultural project, the irrigation system, he added that the visit included the Chinese cotton gins, and the cotton seed preparation unit, in addition to the visit of the Sudanese Center for Technology Transfer in Al-Fa'awo, where the delegation was acquainted with the center's modern technical activities. He revealed that the visit has achieved a number of gains by the agreement of the two sides to continue the contractual cultivation of cotton and the increase of the cultivated area to reach 30 thousands in the next season, 50 thousands feddan in the third season to reach 150 thousands feddan in the fourth season, besides the establishment of spinning and weaving factories for the clothes industry. Eng. Abdullah announced that next season will witness a contract agriculture that targets the cultivation of peanut, sunflower, soybean and maize, with the establishment of an agricultural services company for the mechanization of agricultural operations from preparation to harvest, in addition to entering the animal activity of Al-Rahad project according to the agreement with the Chinese party. The director of Al-Rahad agriculture project, has asserted commitment to implement the understandings and agreements reached with the Chinese delegation according to the Sudanese Investment Law, and to overcome all the obstacles that face the implementation of the agreed upon projects in order to raise the national income, and realize prosperity for the projects farmers. He revealed that the contracts agreed upon will be signed during a regional conference to be held by China in Senegal during the coming period.

Kazakhstan Summit on Science and Technology for Leaders of the Islamic Cooperation Countries Starts
Astana, (SUNA) - The Kazakhstan Summit on Science and Technology for leaders of Islamic Cooperation Countries started sessions, Sunday, in Astana, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan . Sudan's delegation to the summit led by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Tahani Abdulla who represents the President of the Republic . The two day-summit aimed at taking a unified and collective position of the ICC decision- makers towards promotion of science and technology to affirm the Islamic world desire to encourage scientific and technological development .


Lavrov: Moscow interested in implementing joint investment projects with Sudan
Moscow, (SUNA) - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday that Moscow has always insisted on adopting international approaches based on respect for Sudanese sovereignty . Lavrov, who received, Friday, the Assistant of the President of the Republic and the Deputy Chairman of the National Committee for Sudan's Relations with China, Russia and India, Dr. Awad Al-Jaz, currently on a visit to Russia, said his country is interested in the overall development of economic trade relations, the implementation of mutually beneficial joint ventures with Sudan . He outlined that Russia has called for consideration of all the issues that have arisen and continue to be established around Sudan in terms of justice . 'We have reached the agenda of the international negotiations. We have been working to make the approaches of the international community towards Sudan based on the established principles of international law and the non-Interference in the country's internal affairs. "He stressed. Dr. Al-Jaz, on his part, stressed that the continuation of contacts between Russia and Sudan is in the interest of the peoples of the two countries . He appreciated Moscow support to Khartoum in international forums, expressing hope for continued Russian support and renewed efforts to make relations between the two countries a model for the ties between other countries .
September 08, 2017

Sudanese White Sesame Leads Global Prices
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Sudanese white sesame has gained top on sesame global prices. According to the Sudanese Trade Point bulletin, Thursday, the price of the Sudanese white sesame is 1130 dollars / ton. While the Ethiopian sesame has recorded 1050 dollars / ton, the price of the Tanzania sesame reached 950 dollars / ton, the price of the Nigerian mixed sesame was 960 dollars / ton while the price of the Indian sesame was 989 dollars / metric ton.

Minister of Communications and InformationTechnology leads Sudan Delegation to Kazakhstan OIC Summit
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister of Communications and Information Technology and representative the President of the Republic, Dr. Tahani Abdalla Attiya, will lead the Sudan delegation to the Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Science and Information Technology, scheduled in Astana,Kazakhstan, during September 10 - 11. The summit aims to achieve a united and collective position at the specialized level within the OIC on promotion of the sciences, technology and innovation and to assert the desire of the Islamic World for encouraging the scientific and technological progress. The convocation of Astana Summit complies with the OIC's first and second10-year strategic plans which are aimed for bolstering the innovation and scientific research. The summit will also review ways of enhancing the renewed energy in the Islamic World countries and promoting the economic sectors through advanced technological industry. The summit is expected to come out with Astana Declaration, the Concluding Document and the agenda of science, technology and innovation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Sudanese Red Crescent Society Selected member at Standing Commission of International Red Crescent and Cross
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Sudanese Red Crescent Society has been selected member in the international Standing Commission of the Red Cross and Red Crescent based in the Swiss capital Geneva. The Sudanese Red Crescent has been selected for this position for the effective role it has been playing in the humanitarian field inside the entire parts of the country and abroad, besides its effective participation in the international conferences. The society has enjoyed the occupation of this position, the membership of the Board of Directors of the Red Cross and Red Crescent before, besides its occupation to the position of the Deputy Chairman of the International Union. Meanwhile, the society's workers and volunteers have congratulated the society for the membership in the Standing Committee, wishing it more success in all humanitarian work. It worth mentioning that the Standing Commission of the Red Cross and Red Crescent is the permanent statutory body of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and the highest deliberative body of the Movement between the meetings of the Council of Delegates and the International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent. It was originally set up to coordinate cooperation between the International Committee of the Red Cross and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (previously known as the League of Red Cross Societies).

September 07, 2017

Al-Basher Congratulates Custodian of Two Holly Mosques on Success of Haj season
Khartoum, (SUNA) - President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omer Al-Basher sent a congratulatory cable to the Custodian of the Two Holly Mosques, King, Salman Bin Abdul Aziz on the success of the pilgrimage season . Al-Basher has, also, thanked King, Salman for the good reception and hospitality he received during the performance of pilgrimage .

Sudan Participates in Opening of China-Arab States EXPO
Yinchuan, (SUNA) The delegation of the Sudan has participated, Wednesday, in the opening ceremony of the exhibition of China and the Arab states in the Chinese city of Yinchuan. The Sudan's delegation has included a number of sectors representing the ministries of Investment, Animal Resources, Sudan Central Bank, the Ministry of Trade and other organizations led by Dr. Abdul-Dafe'e Abdulla, the director of Investment and Companies of the Ministry of Agriculture. The head of the Sudan's delegation has noted to the historical relations between the Sudan and China which described as relations of economic, political cooperation and friendship, pointing to the Chinese support to the Sudan's development efforts, stressing that the exhibition would present the Sudan's investment potentials to realize the total goals of the exhibition. It is worth mentioning that the China-Arab States Expo is a large - scale and comprehensive economic & trade conference and exhibition event approved by the State Council of China. It is jointly organized by China's Ministry of Commerce, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the People's Government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Since 2010, three sessions of China-Arab States Economic and Trade Forum and two sessions of China-Arab States Expo has been successfully held in Ningxia, which has been widely recognized by the Arab States and other countries along the "Belt and Road" with extensive and profound influence. On January 21, 2016, Chinese President Xi Jinping mentioned in his speech at the Arab League Headquarters that China -Arab States Expo has been an important platform for China and Arab states to jointly build the "Belt and Road". China - Arab States Expo 2017 in which the Sudan is participating will be held from September 6 to 9, 2017 in Yinchuan, Ningxia with the theme of "Towards a New Model of Partnership Featuring Results - oriented and Win - win Cooperation" for the general purpose of "Friendship, Cooperation, Development " . Series of conference s and exhibitions will be organized in China - Arab States Expo 2017.

Red Sea state Starts Early Preparations for 11 th Festival of Tourism and Shopping
Port-Sudan, Sept. 6 (SUNA) The preparations for the 11 th festival of the Red Sea state for Tourism and Shopping has started, Wednesday, due to be organized during the period 23 November to 11 of next January. The Wali (governor) of the Red Sea state, Ali Ahmed Hamid has issued a number of state's decisions for the formation of the higher committee for coordination of the festival to headed by the Wali (governor), the state's ministers of planning and tourism as deputies for planning out the general policies, the follow up and supervision of the sup-assistant committees. In the context of the early preparations for the festivals the decisions have included some assistant committee for the reception, hospitability, the organization of the opening event, the conclusions ceremony and the committee of finance and sponsorship.

North Darfur underlines importance of agriculture sector and animal resources in the subsistence of the local community
Fashir, SUNA)- The acting governor North Darfur State, Dr Mohamed Yahia Hamid, has underlined the role of the animal and agriculture sectors in the sustenance of the local community of his state, stressing in an address before workers at the ministry of Animal Resources, the need for more production and productivity in these sectors. The acting Governor said over ninety percent of the state's population is engaged in either farming or animal raising activities which reflects the importance of the sector for the state. He said it was imperative that the staffers of the ministry take all necessary measures for the evelopment of the two sectors and for making use of the modern technology in animal and agriculture production The official has stressed the need to collect illegal firearms from the hands of private citizens and to avert the firearms being impediment for the development of the two sectors in the region The commissioner of Fashir locality, Al Tigani Abdalla Salih, said the locality has witnessed a noticeable stability in the past few weeks thanks to the efforts exerted to collect firearms from the hands of the individuals. He said the direct result was the dwindling of report of breaches of law in the state. He said this was a direct result of firearms collection which the state started earlier.

Finance minister: National Accord Government's programme based on improving living conditions
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, lt Gen Mohamed Osman Rikabi, has called on workers at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning to double their efforts in order to upgrade and improve the economic performance and lead the economy to safe shores. He stressed each one should feel the burden of the responsibility regarding the economy of the country. The minister told an Eid ceremony which was attended by the leading figures of the ministry including the state ministers and the undersecretary , the governor of the Central Bank, the taxation and Customs officials that the whole programme of the government of National Accord is based on provision of good services to the people and of good livelihood. The minister has meanwhile vowed to better the working and living conditions of the staff of his ministry saying that this would be carried out in a just and fair manner. The workers leaderships have meanwhile reassured the minister that they would do their level best to push forward the Sudanese economy
September 05, 2017

President of Republic Congratulates Sudanese Peoples on Eid al-Adha
Khartoum, (SUNA) The President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omar al-Bashir has congratulated the Sudanese people on Eid al-Adha, hoping that the country will enjoy peace, security and stability, and that the world of Islam, the Arab world, and the whole world will enjoy the spirit of security, stability and cooperation for the good of all peoples and humanity. In his address to the Sudanese people, President al Bashir, said that the Sudan needs the efforts of all its people to engage in dialogue, to cooperate and to work together to embrace a new stage of hope in order to translate these lofty meanings into a method that would bring together and unite the beloved homeland. He added that Eid al-Adha is a great occasion in which we remember the values of sacrifice, redemption and values of compassion and loyalty. It is also an occasion for to feel close to God the Almighty. He indicated that the Eid is an occasion to affirm the unity of faith among Muslims on the principles of brotherhood, love and reconciliation. President al -Bashir in remembrance to the glorious history has saluted Prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him, pledging requirement to make the occasion an inspiration for the path of reform, construction and development so as to unite on the faith and values of moderation.

FM meets US Congress delegation
Khartoum, (SUNA)-Foreign Minister, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour met on Thursday, a delegation from US Congress and discussed progress of bilateral relations by focusing on achievements made at the Five Tracks Plan. The Minister underscored that Sudan has committed to what has agreed upon and that it will continue cooperation in this connection waiting the American side commitment to lift sanctions against Sudan in October. For their part, the members of the delegation lauded regional role being played by Sudan and stressed US Desire to work together in all files pertinent to issues of bilateral cooperation and the Five Tracks Plan and that they are working for revocation of sanctions i9mposed on Sudan due to wide cooperation of Government of Sudan and the realities they have seen during their visit. The two sides agreed to widen joint cooperation to cover all fields following revocation of sanctions.

FVP to receive congratulations on Eid Al-Adha on Saturday
Khartoum, (SUNA)-The Vice-President of the Republic, National Prime Minister, Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh will receive congratulations on Eid Al-Adha Saturday, the second day of Eid, from Armed Forces, security and police officers. He will also receive in same day in the Republican Palace congratulations from Vuice-President of the Republic, Natioanl Assembly Speaker, Chairman of the Council of States, Chief Justice, President of the Constitutional Court, Assistants of the President, Attorney -General and Deputy Chairman of Committee Charged of Overseeing Sudan Relations with BRICS countries. The First Vice-President will receive congratulations from diplomatic missions accredited to Khartoum also on Saturday. He will receive congratulations in the Republican Palace at 02:00 noon Saturday from Ministers, General Auditor, Chairman of National Election Commission, Registrar of Political Parties, State Ministers, Deputies of National Assembly and Chairman of the Council of States. Heads of committees at the two Councils, deputies of Chief Justice and the President of the Constitutional Court, holders of constitutional posts, heads of commissions, Governor and Government of Khartoum State, Chairman of Khartoum State Legislative Council, former members of the Revolution Command Council, leaders of parties and civil service. Universities vice-chancellors , judges of the High Court, Islamic and Christian scholars, heads of media corporations and editors-in- chief.

Khartoum to Host (DLCO) Regional Conference 24 September
Khartoum,(SUNA) Khartoum is due to host in the 24 of current month the regional conference of the Desert Locust Control Organization (DLCO) with the participation of 9 countries from east and central Africa to discuss agricultural pest control.
The Director of the Plants Protection Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry,, Khidr Jibril, said to SUNA that the conference will discuss a number of issues related to pest control in these countries and how to come up with recommendations that would contribute to the eradication of all kinds of pests that destroy agriculture in these countries. He added that Sudan is a founding member of the organization since 1962 and last year marked the organization's 60th anniversary under its chairmanship in Ethiopia. The DALCO organization includes countries from IGAD countries: Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Southern Sudan, and is working in the control of desert locusts, starlings and tsetse flies. He announced the convening of a global conference on prevention in Wad Maddani, the capital of al-Gazira state, in next October to discuss how to combat insect pests.

August 30, 2017

Al-Basher Arrives in the Holy Land
Jeddah,(SUNA) - president of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omer Al-Basher arrived in the Holy Land, Tuesday, to perform Pilgrimage. He was received at Jeddah airport by the Deputy Prince of Mecca, Abdulla Bin Bander Al-Saud, Sudan Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Sudan General Consul, Ambassador, Awad Hussein, members of Sudan embassy in Saudi Arabia and the Sudanese Pilgrimage Mission including Minister of Guidance and Endowment .


USAID says Washington serious about normalizing relations with Khartoum
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour, on Tuesday met with the visiting USAID Director, Mark Green, and the accompanying American delegation where the two sides reviewed ways of boosting bilateral relations and cooperation on issues of mutual concern. The meeting also discussed regional and international political agenda top of which the peace process talks where the American diplomat underlined the seriousness of the American administration to work with Khartoum for the normalization of bilateral relations and cooperation in the various domains. The American official commended the role played by the Sudan in hosting and giving refuge to refugees and Khartoum's international with the humanitarian situation in South Sudan and the opening of four humanitarian corridors to forwards relief and humanitarian assistance to victims of South Sudan internal conflict. The Minister has meanwhile stressed that that the five tracks have now become Sudanese national agenda with positive results in impact on the peace and national security in the Sudan. The Minister on the other hand pointed to the most recent visit by the UK Archbishop of Canterbury and to other visits by international envoys who all commended the levels of freedoms enjoyed by the Sudan and the efforts exerted by the government to cement the pillars of peace, security and stability in Darfur and the Two Areas. The Minister called on the United States of America to boost the efforts in the stage of boosting peace and development programmes. It is to be noted the undersecretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Abdul Ghani Neim, along with the commissioner for humanitarian aid, and representatives of concerned ministries and institutions took part in the meeting with the American delegation.

August 29, 2017
Sudan, Libya agree to boost cooperation, unify efforts on issues of borders and counterterrorism
Khartoum, (SUNA)-Sudan and Libya are agreed to boost cooperation in economic and trade fields, revitalize the Integration Agreement and support investments in the two countries. In the joint communique issued Monday at the end of visit of the Chairman of Libyan Presidency Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj to Sudan, the two sides affirmed the importance of boosting cooperation and consultation and unifying efforts on issues of borders and counter terrorism whatever shape it takes, saying they need to bring together joint endavour towards maintaining security and stability in the region. The communique said President Omar Bashir of Sudan his libya opposite number, Fazy Sarraj of libya held round of joint talks in the Republican Palace in Khartoum in which a number of Ministers and officials in the two countries participated. The two sides, it stressed, have underlined the need to seek possible ways for strengthening bilateral relations in all fields in a way that serves the high interests of the two sister countries . It stated that President Bashir underscored support to efforts being made by Chairman of the Libya Presidency Council to resolve the Libyan crisis and achieve comprehensive accord within framework of Sikharat Accord signed on 17 December, 2015 as well as his solidarity with Libyan people, renewing Sudan rejection for any foreign interventions and calling on Libyan parties to embrace dialogue as means of solution and to reject the military solution. The communique said the Chairman of Libyan Presidency Council, on his part, appreciated Sudan's supportive stance to Libyan people and the wise policy being adopted by President Bashir towards national dialogue. The two sides, the communique added, agreed to boost cooperation in the economic and commercial domains, reactivate Integration Agreement between the two countries , support and encouragement of joint ventures , facilitate movement of businessmen in the two countries and to ultimate benefit from resources of the two countries in all fields and that the two Presidents directed their delegations to start preparation for meeting of the Joint High Ministerial Committee as soon as possible. It added the two sides stressed the importance of boosting cooperation and consultation and unifying efforts on issues of borders security, counter terrorism, organized crimes, smuggling, and illegal migration through coordination between the concerned authorities and within framework of agreements and relevant cooperation mechanisms signed between the two countries. The communique further added that the two sides reiterated keenness to unify efforts towards maintain security and stability in the region. It stated that the two sides welcomed cooperation in fields of higher education and scientific research.
The communique added that the Chairman of the Libyan Presidency Council, Sarraj received at his residence in Khartoum the First Vice-President of the Republic and National Prime Minister, lt Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih and discussed with him strengthening relations between the two countries in all domains. At the end of their talks, the communique said, the two sides signed a memorandum of Understanding on establishment of Committee on Political Consultation between Foreign Ministries in the countries.

VP briefed on Sudan's external relations
Khartoum, (SUNA)-The Vice-President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman listened to a detailed briefing on Sudan foreign relations and the continuing consultation nd dialogue with the United States over the five files pertinent to revocation of sanctions against Sudan. This came during his meeting in the Republican Palace, Monday with Foreign Minister, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour who underlined in press statements that he briefed the Vice-President on Sudan external relations during the past two months , stressing that Sudan relations are at its best state. He added that he has notified the Vice-President with decisions of EU and a number of western countries on entering into development projects in Sudan after more than 20 years and during which the cooperation confined to humanitarian aid. The Minister reiterated that he notified the Vice-President on Russia decision of considering its 11m dollars a development aid to projects in Sudan and that would be further discussed during the visit of the President of the Republic to Russia in next September. On dialogue with US, Professor Ghandour indicated that he told the Vice-President that dialogue with US is continuing , pointing to arrival of three delegates to Khartoum within framework of consultation and dialogue over the five areas relevant to lifting sanctions imposed on Sudan. He stated that he listened to directives from the Vice-President regarding Sudan external relations as well as to full briefing on firearms collection campaign where the Vice-President gave directive to hold meeting with diplomatic missions accredited to Khartoum after Eid Al-Adha to brief them on objective, importance of arms collection in all parts of Sudan. Professor Ghandour said he would direct the Ministry's concerned departments to arrange the meeting.


August 28, 2017

Sudan and Libya affirms need to cooperate to secure borders, revitalize accords
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Sudan and Libya on Sunday underlined their keenness to boost bilateral cooperation in securing border areas and in revitalizing accords they signed in the various fields. President Omar Bashir told a joint presser that Sudanese efforts will continue in backing the Libyan people, expressing hope that all Libyans will stand together for unity of their homeland and for peace, security, stability and national accord in Libya. He said the visit of the Libyan Presidency Council Chairman, Fayez Sarajj should be a new phase in the process of integrating bilateral relations and cooperation. President Bashir said Sudan has no hidden agenda in Libya and that it seeks the security, stability and the unity of the ranks in Libya. He referred to the deeply rooted and historic relations between the two brotherly countries. Bashir said when the Libyan people revolted, Sudan had no choice but to be on their side. The Libyan official, Fayez Sarajj has meanwhile told the same press conference that his country's relations with the Sudan remains intact and that the relations was not negatively impacted by the recurrent developments back home and that the two sides would work to avoid a repeat of the past errors. He said his side held talks with the Sudanese side led by President Bashir on bilateral relations. He said the Libyan side briefed the president on the ongoing developments in Libya and the challenges facing the country, politically and security wise. He said Libya was at present undergoing a critical stage but said the future looks better. He said he would work to achieve political accord which will ultimately culminate by holding the elections in libya. He said the two sides have stressed the need for securing the joint border and revitalizing the accords and integration agreements they signed earlier.


Investment Minister Discusses Joint Cooperation with Director of (World FZO)
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Investment, Mubarak Al-Fadil Al-Mahdi, met Sunday, at his office the head of the World Free Zones Organization (World FZO), Dr. Samir Hamdouni and the accompanying delegation in the presence of Dr. Hashim Hussein, head of the Investment and Technology Office in UNIDO Bahrain. The minister was informed on the goals, programs and plans of the organization that have started activities in 2014 as an initiative from the Government of Dubai and includes three thousand free zones and six million companies contribute to the international trade and the membership of 75 countries. Dr. Samir Hamdouni said that Sudan is one of the first countries to join the organization, adding that they work to provide technical support, expertise and consultation in the area of free zones, as well as attracting investments and creating partnerships within the free zones. On his part, Dr. Hashim Hussein pointed out that UNIDO has a joint project with the Free Zones Organization to implemented in Sudan, and aims to link financial institutions, and universities in the free zones to contribute to the development of the industrial sector in terms of the infrastructure and technology as well as the initiative of future free zones, that works for the sustainable development in targeted countries. the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of investment, has welcomed cooperation with the World Organization of Free Zones, pointing out to the Sudan characterized geographical location, variety of products, and a continental road that is qualified to linking continent parts and crossing points, and to increase trade and export in Africa and neighboring countries in particular. He indicated the need to legalize and develop trade and export systems to contribute to the development of the national economy in light of existence of the open markets, referring to the need for the experiences and the application of the globally successful experiments to put these advantages in the right framework. The Investment Minister has called on the UNIDO to contribute in the establishment of an investment map, and to provide a data base for the Sudan's agricultural products that are used in the medical drugs, and pledged the (World FZO) to establish headquarter for the organization in Sudan for the service of the states of the African continent.

Khartoum Bank Granted Final License to Open Branch in UAE
Khartoum, (SUNA) The state of the United Arab Emirate has granted the Bank of Khartoum the final l license to open a branch in the UAE, after the bank has fulfilled all the organizational, monitoring and trade requirements in accordance with the license given in the year 2016. The Khartoum Bank is one of the oldest banks in Sudan with more than 100 years of experience since it was founded in 1913. The Bank was privatized in 2005 with the entry of Dubai Islamic Bank as a strategic partner. The Bank has carried out many activities at various levels of business (services, products, individuals, companies and institutions), and is a pioneering bank in providing services and products in addition to the adoption of the strategy of expanding abroad with the opening of its first branch in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the year 2015. The opening of a branch in the United Arab Emirates is the second strategic step in the process of strengthening foreign trade relations in general, and between the two countries in particular as the UAE is an important trading center. It is worth noting that the Bank of Khartoum recently has obtained a long-term credit rating (AA-) and a short-term rating (A-1) with a stable outlook from the International Islamic Rating Agency in the 17 of July 2017.

Culture Minster Praises UAE Effective role in Work with Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of Culture, al-Tayeb Hassan Badawi, has praised the effective role of the state of United Arab Emirate in work with the Sudan in all domains. The minister has discussed the development of the bilateral cultural relations between the two countries during his meeting at his office, Sunday, with ambassador of the UAE to Khartoum, Hamad Mohamed al-Ghnebi. The minister has expressed pleasure with the meeting, noting to the historical and rooted cutural relations between the two countries stressing its continuous progress. He pointed to the concern over the cultural issue, heritage and the civilization on level of the Arab League Organization (ALO) to contribute in the combat of terrorism. Ambassador al-Ghenebi, on his part indicated that the culture is the solution to many issues, affirming that Sudan's UAE relations is a honorable one.


Ambassador of Italy: We work to Attract Italian Companies to Invest in Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of Minerals, prof. Hashim Ali Salim has asserted readiness to fully cooperate with Italy for the promotion of the economic and trade relations between the two countries, pledging to remove all the difficulties to attract the Italian investments. During his meeting, at the ministry, Sunday, with the Italian Ambassador to Khartoum, Mr. Fabrizio Lobasso in the presence of the director of the General Corporation for Geological Researches, Dr. Mohamed Abu-Fatima, who noted that the Italian companies could invest in Sudan in the fields of marble with its large sources in the states of Red Sea, Kassala and River Nile (Nahr al-Neil). At his part, the Italian ambassador stressed their work for the improvement of the economic relations with the Sudan, revealing that his country has made efforts in the previous period for the lifting of the economic sanctions imposed on the Sudan by the United States of America. He pointed to their work for attracting the Italian investors to work in the Sudan in the different domains on top of them the minerals domain, indicating the appeal of an Italian company to invest in the minerals investment in the field of exploration of iron and steel in the red sea state with the partnership of a Sudanese company.

August 25, 2017

Al-Basher affirms country's strategic trend in making dialogue an alternative to confrontations
Khartoum, President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omar al-Bashir has stressed the strategic trend of the state in making dialogue an alternative to confrontations and willingness to provide its requirement to preserve the interests of the people and the country . This came when President Al-Basher met, Thursday, at the Republican Palace, the Assistant of the President of the Republic, Brigadier, Abdul Rahman Sadig Al-Mahdi and discussed with him the current political situation in the country and the best possible means to realize the targeted goals including unification of ranks and implementation of the outcomes of the National Dialogue . Al-Madi underlined in press statements that the meeting has also, assured the importance of inviting all the Sudanese to participate in serving the country, alleviation of burdens, delivery of services to citizens and combating corruption . 'Advantages of firearms collection to realize the rule of law, the preservation of the citizen's dignity and participation of all forces of the society and media to work for building Sudan free of violence and exclusion, were also discussed' Al-Mahdi concluded .

Sudan renews commitment to implement presidential initiative on Arab food security
Cairo, (SUNA) - The Sudan has renewed its commitment to fully implement the initiative of the president of the Republic, Omar Bashir, on Arab food Security. Ambassador Abdul Mahmoud Abdul Halim, Sudan ambassador to Cairo and the Permanent Representative to the Arab League, pointed out in a statement to the Sudan News Agency that the Sudan participated in the meeting of the Economic and Social Council of the Arab league which took place in Cairo, Egypt, with a delegation led by the Minister for Finance and Economic Planning, Dr Mohamed Osman Rikkabi. He said during the meeting the Sudan renewed its commitment to implement the initiative launched by the President of the republic Omar Bashir on the Arab Food Security. He said the ministerial council has also adopted a number of decisions regarding the convening of the Arab conference on Rehabilitation and Development set to take place in Sudan. He added that the council also reviewed the economic and social dossiers for the Arab league Summit meeting set to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, March next year

Sudan-American cooperation in the field of scientific research
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister for Higher Education and Scientific Research, Professor Somya Abu Kashawa on Thursday received the visiting American delegation (CBC) research center, one of the prominent American research organizations. The meeting was also attended by Professor Azhari Omar Abdul Bagi the Undersecretary of the Ministry and Professor Mohamed Hassan Al Fahal, the head of the research and creativity authority. The meeting discussed areas of joint cooperation and the higher education and scientific research institute, particularly in the domain of specialized scientific research. The Minister welcomed the areas of cooperation between the center and the higher education institutions in the Sudan in the field of scientific research saying her ministry welcomes all cooperation will in a way that would be beneficial to all.

August 24, 2017

Omani Delegation Discusses Investment in Animal Husbandry, Meat Industry
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of Animal Resources , Bushara Jouma'a Arour, met, Wednesday, at his office the visiting Omani delegation, with support of the youth activities in the framework of the 2020 initiative, to discuss aspects of investment in the field of animal husbandry and the meat industry, both red and white and the fish farming. The minister has discussed with visiting delegation aspects of joint cooperation, stressing that the ministry encourages investors and the private sector to enter into smart partnerships, praising the role of the youth initiative in supporting stability, encouraging youth and increasing production.


Sudan -Poland Discuss Ways to Economic Cooperation
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of International Cooperation, Iddris Sulieman discussed, Wednesday, at his office with the Ambassador of Poland to Sudan, resident in Cairo, Mr. Michael Morko, the ways for the development of the economic relations between the two countries, and the necessity for promoting them in all fields. The minister has called during the meeting for benefiting from the two countries capabilities in the various economic domains, especially the agriculture, and animal resources, pointing to the Sudan keenness to establish good relations with all countries for boosting international cooperation. The Polish ambassador, on his part has expressed his country's desire to strengthen relations between the two countries, and cooperation in the economic and investment fields. He added that Poland is pioneer in the field of manufacture of the agriculture, irrigation and the dairy products, noting to Poland openness towards Africa according to the (Go Africa) initiative that calls for openness towered Africa in all fields. The ambassador has lauded the investment environment in Sudan, its location in African continent and the various resources that have been attractive to investment in the country. He invited the Sudanese party to participate in the (Polagra Food 2017) exhibition organized in Poland in the 23 of next September to benefit from the investment opportunities available between Sudan and Europe.

Chadian PM Visits Amipharma Drugs Factory and Zadna Farms
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Chadian Prime Minister, Albert Pahimi Padacké, and the accompanying delegation have visited, Tuesday , the Amipharam Factory for Drugs Manufacturing , in Bahri area (north Khartoum), accompanied by the Vice President of the republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman and the Federal Health Minister, Bahar Iddris Abu-Garda. The visiting official and the accompanying delegation have heard to a detailed briefing from the factory's general director, Dr. Ahmed al-Badawi Mohamed on the factory's performance, the technologies, section and the production's lines. The visiting Chadian prime minister and the accompanying delegation have also visited the farms of Zadna company in al-Kadarou area, north Khartoum, and toured the farms sections, and heard to an enlightenment from Prof. Gassim Dafulla Abdulla, the company's advisor, who pointed to the company's work for the development, promotion of agricultural production, besides providing rural development, irrigation services. He noted to the company's work in roads construction, land harbors, commercial center, hospital , villages ad mosques.

August 23, 2017

Sudanese-Chinese Talks for Promoting Partnership to Start Next Friday
Khartoum- Deputy President of the state Chinese Council, Zhang Gao Li will arrive Sudan next Friday for holding more consultations towards enhancing international and regional coordination between the two countries as well as promoting the strategic partnership Li will hold talks with the First Vice President of the Republic. Minister of Foreign Affairs Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour said the visit confirms the strong relations between the two countries and will touch on the political economic and cultural relations and how to promote them and push them forward to the level of strategic relations between the two countries. Ghandour noted that separate sessions of the ministers of the two countries will be held for further review on bilateral cooperation programs and projects in the framework of the strategic partnership targets. He noted that the visit confirms the strong relations deep-rooted friendship and cooperation between the two countries and the visit is accorded huge attention from the government of Sudan. He added that Gao will meet the President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir to underscore keenness and commitment of the two countries' leaderships to the targets and projects of the agreement of strategic partnership which was signed by the two President in Beijing in 2015.

Chadian PM Visits Number of Factories, Expresses Desire to Transfer Sudan's Experiences
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Chadian prime minister, informed during a tour on the country's industrial capabilities. The tour in which the visiting PM was accompanied by the Vice President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, has included Saria Company for Advanced Works, during which he inspected the sections of the leather factory and the production stages. The chairman of the company's board of directors, Lt. Gen. Ali Mohamed Salim, has asserted the factory's capability to manufacture all types of military shoes where its production covers needs of the Sudanese army and some of the neighboring countries. He indicated the company readiness to cooperate with Chad, revealing intention to open branch for the company in Chad. The Director General of the Factory Nur Mohamed Omer, has welcomed the Chadian premier, the VP and the accompanying delegation, asserting readiness of the factory to meet needs of neighboring African countries from the production of shoes. Meanwhile, the Chadian PM was informed during his visit to Muawiya al-Barir Complex in Soba, on the development in the paper and packaging industry, including the manufacturing of cardboard and soft drinks factory. The Chadian PM has praised the great development achieved by the Sudanese industrial sector, expressing his country's desire to transfer Sudan's experience to Chad. He concluded his tour in his two days visit to the Sudan by visiting GIAD Company, including the factories of pipes, cables, agricultural equipment, cars and assembled cars as well as the factories of furniture and sanitary equipment.


Ministry of Health Imports New Drug for Treatment of Breast Cancer and Lymph Nodes
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Federal Health Minister, Bahar Idriss abu-Garda, has revealed the start of importation of a new drug for the treatment of breast and lymph nodes and storing it in the medical supplies stores at the cost of 80 million pounds. Abu Garda said in a press statement, Tuesday, that the state has made great efforts despite the conditions and the embargo imposed on it, pointing out that the cancer cases in Sudan ranges between 11-13 thousand cases per year and predicted an increase in cases if the necessary interventions are not made. He added that the burden of non-communicable diseases is globally increasing and cancer has killed 8.8 million people worldwide and more than 70 percent of deaths in low-income countries according to World Health Organization WHO. He said that the disease hampering the development, revealing an agreement with the International Swiss Company Roche, for the cancer combating.

August 22, 2017

Al-Bahir Affirms Sudan-Chad Strong, eternal relations
Khartoum, (SUNA) The President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al -Bashir, has affirmed the eternal and strong relations between the Sudan and Chad on both the official and popular levels, and the Sudan's keenness to promote them in all domains. The President of the Republic, discussed during his meeting, Monday, at the Guests House, the Chadian Prime Minister, Albert Pahimi Padacké, the ways for strengthening bilateral relations and develop cooperation to achieve the ommon interests. The Chadian Prime Minister has indicated in press statements, keenness of his country to strengthen its relations with Sudan to serve the interests and benefits of the two countries, pointing out that the visit comes within the framework of the concern of leaderships of the two countries to boost relations of their governments and peoples. He praised the cooperation and security coordination through the joint Sudanese-Chadian forces, which have contributed in the stabilization of Sudan and Chad boarders. He welcomed the investments of the Sudanese businessmen in Chad, which will push forward the economic cooperation relations, and the development and prosperity of both countries.

Minister for Defense calls on President Al Sisi of Egypt, concludes visit to Cairo
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister for Defense, Lt Gen Awad Ibin Aouf, on Monday concluded his visit to Egypt where he called on President Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi, in the presence of the Egyptian Minister for Defense, Gen Subhi Sidigi. Sudan's ambassador to Cairo, Abdul Mahmood Abdul Halim, described the meeting as being cordial and frank and that the Minister for Defense convey to President Al Sisi the greetings of his Sudanese counterpart, Field Marshal Omar Bashir, reaffirming Sudan's keenness to boost cooperation between the two countries and to reinvigorate cooperation mechanisms between Cairo and Khartoum. He said the minister also briefed President Al Sisi on the outcome of his talks with Egypt's Minister for Defense which focused on border and political issues as well as the developments in the region and particularly the situation in Libya, its reflection on the Sudan, beside coordination between the two ministries. The ambassador said President Al Sisi has meanwhile conveyed his greeting to President Omar Bashir and reaffirmed the commitment of his country, Egypt, to boost bilateral relations in the various domains and the commitment of Egypt not to intervene in the domestic affairs of others. He said President Al Sisi also underlined commitment to implement what was agreed upon during the meeting of the Coordination and Follow up Mechanisms between the two countries.

Ariyab Mining Company Calls for Using Mineral Reserves to Raise Financing from International Banks
Khartoum,(SUNA) The Board of Directors of Ariyab Mining Company has called for the benefit from the company huge reserves of mineral of "Gold, copper, silver" in attracting financing and to presented as guarantee to the international banks. The Minister of Minerals, Prof. Hashim Ali Salim, has demanded the company's administration to speed up the start of production of copper and mining residues during the remaining months of this year, the continuous discussion of the company's strategic plan to cover a period of at least 10 years, in which there is complete clarity of vision for production, and the work sites. The Director General of the company, Nasrul-Deen al-Husein disclosed in press statements, flowing the 60 th meeting of the board of directors, held at the company's headquarter in Khartoum, Monday, that the board was informed on the company's major 4 projects, which he said would make qualitative leap in production, noting to the company's big role in the country's economy through its gold production. He pointed out to the increase of 69% over the planed net profit, referring to the development in the investment in Shwalaya area which would enter to production next year.

Funded by Qatar: 70 million dollar agreement to build ten model villages in Darfur
Khartoum, (SUNA)- A 70 million dollars agreement was signed here on Monday for the construction of ten model villages in Darfur, the funds being provided by the state of Qatar within the Qatari efforts to boost development efforts in Sudan. The agreement signed between the Sudan and the Qatari Fund for Development provides for the construction of ten model villages in the five states of Darfur. The projects comes within the Qatari initiative for the development of Darfur which includes ten projects, two in each of the five states, and which include the construction of fully integrated village and grouping for the voluntary return of refugees and displaced to Darfur region of western Sudan The Qatari ambassador to the Sudan, Rashid Bin Abdul Rahaman Al Naimi told the signing ceremony in Khartoum that his country, Qatar, is committed to carrying out is pledges in the Sudan in line with Doha Document for Peace in Darfur He said the projects comes in line with previous five groups in that have been successful and from which all people in the concerned areas benefited and that the areas where those villages were build have witnessed return and settlement movement by returnees and refugees The ambassador renewed his call for the rebel movement to join the peace process and help with the development in Darfur. He said the primary target of the projects remains the people of the Sudan and Darfur Khalifa Bin Jasim Al Kowari, the Director of the Qatari Fund has pointed out that the projects are part of the pledge made by Qatar during the Donors conference which was held in Doha, Qatar, 2013 and that they target the man in the street in Darfur and that they would reflect positively on the peace process and in the stability in the region Kowari said the previous five projects in Darfur costed over 32 million dollars. The projects will benefit over 300 thousands persons who return voluntarily to the region.

August 21, 2017

President Bashir: Africans are capable of resolving their differences
Khartoum, SUNA) - The President of the Republic Omar Bashir on Sunday stressed that African people are mature and are capable of resolving their differences amongst themselves, without any foreign interventions, saying the untapped resources of the continent have been the cause behind the greed of other countries and international corporates to use these resources. The President who was talking to the member of the African Political Parties Council, said African parties have a huge role to play in the political life of the continent The presidency organized a banquet in honor of the visiting delegations of the African Parties' Council which was attended by minister and officials. The president underlined the need for the African parties to work for the unity of the people of the continent, saying if the African continent unites economically and militarily it would bypass many others in the world. The president said it was imperative for all to work for resolving African conflicts and differences as those are a source for wasting African riches and African youth energies. He said Sudan backs the council to carry out its role of bringing closer African people and African countries in preparation for the unity and cooperation in all fields among African countries.

United Nations Trains Political Parties Youth
Khartoum - The Political Affairs Department (Africa Division) in cooperation with the Sudanese Political Parties Council and the United Nations Sudan Office is organizing a five- day workshop which started yesterday Sunday 20 August in Al Salam Rotana Hotel. The workshop aims to acquaint 40 young politicians from different Sudanese political parties on the different experiences of political parties in other countries. Mr. Haydar Hussein from the Sudanese Political Parties Council highly commended the cooperation between the Council and the United Nations and pointed to the important workshop that have been organized in the past to discuss the Election Law and which led to major amendments in the previous law. He added that this workshop is to train future political leaders from different parties is very important for the future of democracy and good governance in the country. He concluded that the Council hopes that another workshop can be organized for more young politicians because the number is large and this workshop will only train forty young politicians. On the other hand the United Nations Sudan Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Ms. Marta Ruedas said that it is hoped that this workshop will take young Sudanese politicians to a different context and have a look at the experience of other countries , at the same time she stressed on the role of youth in the future of political work. Mr. Graham Maitland, Director of the Africa Division in the UN Political Affairs Department (New York) said in his address in the opening session of the workshop, that “We want to share with you what we have learned from the experience of other countries both those that were successful and those that failed”. He added that the workshop will look at how different other political mechanisms works and what lessons can be learned from them to promote political work in Sudan.

Trade state Minister Calls for Cooperation among Stakeholders to Develop Gum Arabic
Khartoum, (SUNA) The state Minister at the Ministry of Trade, al-Sadig Mohamed Ali, noted that gum Arabic is one of the basic commodities the five years program based on for reducing the deficit in trade balance, pointing to importance of cooperation between the stakeholders for the development of gum Arabic. During his address to the 4 th forum of gum Arabic, at the Grand Holiday Villa, the State Minister has lauded the efforts of the Advanced Projects United Company Ltd. for the adoption of the forum and the integration of roles between the public and private sectors, referring to importance of such activities in development of the various, economic, social and environmental impacts of gum. He said that the forum tackled the issue of establishment of a bank for the gum Arabic to serve it in terms of financing the production and trade sectors, indicating that the establishment of a private zone for the gum Arabic would contribute to attracting investment for the production and manufacturing. The Secretary General of the Gum Arabic Council, Dr. Abdul Magid Abdul-Gadir, pointed to the 31 species of trees producing gum Arabic in the Sudan, calling for concerted efforts to add value to the commodity to increase national income. The representative of the advanced projects united company Ltd. Naji Farah Yousif said that the company has adopted method for the development and maximize the benefit of the gum Arabic, and the organization of the Gum Arabic Forum for the purpose of its development, and to discuss the obstacle to find solutions for the country's interest.

Turkey Plans to Establish Temperature Laboratories in Sudan
Khartoum - Head of the Scientific and Technological Research Foundation in Turkey announced his organization's intention to establish temperature and humidity laboratories in Sudan. He said that the value of the laboratories, to be established through the National Institute of Standards of the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Foundation, amounting to one million and 135 thousand dollar, adding that the decision to establish laboratories reached, after talks between the National Institute of Standards and the Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization (SSMO), saying that labs construction may take 24 months, pointing out that researchers from SSMO will travel to Turkey in the coming period to expand their experience through courses.

Al-Jaz: The Integrated Slaughterhouse Project as Partnership between Sudan and China
Khartoum - (SUNA) The Deputy Chairman of the High Committee for Overseeing Sudan's Relations with BRICS countries, Dr Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz, affirmed that he Integrated Slaughterhouse Project is a partnership in animal and agricultural field between Sudan and China. Al-Jaz, who was attending opening of meetings of China Technical Committee for the Project in his Office, Sunday, pointed out that the delegation came to complete discussion over engineering and mechanic work plan, explaining that the project implemented at donation and loan from China. He hoped that the project would contribute to promotion of our animal resources and to export meat instead of animals. Dr Al-Jaz added the Slaughterhouse would use high technologies and make use of all wastes.

August 18, 2017

Al-Basher: Sudan and Ethiopia share identical viewpoints
Khartoum, (SUNA) - President of the republic, Field Marshal, Omer Al-Basher has disclosed that Sudan and Ethiopia shared identical viewpoints and strong political will to develop their bilateral relations towards integration in all fields . Al-Basher outlined during the joint press conference held, Thursday, at the Friendship Hall , with the visit ting Ethiopian Prime Minister, Haile Mariam Desalgen that the visit of the Ethiopian Premier comes in the context of the continued consultation between Sudan and Ethiopia to develop cooperation and review issues of common interest . The President denied disagreement on references concerning demarcation of borders between the two countries, adding that what is left is putting the marks on the borders, pointing out to the existence of higher mechanisms, ministerial, technical and security to sponsor and protect the borders between the two countries . Al- Bashir said that the atmosphere is now fully prepared for the establishment of the Horn of Africa Economic group to realize the interests of the region and meet the ambitions and desires of its political leaders and people . On the Ethiopian Development Dam, President Al-Basher has underlined that the Principles Agreement which signed in Khartoum, worked out the legal and constitutional framework of the relations of the three countries (Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia) on the Development Dam .

Prof. Ghandour Meets Ethiopian State Minister for Foreign Affairs
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour met, Thursday, at his office, the Ethiopian State Minister for Foreign Affairs, on the side lines of the Ethiopian Prime Minister visit to Sudan . The meeting discussed strengthening of the Sudanese-Ethiopian bilateral relations and means for developing them further, in addition to, raising the level of coordination in regional and international forums .

Korean FM affirms keenness to cement partnership with Sudan
Khartoum,(SUNA)-Foreign Minister, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour has received a thank-you letter from the Korean newly appointed Foreign Minister, Kang Kyung-wha in response to a message Prof. Ghandour sent to her earlier. The Korean Minister underlined in her message resolve to consolidate ties of partnership between the Sudan and South Korea during the period to come depending on firm ties of friendship and cooperation between the two people.

4th Forum Gum Arabic next Sunday at Holiday Villa
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The United Company for Advanced Projects Ltd, organizes the 4th Khartoum Gum Arabic Forum, which will be held on Sunday 20 of current August, in Holiday Villa at 9:30 am and will be honored by the Minister of Trade.
The forum will present a paper titled, " The Establishment of a Bank for Gum Arabic", and another paper entitled Establishment of a Free Zone for Gum Arabic", this paper will be attended by the e Minister of Investment, and the invitation is directed to all the press and media organizations.

Conduction of First Exploratory Operation at Ibn al-Nafis Heart Surgery Center
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Consultant of Cardiac Surgery, Dr. Salah Al-Basha, has conducted, Thursday, the first operation of an exploratory catheterization at Ibn al-Nafis Center for Cardiothoracic Surgery at Omdurman Teaching Hospital. The Director of the General Department of Therapeutic Medicine, of khartoum state Ministry of Health, Dr. Yousif Tebin, during the launching of medical operations at Ibn al-Nafis Center for Cardiothoracic Surgery at Omdurman Teaching Hospital, noted that ministry's future plan is to provide more than one catheter in the hospital as well as a pediatric surgery department to become a reference center for cardiac surgery to reduce the burden on the People's Hospital and Ahmed Qasim Hospital, and to serve the citizens of Omdurman. He revealed the existence of (7) catheters in government hospitals and (8) in private hospitals, pointing to the twinship and coordination between the People's Hospital and Omdurman Hospital in scheduling operations by senior cardiologists.

August 17, 2017

Ministry of Minerals Gives Companies in Blue Nile Choice to continue work or de-licensing
Al-Rouserris, (SUNA) The State Minister at the Ministry of Minerals, Aoushaik Mohamed Tahir has given choice to the companies acquired squares for gold an chrom production in Blue Nile state to continue work and production or de-licensing. During the Minerals Council expanded meeting held at the Hall of Heightening of al Rouserris Dam, in the presence of the state's Wali (governor), Hussein Yassin Hamad, and mining companies operating in the state, the state minister promised to resolve all the problems that face the companies to enable it to continue work. He noted that he was reassured him during the visit that the state is secure and stable and enjoys social coexistence that has contributed to the productions increase. He stressed that no company would be allowed to own space of land without exploiting it, calling on the state to speed the exploitation of the squares by serious investors. He called on the companies to commit to payments for sums allocated for the social responsibility, revealing intention to hold meeting for the mining companies in the state to review the state investment resources and work for its development. The Wali (governor) of Blue Nile state on his part has asserted the stability of security situations, and that all the companies working sites are secure demanding the companies to exercise their activity.

President of Republic, Ethiopia Prime Minister visit Bash Pharma Pharmaceuticals and Dal Farms
Khartoum, (SUNA) In context of the program of visit of the Ethiopian Prime Minister Haile Mariam Desaline, to the country, President Omar al-Bashir, accompanied by the country's guest and his accompanying delegation, paid a visit to Bash Pharma Pharmaceutical Company in Soba area, where they inspect the factory's production process and stages. The Federal Minister of Health Bahar Iddriss Abu-Garda, noted in press statements to the strategic relations between the Sudan and Ethiopia, and the importance of the visit in consolidating relations in various domains, pointing to the two countrys close cooperation in previous years. He indicated importance of the visit of the Ethiopian Prime Minister to Bash Pharma Pharmaceutical factory which besides its production to human medicines, produces veterinary medicines exported to Ethiopia. He added that the visit will be a major starting point for the export of Sudanese veterinary and human medicines to African countries, and would enable the Sudan to support African countries in the field of medicines and other health fields. Meanwhile, the Ethiopian Prime Minister accompanied by the President of the Republic Field Marshal Omar al-Bashir visited the farms of Dal Production Company, which works in the field of agricultural and animal production in al -Aelafon area and inspected the company's work in the fields of fodder and milk. It is to be noted that the Ethiopian Prime Minister arrived the country, yesterday, Tuesday, leading a high-level delegation on a three-day official visit.

Agriculture Ministry and FAO Agree on Sudan’s Benefit from Communications Technology
Khartoum - State Minister at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Al-Sadiq Fadlallah stressed the availability of political will, infrastructure and support of his ministry to benefit from communications technology in the agricultural field.In a workshop organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry yesterday at the Grand Holiday Villa, the minister said that the Sudanese staff is qualified to apply the information technology in the agricultural field, stressing that this workshop is preparing to launch a number of services that help farmers throughout Sudan, adding that the agricultural sector is more vulnerable now to electronic services, which contribute to facilitate communication between the ministry and farmers. For her part, FAO representative, Veronica Quatorolla stressed the importance of using modern means to develop the agricultural sector to provide food security in Sudan, pointing out that it is a national strategy that enables Sudan to enter the sustainability of technology, noting that there are 7 billion people suffering from hunger due to weather fluctuations, revealing that Sudan has been successful in this area. Director General of the National Information Center, Eng. Mohamed Abdul Rahim said that Sudan has taken great steps in the field of information and that there is good infrastructure in this field, pointing out that there is a plan for the electronic government, including digital transformation. FAO Regional In charge, Dr. Magdi Latif pointed out that this workshop is the beginning to develop strategy for information and communication systems in relation to what is called e-agriculture, which is part of agricultural investment plan in Sudan, revealing a number of workshops that will be held in the same field.

Industry Ministry: Al-Genaid Sugar Factory Realized Unprecedented Production Leap
Khartoum- (Khalda Elyas) Industry Minister Dr. Musa Mohamed Karamah has praised the great leap in production realized by Al-Genaid Sugar Factory for this season, as the factory has registered a production of 71,000 tons of sugar, with an increase of 18% of its designing capacity of 60,000 tons. The factory has also realized high productivity of sugar cane.This came when the Minister received at his office here a delegation of the Sudanese Sugar Company, headed by the company’s general director Ahmed Al-Mesbah. The minister affirmed that this high productivity of the factory has been realized thanks to cooperation and coordination among the administration of the Sudanese Sugar Company, employees of the factory and the sugar cane farmers. He promised to visit the factory to congratulate the farmers, employees and management on the unprecedented leap in production.

August 16, 2017

Al Bashir and Desalegn Summit Begins
Khartoum-Three-day visit of Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn to Sudan began yesterday when he was welcomed at Khartoum airport by the President of the Republic of Sudan Omer Al Bashir.The Prime Minister was accompanied by a number ministers and officials. Sudanese Foreign Minister Professor Ibrahim Ahmed Ghandour briefed media following the arrival of the Ethiopian delegation that the two presidents will review several issues related to bilateral relations and regional and international security and political development. “The talks will focus on security situations in South Sudan, the Renaissance Dam, issues concern with IGAD members and bilateral relations” said the foreign minister who confirmed the keenness of Sudan to strategic ties with Ethiopia. He stated that the Prime Minister is going to meet the First Vice President who was also appointed recently as Prime Minister and Vice President. Also he will inaugurate a number of development projects and visit others. The Ethiopian Prime Minister will give a lecture about the Horn of Africa at the Friendship Hall and to participate in cultural night events, he will then end his visit on Friday evening. Ethiopia and Sudan have a strong historical relationship. This long historical relationship dates back to the time when Meroe and Axum were great states. The two countries have strong social and cultural ties. The Blue Nile River, which emanates from Ethiopia and roars past Sudan, has also created a strong bondage between these historic nations. Based on their mutual interest and respect, the two countries have a good relationship in various fields. This mutual respect and interest do not out flowing to Sudan alone. The foreign policy of the country is based on understanding the interest of others. Relations with all neighbors over the last two decades have been a testament to the seriousness with which the country has adhered to these principles. Ethiopia believes that whatever differences countries may have, issues of common concern can only be addressed on the basis of constructive engagement, dialogue and in a manner that allows a win-win outcome for all. Ethiopia's relationship with Sudan is one of the many bilateral relations that the government of Ethiopia has been working hard to develop along these principles. Ethiopia and Sudan, of course, have a long relationship dating back several thousand years. Apart from the cultural and historical ties that have bound them together, both countries have been closely involved in the cause of Africa in general and East African issues in particular. Above all, the River Nile which has been the strong bond tying the two countries and their peoples together for millennia.

Sudanese-British meeting to discuss steps to implement Gum Arabic Quality Control Center in Khartoum
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Chairman of the Gum Arabic Council, Dr. Tajul-Siir Moustafa, Dr. Abdul Majid Abdul-Gadir the council's secretary genera met, yesterday, Sunday, at the British embassy in Khartoum Mr. Michael Aron, Britain's Ambassador to Khartoum, and Mr. David Lilliot, Deputy Ambassador, to discuss the steps made for the establishment of the center to guarantee the gum Arabic quality control which is will be established in Sudan with collaboration with Phelps International Center. The Gum Arabic Council briefed the British ambassador on the different stages of implementation, the proposed studies from the British Center sponsored by Professor Phelps Qallain, which will draw up the road map for the establishment of the International Quality Center in Khartoum. The council pointed out to the directives of the First Vice President of the Republic for the implementation of the center as a fruit of the Sudanese -British cooperation. It is worth noting that the Gum Arabic Council has announced last month the agreement of the UN INKTAD organization for the establishment of the African Center for Gum Arabic based in Khartoum under supervision of the Gum Arabic Council and the sponsorship of the FVT.

National project of agricultural production Affirms Success of Experiment of Pivotal Irrigation Systems in Country
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Director General of the National Project for Agriculture and Horticultural Production, Engineer, Kamal Abdulla, has asserted the standard success of the experiment of the pivotal irrigation systems in the country especially the targeted areas and crops such as fodder, alfalfa and wheat. He said in the workshop organized by the project, Monday, at al -Shariqa Hall in Khartoum, in collaboration with the American Nelson Irrigation Company, that the pivotal irrigation systems is one of the modern and renewable technologies that have been used in large areas of the country, the North, the Nile River (Nahr al-Neil), North Kordofan and others, calling for the need to qualify and raise the capacity of cadres working in this field. For his part, the representative of the American Company, Mr. David Bedneck, presented a detailed enlightenment on the company's capabilities, and its modern products, pointing out that many problems face these products worldwide, including the mud and grass deposits. He expressed the company's readiness to meet the Sudan's need from all the irrigation systems that suits its environment with the company's full commitment to its economic partnership with the project. The Director of Khartoum University Advisory Board, sponsor of the workshop, Dr. Moudether Sulieman Mohamed Ali, noted that the experience of pivotal irrigation in Sudan started with the projects associated with the Merowi Dam at the beginning of 2009, which led to the accumulation of experience in Sudan, adding that Sudan succeeded in attracting Nelson Company, the designer of these systems through the national project of animal and horticultural production to support the process of agricultural horticultural production in the country, referring to the need of major agricultural projects to global expertise to develop.

Islamic Development Bank to Fund New Projects in Sudan
Khartoum- The Jeddah-Based Islamic Development Bank (IDB) has promised to finance new projects in Sudan within the bank’s plan for the period 2017-2019 in accordance with the requirements of the government of Sudan. Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Mohamed Osman Al-Rikabi, meanwhile, stressed the importance of focusing on projects that are related to the peace agreements of Darfur and East Sudan, electricity projects, electrification of agricultural schemes and water harvesting projects. This came when the Minister received at his office yesterday the official of Sudan operations at the Islamic Development Bank Zuhair Kachgari, in the presence of State Minister Magdi Yassin. Meanwhile, the IDB’s official said his visit to the country aims at following up the bank’s projects in Sudan and considering new projects to be financed during the bank’s plan for the period 2017-2019.

August 14, 2017

Government: Sudan Will Soon Access WTO
Khartoum- (Mohamed Babikir – Khalda Elyas )First Vice President of the Republic Prime Minister 1st Lt General Bakri Hassan Saleh yesterday inaugurated at Al-Bagair region the country celebration of the day of national industrialization with a wide participation of the ministers of economic sector, representatives of Gezira state government, presidents of Commercial Chambers Unions and Employers Unions. Bakri affirmed while addressing the celebration that state commitment to developing industrial sector as industry is the train of the economy noting that Sudan will soon access the World Trade Organization (WTO) a matter that requires huge preparedness by the industrial sector to cope with the international standards calling for realizing a surplus value for the products of the country. The Prime Minister further said the outcomes of the National dialogue have recommended the development of industrial sector of the country and removing all the obstacles disrupting its progress. He directed the banks to facilitate financing to the sector of industry so that it may contribute in supporting the national economy directing the realization of an added value for the Sudanese product and not to export it in a form of raw material. He noted that Sudan has gone far in substituting industry of edible oils and medicines however some industries require efforts like sugar industry noting that imposing high fees on the product will reduce its competitiveness domestically and externally. Bakri brought the glad tidings of providing stable electric current in the two industrial regions of Al-Bagair and Soba highlighting the inauguration of Soba transformation electricity station on the twenty fifth of the current month of August Meanwhile Bakri inaugurated at the sidelines of the celebration Muawia Al-Bireir complex for printing, book binding and stationary and inaugurated the spray drying powdered milk factory with a productive capacity of 33 metric tons per day

Minister of Industry Announces Treatments to Develop Industry
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of Industry, Musa Karam, announced Sunday, in the National Industrialization Day, a number of treatments for obstacles facing industry, on top of which the agreement with 10 banks to resolve problems of the stalled factories, resolve the factories electricity problems in the industrial areas, paving roads, the focus on research by linking manufacturers with innovative students, and unifying of the administrative window through coordination relations and integration with the relevant bodies. During his address, Sunday, to the celebration of the Industrialization National Day in al -Bagair area, in the presence of the First Vice President of the Republic, the National Prime Minister, the ministers of the economic sector, the Wali (governor) of Khartoum state, the Deputy Wali (governor) of al -Gazera state, the Japanese Ambassador and a number of manufacturers, he said that the industrialization national day would be organized every year to gather the manufacturers, the executives and the workers in the field to inspect what had been accomplished, hold workshops to resolve the outstanding issues, with the organization of exhibitions and the inaugurations of new projects. He has appreciated the experiment of the soybeans, which has been proved as useful for producing flour, milk and oil, indicating that the spray drying factories of DAL Food Industry Group, for milk and gum Arabic, and the packing factories of Ma'awia al -Berier considered a quantum leap in these areas.

Government Discloses Increase of Exports by 43.5% Drop of Imports by 21.4 Compared to 2016
Khartoum - The Technical Committee of Economic Development Sector has reviewed in its yesterday meeting at the General Secretariat of Council of Ministers performance report of the first half of the year 2017. The committee is chaired by Bilal Al Mubarak the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry. It turn up through that reports that exports has increased by a percentage of 43.5% compared to the equivalent period in the year 2016 and an improvement in the balance of trade along with the decline of imports by a percentage of 21.4% compared to the previous year. The committee has recommended halting activities of water mining along the two banks of the River Nile for preserving the environment and establishing a number of programs top of which monitoring the genetically modified organisms and insurance against the risks of climate change as well as establishing a number of awareness activities on environment.

Communication Minister: Empowering women essential for increasing production and productivity
Khartoum,(SUNA) - The Minister for Communication and Information Technology, Dr. Tahani Abdalla Attia, on Sunday said empowering women is a vital question for increasing production and productivity and better her chances of economic and social empowerment. The Minister has stressed at the opening session of the fourth conference of the League of the Working Sudanese women, which was held under the motto of "working women is support for development, vanguard for creativity" that this conference seeks to uphold the values of and achieving the aspiration of working women, adding that women in the Sudan have shown success in all fields they entered, notwithstanding the multiple challenges. She said more attention should be given to education and to health care among working women in the country. She said the presidency of the republic pays special attention to issues related to women and that the executive in the government also shows keenness to provide impetus for the success of women and empowering the through information technology.

Minister of Minerals Orders Suspension of Mining Companies do not comply with Environmental Requirements
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of Minerals, Prof. Hashim Ali Salim has given orders for suspending work of any company that does not commit to the environmental requirements. He said: "Any factory that does not cover the cyanide ponds would directly be stopped from work", he demanded the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company (the regulatory arm of the Ministry of Minerals) to oblige companies to appoint environmental and safety supervisors. The minister has revealed a proposal that the ministry is seeking to submit to the Central Bank of Sudan for keeping all the gold bought by the bank as a reserve to be used in bringing funds. During his address, Sunday, to the 5 th National Coordination Council, which includes the states ministers relevant to the minerals file, Prof. Hashism noted that the ministry set a number of future plans of which most outstanding is the establishment of a gold and mminerals exchange as well as the establishment of an approved laboratories and a mining development bank to finance investment in the mining sector, which is funded by the commercial banks, with the many risks in this sector in addition to the establishment of a new gold refinery besides the existing refinery. He confirmed the stability of the security situation in Jabal A'amer which its production is received in Khartoum for more than two months ago. The Minister has called for the development of the traditional mining and suggested its transformation for "small mining projects" by assembling the minerals in small associations owning small squares for mining. For his part, the Director General of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company said that the traditional mining project and its legalization has contributed in the states revenues, revealing that the project revenues for the states during the first half of this year have reached (212) million SDG, and it is expecting to reach (500) million SDG by the end of the fiscal year. The meeting has discussed a number of reports, including the traditional mining, its regulations and organization, as well as reports on the social responsibility, environmental and occupational safety, and reports on the ministry's policies.


August 11, 2017

Sudan, Turkey Inaugurate 3rd Round of Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) in Ankara
Ankara, (SUNA) The third round of negotiations on the Economic Partnership Agreement between Sudan and Turkey has been launched in Ankara. The Sudanese side was headed by the state Minister of Trade, al- Sadiq Mohammad Ali and the Turkish side by the Deputy Minister of Economy al -Fatih Matin. The State Minister was accompanied by a number of the state's ministers, and the representatives of the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Industry, Agriculture and Animal Resources. The two sides affirmed that the negotiations are held in a spirit of brotherhood, friendship and cooperation between two countries, they lauded the great and continuous effort exerted by the negotiating delegations, stressing the importance of this agreement in establishing and developing economic partnership between the two countries. The state Minister at the Ministry of Commerce has briefed the Turkish side on the opportunities and areas of investment in Sudan. For his part, the Turkish Deputy Minister of Economy, has welcomed the visit of the Sudanese delegation, stressing the depth of the Sudanese-Turkish relations and the readiness of Turkey to provide the necessary support to Sudan to develop its national capacities for the support of the exports, appreciating Sudan's natural resources and significant geographical location. During the visit, the Minister of State, al -Sadig Mohamed Ali, and accompanying delegation of representatives of states of al- Gadarif, North Kordufan, and South Darfur, visited Konia Trade City Stock Exchange to inspect Turkey's experience in the establishment and management of agricultural stock exchanges, and the contribution of the Stock Exchange to the promotion and development of agricultural and livestock production. The Sudanese visiting delegation met also with the chairman of the Sudanese-Turkish Business Council, and visited the silos for grain storage, and the Turkish standards and metrology, and the laboratories of quality development centers. The Sudanese delegation visit program includes meetings with a number of ministers of state in the Turkish economic and development sector and senior officials. Meanwhile, the third round of the trade negotiations between the two countries continue.

Amira Al-Fadil Praises the AU Partnership with the Arab League
Khartoum - African Union (AU) Commissioner for Social Affairs, Amira Fadil stressed that the partnership between the African Union and the Arab League is one of the most important of the African Union's partnerships. In press statements on the sidelines of the Arab-African Coordination Meeting at the Secretariat General of the Arab League, the Minister pointed out to the importance of the participation of the African Union delegation, which comes to follow up the outcomes of the Malabo Summit and come up with recommendations on how to strengthen this partnership in joint areas, saying that her delegation had a clear vision in dealing with the presented issues, stressing that this partnership is one of the most important partnerships of the African Union, lauding the successes achieved in areas of cooperation in agriculture, food security and economic cooperation issues. Assistant Secretary for Political Affairs, Head of the Arab League delegation, Ambassador Khalid Al-Habas said that the AL interest in this meeting comes within the framework of the two sides' keenness to continue consultations and coordination in order to support joint cooperation.


CBOS Continues Pumping of Foreign Currencies into Commercial Banks
Khartoum-The Central Bank of Sudan (CBOS) is continuing the process of pumping considerable amounts of foreign countries into the commercial banks to meet the requests of the public for the purposes of travel and medical treatment abroad. Director General of the Animal Resources Bank Awad Babikir said in a press statement that the central bank has fulfilled its commitments towards the daily flow of foreign currencies into the commercial banks, pointing out that the Animal Resources Bank achieves daily more than 50 requests that comprise a number of beneficiaries of the citizens. He said the central bank and a number of commercial banks cover most of the requirements of the citizens, pointing out that increase of the exchange rate of the dollar in the parallel market is illogical and unjustified.

Efforts Exerted for Accession of Sudan to TIR Convention
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of International Cooperation, Idris Sulieman, met at his office in the ministry with the Secretary General of the Union of Chambers of Commerce, Dr. Yassin Hamida Ibrahim, and the visiting Senior Advisor to the Middle East in the International Union for Road Transport (IRU) , Rani Wahbi, and tackled with thim the efforts exerted for speeding up Sudan's accession to the TIR Agreement "Transports Internationaux Routiers" or "International Road Transports". The meeting also reviewed the role played by the Union of Chambers of Commerce in this regard, especially that the union was accredited by the Customs as a national guarantor. Rani Wahbi has reviewed the functions of the International Transport Union for the TIR Convention and the importance of Sudan's accession to the active international agreement in the field of transit trade, particularly that the Sudan is surrounded by many closed countries, and the International Federation looks at Sudan as a pivotal country in the region which it is joining the agreement would be an incentive for the countries surrounding it to join the convention. He noted that the number of countries that have joined the agreement reached 71 countries. On his part, the Secretary General of the Union of the Chambers of Commerce informed the minister on the efforts exerted by the Union in this regard, considering that the transit trade is a way out for Sudan in the current economic conditions. Meanwhile, the Minister of International Cooperation has promised to exert efforts for speeding up accession of the Sudan to the TIR Convention.


Ibrahim Mahmud Meets Minister of Animal Wealth
Khartoum, SUNA)- The Assistant of the President of republic, Engineer, Ibrahim Mahmud met, Thursday, at his office, MINISTER OF Animal Wealth, Bushara Guma and reviewed with him the development of the animal wealth sector and strengthening its role in supporting the national economy. The minister said he briefed Engineer, Mahmud on his ministry's vision for promotion of the sector through increase of production and productivity. He said the meeting focused, among other issues on the local production of the vaccines, improvement of work environment, provision of incentives and possibility for establishment of partnerships between the small producers and the private sector.


August 10, 2017

Plans for Early Production from Oil Exploration of Al- Rawat Field
Khartoum, (SUNA) The technical meeting for the announcement for project of Al Rawat Company for petroleum exploration will be held Thursday. The company works in the services production in block (25) in space of 25000 klm, a 350 klm North East of the capital Khartoum, with the average height of (400) meters above sea level. The company's general director, Engineer Fahimi al -Awad, noted in press statements that al Rawat company plans for early production from the recently made explorations in al- Rawat and al-Teesh areas with a production rate expected to reach (7000) barrels per day from the total of (13) wells, (10) of which are in al -Rawat area and (3) wells in the area of (al-Teesh), a distance of (4) klm from al -Rawat. On the other hand, Eng. Salahuddin Mousa Saleh, the Director General of Asawer Company to execute the project, said that the company has completed the logistical and technical equipment for the implementation of the project, which is expected to contribute significantly in the increase of the production of oil and the recovery of the Sudanese economy. He indicated the ability of national qualified cadre to complete the project according to the highest international quality standards, referring to the previous successes achieved by the Asawar company (owned by the National Petroleum Company (Sudapet)) in the accomplishment of similar projects in Sudan with the experience of local and international success and achievements, such as it is the first Sudanese company to win tender for the implementation of oil projects in Iraq for the benefit Petronas company.

FVP to Launch Mechanisms of (Zero Thirst) Project Tomorrow
Khartoum, SUNA) The Vice President of the Republic, the National Prime Minister, General Bakri hassan Salih is due towitness tomorrow, Thursday, the inauguration of the mechanisms for the implementation of the (Zero Thirst) project. The Minister of State, Director General of the Dam Implementation Unit, Engineer Khedir Mohamed Gasmul-Seed, said in a press statement that the mechanisms that will be inaugurated include the mechanisms for the implementation of the program of (Zero Thirst) the different states of Sudan and will be followed by the arrival of other mechanisms later. He indicated that the mechanisms include (6) Rotor and hammer diggers for the rocks in depth of 2000 feet and 600 meters covering all the geological disparities in the country, beside (3) units for the wells development and its productivity testing. he noted that the mechanisms were imported from the company "KLR" and funded by the Ministry of Finance and National Economy, pointing out that the unit has already brought 12 same mechanisms by (12) units and (4) units for the development and test of wells which have proven work quality in a number of states for the implementation of the program of (Zero Thirst), saying that the unit has been concerned with the providing water resources for the people and the animals. It is worth mentioning that the project of (Zero thirst) is part of the president's electoral program, and is being implemented by the dams unit through its anti-thirst plan targeting 7,500 projects to be completed by the end of 2020, and is an obligation on the 1000 days existing government program.

Government to Conduct Comprehensive Review of Investments and Free Zones Acts
Khartoum - The Sudanese government has disclosed that a comprehensive review of investment Act and private businessmen transactions is to be carried out as well as amending the Free Zones Act by adding new zones towards realizing business community requirements. State Minister at the Ministry of Investment Usama Faisal has disclosed an amendment of all investments Acts and businessmen transactions noting that the Ministry has made the final touches for amending Sudanese investment map as well as adding new incentives for tackling all the elements associated with the previous joint Ministerial Committee , making bigger concession for investors and foreign investment in addition to amending the free zones Act by adding the comparative advantages of the economic zones which we think will make a real difference for the Sudanese economy. The two governments of Sudan and Jordan have acknowledged existence of a number of economic agreements signed by them and they did not come into force due to poor follow up. Usama Further affirmed that the three day meetings of the joint ministerial committee have discussed more than twenty agreements that would push forward cooperation between the two countries. Usama announced holding a bilateral Ministerial Committee between Sudan and Jordan to be co-chaired by Prime Minister Bakri Hassan Saleh and the Prime Minister of Jordan State that will be crowned by signing a number of agreements. He said we look forward that the next round to include execution of all the previously signed agreements. For his part the President of the Jordanian Industrial Chamber Adnan Al Raghib said 13 thousand Jordanians are working in Sudan stressing that there iare no difficulties facing Jordanians in Sudan.

Ghandour Meets FAO Representative
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour met, Wednesday, at his office, the Food Agriculture Organization (FAO) Permanent Representative, BaBa Ghana Ahmadou who presented his credentials to the minister to start his mission in Sudan. The newly appointed- representative has expressed appreciation over the concern he received, explaining FAO plans and programs during the coming phase, in Sudan. The minister wished Ahmadou a success, affirming the readiness of the Sudanese concerned officials to cooperate with him .

August 09, 2017

Al-Baher Receives Invitation to participate in Africa Forum for 2017 in Sharm Al-Sheikh
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour met, Tuesday, at his office, the Egyptian Ambassador to Sudan, Osama Shaltout . The ambassador , during the meeting, handed the Foreign Minister an invitation for the President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omer Al-Basher from the Egyptian President, Abdul Fatah Al-Sissi , to participate in Africa Forum, for 2017, scheduled to be held, in Sharm Al-Sheikh during Sept, 7-9 .

Finance Ministry: Relative Stability of Foreign Exchange Market
Khartoum – State Minister at Ministry of Finance, Dr. Abdul Rahman Dirar said that the controls and procedures issued by the Central Bank of Sudan (CBOS), which aimed to increase the resources and the proceeds of foreign exchange during the first half of 2017, have achieved relative stability of the foreign exchange market and removed price distortions that prevailed during the same period last year. Reviewing the report of the performance of the external sector (CBOS) for the first half of the current year before the Council of Ministers yesterday, Dirar confirmed the CBOS directive to banks to purchase foreign exchange resources from the accounts of private entities owned or contributed by foreigners by 100% in favor of the bank at the advertised purchase price plus incentive, adding that the CBOS continues to apply the incentive policy to all foreign exchange dealers. He pointed out that the CBOS allows to companies that have a concession in the field of mining to export 70% of their production after deducting profits, returns and Zakat and selling the remaining 30% to the bank. The minister pointed out that the CBOS allowed the private sector to buy and export gold by buying and export the gold of traditional mining and through Sudanese banks and selling 50% of their purchases to the central bank and export the remaining 50% and give them discretion in the proceeds of export, in addition to allow commercial banks to buy foreign exchange from special accounts of missions, diplomatic bodies, voluntary and charitable organizations at banks declared rates plus incentive for sold amounts. He pointed out that the budget achieved, in the first half of the current year, revenues amounted to SDG 37 billion, performance rate of 95% and 33% increase on the performance of the first half of last year, explaining that the report indicated that the budget deficit during the first half was SDG 6.7 Billion. The report recommended to continue the implementation of the financial and economic reform program, focusing on increasing revenues from real sources, speeding computing programs and compliance with the implementation of the general budget in accordance with the priorities, while rationalizing public expenditures in accordance with the policies accompanying the budget of this year.

3.7 Million Dollars from Japanese Agency towards Developing Irrigated Projects
Khartoum - The Fifth meeting of capacity building project for managing irrigated projects at the River Nile State was held at the Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA). JICA representative said in a press statement in the presence of the representatives of the ministry, representatives of JICA that the capacity building project aims to improve agriculture practice at the River Nile State through a number of activities and expected outcomes at a cost amounting to nearly 3.7 million Dollars over a period of four years The meeting reviewed the plan of the second phase and the report of activities executed throughout this year including developing administrative capacities as well as boosting and managing irrigation facilities at the projects with the aim of improving irrigation and the targeted projects for resolving the problems facing irrigation canals.

August 07, 2017

Joint Chief of staff Commander receives American charge d'Affaires to the Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Chief of Staffs, Lt Gen Emad Mustafa Adawi, on Sunday received the American Charge D'Affaires to the Sudan Steven Kostis who was accompanied by the American Military Attaché Jordan Bong. The meeting discussed the ongoing arrangements for the coming visit of the second commander of the AFRICOM forces to the Sudan, this month, and ways of boosting and cementing bilateral relations in the military domains as well as a number of issues of mutual interest.

FVP Gives Directives for Intensifying Work in Files of Rights of Workers in Information Field
Khartoum, (SUNA) The First Vice President of the Republic, the National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih has given directives for intensifying performance in outstanding files of the issues of rights of workers in the field of information, their affiliation, their promotions and the importance to revise the situation of the state's satellites, and to provide an integrated vision on how to realize the ambitions. During his address to the forum of the State's Information Ministers and Directors of the Information Organizations, at the Military Academy in Omdurman, Sunday, the FVP asserted the state's concern with the press freedoms, referring to the press freedoms that the country is enjoying, indicating that the country is free from any detained journalist. "We are striving to restore the discipline required by the pace of media performance," he said. He added, "As a reminder, reviewing the country's media plans is urgent so that they can keep up with developments of the national structure, and the global communication , an ongoing reviewing that does not preclude the amendment and reconstruction." He praised the Sudanese media noting to its honorable history, its ability to communicate, its boldness and steadfastness on the right, and its will to contribute to the homeland and build its future. He stressed that the celebration of the National Day of Information reflects the historical relationship between the sons of the homeland, stating that the National Dialogue Conference put the issue of the media before the dialogue members whom they deeply deliberated on the issues, considering the forum and extension to that ongoing efforts, indicating his concern and support to the forums' recommendations.

53,770 tons of crops Exported to international and Arab markets directly from North Kordufan
Al obied, (SUNA) The Director of the Sudanese Standardization Corporation, Kordufan Sector, Al-Tijani Al Nuaima Abdul-A'al said that about 53 thousand and 770 tons of different crops had been directly exported from North Kordofan State to various international and Arabic markets during the period from January to July of this year. He said that the exported crops included hibiscus, peanuts and sesame seeds, indicating that 472 certificates were issued for these crops which were exported to Germany, Mexico, North America, Brazil and China along with the Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, Yemen, the UAE and Syria. He pointed out that there is a strong demand for the direct exports from the state, referring that to the enter of new companies working in the field of trade in crops beside the preferential advantages, and the quality of these crops and its reputation in those markets, noting to 784 thousand tons of various crops were transported to different parts of the country.


Japan: Return of Sudanese Sesame to Our Markets Soon
Khartoum - The government of Japan State has affirmed boosting bilateral relations with Sudan particularly in the economic sphere. Japan affirmed its keenness on existence of Sudanese exports at the Japanese markets particularly Sudanese sesame commodity after exiting the export cycle in the Japanese markets due to not matching the specifications. State Minister at the Ministry of Trade Alsadiq Hasssabalrasoul said the Japanese government represented by JICA has affirmed that it is keen on providing technical assistance to Sudan for tackling the difficulties of sesame export and its return to the Japanese markets once again. He added while addressing yesterday the seminar of upgrading sesame export which was organized by the Ministry of Trade in cooperation with Employers Union, that Sudanese sesame is recognized worldwide and Japan is caring about with the return of sesame once again.

August 03, 2017

Ministry Announces State Commitment to support Chronic Diseases-Drugs
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Federal Ministry of Health has announced the government support to the chronic diseases-medicines and cut its prices by 70% for the private and public sectors besides supporting the free drugs-policy in the public sector institutions . The Federal Minster of Health, Bahr Idriss Ab-Garda, addressing the consultative meeting with the importers of medicines has affirmed the arrangements concerning the directives of the President of the Republic with regard to supporting the free-medicines-policy .

Al-Bashir Chairs Meeting of Defense and National Security Council
Khartoum, (SUNA) The President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al- Bashir has chaired, Wednesday, at the Republican Palace the meeting of the council of defense and national security which was devoted to define the importance of the Red Sea as it relates to security, trade movement, navigation, and the sea military deployment and imposition of influence and the resulting threats. The Minister of the Presidency, the rapporteur of the council, Dr. Fadul Abulla Fadul, noted in press statement that the meeting has discussed ways for the security and defense and the development of the Sudanese coasts in all the economic fields including tourism, fisheries, and the mineral wealth. The council's rapporteur indicated that the councils periodic meetings are devoted for the deliberation over the issues of the hour, and its recommendations focus on service of the homeland issues and the citizen, pointing out that the coming meetings will tackle a number of issues directly related to national security and how to develop the required solutions on all levels. It is worth noting that the meetings of the former National Defense and Security Council have contributed to the success of various initiatives and the resolution of the problems. Meanwhile, the Council is expected to continue its contributions in the various issues according to an ambitious plan based on the healthy atmosphere that has resulted from the formation of the national reconciliation government in the country.

First Vice - President and National Prime Minister Affirms Sudan Keenness to Consolidate its Relations with China
Khartoum,(SUNA)- The First Vice - President of the Republic and National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, has appreciated firmness of the relations between Sudan and China in all fields. During his meeting Wednesday at the Republican Palace with the Ambassador of China to Khartoum, Li Lianhe, the First Vice - President and National Prime Minister has affirmed Sudan keenness to consolidate its cooperation with China all levels and to coordinate with it on all the international and regional issues of mutual concern for the interest of both countries. In a press statement after the meeting, the Chinese Ambassador said that the two sides have shared identical views concerning enhancement of the relations between the two countries in the economic, social and political fields. He asserted the readiness of China to strengthen further its relations with Sudan. He said that the meeting has touched on the visit paid by the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, to China in the year 2015 which has witnessed the signing of the strategic partnership agreement between the two countries, affirming the readiness of China to implement all items of the strategic partnership agreement for the interest of the two countries.

August 02, 2017

The Sudanese Egyptian political consultation committee convenes on Thursday
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Joint Sudanese Egyptian political consultation committee is to convene here on Thursday, chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, professor Ibrahim Ghandour and his Egyptian counterpart, Samih Shukri, who is due to arrive to |Khartoum on Wednesday. The meetings will focus on the bilateral relations, the implementation of the outcome of the presidential committee meeting that was held in Cairo in October last year, particularly the document related to the strategic cooperation and the consular work, the border outlets and the coordination in the regional and international fora, beside a review of the developments in the region.

Malaysian ambassador: Malaysian companies want to invest in mineral sector
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of Minerals, Professor Hashim Ali Salim discussed, Tuesday, at his office with the ambassador of Malaysia to Sudan, Mustafa Haj Mansour aspects of joint cooperation between the two countries. The Malaysian ambassador has expressed his country's desire to invest in the minerals sector of the Sudan, pointing out that a number of Malaysian companies have the desire to work in this sector. The Minister of Minerals, on his part, has welcomed the investment of the Malaysian companies in the minerals sector, indicating readiness of the ministry to provide all facilitation and necessary support to the Malaysian investors.

Minister of Oil and Gas Welcomes Desire of Turkish Company to Invest in Sudan's Oil
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of Oil and Gas, Abdul Rahman Osman Abdulrahman has presented an open invitation to all those who have the desire to invest in the field of oil and gas through exploration, oil production, fields development, and the refineries and all the different oil services, pointing to the Sudan abundant resources, especially in the field of oil and gas. This came during his meeting at his office, Tuesday, with the delegation of the Turkish METALEX company, working in the field oil, gas, refineries pipe lines construction, led by the chairman of the company's board of directors Aydin Yordariar, in the presences of the minister of investment, and the oil state minister. The head of the Turkish visiting delegation, on his part has expressed the desire of his company to invest in different fields of investment in the Sudan, especially the oil field , asserting their providing of all their scientific and practical experiences in the field of oil and gas and the constructions, referring to his company's financial and technological capabilities, and their experiences in different countries

Trade State Minister Affirms State Concern to Involve Private Sector in Sudan's Accession to WTO
Khartoum, (SUNA) The State Minster at the Ministry of Trade, Al- Saddig Mohamed Ali, has indicated the state concern to involve the private sector in the Sudan's file for accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), pointing to the positive impact of a dialogue between the two public and private sectors on the negotiation process. During his address to the workshop of "Sudan's Accession to the World Trade Organization and its Impact on the Private Sector", held at the meeting hall of the Union of Sudanese Businessmen, the state minister pointed to the requirements for achieving the interests of the private sector as a key partner in the accession process, indicating the commitments for a gradual liberalization of trade to realize the objectives of national economic development and the balanced benefits of liberalization. He pointed out to the WTO role as an institutional framework for regulating the trade and economic exchange in the world. He referred to the Sudan efforts to join the WTO to benefit from the many advantages to access the world markets. He called for concerted official and popular efforts, the participation of relevant bodies and institutions to achieve the national strategy to complete Sudan's accession to the WTO. The Secretary General of the Sudan High Commission for joining WTO, Dr. Yassin Issa stressed the commitment to cooperate and the coordination with all the various institutions in order to achieve the national strategy for the Sudan accession to WTO, indicating that the Sudan has fulfilled all the conditions of joining the organization, lauding the organization support to Sudan with the experiences and training. The workshop comes in context of the Japanese project and the world trade center for the support of Sudan with 100 thousand dollars to join the WTO, and to make dialogue with the private sector to complete the Sudan's file for joining the international organization.

August 01, 2017

Al Bashir: 2020 Elections would be Conducted According to Dialogue Outcomes
Khartoum- President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has said war is useless except that it stops development and construction and causes destruction, noting that completion of peace in South Kordofan State comes first to pave the way for realizing development and provision of services there. Addressing a mass rally in Kadugli town, capital of South Kordofan State, yesterday, President Al Bashir vowed to continue the method of peace till the state returns to its first course. He added that peace would come and the development march would continue, noting that war should stop as it deprived the state of many opportunities of development and reconstruction. President Al Bashir declared that he had signed yesterday a decree on the return of the Nuba Mountains Agricultural Corporation anew, and handed it to the Governor of the State, Eissa Adam Abbakar, saying that the esteemed agricultural corporation should return with new technological packages in farming. The President, furthermore, pledged establishment of new cotton ginneries and spinning and weaving factories in Kadugli town that would provide employment opportunities to youths. Al Bashir voiced thanks to the citizens of South Kordofan State for their response to the peace programs, indicating that his repeated cease-fire declarations have been intended for encouragement for peace. South Kordofan should return to its first course of peaceful coexistence between all its components, President Al Bashir said. He added that his call for the National Dialogue has been translated into reality with consensus on all issues, including the important question of identity. Al Bashir stressed that the dialogue document has settled all the issues and it is now put into effect by formation of the National Accord Government at the national and state levels, noting that the coming stage is the one for making ready for the coming elections. The President noted that the 2020 elections would be conducted in accordance with what had been agreed upon in the dialogue, after which the issue of the permanent constitution, which is to be approved by all, comes. President Al Bashir hailed the people of South Kordofan State for their steadfastness and sticking to their homeland.

Al-Bashir Announces Return of Nuba Mountains Agricultural Corporation with Modern Technologies
Kaugli, (SUNA) The President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omer Al- Bashir, has asserted the state's keenness to realize development, stability and peace in the state of South Kordufan, saying that the peace issue is a top priority, and we work for the state to restore its previous position. During his address to the mass rally, Monday, at Kadugli Stadium, Al- Bashir added that the development will only be achieved by peace that we will work for, praising the state's people response to the peace and their rejection to war despite the difficult conditions they have undergone, "we stand with you to complete the peace process" he said. President Al- Bashir has announced the issuance of a decision for the return of the Nuba Mountain Agricultural Corporation with a modern agricultural technologies, pointing to the resume of work of Kadugli textile factory to create job opportunities to the youth. He renewed the government keenness to complete the state's ring road, and to continue providing necessary services to the citizens, pointing to the great tolerance and coexistence witnessed among all the state's components. He indicated that the coming period will witness the implementation of the outcomes of the national dialogue, the preparation for the election phase, and the preparation of the permanent constitution. Al- Bashir has praised the great role played by the armed forces and the other regular forces to restore security and stability in the country.

Egypt's Foreign Minister to Arrive Khartoum Wednesday
Khartoum -- Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, will arrive in Khartoum on Wednesday to participate in the meetings of joint Sudanese-Egyptian committee for political consultations, spokespersons for Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Gariballah Khidir has announced. Khidir said that the Egyptian official will discuss overall relations with Sudan and progress in the recommendations of the presidential Sudanese-Egyptian committee on strategic cooperation, especially in the spheres of consulate work, border crossings and coordination in international and region forums, in addition to conditions in the region.

First Plastic Cards Factory to Be Inaugurated Next September
Khartoum- The Chief Executive Officer of Sudan's Currency Printing Company Limited Abdulkarim Abdulhamid told Sudan Vision following the inaugural session of the fifth forum of the states Said the company has produced form 15 through the best integrated technological service and vision satisfactory to the beneficiaries.The said forum was held under the motto "Towards Integrated Electronic Applications for the Financial and Accounting Systems"Abdulhamid further stressed that the company is undertaking a leading role of providing the best solutions for the secured applications. He outlined that the company has established the first modern factory for manufacturing cards and roles of electronic revenues collection.

Minister of Industry Inaugurates Training Course for Women Union on Medical and Perfume Oil
Khartoum - (Khalda Elyas) Minister of Industry Mousa Mohamed Karama has inaugurated at the premises of the General Union of Sudanese women , the training course in the field of manufacturing medical and perfume oils which is implemented by the training secretariat at the general union of Sudanese women in cooperation with the Researches & Industrial Consolations Center under the motto of " Together Towards Sustainable Development". Karama noted that this course is qualitative as it is targeting a broad sector of the Sudanese community which the sector of the Sudanese women who are partners to men in bringing about sustainable and comprehensive industrial development. He hailed the Sudanese women working in the industrial sector in particular highlighting the line of the ministry of industry in reviving the industrial sector via the national project of industrial development. For her part the Secretary General of the Sudanese Women Union Mariam Jisour has hailed the role of the Ministry of Industry via its technical arm the Center of Researches and Industrial Consultations in implementing such courses that target the private and the public sectors and the civil society organizations and the General Union of Sudanese Women through which it is seeking the increase of production and productivity.

July 31, 2017
President Bashir says government keen to preserve peaceful religious coexistence in the country
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The President of the Republic, Omar Bashir, on Sunday reaffirmed the keenness of the Sudanese government to further strengthen religious coexistence in the country and to protect religious freedoms in a way that achieve religious security and stability in the country. The President who received at the presidential Guests House, the vising archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, stressed the peaceful coexistence that prevails even within the one family that comprises Muslims and Christians, living side by side in harmony. The president has stressed that no chritian establishment, church or institjtions, were ever attacked in the Sudan, matter that underlines the peaceful coexistence in the country. The president welcomed the visit of the highest angelican clergy official to the sudan, expressing hope that this would not be an impetus to the relations between two churches but also between the Sudan and the UK as well. Welby who is leading a delegation of the Canterbury bishops from different parts of the world to the inauguration of Anglican Church which will be an independent national church carrying number 39 worldwide, said he held a 50 minute long meeting with the Sudanese head of state centering on his concern for provision of assistance to the poor and disposed people. He commanded the way Sudan hosts refugees and said he talked with President Omar Bashir on the policy of his country, the UK, which encourages the "end of (economic) sanctions" on the Sudan. Sudan is under economic sanctions for now 23 years. The Minister for Orientation and Endowment, Abu Bakar Osman Ibrahim, has meanwhile said the archbishop has installed the Sudanese Bishop Hezgial Kindah in Kadogle, Nuba Mountains of South Kordufan.

Vital Development Projects with Japan in Mining Areas
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of Minerals, Prof. Hashim Ali Salim, stressed the states keenness to provide security to the mining companies, and facilitations to the investors in mining sector. The minister has lauded, during his meeting, Sunday, at his office with the Japanese Ambassador to Khartoum, Mr. Hideki Ito, the strong bilateral relations between the two countries, noting that the minerals ministry is looking for more development grants provided by the Japanese government to the Sudan government to be directed for more vital development projects , such as, the water wells, medical units, and generating electricity by the solar energy for the development of the different mining areas in the country. The Japanese ambassador has reviewed the development projects implemented by his country in different sectors in the Sudan in the health, environment and education fields. He stressed his country's readiness to study more projects presented by the minerals ministry, adding that tow Japanese companies are working in the mining sector in the Sudan where they work to establish good relations with the local communities, and to implement projects of the social responsibility.

Parliament Speaker Reviews 2ith Sudanese-American Friendship Society Lifting of US Sanctions
Khartoum- Speaker of the Legislature, Professor Ibrahim Ahmed Omer has praised the efforts exerted by the Sudanese community in the United States of America. He said upon meeting yesterday at his office, Dr. Yassir Gurashi the chairman of the steering committee of the Sudanese-American Friendship society, that the homeland needs the efforts of its sons in all fields. Dr. Gurashi for his part presented a briefing on the activities of the Sudanese community in the United States of America and its endeavor with organizations and pressures centers for lifting the economic blockade off the Sudan next October. The Chair of the steering committee has extended an invitation to the Speaker of the Parliament for attending the Sudanese cultural-sport week in the state of Connecticut at the United States of America which is scheduled to be held on the second of next September.

Hassabo Affirms State Keenness to Disseminate Tolerance and Lofty Values
Khartoum, (SUNA)- Vice - President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, has affirmed the government keenness to disseminate the values of tolerance and peaceful co-existence in all communities, lauding the noble customs, values and morals that characterizes the Sudanese people. This came when he received in his office at the Republican Palace Sunday the General Khalifa of Tijaniya Sect, Sheikh Ali Bl-Arabi, who called in a press statement after the meeting for refrain from violence and differences in the Sudanese society. He said that all the people of Sudan are required to unite their rank and avoid the seditions that are being woven by the enemies of Sudan. The Sheikh of Tijaniya Sect has appreciated the participation of the Vice - President in concluding sitting of the International Conference of Tijaniya Sect in Al-Fasher, the capital of North Darfur State.

July 28, 2017

Al-Basher Receives Message from President of Central African Republic
Khartoum, (SUNA) - President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omer Al-Basher received, Thursday a message from the President of the Central African Republic, Faustin-Archange Touadéra dealing with the bilateral relations and issues of common interest . The visiting Prime Minister of the Central African Republic, Simplice Sarandji who delivered the message to President Al-Basher, at the Guest House, has affirmed in a press statement that his visit to Sudan comes in the context of the sisterly and friendly relations between the two countries .


Minister of Finance calls on US Administration to totally revoke the sanctions in October
Khartoum,(SUNA) - The Minister for Finance and national Economy has called on the US Administration to totally revoke the economic sanctions as promised in October. Dr. Mohamed Rikabi, has pointed out when he received the US charge d'Affaires to the Sudan on Thursday that Sudan would continue working for lifting the sanctions, urging the American diplomat to reflect the developments on the ground in the Sudan to his country's leadership. He said the economic hardship caused by the sanctions on citizens should be reflected as well as the fact that the Sudan host huge number of refugees from neighboring countries who share with Sudanese their meager food, medicinal, housing and school resources. He said the lifting of the sanctions would help the Sudan integrate in the international economy, stressing that Sudanese government is keen for economic stability, economic reform and increasing production and productivity. He said the government is also keen to provide social assistance to the poor sectors of the society and to continue with its five year economic reform programmes. The charge d'Affaires has meanwhile said they were able convince the US congress that Sudan has continued implement programme of lifting any subsidies so that sanctions would be completely ended and that he was aware of the fact that the Sudan hosts huge number of refugees. He said in the coming period the two sides would work together government would work closely so that sanctions would be totally revoked.

Ministry of Finance to organize Fifth Forum on Electronic Money Collection Project Next Sunday
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning is due to organize the Fifth Forum on the Electronic Money Collection Project under the slogan "Towards Integrated Applications of Financial and Accounting Systems" Sunday and Monday, July 30-31 at the Friendship Hall at 9:00 am. The forum is to be held under the supervision and honoring of the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning and the Minister of Communications and Information Technology.

Ghandour Receives Message from French counterpart
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour received, Thursday, thank message from his French counterpart, Jean-Yves Le Drian in response to the congratulatory message he sent him on the occasion of assuming office as Foreign Minister . The French diplomat, in the message, expressed his country's desire to develop its relations with Sudan in all domains as Sudan is considered important state in Eastern Africa . He said his country will continue the political dialogue with Sudan concerning the big challenges facing European and African continents .

July 27, 2017

Al Bashir Calls Muslims to Cooperate, Bear Responsibilities and Abandon Differences
Khartoum - (SUNA) President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has called on Muslims to cooperate, abandon differences and bear responsibilities towards ongoing plotting and killing in the Muslim world. Receiving in the Guest House the Sufi Sects participated in the Al-Tijaniya Sufi Sect's First International Conference which concluded sessions in Al-Fasher, North Darfur State, last Sunday; President Al Bashir said incidents in the Muslim world news cover the World, due to conspiring, killing of Muslims and desisting them from their religion. "The current regional and international situation required us to be united and to help each other to support Islam and Muslims." The President added, referring to ongoing killing in Palestine and Al-Aqsa Mosque. President Al Bashir indicated to afflictions the Islamic nation is experiencing, especially in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Somalia. He said Muslims are brothers for they have one belief and destination and that Sharia gives wide room for people of Sudan to cooperate with all and that Muslims differ over branches not over the ends. President Al Bashir thanked the world Caliph of Tijaniya Sufi Sect, Ali Bel Arbi for choosing Sudan and Darfur for holding the Sect's General Conference a matter which, he underscored, asserts that Darfur is safe and stable.

National Dialogue Secretary General stresses the importance of Classification of Dialogue recommendations
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Secretary-General of the National Dialogue, Minister of Minerals Prof. Hashem Ali Mohammed Salim, has underlined the importance of classifying the recommendations of the national dialogue concerning the executive body to imp0lement the directives of the dialogue higher committee . This came when Prof. Salem chaired, Wednesday, the meeting of the committee assigned to classify and follow up the implementation of the outcomes of the dialogue . Meanwhile, the Rapporteur of the committee, the State Minister, at the Council of Ministers, Jamal Mahmud stressed the necessity for distribution of the recommendations according to the jurisdictions and assignments of the ministries .

Higher Committee for Supervision of Relations with BRICS Meets
Khartoum,(SUNA) The Higher Committee for the Supervision on the relationships between the Sudan and the BRICS countries held, Wednesday, its periodic meeting at the Republican Palace, chaired by its head Dr. Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz. In press statements, Al Jaz noted that the meeting concluded with a recommendation to conduct a detailed study on the gold through the companies in the country and the obtrusion on the spaces specified for its work. He added that the meeting concluded with the recommendation specifying the organs concerned with the control of the gold production, and means for the perfection of the production performance via the companies and the traditional mining. He said that the study and its recommendation will be provided the ministry of finance, the Ministry of Minerals and the Central bank of Sudan. It is worth noting that the BRICS countries include Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Al-Mahdi Calls for Reviewing US Administration Policies towards Sudan
Khartoum - (SUNA) The President of National Umma Party Imam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi has criticized American policies towards Sudan, saying that there are essential errors in the American policies evidenced by their admittance of their errors in Afghanistan and Iraq which led to the emergence of Al Qaida and ISIS. He called, in an interview with Sudan News Agency, for assessing the American stance from all angles and discuss the American polices from a Sudanese perspective, along with providing solutions to the American policy-makers for rationalizing their policies perfectly. He outlined that America has admitted that dealing with Sudan on the basis of sanctions is wrong, adding that dealing with America is an imperative need, citing a totality of reasons and basic contradictions, including US desire to deal with Sudan, and enlisting its citizens as part of citizens of six countries barred from entering American territories, while it says Sudan is cooperating with America in fighting terrorism and at the same time it puts Sudan in the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, and in the list of the countries of human trafficking. He stressed the need of abandoning the mindset that America is the master of the globe, and looking at a world that have become of multi-polar, stressing that his party is currently studying response to a number of studies related to relation between Sudan and America and giving solutions for them. The lengthy dialogue has tackled an assessment on the Sudanese policy performance, its elites and the accusations of Dr. Mansour Khalid on the performance of those elites, along with topics related to performance within his party, including why does he intends to leave party presidency. The dialogue included issues of parties and their splits, and his stance towards the national dialogue along with the situation on the Arab, Gulf and international arenas and his views of the future relations with Egypt and America. Al-Mahdi further called, in the dialogue which will be published by SUNA later, on in its website to strategic relation with Egypt saying that "we need a strategic relation with all of our neighbors" particularly with Egypt due to cultural and social reasons, noting that the Egyptians need for Sudan is bigger for reasons related to their food and water security. Al Mahdi believed in this regards that the Egyptian stance towards the Muslim Brothers has complicated relation between Egypt and a number of countries including Sudan, Turkey and Qatar. He called for an Egyptian reconciliation, saying that he has proposed to the Egyptian President Abdulfatah Al Sisi to issue an amnesty to the leaders of the Muslim brothers who were sentenced to death as their elimination by security means is something impossible.

July 26, 2017

Al Bashir Directs NSWF Concern with All Student Sectors
Khartoum - President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has instructed the National Students Welfare Fund (NSWF) to provide support to all sectors of students in all areas of the Country.This came during his meeting in the Republican Palace, Monday with the Fund's Secretary-General, Professor Mohamed Abdallah Al-Nagarabi in presence of Minister of Presidency of the Republic. Professor Al-Nagarabi said that he briefed the President of the Republic on implementation of the President's directives regarding expanding the Fund services to include students of the higher, general and technological education as well as his directive concerning providing houses for universities lecturers. He pointed out that the meeting reviewed the achievements of the Fund during the past period and projects for the stage to come, indicating to plans and programs put by the Fund to enable it to fully carry out its role. It is worth mentioning that the Students Welfare Fund has 160 towns providing housing for 262,000 students.

Canadian company expresses desire to invest in oil and gas in Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister of Oil and Gas Dr. Abdulrahman Osman Abdulrahman has discussed desire of the Canadian State Petroleum Company to enter into the oil investment in Sudan, stressing that the doors of Sudan are open before all the serious companies desiring to invest in the this field and have sufficient experience and technical and financial capacity This came during a meeting at his office Tuesday with the delegation of the Canadian State Petroleum Company headed by Lutfal-Rahman Khan, in the presence of the State Minister the Ministry of Oil and Gas Engineer Saad-Eddin Hussein and a number of technicians in the ministry and Sudanese Sudapet Company. The meeting discussed the company's desire to enter into a partnership with Sudapet Company in blocks (17) and (25) to work on financing, exploration and oil production, in which Sudapet operates. The head of the delegation expressed their keen desire to enter the oil investment in the country in a number of oil blocks in cooperation with Sudapet Company, extending adequate briefing on the activities of the Canadian company, stressing their financial and technical capability to achieve success in Sudan. It is worth mentioning that the Canadian State Petroleum Company had worked previously on the exploration and production of Sudanese oil and is now operating in a number of countries in the world.

Joint Sudanese-Saudi Ministerial Committee Meets in Jeddah Today
Khartoum - (smc) The Joint Ministerial Committee between Sudan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia convenes the meetings of its sixth session in Jeddah on July 26-27. The Sudanese side at the meeting of the joint ministerial committee would be led by Minister of Agriculture and Forests Dr. Abdel-Latief Egaimi, while the Saudi Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture, Engineer Abdul-Rahman bin Abdel-Mohsen Al Fadhli would head his country’s side. The delegation of Sudan to the meeting comprises representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Agriculture and International Cooperation besides other ministries and government departments. The official spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Ghariballah Khidir, said that the joint ministerial committee would discuss the issues of bilateral cooperation in all political and economic fields, especially in the domains of dams, water, electricity, animal resources, health, education and other fields. He pointed out that convening the Sudanese-Saudi Arabian Business Forum would coincide with the session of the joint ministerial committee, which would be attended by Chairman of the Saudi side in the joint businessmen council Shiekh Salih Al Kamal and from the Sudanese side the State Minister at the Ministry of Investment Osama Faisal and head of the Sudanese side at the businessmen council Saud Elberair. Meanwhile, State Minister at the Ministry of Investment Usama Faisal told (SMC) that the strategic understandings particularly in the fields of dams, agriculture and economy are for the benefit of the two peoples noting that Saudi Arabia has played a huge role in supporting development projects via its investments in Sudan. For his part the Saudi Ambassador to Khartoum. Ali Bin Hassan said the meetings of the joint ministerial committee represent an extension to the developed relations between Khartoum and Riyadh noting that the Kingdom is keen on advancement of the Saudi Sudanese relations and pushing them forward to wider prospects in the light of the discrete leaderships.

Ghandour Will Head to Bulgaria Tomorrow
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour will head tomorrow morning, Wednesday, to the Republic of Bulgaria in response to an invitation from his Bulgarian counterpart. The visit is considered the first for a senior Sudanese official to Bulgaria for decades. The Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ambassador Ghareeb-Allaha Kheidier, noted that the FM will meet during the visit with Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, the prime minister and the bulrgarian parliament speaker. Foreign Minister Ghandour will also hold talks with his Bulgarian counterpart to discuss opportunities and cooperation in the political, cultural and economic fields, besides meetings and talks with a number of the businessmen and the Bulgarian media organs. He added that the visit comes in context of the Sudanese - European dialogue during the past period in line with the state's reform program.

July 25, 2017

Minister of Interior receives Japan ambassador to Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Minister of Interior, Gen Hamid Abdul Manan, has received the ambassador of Japan to the Sudan Hideki Ito, and reviewed with him cooperation in the various domains of interests to the two people and in the field of police and security in particular. During the meeting which attended by the Director of International Cooperation, Gen Imad Khalafalla, the Japanese ambassador briefed the minister on the assistance his country provided for the Sudan with regard the cementing of peace, training, water, health and environment . The ambassador promised to do his level best for strengthening the bilateral relations and particular with regards to the actions relevant to the ministry of interior. He also said he was assured by the Minister about the safety of all foreign subjects resident in the Sudan.

Sudan Pledges to Halt Mercury Import by 2020
Khartoum: Minister of Minerals Professor Hashim Ali Salim has put forward alternatives for mercury use in extracting gold from traditional mining. He disclosed while addressing traditional gold miners in Al Abideya market in Barbar locality yesterday a number of alternatives of mercury to be used for extracting gold in the traditional mining sector due to its health impact on miners top of which is an experiment introduced by a Turkish company that extracts gold by using water. The Minister noted that by the year 2020 Sudan will halt the use of mercury in mining adding that " by the year 2020 we will not import even one gram of mercury pledging at the same time to ban child employment in mining in the aftermath of the issuance of a regulation banning it disclosing that inspection campaigns will be launched for monitoring child employment in mining.

National Prime Minister Issues forms committees to implement National Dialogue outcome
Khartoum,(SUNA) - The First Vice President of the Republic, Gen Bakri Hassan Salih, on Monday issued a decree on the formation of committees to implement the outcome of the National Dialogue Conference. Lt Gen Bakri who is the National Prime Minister, said in the decree that the Deputy Premiers and the heads of the sectors at the Council of Ministers, should follow up the implementation each in their own sectors. The decree stipulated the formation of three committees: the General Policies committee to be headed by Professor Hashim Ali Salim the Minister for Minerals, the States Committee to be headed by Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim the Minister for Federal Governance Chamber, and the Justice and Legislations committee to be headed by the Minister for Justice, Dr. Idris Ibrahim Jamil. The committees are inclusive of all political forces that are participating in the National Accord Government.

Council for National Unity Parties Supports Efforts for Communication with US Administration
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Council for the National Unity Parties has presented a memorandum for the Presidency of the Republic, the First Vice President and National Prime Minister, and the National Congress Party concerning its support to the efforts regarding continuation of communication with the US administration for lifting sanctions of the Sudan in or before 12 of next October. The secretary general of the council, Aboud Jabir, following his delivery to the memo, has praised the sovereignty, diplomatic, parliament and political efforts targeting the ending of the embargo, based on the national action. He considered the efforts made by the government to face the economic challenges resulting from the impacts of the embargo on the citizens are reasonable regarding the decisions appointment. He asserted the councils support to the decisions of the president of the republic on the extension of the embargo lifting date, referring to the work for mobilization for the lifting of the economic embargo. Aboud said that the council of the national unity parties will deliver similar memorandums to the parliament, and the ministry of foreign affairs concerning claims for lifting the embargo and removing its impacts.

Foreign Ministry Summons Iraqi Charge D'Affaires over torturing Sudanese citizen in Basra
Khartoum, (SUNA)-The Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned, Monday, the Iraqi Charge D'Affaires in Khartoum, Ambassador Mohammed Samir Hassan, where the Director General of the Department of Consular Affairs, officially informed him on the Sudanese government's protest against the torturing of Sudanese citizen, Musa al-Bashir , who was tortured and physically abused after leaving a hospital where he received treatment from a gunshot wound sustained during clashes between armed groups near the city of Basra . The Iraqi diplomat expressed his regret and apology over this incident and pledged to convey this message to his government for an urgent investigation and bring that group to justice . He affirmed Iraq's appreciation for the Sudanese community in Iraq . The Foreign Ministry official spokesman, Ambassador, Gariballah al-Khider, said that the Sudanese embassy in Baghdad is monitoring the situation of the Sudanese citizen and reassuring his health situation and transferring him to a safe area in coordination with the concerned Iraqi authorities .

Khartoum says consultation underway to make use of Sundus Agriculture project touristic merits
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Governor of Khartoum state, Gen Abdul Rahim Mohamed Hussein, on Monday met with the leaders of the Sundus Agriculture project to review means of making the best out of it, especially from the touristic stand point The meeting which brought together the leadership of the project along with the government officials from Khartoum state, has underlined the need to add new production modalities to the project, commending the fact that the project already included housing siliviculture, stressing the fact that all production means including the irrigation and production cycle including plant and animal production have been completed. The meeting said use should be made of the advantages provided by the project to utilize them for touristic ends

July 24, 2017

Ghandour Meets UN Secretary General Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour received, Sunday, at his office, the United Nations Secretary General Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan, Nicholas Haysom. Ghandour, during the meeting, briefed the UN official on the process of Sudan-US relation following the extension of lifting the US sanctions imposed on Sudan until next Oct . The meeting also discussed peace in South Sudan State, the efforts of IGAD, Troika and the donors and means for reaching a peace formula to restore peace and security in South Sudan .

Minister of Intl Cooperation meets WHO Director in Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister of International Cooperation Idris Suleiman discussed, at his office Sunday, with the Director of the Office of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Sudan Dr. Naima Hassan al-Qusair the Development Assistance Framework and FAO projects in Sudan as well as the guidelines of the work and international cooperation in relying on the framework of the information system of the ministry, which enables the ministry to assemble all the aid coming into Sudan. In a press statement after the meeting, the State Minister at the Ministry of International Cooperation Sumaya O'kud said that the organization's director was briefed on the National Aid Information System, the National International Cooperation Strategy and the priorities of the Sudanese government regarding the international cooperation in the coming stage, in addition to the dialogue structures on the sustainable development goals. The minister said that the meeting discussed what can be done in the framework of resources mobilization to support the Sudanese health strategy and to achieve the health goals under the sustainable development agenda. Sumaya added that the meeting agreed on communication and coordination between the ministry and the organization as the Ministry of International Cooperation is the focal point for all aid and external support. For her part, the WHO's Office Director said that the meeting reviewed the activities of the organization in supporting health activities besides supporting the national strategy for development and health. She praised Sudan's efforts in this regard, stressing provision of technical and technological support and resources mobilization for the national strategic plan in Sudan as well as consolidation of strategic partnerships.

Agriculture Minister: Government Keen on Providing More Facilities to Saudi Investors
Khartoum- Minister of Agriculture and Forests Dr. Abdul-Latief Egaimi has affirmed the strong relations linking Sudan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Minister of Agriculture reaffirmed keenness of the Government of Sudan on giving the Saudi investors more facilities, especially that Saudi Arabia is among the leading Arab countries investing in the various fields, especially in the agricultural domain. Dr. Egaimi praised the cooperation between the two countries and exchange of expertise in the field of technology, saying that Sudan is endowed with vast natural resources that avail big opportunities for investors.

Ministry Keen on Supporting Industrial Efforts of the Private Sector
Khartoum- (Khalda Elyas) State Minister at the Ministry of Industry Dr. Abdu Dawoud has affirmed keenness of the government on supporting efforts of the private sector for developing the industrial sector in the country.The State Minister, inaugurating yesterday at western Omdurman area Maiar Shoes Factory, said the launching of the factory copes with the policies of the state for indigenizing basic industries and reduction of imports in accordance with the five-year economic program, referring to the great development witnessed by the sector of shoes industry. Chairman of the board of directors of the factory Abu-Obeida Mohamed Al Shiekh, on his part, has explained that the establishment of the factory complies with the economic and industrial policies of the state, noting that the factory has four production lines equipped with most modern machines with a total cost of two million dollars. The factory produces high quality shoes, he said, adding that they are planning to open markets for their products at the countries of the region.


Some 12 Kilograms of Gold Produced from Mining Residuals in River Nile
Khartoum- Minister of Minerals Prof. Hashim Ali Salim begins today a visit to River Nile State to inspect the situations of the mining process in its various sectors there. The Minister would get acquainted during the visit with the efforts of Zikra Company operating in the domain of mining residuals, which has launched its first gold production amounting to 12 kilograms of gold at the company’s premises at Abu Hamad Locality in River Nile State, reflecting a successful partnership between the private and public sectors. Representative of the chairman of the board of directors of the company Dr. Abdallah Osman Abdallah has said their partnership with the public sector is fruitful and successful, disclosing that they have programs for promoting and upgrading the company. Deputy chairman of the board of directors of the company Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud, on his part, has said the first batch of the company’s production of gold, amounting to 12 kilograms, would be handed over to the Ministry of Minerals, hoping that this production would be a boost to the national economy. Secretary General of Mining Workers Trade Union, Ibrahim Beraimah, on his part, has described reaching by the company to the stage of production as a big step and comes in implementation of the directives of the Ministry of Minerals.

Sudanese-German Cooperation Discussed
Khartoum- State Minister at the Ministry of International Cooperation Somaya Ukud has appreciated the great support Germany extends to Sudan in the development, engineering and technical fields. This came when the State Minister received at her office yesterday the official of Quality Guarantee at the office of the German Development Agency (GIZ). The State Minister said in a press statement that the meeting tackled the volume of development and economic cooperation between Sudan and Germany, especially in the fields of vocational training. She expressed pleasure over the continued cooperation between the Ministry of International Cooperation and the German Development Agency in the domain of direct projects or that implemented through IGAD organization. The German official, on her part, affirmed that Germany is keen on its relations with Sudan, noting that Germany implements projects in Sudan through GIZ in the fields of vocational training, food security and combating the illegal migration.

July 21, 2017

Ghandour: President Al-Bashir Will Visit Kuwait and Qatar
Khartoum, (SUNA) Foreign Minister, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour revealed that the President of the Republic will visit Kuwait and Qatar during the coming period to support mediation efforts to resolve the Gulf crisis. The Foreign Minister said in press statements at Khartoum airport after the return of the President of the Republic, Thursday afternoon, from a tour that included the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, that the Sudan supports the Gulf mediation to find a solution to this issue. In response to a question about the cancellation of the president's visit to Kuwait as part of the tour he ended today, Ghandour said: "The president can visit one country in one visit, or two or three states, or postpone it, and Al-Bashir will visit Kuwait and Qatar.", "not visiting a state during a tour does not mean that it has been ignored", he pointed out that the visit was not to resolve the crisis, but was made to communicate with the brothers in general, and to discuss bilateral, regional and international files and others, he added, "definitely the Gulf issue is among these files."


Oil and Gas State Minister Announces 90% of Khartoum Refinery Company Owned by Sudan Government
Khartoum, (SUNA) The State Minister at the Ministry of Oil and Gas, Engineer Saadul-Deen Husein Al-Bushra reviewed the efforts made by his ministry to attract investors for oil sector and the development of the national companies to realize a quantum leap in the history of industry in the country. He announced that 90% of Khartoum Refinery Company is now owned by the government to be added to the oil constructions 100% is owned and directed by Sudanese cadres. This came during the inspection visit he made, Thursday to Khartoum Refinery Company accompanied by engineer Ali Abdul-Rahman the refinery's director. The state minister heard to a report on the phases of the new and old refineries, their performance during the past years, the position of production of oil derivatives for the first half of this year and the future plan to increase refining capacity to 50 thousand barrels. Saadul Deen stressed giving top priority to occupational safety and health programs for workers and the establishments, noting to the state's economic conditions and the challenges facing the oil sector at the internal and external levels of prices and the need to intensify further efforts to manage the sector in accordance with an economic process that contributes to reducing the costs of production and expenses. He praised the national cadre efforts, experience and devotion in the production process which has prevailed in the stability of the supplies of petroleum materials in the country. General Director of Khartoum Refinery Company referred that the refinery works with the capacity of 90 thousand barrels per day to cover the country's consumption of petroleum materials with the cover of 80% of cooking gas, 50% of gasoline and 100% of the benzene consumption, in addition to the production of heavy gas, and petroleum coal for the production of electricity and operation of cement factories. He pointed out that the refinery is the fourth of its capacity in Africa a leader in the field of oil industry at the internal and external level, stressing it is subjection to international specifications in refining, indicating it is contribution to reduction of financial costs for importing petroleum products. The state minister has also inspected Al Royan station of the pipe line company, giving directives for focusing on the strategic planning for the increase of the future qualified operational process of the station in the distribution of the petroleum derivatives to all parts of the country.

FVP Lauds Trade unions Movement
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The First Vice-President,(FVP) the National Prime Minister, General, Bakri Hassan Saleh has greeted the national role being played by the trade union movement to realize development, stability, increase of production and productivity as well as giving great concern to the living condition of the citizens . This came when the FVP met, Thursday, at the Executive Bureau of the Sudan Workers Trade Union Federation (SWTUF) headed by Engineer, Yousef Abdul Karim, the union's Chairman . Abdul Karim said in press statements that the meeting discussed issues pertinent to the state employees concerning the implementation of Five years program and the National Accord Government program.

NC Economic Sector Stresses Support to Productive and Private Sectors
Khartoum, (SUNA) The economic sector of the National Congress party (NC) has stressed on the necessity that the government work, during the coming phase, to adopt policies for the support of the essential productive sectors and the private sector to realize the economic stabilization. The meeting chaired by the sectors chairman, Dr. Hassan Ahmed Taha, has called for the stop of the pound devaluation against the dollar by attracting expatriate resources, investment and increasing production and productivity by focusing on the basic commodities set by the five-year economic program for the export purposes. The Federal Minister of Finance, presented a report during the meeting reviewing his vision for the economic program in the coming phase to contribute in bridging the external gap by the increase of production and productivity, and to adopt policies for the support of the of main sectors for the production of export commodities. The meeting has tackled the accomplishments and the failure in some sectors. The NC economic sector has also discussed the recent economic developments that have witnessed the rise of the dollar prices against the Sudanese pound, calling for the adoption of polices to halt the deterioration of the local currency, control of the inflation and the realization of stability for the national economy.

July 20, 2017

Saudi Foreign Minister: Our Efforts for Lifting American Sanctions from Sudan Are Continuing
Jeddah- Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir has said the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would continue its efforts for final lifting of the American sanctions on Sudan as well as removing its name from the US list of countries sponsoring terrorism.
The Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs described the meetings held by President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir with the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Saudi Crown Prince His Royal Highness Prince Mohamed bin Salman in Jeddah as fruitful and constructive and tackled bilateral relations and the issues of the region. Al-Jubeir indicated in press statement with his Sudanese counterpart Ibrahim Ghandour Tuesday evening at the conclusions of the talks between the leaderships of the two countries in Jeddah that Sudan has realized marked progress towards lifting of the sanctions and removing its name from the list of terrorism sponsoring countries. He has said he is looking forward for visiting Sudan shortly to continue the consultations between the two countries on a number of issues and boosting the relations between the two countries, adding that Sudan and Saudi Arabia are major partners in the Islamic alliance for combating terrorism and extremism and the alliance for supporting the legitimacy in Yemen.

Sudanese-Turkish Partnership in the Agricultural Field
Khartoum - Minister of Agriculture and Forests Dr. Abdul-Latif Egaimi has affirmed existence of a partnership between Sudan and Turkey in the agricultural field. The Minister met at his office yesterday members of the committee on implementation of the Sudanese-Turkish partnership in the agricultural field, where they discussed the areas targeted for the joint agricultural projects between the two countries. Dr. Egaimi affirmed in a press statement that the committee works to boost the joint cooperation between Sudan and Turkey through establishment of a joint model farm and formulating a vision for projects to be presented to the Turkish side. He urged members of the committee to start the procedures for registration of the joint Sudanese-Turkish Company and formation of its board of directors. The State Minister at the Ministry of Trade, Al-Sadik Mohamed Ali, on his part, said that the Turkish investments can play a major role in contributing to the Sudanese economy and transferring the Turkish expertise to the country.

Hassabo calls on authorities concerned to facilitate delivery of Ethiopian goods via Sudanese ports
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Vice-President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohammed Abdul Rahman has directed the authorities concerned to facilitate procedures of delivery of the Ethiopian goods through the Sudanese ports . Hassabo who chaired, Wednesday, the meeting of the Sudanese-Ethiopian Committee has affirmed the dealing through one window-system for import and export procedures, in Port sudan besides, the transit fees in high ways and the development of the economic relations in the light of the agreements signed by the two countries . The Wali (governor) of the Red Sea State, Ali Ahmed Hammed the meeting, also, discussed transport of the Ethiopian pilgrims via Port Sudan ports .

Director of Exports Financing Agency: Resumption of Transactions with International Banks Supports plans for increase and flow of exports
Khartoum, (SUNA) The General Director of the National Agency for Exports Financing and Security, Ahmed Babiker Ahmed stressed that the full resumption of the financial transactions between the Sudan and the international banks supports the agency's efforts for the increase and flow of Sudan's exports to the international markets and facilitates transfers to all the world banks. he said that the agency is prepared to secure exports revenues paid by various means, especially the long-term payments, including the documentary credits, adding that the agency, since the begging of this year, has provided coverage of security credits to the exports of the various commodities including sesame, edible oils, gum Arabic, meat, livestock and other exports to a number of states including Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other countries of the world. Ahmed Babiker noted that the agency has recently renewed the agreement on re-insurance of export revenues with the Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit of the Islamic Bank in Jeddah, adding that the agency has obtained large ceilings for importers of Sudanese goods including the return of all export earnings, especially gum Arabic and livestock. Meanwhile, he welcomed the decision of the United States Department of Agriculture for the addition of Sudan to the export credit guarantee program, indicating the direct and indirect impact of the decision on increasing the exports and enabling the country to import high-quality production inputs to the industry for export. he pointed out that the return of Sudan to the US export credit program provides an opportunity for Sudanese exporters to directly deal with US importers of agricultural commodities required in the US market such as gum Arabic, adding that the program also allows the local banks to directly deal with their US counterparts in importing productions inputs, the agricultural, and animal technologies that lead the Sudan's exports.

Sudan Asserts Commitment, Seriousness to Join WTO
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Sudan's delegation participating in the 4th session of negotiation for joining the World Trade Organization (WTO), has asserted the commitment and seriousness of the Sudan to join the organization via its adjustment to the trade and economic conditions with the requirements of the WTO. Referring to the great concern of the organizations member states to give Sudan full membership in the WTO to start progress in a new phase. The Minister of Commerce, Hatim Al- Siir, noted in press statements, following his participation in the negotiations meetings in Geneva, indicated that t the meetings were positive and fruitful, expecting that Sudan would recently gain fruits of these efforts. He added that joining of the WTO would provide Sudan with opportunities to benefit from the world's modern technologies, the foreign modern investments in all fields that would enable it to increase production for exportation and the realization of the motto of the fifth year's program (increase of production for exportation). He said that the Sudan presentation has been appreciated by all the WTO member state a mtter that would pave the way for the Sudan to be part of the world trade and economy, referring to the Sudan's vast potential. He lauds the Sudan's permanent mission in Geneva lead by Dr. Moustafa Osman Ismail for the full support it provided to the Sudan's delegation, hoping for completion of steps for joining the WTO.

July 19, 2017

President Al Bashir and King Salman Hold Talks in Jeddah
Khartoum - The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has yesterday received at Al Salam Palace in Jeddah, President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir. The Saudi Press Agency said during the reception relations between the two sister countries were reviewed and the latest developments in the region. The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosque has held a dinner banquet in honor of President Al Bashir. President Omer Al Bashir had left on Tuesday, for Saudi Arabia for a three-day official visit, after talks with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour said that the visit will discuss the bilateral relations between the two countries and the developments in the Arab region and that it comes within the framework of Sudan and the President's communication with his brothers in the framework of the presidential diplomacy which he leads with the leaders of the Arab region. Media Advisor of the Embassy of Sudan in Abu Dhabi, Emad Sayed Ahmed said that Al Bashir's visit to the UAE comes within the framework of his ability to solve problems, adding, "The president has ideas that can contribute to compromise solutions to calm the Gulf crisis, expecting that the visit will have positive results.

Britain Supports Lifting of Economic Sanctions
Khartoum - British government has announced its support for decision to lift the sanctions on Sudan. British Ambassador to Khartoum, Michael Aaron said the UK government supports the decision to lift economic sanctions, imposed by the US administration on Sudan, in next October. "We are optimistic that positive cooperation during the next three months will ensure success," Aaron said Sunday, pointing out to continue work with the government and the international community to support the issues of comprehensive economic development to achieve development and stability in the country, announcing their order to prepare for a bilateral strategic dialogue in London in the coming period, referring to the upcoming visit of a group of Sudanese parliamentarians to the United Kingdom this month, to visit the Welsh National Assembly and the British House of Commons to see the work of the various committees in those councils.

Water Resources Ministry Signs Survey Contract for Using Solar Power Pumps
Khartoum - (SUNA) The Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity signed an initial survey contract with the Newtech consultancy for the areas targeted by the project of the use of solar power pumps in the northern state. The Director of the Project on the Promotion of the use of solar power pumps, Eng. Abdel-Moneim Hassan Idris, said that preliminary surveys in the northern state aimed at determining the social and economic indicators of the project, revealing that the study will be completed within (6) weeks from now. Idris pointed out that the first stage of the project has been witnessing installation of 28 experimental pumps while 1440 pumps are to be installed in the second phase and will be implemented during (4) years prior for the implementation of the project in the rest of the states, particularly in areas far away from the axis of the National Electricity Grid and island areas. Idris expected the project to make a quantum leap in the northern state to support the government trend to increase production. For his part, the Consultant of the Study, Dr. Babikir Ibrahim, said that the project of using solar water pumps for irrigation was a new breakthrough for the agricultural sector in Sudan in terms of its cost and ease of its operating systems, explaining that the study aims at determining the economic and social levels of the project and conducting a comprehensive evaluation after the implementation phase.

Foreign Ministry: We Will Work to Lift Sanctions
Khartoum - Foreign Ministry said that freezing the work of the negotiating committee does not mean freezing communication to lift the sanctions. State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hamid Mumtaz said, in press statements in the parliament Monday, that the session of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Committee of the parliament tackled the nature of relations between Sudan and America, which started dialogue on strategic important issues that have become national agenda for the Sudanese government and the society. “We listened diplomatic and political bodies, organizations and partners will work to lift the sanctions on October 12 next, indicating in a press statement to the Parliament on Monday, “We listened to the questions of members of the committee on the decision and its details and what is expected to happen the next phase," Mumtaz said, adding that relevant bodies, whether popular, native or organizations were invited, to clarify their visions on the decision, and work to lift sanctions in the next phase. "The issue of Sudan is a just cause that we accept from all international and local parties, to lift injustice from the country, and to benefit from loans, grants and international facilities”, Mumtaz said.

Inflation rate for June drops by 8.14 % compared to May this year
Khartoum, (SUNA) - Inflation rate for the month of June 2017 has dropped by 8.14 %, down from 32.63% in May to 35.52 in June, according to a National Statistics Center report. The report said inflation in commodities and services has went down to 28.98 % against 31.53% in May that is a drop of 8.08%. However in rural areas the inflation in consumer commodities went down to 35.95% in June against 39.18% in May.

Purchase of new cotton gin for Khor Abu Habil agricultural project in North Kordofan at 3 million pounds
Al-Simaih, (SUNA) - The Director General of Khor Abu Habil Agricultural Project in Al-Simaih area at the North Kordofan State Engineer Makki Abdullah Adam has revealed that detailed studies have been conducted for the purchase and installation of a new cotton gin at a cost exceeding 3 million pounds. He pointed out that the gin will enter the service during this season, adding that its purchase was through the holding company, which was formed recently in the state, explaining that the capacity of the new cotton gin multiplies the capacity of the old one and in high specifications working electronically in the cotton ginning, stressing that it will contribute significantly in the ginning operations.

July 18, 2017

Bashir discussed with Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zaid the latest development on the regional and international scenes
Abu Dhabi, UAE, (SUNA) - The President of the Republic Omar Bashir on Monday met HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zaid al Nahian, the hire apparent of Aby Dhabi, who welcomed the visit that comes, he said, within the context of the brotherly relations and continued consultations on issues of mutual interests for the two countries. The two sides discussed in the meeting the outstanding relations and the cooperation between the two countries in the economic, political and development domains and the means for taking this development further to wider horizons. The meeting reviewed as well the latest developments in the regional and international arenas and the challenges that face the region top of which terrorism and violent extremism as well as the regional interventions that seek to undermine stability and security in the region. The meeting discussed how to combat terrorist groups and dry their sources of financing. It is to be noted that the President arrived here heading a high level delegation that included the presidential Affairs Minister, the Minister for Foreign Affairs as well as senior other official. The President visit is the first leg of a tour that will also take him to Saudi Arabia, Tuesday.

Government Opens New Humanitarian Assistance Routes to S. Sudan
Khartoum - The government of Sudan represented by Humanitarian Assistance Commission and the government of South Sudan have yesterday signed a memo of understanding for extending the period of delivering humanitarian assistances to south Sudan's citizens for a period of one year for delivering 90000 metric tons of humanitarian assistances. Signed for the government of Sudan was Ahmed Mohamed Adam, the General Commissioner of humanitarian assistance while Mayan Dot, the Ambassador of South Sudan State to Khartoum signed for south Sudan. The General Commissioner of humanitarian assistance, Ahmed Mohamed Adam said in a press statement yesterday that the memo comes in the framework of the endeavours and efforts of Sudan for supporting humanitarian conditions in South Sudan He noted that Sudan government continued to sign cooperation agreements with south Sudan State and the United Nations towards delivering assistances to the war-affected citizens inside south Sudan He added that the said agreement continued to be renewed every six months since the year 2014 for transporting the assistances provided by the World Food Program for mitigating food shortage in a number of South Sudan regions He noted that the agreement has been extended this time for a period of one year instead of six months along with opening three new routes in addition to the old cross-point located in the Blue Nile.


US Company Mulls over Investment in Sudan Oil
Khartoum -- The extension of the US sanctions on Sudan for another three months will not discourage US companies from investment in Sudan, the Manager of US based Capital Partner Trading, has said. The US Administration's decision to extend sanctions does not include any conditions to prohibit the entry of US companies into investment in Sudan, he said. He added that there is a positive trend to lift the sanctions permanently after the set three months timeframe, pointing out that US companies are in favor of their country to become a key player in Sudan economy through strategic partnership with the public and private sectors in both countries. The meeting between the visiting US delegation with Abdul-Rahim Osman, the Minister of Petroleum and Gas looked at available investment opportunities in the fields of development and oil industries.
The Head of the US delegation, Peter Watson, stressed the importance of maintaining cooperation with Sudan on the specific area of energy in favor of attracting major companies to invest in Sudan oil sector.

Minister of Oil meets companies desiring to invest in gas field
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister of Oil and Gas Abdul-Rahman Osman Abdul-Rahman has stressed the need to introduce technology and modernize the gas sector in order to achieve the highest efficiency by benefiting from the oil production and its increase. This came during his meeting with the Malaysian-Saudi Investment Group, which desires to enter into the gas field in Al-Fula area in partnership with Sudapet. The minister provided data on opportunities for investment in energy, welcoming investment in the field of gas and describing it as a vital investment. The company's chief executive Rashid Mohamed Ali affirmed the availability of resources and studies that encourage access to energy and gas production. meanwhile, the Minister of Oil and Gas met, in the presence of the of State Minister at the Ministry of Oil and Gas Saaduddin Hussein Al-Bushra and the Undersecretary of the Ministry with the UAE Crescent Group, which has completed its field studies in a number of oil fields and expressed its desire to establish a gas city to benefit from it in the gas-related industries as well as the cooking gas production in block 8, which is located in Sennar state, underscoring the opportunities available now for the extraction of gas for electricity production and industrial uses.

July 17, 2017

Al Bashir Leaves Khartoum on Tour to UAE and Saudi Arabia
Khartoum -The President of the Republic, Omar Al Bashir, leaves Khartoum on Monday to the United Arab Emirates, in a tour that will also take him to Saudi Arabia. The President will hold talks with his brothers the leaders of the United Arab Emirates during the two day visit there, focusing on bilateral relations and issues of mutual interests. The President will leave from the UAE to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday on a three-day visit during which he will confer with his brother the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz and with the Crown Prince, Emir, Mohamed Bin Salman.

Minister of Intl Cooperation meets Japanese Ambassador to Sudan
Khartoum, (SANA) - The Minister of International Cooperation Idris Suleiman has discussed with the Ambassador of Japan to Sudan Mr. Hideki Ito the Japanese assistance in Sudan in the fields of agricultural development and skills development in the various training fields, praising the valuable support provided by the State of Japan to Sudan through developmental projects in different states of Sudan. In a press statement after the meeting, the State Minister at the Ministry of International Cooperation, Hussein al-Sharif Al-Hindi expressed Sudan's appreciation to Japan and the Japanese International cooperation Agency (JICA) for their role in promoting sustainable development in the country, referring to the great cooperation and support provided by Japan to Sudan in the fields of water, health, education and agriculture as well as various domains in all the states of the Sudan, praising the support it has provided to Sudan in the field of capacity building and acquisition of technical skills. For his part, the Japanese ambassador stressed his country's keenness to strengthen the cooperation relations between the two countries, stressing the continuation of the provision of more assistance, revealing that Japan attaches great importance to the provision of assistance in the fields of training and strengthening of skills in the technological fields.

Sudan embassy in Paris organizes a protest march demanding revocation of sanctions
Khartoum, (SUNA)-The official spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ambassador Gharib Alla Al Khidir, said the Sudan embassy in Paris, France, organized a protest march against the American economic sanctions imposed on the Sudan. The march took place in the Human rights square in Trocadero Station in Paris. Sudanese community members and charity organizations took part in as the demonstration. Some members of the Arab Call Society also participated along with some French national who are in solidarity with the Sudanese people for lifting the economic sanctions. The chair of the Arab solidarity society, Ali Almuraabi, addressed the gathering which was covered by some local French media outlets.

Sudan Signs Biggest Agreement towards Building Green Trees Wall
Khartoum: The Ministry of Environment has disclosed the signing of the biggest agreement towards building an African green wall with the participation of eleven African countries under the sponsorship of the United Nations. The President of the Malaysian Bionas company which is to implement the project, Ali Idris said the agreement aims at halting desert creep southwards and reducing the percentage of carbon emissions in the globe via building the tree wall and Sudan wall whose length totals to 1520 kilometers and 30 kilometers in width and it will pass across the states of the River Nile ,Kassala, Port-Sudan , Northern State , Kordofan and North Darfur. He affirmed the company preparedness to implement the whole project and Sudan is the number one beneficiary of this agreement. He noted that the project aims at planting four billion trees including Gum Arabic trees whereby some three million families from the project He said services will be delivered to the citizens along with indigenizing or building permanent residential houses

Al-Rikabi: American Confirmations of Full Re-Allowing of Remittances
Khartoum - Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Mohamed Saleh Al-Rikabi announced that Sudan received letters and assurances from American institutions on re- allowing of financial transfers to and from Sudan from all over the world as of last Thursday. The minister said that their obtaining ,for the first time since the partial lifting of the economic sanctions in January last year, of written letters from US financial institutions on bank transfers, is considered a major breakthrough in Sudan's relations with the global financial sector, international institutions, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, investors, In addition to the Sudanese expatriates, estimated at about five million transfer outside the banks, about six billion dollars annually. "Despite the resentment of the decision, it has made significant gains on the issue of international and banking remittances from and to Sudan, where Sudan receives a written letter signed by the US Treasury on the total re-allowing of remittances and the flow of remittances," the minister said. Al-Rikabi stressed the continuation of his ministry in dealing with regional and international financial institutions such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, African Development Bank, Arab funds and friendly countries to achieve economic stability and attracting foreign investments to productive sectors.


July 14, 2017

President Bashir to leave for Kuwait, starting a tour for resolving Gulf crisis
Khartoum (SUNA)- The President of the Republic, Omar Bashir will on Sunday fly to Kuwait at the start of a tour that will also take him to the United Arab Emirates in support of efforts by the Emir of Kuwait for resolving the Gulf crisis, Minister of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday. Foreign Minister Professor Ibrahim Ghandour said in a press conference he called here on Thursday that the President tour comes within the context of the role by the Sudan in support of Kuwaiti initiative to put an end to the dispute among the Gulf States. Dr. Ghandour has categorically dismissed any relationship of the Gulf States with the American three-month extension of the review of revocation of the unilateral economic sanctions on the Sudan. He thanked those states for the efforts they exerted for lifting the sanctions from Sudan as well as similar efforts by the United Nations, the African Union, the Arab League and other organizations.

Ghandour: American Sanctions have Harmed Poorest Categories
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, said that the American sanctions have affected the Sudanese citizen, harmed the poorest people in the country, including women and children and violated the right of the Sudanese people for development and getting clean water. At a press conference he held Thursday at the Foreign Ministry, Prof. Ghandour pointed out that the decision of the US administration extending time of the sanctions on Sudan will encourage the armed movements to continue hostilities and obstinacy awaiting overthrow and collapse of the government at any time. He said that the American decision will also lure the armed movements to refuse sitting for peace negotiations and to attempt to achieve a security breakthrough, calling on the wise elements on the armed movements to stick to wisdom and to work for achieving peace. He warned that the American sanctions also affected the peace and security process in Sudan and at the region. The Foreign Minister affirmed that Sudan has fulfilled its commitments in the five tracks, depending on acknowledgement of the American side itself, adding that Sudan has been regarding these commitments as pure national agenda. On the dossier of peace in Sudan, Prof. Ghandour has affirmed Sudan commitment to cease-fire at the two areas unit next October as well as its readiness to continue the negotiations for realizing peace and stability, referring to stability of the situation in Darfur.

The Minister for Finance: the American decision has placed no further economic restriction on our economy
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Minister for Finance and National Economy, Dr. Mohamed Osman Rikabbi, has stressed that his ministry would continue with its interaction with the international and regional financial institutions such as the WB, the IMF, the ADB and other area and friendly funds. The Minister pointed out in statement following the American decision abstaining from total revoking of the economic sanction that intercourse would continue with these financial institutions and funds with the view to help achieve stability of the country's economy through attacking of new investments for the production sectors and work to write off Sudan's foreign debts. He further pointed out that the American new stand has not added any further burden on current economic situation in the country. He said the presidential order has instructed authorities and individuals and institutions to deal directly with the Sudanese government with regards to trade and export and imports and transfers as well as all other financial interactions. He said this should be seen as a positive development on the side of the American administration. He said the partial lifting of the sanctions was not used to the best possible manner in financial and momentary transactions because the name of thy country was still in the list of countries accused by Washington of sponsoring international terrorism. The minister has said the ministry of finance along with other relevant ministries and the Central Bank of Sudan would continue with their reform programs and financial reform as well as the five year economic reform programme and the third strategic plan.

National Assembly Affirms Support to Decision of President of Republic to Freeze Work of Government Committee for Dialogue with US
Khartoum, (SUNA) The National Assembly has issued, Thursday, a statement affirming its support to the decision of the President of the Republic for freezing work of the government dialogue committee with the government of the United States of America. The statement indicated that the Sudan will remain faithful to its international commitments, noting that the National Assembly will work in the coming stages with all the world's counterparts to explain its position and to confer the facts. The National Assembly's statements pointed to the role has been played in support of the president's efforts in context of its cooperation with leaderships of the sisterly and friendly states to evaluate the Sudan's issue with the US administration, and which had been of great support to the meetings of the joint committee formed by the two governments to implement the five tracks road map. The statement went on to say that the US administration has acknowledged that the Sudan has proved it is keenness on the safety of its citizens and their security, it is against terrorism and is exerting efforts to combat it. Despite this the American administration does not fulfill what it promised and issued this unjust decision. The statement indicated that the National Assembly, as the legitimate guardian of the rights and gains of the Sudanese people, expresses regret over the decision issued by US President Donald Trump, under which the partial lifting of unilateral sanctions imposed on the Sudanese nation was extended indefinitely for three months until the 12 th of October. The statement has reiterated the National assembly support to the President of the Republic to freeze work of the government committee for dialogue with the US administration, and the commitment of the Sudan to its international obligations despite the injustice American decisions against the people of the Sudan. The statement has provided thanks to the parliament of the sisterly and friendly states, the regional and international parliaments that have been supporting Sudan in all forums.

Arab League Regrets US Administration's Refuse to Lift Sanctions Imposed on Sudan
Cairo, (SUNA) - The Arab League has expressed its regret over the American administration's decision not to lift its unilateral sanctions imposed on the Republic of Sudan finally and to suspend the lifting these sanctions until October 12, 2017. In a statement, the Arab League's spokesman, Mahmoud Afifi, said that the Arab League has expected Washington to lift the sanctions imposed on Sudan finally by the end of the era of the former President Barak Obama early this year 2017. He reiterated the Arab League's firm position on rejection of the imposition of these sanctions, reminding with the contacts made by the League's Secretary General, Ahmed Abu-Ghait, with the American side for lifting the sanctions imposed on Sudan without delay.

Ghandour, Indian Counterpart Discuss Boosting two Countries Relations
Khartoum, (SUNA) Foreign Minister Professor Ibrahim Ahmed Ghandour has received, Thursday, a phone call from the Indian Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj, during which they tackled a number of the bilateral relations including the implementation of the 3 rd session of the meetings of the joint Sudanese Indian ministerial committee held in New Delhi last February after the stoppage of the committees work for 17 years, besides bushing forward the relations in all the political, economic and cultural fields. The two ministers were satisfied with the steady progress in bilateral relations, which enjoys the support of the political leaders of the two countries. The FM Minister and his Indian counterpart have also exchanged coordination in a number of positions in international and Indian forums through mutual cooperation and support.

Foreign Minister: President Kiir of South Sudan to visit Khartoum shortly
Khartoum, (SUNA) -The President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit, is to come to Khartoum During the Coming few weeks at the invitation of President Omar Bashir, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour said at a press conference he called for on Thursday. He said the visit comes with the efforts of achieving peace in south Sudan, saying peace and stability in South Sudan would mean peace and stability in the Sudan, adding that it is also a moral obligation for the Sudan to help achieve peace in South Sudan. He said Sudan has a spear head role in achieving peace in south Sudan and a prominent role within the IGAD as well as within the regional and international efforts to this end.

Al-Gaz, Ambassador of China discuss development of Sudan-China relations in field of medicines
Khartoum, (SUNA)-The Deputy Chair of the High Committee for Supervising Sudan Relations with BRICS countries, Dr Awad Ahmed Al-Gaz discussed in Khartoum, Thursday , with the Chinese Ambassador to Sudan, Li Lian , relations between Sudan and China and Ways of boosting them further as well as bolstering ties of cooperation in all fields , especially in medical field. The Ambassador of China said in press statements following the meeting which was attended by Shanghai Company which operating in pharmaceutical and health materials production , that the Shanghai Company plays important and effective role in meeting Sudan's needs for medicines. He pointed out that the meeting sought ways of development of cooperation between Sudan and China in field of medicines and health materials, indicating to importance of cooperation of the two countries in this field.

July 13, 2017

Republican decree freezing negotiations with the United States of America
Khartoum,(SUNA)- The President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir, on Wednesday issued a Republican Decree freezing the work of the negotiation committee with the United states of America, up till October the 12th,2017.

WTO commends Sudan's efforts to join WTO
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Head of the Negotiating Team and the Director of the Accession Department at the World Trade Organization (WTO) praised Sudan's efforts to meet all the requirements of joining the organization. At the first meeting in Geneva with the Sudanese delegation to the negotiation on joining to the World Trade Organization (WTO) headed by the Minister of Trade Hatim Al-Sir and the Head of the National Technical Negotiating Delegation Dr. Hassan Ahmed Taha, the two officials stressed that the meeting constituted an important point in the accession process, where the summary of facts is to be discussed prior to the preparation of the report of the working group to be presented at the next meeting. The head of the delegation and Minister of Trade Hatim Al-Sir reiterated readiness of the Sudan to meet all the requirements of accession, stressing the impetus of the political leadership of the country in this direction. Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail, the Permanent Representative of the Sudan to the United Nations in Geneva, said that contacts with the countries at the bilateral level confirmed their readiness to sign bilateral agreements with Sudan, which will contribute to speeding up Sudan's accession to the Organization during the next WTO Ministerial Conference in December 2017. Dr. Hassan Ahmed Taha, the National Negotiator on Accession to WTO, said that the Sudan delegation started its consultations with the meeting of the Head of the Negotiating Team and the WTO Secretariat of the Accession Department to prepare for bilateral and multilateral meetings in the framework of the fourth round of the negotiating team in Geneva during the 11-14 of the current July, pointing out that the delegation participates in the WTO Accession Forum on the sidelines of the week of the Assistance for Trade, where the Sudan needs in the field of technical cooperation are to be presented during and after accession. The delegation is to meet during this period with the Director of the World Trade Organization and the Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) to discuss cooperation in the field of technical assistance for capacity building. The delegation will also participate in the Secretariat of the Integrated Framework Program meeting, while bilateral talks with the United States and Kenya will begin Wednesday. The Sudan Negotiating Delegation includes the General Secretary of the General Secretariat of the World Trade Dr. Yassin Issa, the Sudan Ambassador in Geneva Kamal Jabbara and a number of specialists in the relevant fields.

United States Government Partners with DAL Group to Advance Education and Nutrition through Milk for Children
KHARTOUM, SUDAN — (Press Release ) The United States, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), signed an agreement on Tuesday July 11, 2017 with DAL Food to provide locally sourced, pasteurized milk to 5,308 malnourished school children in Red Sea State, as part of a public-private partnership to improve education and nutrition through dairy distribution. DAL Dairy Factory has supported Sudan’s School Milk Program since 2011 by providing 17,000 underprivileged students in the greater Khartoum area with daily servings of long-life milk. USAID’s alliance with DAL has expanded this successful model to provide milk to primary school children in Red Sea State. According to a nutrition survey released in January 2014, East Sudan recorded the highest rate of malnutrition in the country. Malnutrition hinders children from achieving their potential in school and can have lifelong negative consequences. In Red Sea State, global acute malnutrition -- measured by the mid-upper arm circumference -- was recorded at 47 percent. This is well above the 15 percent maximum threshold that indicates a critical situation. This USAID-DAL Food alliance is an example of the increasingly common public-private partnerships designed to assist underprivileged communities. “The American people want to address the underlying causes of poverty and marginalization in Sudan, and by partnering with the private sector, we will be far more effective if we can bring our combined skills and resources to the effort,” said USAID Mission Director Dr. Jeffrey Ashley “The U.S. Government affirms its continuing commitment to work with DAL Group and other like-minded business colleagues to alleviate poverty and support economic development in Sudan,” said U.S. Chargé d’ Affaires Steven Koutsis. “The spirit of this partnership project, providing a daily source of critical nutrition to school children, reflects the ongoing support of the American people for the people of Sudan.” The United States is the largest donor of food assistance to Sudan.

Organiztion of Medicine Without Borders Inaugurates Program of Providing Medicine for Free
Khartoum - The organization of Medicine Without Borders has inaugurated an official program for providing medicine for emergency cases and the vulnerable families from the Ibrahim Malik Hospital in Khartoum in the presnce of a number of physcisans and pharmacists and humanitarian affairs stakeholders. The head of the society doctor Mohamed Awad Algeed said the this inauguration is the real kick off start of the organization for providing medicine for urgent casesin addition to providing it the vulnerable and needy families across Sudan He noted that by virtue of the nature of his work in the United states of America the society was officially registered there with the aim of attracting support from the American community for supporting medicine for the poor families notng that the organization adopts the principle of transparency with regards to the question of attracting and dsitributing medicine through the different means and it will officially registered in the international organization of transparency The Secretary General of the Organization Al Samani Awadalla has affirmed that the organization is operating in the field of providing medicine only.

July 12, 2017

Al Bashir Renews Sudan's Commitment to Stand by World Nations against Drugs
Khartoum- (SUNA) The President of the Republic Field Marshal, the Police High Commander Omer Al Bahsir reiterated the Sudan's firm stance with world nations to but limit to the spread of drugs, which represent a major factor that threatens the state's security. During his address, Tuesday, the International Day for Drug Control at the Friendship Hall, he stressed the active participation in all international efforts aimed at a world free of drugs. The President of the Republic has called on all the concerned ministries, institutions and relevant authorities to redouble their efforts to eradicate drugs, stressing the state's keenness and its response to provide the technical, material, legal and structural aids that help to block the spread of drugs. He praised highly the efforts exerted in combating drugs, giving directives for a comprehensive awareness campaign involving all relevant parties in order to consolidate the convictions on the dangers of drugs, which he considered as the first line of defense. He also called on the community starting with the families, the educational and social institutions, to make a comprehensive address to the youth to prevent and protect them from drugs. President Al- Bashir has lauded the great success achieved in the field of drug combating by all organs, expressing thanks to the National Committee for the Drugs Combating for its efforts in this regard, indicating the state's sponsorship to the committee for its local and international initiative in the drug combating.

Cautious Optimism Prevails Among Sudanese People about Lifting Economic Sanctions
Khartoum - The Sudanese political and popular circles are awaiting the US Administration decision of total lifting of the economic sanctions from Sudan after the six months time when the Administration of the former President Obama has two weeks before the end of his term of office issued a partial lifting of sanctions from Sudan. A state of anticipation and anxiety is prevailing in each of Khartoum and Washington due to the lack clear stance of the White House and its intention particularly after all the official agencies have ascended to it reports specially the State Department , and the Treasury Department , the office of the envoy and the Central Intelligence Agency,(CIA) , The National Security Council and the Ministry of Defense , supporting research reports and agencies backing the decision at the United states, and all these agencies are no longer arguing that Sudan did not meet all its commitments in the five tracks specified for looking into the extent of progress from the part of Khartoum so that the certificate of good conduct is given to it paving the way for lifting the sanctions. Observers believe that Sudan has exerted all efforts for enabling political dialogue between the Sudanese factions and the peaceful transfer of power, and made positive negotiation a springboard for ending the file of strife and war ( in South Kordofan and the Blue Nile ) Darfur and the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the war affected citizens in the two regions . Sudan has contributed substantially in resolving South Sudan State problem and there not even one sound accusing Khartoum because of the Ugandan Lord Army or accusations of terrorism which all acknowledge that Sudan is distant from it by far The United nations Team in Sudan has expressed hope that the American administration would issue a decision to the effect of lifting the blockade form Sudan after it has shown huge cooperation in the field of humanitarian assistance. The Minister of Foreign affairs Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour has warned against the risk of extending sanctions on Sudan noting that this will encourage the rebel movements to stage the war and those which rejected resuming talks except after the month o July. He went on to say that if the decision is lifting the sanctions these movements will joint talks if not lifted they will prepare for war. The Minister further said that the American political legislator will have a big role in war and peace in Sudan and the region adding that continuation of the sanctions means pushing the arms carriers for more intransigence and this what is desired by Enough movement. Ghandour Affirmed that Sudan is an outward looking country highlighting the repeated visits by the American envoy to Sudan and the tour of the American Charge De Affairs in Sudan to Darfur, the Blue Nile have confirmed security and stability in these regions. The Secretary General of the Council of Peoples International Friendship Eng. Abdulmunim Al Suni it is time for the United States of America to lift the blockade from Sudan by which the Sudanese people are deeply affected. He affirmed that the non-lifting of these sanctions has no ethical or legal backing as Sudan has succeeded in realizing total stability and exerted considerable efforts in humanitarian work which transcended the regions of the Blue Nile ad south Kordofan to South Sudan State a matter that made the United nations seek to reduce UNAMID forces in Darfur and this is an implied recognition from the International Organization.

NLJ: Government Met Conditions for Lifting US Sanctions
Khartoum -- Sudan has met the US conditions for lifting economic sanctions on the country, Spokesperson for National Liberation and Justice Party Ahmed Fadul Abdullah has said Speaking to the press, Abdullah called upon the US Administration to honor obligations on its part to remove economic sanctions on Sudan after the latter has met all conditions, according to him. He pointed to the importance of lifting the sanctions to normalize relations between the two countries. Mohamed Yousif, MP, expected that the US would lift the sanctions to greet the government's show goodwill and appreciations to the government's efforts in this regard. He reiterated that the US economic sanctions are having their toll on the Sudanese people not the government.

July 11, 2017

Presidency of Republic Approves Pricing of cotton According to Market Mechanism
Khartoum, (SUNA) The President of the Republic, Filed Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, chaired Monday, at the Republican Palace a meeting attended by the First Vice President of the Republic, the National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, the ministers of Finance, Roads and Bridges, the Water Resources and Electricity, the State Minister of the Presidency of the Republic, the Director of Office of the President of the Republic and the Governor of the Sudan's Central Bank. The meeting has discussed the announced prices for cotton, approving the government abandoning the pricing of cotton and to be left to be determined by the market mechanism for the benefits of the farmers. The meeting tackled the problems facing microfinance in order to achieve the capacity of its umbrella, and to get out of the poverty circle to production stage. The meeting has called for the preparation of an integrated plan in line with announced policies according to priorities. The meeting has also addressed the problems of delay of ships unloading in port Sudan, issued a package of directives aimed at accelerating the unloading process, stressing in the same context the need to continue the policy of modernization of goods services in the port and its mechanisms to achieve the desired benefit of its expansion and enhance the assurance of its good management.

Foreign Ministry Welcomes Statement on UN Country Team on Lifting of US Sanctions
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has welcomed the statement issued by the United Nations Country Team in Sudan, dated on July 10, 2017, which has expressed the aspiration for a positive decision that will lift the American sanctions imposed on Sudan. The ministry also announced its satisfaction on the facts and evidence included in the UN Country Team which has affirmed the close cooperation between Sudan and the international community on the humanitarian issues at both the regional and international levels. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has highly appreciated the constructive spirit reflected in the statement. The ministry has renewed Sudan welcome of the American initiative for arrival of the humanitarian assistance to the two areas, especially under the atmosphere of confidence and optimism which have been supported by the decision of the President of the Republic to extend the unilateral cease-fire and to direct the official and civil institutions to continue delivering the humanitarian aid to the brothers in South Sudan State. The ministry has reiterated the resolution and commitment of the government of Sudan to continue cooperation with the United Nations and all the partners operating in the humanitarian field, exerted all efforts for realizing durable peace and sustainable development and to work seriously with the regional and international partners to keep international peace and stability.

Minister of Intl Cooperation affirms government's commitment to implement country program in cooperation with UNPF
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Minister of International Cooperation Ambassador Idris Suleiman has underlined commitment of the Government of Sudan to fully implement the country program in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF) in Sudan to meet the needs of the citizens. The minister reviewed the great role played by the ministry with the technical bodies in the preparation of the country program with the participation of all relevant parties, said Dafallah Jabir, the Director General of the Department of Organizations and Blocs at the Ministry of International Cooperation. Jabir said that the meeting touched on coordination and working together in the projects being implemented by the United Nations Population Fund in Sudan within the framework of the country program. The Representative of the United Nations Population Fund in Sudan Lina Mahmoud Musa said that the meeting touched on the prospects of cooperation and partnership between the Fund and the Government of Sudan in the field of the UNPF activities at the federal and states level, in addition to the continuity of cooperation in the important national achievements, which were achieved through the current national program as well as the preparation for the country program 2018-2021, which was ratified by the Government of Sudan through the coordinating role of the Ministry of International Cooperation. The UNPF representative in Sudan stressed the importance of continuing the partnership with the Government of Sudan to achieve the commitments, objectives and national priorities adopted by the current program. She hoped strengthening of coordination and partnership with the Government of Sudan in order to promote the program in a broad manner satisfies the needs of the citizen.

White Nile Sugar Project's Director: The Project will bridge sugar production gap in Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The Director General of the White Nile Sugar Project Hassan Abdulrahman Satti has said that the project would fill the sugar production gap in Sudan in the coming years within the framework of the state policies to increase production through the tripartite program. He denied, in a statement to SUNA, any existence of technical problems facing the project in any of its agricultural, engineering or technological components contrary to what was reported in some local media and newspapers. According to Satti, the project was designed in accordance with the best technical and engineering standards, benefiting from the Sudanese expertise in Kenana and other sugar factories, where the technologies and mechanisms imported were the latest achieved in the field of sugar industry worldwide, adding that the said technologies have been used in order to achieve high production rates with low cost, especially in energy consumption and environmental conservation. Regarding the project soil, Satti explained that the issue of soil has been raised by some non-specialized bodies in this field and do not have sufficient information on the quality and composition of the soil of the project land. He explained that the soil analysis was carried out by soil scientists and experts in Sudan at the Soil Research Institute of the Agricultural Research Corporation in Medani, which the White Nile Sugar Project's administration resorted to it from the beginning for the soil analysis for its technical insights in this regard and in how to formulate agricultural practices to deal with the soil in the project. The project manager affirmed that the results of the research proved the validity of the soil to grow sugar cane, explaining that the Soil Research Institute took thousands of samples from different depths of the soil of the project land to examine their validity for the requirements of sugar cane plant with greater attention to the drainage of irrigation water and deep plowing of the soil as they are fertile lands, which have not been cultivated before within the irrigated agricultural project He said that the company has also benefited from a Brazilian company specialized in this field, where the results are exactly identical with the study of the Soil Research Institute in Medani. According to Satti, the results indicated that the land of the project was not very different from most of the territory of the Sudan, where there are different types of soil with the presence of salinity to varying degrees, but sugar cane crop is one of the salt-resistant crops in itself. He added that the company did not stop at this limit, but used a number of research centers in the world specialized in cane samples in Australia, South Africa and Mauritius, where more than 20 new cane samples have been testing at the company's research center and the Research Institute at Shambat prior to be introduced within the recognized samples in Sudan and therefore to be included into the commercial production, referring to the benefit of other sugar companies from the efforts of the White Nile sugar in this area. Satti stressed that the productivity of some fields exceeded 50 tons of reeds per feddan, which proves that the problem of raised soil does not reflect the reality of all the lands of the project.
July 10, 2017

United Nations Hopes for Positive Decision on US Sanctions Relief
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in Sudan has confirmed that there has been a marked improvement in humanitarian access over the past six months, since Executive Order 13761 was signed on 13 January 2017, as a result of improved engagement between the Government of Sudan and humanitarian actors. The revision of the Government of Sudan's Directives and Procedures for Humanitarian Action in December 2016 has allowed for improvements in the scope and quality of humanitarian access. Recent months have seen UN agencies and partners increasingly working in areas that were previously inaccessible, to carry out needs assessments and provide humanitarian assistance. Notable areas of increased access include parts of the Jebel Marra region in Darfur, some of which had remained inaccessible to humanitarian actors for the past seven years. The UN statement has stressed that while full humanitarian access remains a challenge in Blue Nile and South Kordufan states - particularly in areas under the control of armed groups, which remain inaccessible - UN agencies and partners are now able to provide humanitarian assistance in a number of government-controlled areas which were previously blocked. It said this has allowed essential assistance to reach previously underserved communities, including assistance in health, food, nutrition, water, sanitation, child protection, education and mine action. In response to the declaration of famine in parts of South Sudan in February 2017, the UNCT has worked closely with the Government of Sudan to support South Sudanese refugees inside Sudan, as well as to establish and operationalize three humanitarian corridors, facilitating the delivery of essential food aid to South Sudan. The statement said improved engagement between humanitarian actors and the Government of Sudan has recently led to agreement on a set of positive reforms to recruitment procedures for INGOs, increasing their operational independence in the country. The UNCT has also observed increased acceptance for national NGOs working in the field, as well as increased engagement of civil society and the private sector on humanitarian issues. While the UNCT recognizes that regulatory improvements can take time to fully materialize on the ground, and that some issues remain to be addressed, the past months have clearly shown that constructive engagement is the best way to maintain the progress already made, as well as to collectively resolve pending issues. The statement said the UNCT looks forward to the decision that will shortly be taken on the sanctions, and is committed to continue its engagement in order to further improve humanitarian access. It is to be noted that the UN Country Team encompasses all the entities of the UN system that carry out development, emergency, recovery and transition activities in Sudan.

Agriculture State Minister: Meetings of Technical Committee of (AARDO) Programs Important Event
Khartoum, (SUNA) The State Minister of the Agriculture Ministry, Saabri Bakhiet Dawul- Bait stressed the importance of Sudan hosting tothe meetings of the technical committee of the programs of the African-Asian Rural Development Organization (AARDO), referring to the importance of the agriculture sector. During his address to the meetings of the technical committee for the (AARDO) programs, started Sunday morning at HollyDay villa Hotel in Khartoum, in the presence of the undersecretaries of a number of the federal ministries, representatives of the diplomatic missions and the organization's secretary general, the state minister pointed to the Sudan's national resources, water, land and biological diversity a matter which qualifies it to be basket food for both the local and regional levels. He indicated that the government determined to make strategic plans that comply with comprehensive program for the agriculture development in Africa that works for promotion of rural areas residents 2016-2020. He pointed out that the program is in line with the five-year economic reform programs aimed at restoring economic growth at a sustainable rate of 7% on annually average and growth rate of GDP to reach 7.1% by the end of the program. He said that the organization is one of the old models of the south-south cooperation, and plays pioneer role in the field of rural development, and the poverty alleviation. The organization's secretary general Wasfi Hassan Al-Serehein, noted that this fifth meeting of the program preparation committee is held to discuss and evaluate the previous work programs and the technical work programs for the coming years (for three years), noting that the meetings are held alternately in Asia and Africa.

Minister of Minerals: We Encourage Investment in Mineral Processing, we will Prevent Export of Raw Materials
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of Minerals, Professor Hashim Ali Salim indicated that most important recommendations the Government of national reconciliation work to implement is the prevention of export of the Sudan's different raw materials especially the minerals. During his meeting, Sunday, with the official of the (Old Civilizations Company), working in the field of metal mining in the northern state, he added the processing of the raw materials is a priority to the government, beside the encouragement to investors in this field. He noted that the metal industry works in the field of iron scrap recycling while there are millions of tons of iron in Sudan, appreciating the work of the (Old Civilizations Company) in focusing on investment in other minerals than gold. The company's director, Abdul Gadir Mohamed Zaine revealed the great work in the exploration works which has reached the deep digging stage as well as the identification of reserves of up to one billion and two hundred tons of iron.

July 07, 2017

President of Republic Affirms Support to all Official and Popular Efforts to Combat Drugs
Khartoum, (SUNA) The President of the Republic Field Marshal, Omer Al Bashir has affirmed the state's keenness to support all the peoples and official efforts for combating drugs to guarantee the country's safety and security, and preservation of its youth. During his meeting, Thursday, at the Republican Palace, the delegation of national commission for combating drugs, led by Dr. Al Jozouli Dafualla, the commission chairman, said that the president has accepted an invitation for honoring the country's celebration of the international day for combating drugs in 21 st of current month. Dr. Al Jozouli noted in press statements that the celebration aims at reminding of the dangers of drugs that target the country's youth, adding that the president attendance to the celebration indicates the states concern with citizens life as the country's real wealth .


Hassabo Informed on Performance of Commission for Disarmament, Demobilization and Re-Integration
Khartoum, (SUNA)- Vice - President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, received in his office at the Republican Palace the General Commissioner for Disarmament, Demobilization and Re-Integration, Gen. Salah Al-Tayeb Awad, and discussed obstacles facing implementation of the commission's program and the projects being given for the demobilized forces and their communities. In a press statement, the General Commissioner has affirmed the importance of increasing finance for the fund, reviewing the situation of the demobilized persons and involving the states in the commission's programs.


FVP chairs meeting of Heads of Ministerial Sectors
Khartoum, (SUNA)-The First Vice-President of the Republic and National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih presided over meetings of Heads of the Ministerial Sectors and their deputies , and chairmen of the technical committees. Minister of State at Council of Ministers, Jamal Mahmoud said the meetng heard a paper on regulation of organization of the Ministerial Sectors work for the year 2017 and study on development of the Sectors work. He stated that the meeting followed the National Prime Minister's decision on reshuffling the ministerial sectors and appointment of the three deputies of the Prime Minister. He added the regulation takled use of technology in propounding the issues , and contributions of experts and studies centers to preparation of issues. The Minister of State at the Council of Ministers said the meeting was beginning of adopting scientific way in joint work of the ministerial sectors during the coming stage , especially after adoption of program of the national accord government.

July 06, 2017
Ministry of Minerals: UAE Expresses Desire to Invest in Minerals Sector
Khartoum, (SUNA) The United Arab Emirates has expressed desire to invest in Sudan's minerals sector. During his meeting with the high official envoy of the of UAE Ministry of the Presidency Affairs, Ahmed Shamsi, the Minerals Minister, Professor Hashim Ali Salim pointed to the good environment of investment in the minerals sector, referring to more than (30) minerals to invest in on top of which are gold, iron and chrome. The minister revealed the decrease of the gap of gold production and exportation in which the difference between the production and exported gold of 60% decreased to 30% due to the new policies approved by the government which has allowed the purchase and export of gold. The envoy of the UAE Ministry of the Presidency Affairs, Ahmed Al Shamsi has indicated his country's serious desire to invest in the minerals sector, particularly in the gold mining through partnerships in existing companies and the financing to be provided by UAE government. It is to be noted that the visiting delegation will visit a number of the government and the private sector companies to acknowledge ways of partnerships.
Presidency of the Republic Affirms Importance of Implementing State Reform Decisions and Support to Peace process
Khartoum, (SUNA)-The First Vice - President of the Republic and National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, received in his office at the Republican Palace Wednesday the Assistant of the President of the Republic, Maj. Gen. Abdul-Rahman Al-Saddiq Al-Mahdi, and underscored the importance of implantation of the decisions on state reform and the support to the peace process by ensuring the participation of all the political forces.
In a press statement after the meeting, the Assistant of the President of the Republic said that the meeting has affirmed the importance of providing basic services for the citizens, realization of national accord and implementation of the national dialogue outcome. He indicated that the meeting has underscored the importance of adherence to neutrality on the international issues.
Oil and Gas Minister Welcomes Desire of Russian Gazprom to Invest in Sudan
Khartoum, (SUNA) The Minister of Oil and Gas, Dr. Abdulrhman Osman Abdulrhman has welcomed the Russian investments in the field of oil and gas. During his meeting Wednesday, at his office with the delegation of Gazprom Bank Company the minister expressed readiness of the country to engage in economic partnership with all the world states in the field of oil and gas, while the meeting has discussed the opportunities of investment in this sector. The minister briefed the visiting delegation on the country's oil infrastructure, stressing the ministry's support and facilitation for the investors in sector of oil, noting to the available opportunities in the not licensed squares a matter which would aggrandize the oil revenues through the capable partnerships of experience and financial capabilities. On his part, the head of the Russian company delegation has expressed desire to invest in a number of oil squares in the country referring to the investment encouraging environment in the country. He reviewed the company's activities in a number of states, its financial capability and experience, and its work in the field of minerals in the country, stressing the company efforts to develop its works in the country.
Yemeni Vice - President Lauds Sudan Efforts in Supporting Legitimacy in his Country
Khartoum, (SUNA)-The Yemeni Vice - President of the Republic, Ali Muhsin Salih, has lauded the efforts of Sudan in supporting the legitimacy in his country and its effective participation within the Alliance countries in bolstering the legitimacy in Yemen. This came when he received Wednesday the Ambassador of Sudan to Yemen, Lt. Gen. Mohamed Ahmed Al-Dabi. The meeting has discussed the political developments and the field situation in Yemen, the bilateral relations between the two countries. The Yemeni Vice - President has appreciated the valor and sacrifices given the Sudanese Armed Forces through its effective participation in the Alliance for boosting the legitimacy in Yemen. The Yemeni Vice - President has strongly condemned the aggression and the looting committed by the coupists against Sudan Embassy in Sanaa describing these acts are reflecting the real face of the plotters who disrespect the diplomatic customs and the international charters. He said the coupists are more mover posing a real threat to the international navigation and humanity by their continuous attacks on ships and their looting to the humanitarian aid. Ambassador Al-Dabi has affirmed the continuous participation of Sudan in the Alliance for supporting the legitimacy in Yemen and its keenness to stand alongside Yemen in its tragedy.
He expressed Sudan condemnation of the crimes and violations being perpetrated by the plotters in Yemen, reiterating Sudan readiness to strengthen further the cooperation with sister Yemen.
RASCOM Meetings Kicks off In Khartoum with 20 Countries Participating
Khartoum - The meeting number (68) of the African Sattelite Board of Directors has started in Khartoum whose meetings will continue up to the sixteenth of the current month at the communications tower under the sponsorship of the National Authority of Communications with the participation of the members of Board of Directors who are represneting twenty African countries. The General Manager of the National Authority of Communications, Dr. Yahia Abdallah Mohamed has addressed the events of the inauguration of the said meeting elaborating on the importance of sattelite communications in the African continent for connecting remote places with the services of mobile telephones. Meanwhile Engineer Mustafa Abdulhafiz the director of the General Administration of communication services said Sudan hosts the meeting number (68) of the African Sattelite Board of Directors during the period from 4-6 July 2017 is soponsored by the National Authority of Commuincations.
July 05, 2017
Al Jaz Stresses Sudan Keenness to Remove Obstacles Facing Investors
Khartoum,(SUNA) The Deputy Chairman of the Higher National Committee for the Supervision of the Sudan's Relations with the (BRICS) Countries, Dr. Awad Al Jaz was informed on the progress of performance of Russian (ALLIANCE) gold mining company . Dr. Al Jaz has appreciated during his meeting, Tuesday, at his office the Russian company's delegation, the company's performance in the gold mining, calling for exerting more efforts to achieve more production. He stressed the committee's support and keenness to remove all the obstacles that are facing the work of the investors from the (BRICS) countries working in Sudan in all fields.
AU Summit Appreciates Sudan's National Dialogue and Outcomes
Addis Ababa, (SUNA) The 29th summit of the African union in conclusion of its works, Tuesday, has appreciated the Sudan's national dialogue which has resulted in the formation of a national unity government and the appointment of a prime minister. In Its final communiqué the AU has appreciated the cease-fire and peace agreement signed in Darfur by the United Nations and the African Peace and Security Council in accordance with a decision to withdraw 50 percent of the UNAMID troops from Darfur. Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour indicated that the summit has provided chance to the Vice President of the Republic to meet with a number of the African leaders to review the continent issues. The AU summit in which the Sudan has participated with a delegation led by the Vice President of the Republic, Hassabo Abdul Rahman has concluded its work and issued decision and recommendation Tuesday evening.
Vice-President Meets Ethiopia's Deputy Prime Minister
Addis Ababa-The Vice-President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman met with Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Demeke Mekonnen at premises of Ethiopia Council of Ministers.The Vice-President said the meeting discussed consolidation of relations between Sudan and Ethiopia and meeting of the Joint Sudanese-Ethiopian High Economic Committee, referring to achievements made by the Committee. Hassabo added that the Committee holds meeting every three months by rotation in Khartoum and Addis Ababa and looks into commercial , investment and traffic issues between the two countries, border issues, railway, use of Port Sudan , movement of banks, opening of Ethiopian commercial bank in Sudan, opening of offices for Sudanese commercial banks in Ethiopia to serve the common interests of the two people. He indicated that political will in the two countries work for widening scope of cooperation and that the two countries are linked by strategic relations. The Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister, on his part, said the relations between Ethiopia and Sudan remarkably developed and that the governments of the two countries are working for interest of the two people. He added the relations between the two governments and nations are at their best stage and became a model for relations of neighboring countries so that, he further added, the two governments are working for boosting them further to cover all fields.
Vice - President Meets Saudi Foreign Minister on Sidelines of African Summit
Addis Ababa, (SUNA)- Vice - President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, received in the on the sidelines of the 29th African Summit in Addis Ababa the Saudi Foreign Minister, Adel Al-Jubair, and discussed progress of the firm relations between Sudan and Saudi Arabia and exchanged views on a number of regional and international issues of mutual concern. The Vice - President has described the relations between Sudan and Saudi Arabia as historic and strategic. The meeting also tackled the current differences at the Gulf and Arab arena. Hassabo has affirmed Sudan support to the initiative of the Emir of Kuwait for patching up the rift between the sister countries. He announced that the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, will visit Saudi Arabia the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar to hold talks with the leaderships of these countries in support of the Kuwaiti initiative. The Saudi Foreign Minister has appreciated the deeply-rooted relations between his country and Sudan and commended the stances of Sudan in supporting Saudi Arabia. He gave a detailed briefing to the Vice - President on the root causes of the current difference at the Gulf. At the end of the meeting, the two sides agreed on reactivating the mechanisms of the cooperation between Sudan and Saudi Arabia for the interest of the two peoples.
July 04, 2017
Ghandour Meets China's Vice Foreign Minister
Khartoum, (SUNA) Foreign Minister, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour met , Monday, the Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Ming on the sideline of the meetings of African Union in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. The meeting has discussed a number of issues that aims at the promotion of the cooperation programs between the two sisterly countries in all fields. The Chinese vice Foreign Minister has expressed relief and satisfaction over the level of relations between the two countries, calling for expanding these fields. He indicated his country readiness to start work of implementation of Khartoum new international airport, and the project of the central slaughterhouse. On his part, Professor Ghandour has expressed the keenness of the Sudan to develop its relations with China, stressing his appreciation to the political and economic support of china to the Sudan, and its support to the Sudan issues in the United Nations, meanwhile, both sides have been satisfied with the bilateral coordination on the level of the multi-parties international arena and organizations.
FVP Briefed on Outcomes of Sudan Participation in Climate and Desertification Conference
Khartoum- The First Vice - President of the Republic and National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh informed, Sunday, on the results of Sudan's participation in the of Climate - Desertification and Anti-Drought conference recently held in Nairobi and organized by the United Nations in cooperation with Japan International Cooperation Agency - JICA with the participation of the countries of Sahel and Horn of Africa. This came during his meeting, today at the Council of Minister, the Minister of Environment, Rural Development and Natural Resources, Dr. Hassan Abdul-Gadir Hilal, who explained in a press statement the goals of the conference, pointing to the program presented by the Sudan in the conference and approved by the participating countries. Dr. Hilal noted that he also briefed the Prime Minister on the results of Sudan's participation in the Meteorological Conference and the Sudan entry to the era of meteorological technology, and the urgent weather forecasts. He added that the meeting has reviewed the preparations for convening the Conference of Heads of State of the Great African- Green Fence due to be host by Khartoum by the end of current July and with the participation of eleven States.
President Al-Bashir to Visit Russia in Mid Next August
Khartoum, (SUNA)- The President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, will visit Russia in mid next August on the invitation of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, for consolidating the bilateral relations in all fields. In a statement to SUNA, the Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, said that the two sides will discuss during the visit a number of important files on the economic and trade relations as well as the political consultation and the exchange of support at the different international forums, especially that Russia is a major supporter of Sudan issues at the Security Council and other international organizations. Prof. Ghandour indicated that the visit comes at a time when Sudan foreign relations are witnessing inclusive openness to all countries and effective presence at the level of the regional and international organizations.
29th African Union Summit begins with Participation of Vice - President
Addis Ababa, (SUNA)- The 29th Summit of the African Union began Monday at Mandela Hall in the African Union's premises in Addis Ababa with participation of the Vice - President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, presidents and heads of state of 29 African countries, the Palestinian President and heads of regional and international organizations. Addressing the summit, the Guinean President and current chairman of the African Union, Alpha Conde, said that implementation of the agenda 2030 - 2063 will contribute effectively to realization of the goals of youth stability and enabling the African countries to build strong economies and achieving inclusive development. He called for the empowerment of youths and women and enabling them to contribute to the decision-making as well as the establishment of efficient health systems to deal with diseases, especially AIDS. President Conde warned that conflicts are still endangering the African citizens, but Africa has determined to silence guns and to solve disputes by advent of the year 2020. He called for realization of financial independence and conducting institutional reform at the African Union to as to be capable of carrying out its role effectively. Meanwhile, the Chairman of the African Union Commission, Musa Fekki, announced before the summit adoption of an initiative for peaceful conflict solution, indicating that some African countries are still suffering from disputes like South Sudan, Somalia, the Central African Republic and other countries, but the African Union has determined to exert maximum efforts for ending these disputes toward achieving comprehensive development. The Deputy UN Secretary General, Amina Mohamed, said in her address to summit the importance of realizing sustainable development and pledged to sponsor a strategic partnership between the United Nations and the African Union toward realization of reform and investment in manpower and effecting change in Africa. The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas Abu-Mazin, has lauded the African countries' support to the legitimate Palestinian cause.
Gandour Discusses with Zambian Counterpart Bilateral Relations
Khartoum, (SUNA) Foreign Minister Professor Ibrahim Ghandour has discussed, Monday , with the Zambian Foreign Minister Harry Kalaba, the future of the bilateral relations with the Republic of Zambia, and the preparations for the visit of the Zambian President, Dr. Edgar Lungu to the Sudan on response to the Presidents' of the Republic, Omer Al- Bashir invitation to frame the cooperation between the two countries, develop the bilateral relations and discuss the various African regional issues. This came on the sideline of participation of Prof. Ghandour in the 29th summit of the African Union in Addis Ababa, while the two ministers have determine to set the dates of the visit through diplomatic channels in both countries.
President of the Republic issues a republican decree on extension of unilateral ceasefire on all military operation scenes
Khartoum, (SUNA) - The President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omar Bashir on Sunday issued a Republican Decree extending the ceasefire on all military operation scenes, starting today the 2nd of July 2017 and ending on October the 31st 2017. The decree argued that the moves comes in continuation of the policies adopted by the government which hold high the values of peace to the detriment of those of war. It added that the presidential decree also comes within the context of implementing the outcome and recommendations of the National Dialogue. It said the decision is also seeking to encourage those who still carry guns to join the peace and National Accord process. The ceasefire is effective as of the date of its signature by the President of the Republic that is the 2nd of July 2017
July 03, 2017
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